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Not Charmander

By Farla

Well, at least I'm not Charmander anymore. Dear Celebi, that was awful. It was horrible. It was.cute. Cute!

Evolution was pretty much nothing in my case. Kinda the same as dratini and dragonair, except my final will be a bit less of a jump. But right now, all I am is a meaner-looking charmander.

There's nothing exactly wrong with that. It's not like I want to go back to being that thing. Cute body, cute voice, Mew, even cute thoughts. 'I'm so happy!' 'I'm so happy I won the battle' 'I'm so happy I have such a nice trainer!' 'I'm so happy!'

Sickening, in retrospect. I was so unbelievably pathetic. Being Charmeleon is better. Just about anything is better. If it wasn't for the clarity of memory, I'd swear the guy was slipping Prozac into my food. That and the fact he certainly isn't now. Or maybe he just needs to up the dosage.

Wouldn't put it past him, but he seems too stupid to try something like that. I can't believe I was actually listening to this moron. Does the kid even have a brain cell left in that thick skull of his? Probably not, from the way he's acting.

I'm still not Charizard yet. I don't want to spend any longer in this almost-charmander form. I want wings, dammit! When is the idiot going to give me the few good battles I need to get to the next level? I don't want to just be a stupid not-charmander.

He's talking. 'Blah blah blah friend. Blah blah blah powerful. Blah blah blah pokemon master.' I should just kill him and see if I'll get picked up by someone decently intelligent. You know, an IQ of five and above.

Still talking. I wonder when he'll figure out I only understand about one word out of ten on a good day. His eyes seem to be glazing, but I'm not sure. He always looks pretty vacant. Maybe if I make a run for it-

Damn. Recalled. Hopefully I won't get let out until a nice, powerful opponent shows up.

This can be taken as Ash's charmeleon, or just a random one. I don't really care. I just like writing POVs.