Prompt: Vriska falls asleep with Tavros.

Tavros looked up with a start as a knock sounded at his door. He rolled slowly over to it and opened it slowly, unsure of who could be on the other side. He was shocked by the female troll that looked back at him. "V...Vriska?" he asked in surprise, a bit of horror edging into his voice. Vriska looked up slowly, her black eyes meeting his. A strange emotion danced behind them.

"Tavros..I wanted to talk to you..." she said the normal cruelness in voice gone for the moment.

"What...uh, what is it?" Tavros asked as he rolled back slightly, allowing her into his hive. She walked in slowly, eyes downcast.

"Look, I wanted to talk to you about..." she trailed of and suddenly stepped closer to the crippled troll. "About us." she said as she suddenly grabbed the edge of the wheelchair and yanked him so their legs were pressed against one another. Tavros' eyes widened and he tried to roll back but the female troll's hold was too strong.

"V...Vriska, please uh...Let go.." he begged but the plea fell on deaf ears. It was a sudden change but the strange emotion was suddenly clear. "Vriska..Think about this..what are you doing?" Tavros asked, his voice shaking. The girl didn't answer, instead her soft, unsure look morphed into one of malice. She didn't speak as she shoved Tavros away from her, sending him to the ground. Before he could even think to use it to help himself Vriska kicked away the wheelchair, leaving Tavros nearly defenseless.

"Tavroooooooos." she cooed as she slowly advanced on him again. She leaned over him, hands on her knees as he looked up at her, shaking and terrified. She reached down and pulled him up into a sitting postion.

"Vriska...what are you going to do..?" he whimpered slowly. The only response he got was the same malice filled grin before a stabbing pain erupted in his abdomen. He looked down as was shocked to see his own lance piercing his body, this was all too familiar to him and he finally let out a strangled cry of pain but it was cut off by Vriska's lips on his own. His eyes widened in surprise as she kissed him, her own eyes closed tight. Tavros shakily lifted his arms to push her off but noticed to late she wouldn't budge. The lance not only pierced his body but passed through her as well, he didn't understand how she did it until her realized that's why she had sat him up. He pulled away finally and managed to pulled the lance from the two of them before he looked her in the eyes, his own confused and fearful. "Vriska, what...why...? he asked before he couldn't speak, his breath catching in his throat as his chest tightened. The pain in his abdomen was dulled to nothing as he felt his eyesight go dark. Slowly his blood-pumper slowed until it finally stopped, erasing the pain of his wound and allowing Tavros a final moment of peace before death.

Vriska looked down at him, her own body holding on just a bit longer. She watched the life fade from her...What was he to her? Even she didn't know but that didn't matter now. She loved him and for that she hated herself and she hated him. A small smile made it's way to her lips as her breathing too, slowed to a stop. If one didn't know they would think the pair was nestled together in sleep, intertwined until they awoke in a morning that would never come.

Okay so..This was based on a prompt and a silly little friendly challenge by the user SlothyAstronaut and I about how different we could write using the same prompt. This is what I came up with. Sad isn't it? Oh well, please enjoy my crappy oneshot,/terrible prompt writing.