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Thankful for Misfortune

Chapter 7

In the Shadow of L'cie

This was really getting on my nerves. The hunger, oh dear lord the hunger, I could literally feel my stomach eating itself. Just so you know your organs eating themselves causes you pain. A lot of pain. I had only eaten two energy bars in the best several hours or so. I'm thin as a twig but I can literally eat a large pizza on my own in under five minutes. I didn't even get a stomach ache afterwards the last time I tried.

I had asked for an energy bar several times now but Lightning never responded. Ever since Sazh had brought up l'cie she hadn't said a word. I couldn't tell if she was lost in thought or just ignoring me like always. I decided to go with the latter and just stand on guard. We hadn't run into a single enemy for a while and Sazh had been quite as well.

'Well now I can enjoy a little bit of peace and quiet.'

"What's gotten into you solder? I thought you for a fight." Sazh suddenly asked.

'Damn you Sazh, damn you.'

I inwardly sighed and mentally waved my silence goodbye. It was nice while it lasted. I looked over at Lightning but she didn't look at us.

"My sister…" Lightning said shortly.

"Your sister?" Sazh asked while I tilting my head to the side (Taylor always said I looked like a bird when I did that).

"She's an l'cie." Lightning said and I immediately tensed up.

L'cie is a danger word. My mom and dad would sooner let me use every curse word in every language before letting me talk about the l'cie. They viewed saying the world l'cie as they would view summoning ghosts into the house.

"What?" Sazh asked getting closer to Lightning. "A Pulse l'cie?"

Lighting nodded and said "The fal'cie has her captive. But I'll find her."

"Is she still…" Sazh said but trailed of.

I finished his sentence for him and said. "Has she gone cie'th or not?" I asked with my arms crossed.

Lightning didn't answer and started to walk ahead. Sazh and I jogged up to her. "What was her focus?" Sazh asked her. "When she became an l'cie, what did the fal'cie order her to do? It wasn't 'blow up Cocoon' or anything like that, was it?"

"I didn't ask." Lighting said not look at either Sazh or me.

I resisted the urge to face palm after hearing that. "Why didn't you ask her?"

Lighting bit her lip but didn't speak. I was about to ask her again when we all heard a noise. We all looked and saw an l'cie brand on another door vanish. I was about to get excited, but then I saw what was behind the door.

"Cie'th." I said as I reached for my gunblade.

Just as I was about to start shooting I heard Sazh say "Listen to me. When a person gets cursed by a fal'cie, they become a l'cie. Then they get given a focus right?"

I was about to tell him we had already been over the little l'cie lesson when I saw Lightning's face. She looked like she was trying really hard to keep her typical stony expression, but she obviously wasn't all that fond about what Sazh was saying.

"How do I put this?" Sazh asked himself.

"How about you put it up your ass?" I asked him.

Sazh looked surprised by my sudden outburst, but I didn't care. Lightning was clearly upset and he wasn't helping. I may not like Lightning, but I knew she was going through something real shitty. I don't know how I would react if Taylor became an l'cie.

Sazh returned to his sorrowful expression and kept on talking. "But it's the truth, l'ice are doomed to be either a monster, or a fal'cie slave. I know it's' bad but-"

"Stop it already." I said standing in front of him. "We all know how it works so just stop it!" I was yelling now, and I even stomped my foot on the ground. I don't know if it made me look determined or childish. Knowing my luck I looked like a little kid throwing a tantrum over a toy I really wanted.

"Don't make her suffer." Sazh said ignoring me completely.

I looked back and Lightning looked really mad now.

"Go ahead and say it." Lightning said shoving Sazh and nearly shoving me in the process. I got out from in between them. I got closer to the stairs. If I had to choose between a dozen cie'th and an angry Lightning, I'd choose the cie'th any day.

"Any l'cie… Anyone who might ever become a l'cie should be wiped of the face of Cocoon." Lighting walked away from Sazh but stopped to say something else. "Its people like you that started the purge in the first place."

Although she wasn't looking at me, it felt like Lightning also directed that at me. It's true I believe that l'cie could be dangerous, but I still felt sympathy for them. Innocent people could be yanked away from their homes and be labeled a monster for something they didn't even want to happen to them.

'Focus on fighting Vira.'

I put my gunblade on gun mode and got ready to fight the creatures that used to be human. I put on my war face, pointed my gunblade at the nearest cie'th… and I couldn't pull the trigger. These cie'th used to be people, people with friends and families. People that became cie'th against their will; killing soldiers was easier than killing cie'th. The soldiers and their leaders made the Purge and killed hundreds of innocent people. I felt no pity for those who treated people who did nothing wrong as monsters and thought it was alright to kill them. But the cie'th, they used to people that were turned in slaves of the fal'cie, and now look at what happened to them. I couldn't bring myself to kill them.

I lowered my gunblade and stepped back.

"What are you doing Vira?!" Sazh asked me while fighting a cie'th.

"I-I can't…" I said stepping back again. "I can't bring myself to kill them." I felt weak and pathetic and angry at myself but I still couldn't bring myself to fight them.

"Do you want these people to continue to suffer?!" Sazh asked turning around to face me. "Think about how much suffering they are going through now! Killing them is the best thing you can do!"

"But I-"I said as my eyes widened. A flying cie'th was soaring through the sky and was heading right at Sazh. "Duck!" I yelled as I fired my gunblade and killed the cie'th with a few bullets. It dodged most of them but one hit it right in the face.

Sazh looked at the cie'th that would have killed him and started to breathe heavily. I had shot it down when it was only a few feet away from him.

Lighting had killed the last cie'th and looked behind her to check on use. She still looked mad at Sazh and I didn't know how she felt towards me. It seemed like a mixture of anger and uncertainty. Just how I felt about her, after hearing about her sister I couldn't hate her as much as earlier, and it takes a lot to make me stop hating someone. After hearing about her sister, I understood why she was so angry. Her sister could be one of the cie'th she killed or trying to complete her focus and become a crystal.

I walked over to the supply drop that Lighting missed and found a power wristband inside. "Dibs!" I yelled and slipped it on. Lightning didn't need it and Sazh hardly needed a power wristband to shoot guns.

Lighting turned around and started to walk up the stairs. I followed her and Sazh said "Thanks, Vira."

"For what?" I asked playing dumb.

"For saving my life and all,"

I turned around to try to hide a smile. "And I'm sorry for yelling at you earlier. I know you didn't mean any harm." I jogged after Lighting with Sazh in toe.

I didn't know if Sazh and Lighting would survive, if I could bring myself to kill anymore cie'th, or if I even could keep myself alive. However I did know one thing, I was going to try to help Lightning's sister, maybe Lightning would do the unthinkable and actually be nice to me.

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