The Pull

Chapter 13: Power

Peter P.O.V.

"So as the years went on, Jasper and I became good friends. We still weren't happy in our life serving Maria. But having a friend made it more bearable. Jasper still had a hard time dealing with the emotions of the newborns as he killed them every year."

"In the 1920s everything changed for me. Jasper changed a vampire named Charlotte. It was love at first sight. She was and still is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. She was a great fighter, but I knew from years of experience that it wouldn't be enough to save her life."

"I loved Charlotte. When it came time to destroy the newborns, I couldn't lose her. So I convinced Jasper to let us run away together. He later told me that our love gave him hope that here was a better life out there somewhere. Jasper's punishment was severe. we all knew it would be."

"Soon Charlotte and I found that there was another kind of life out there. One that didn't involve war and death. So in a few years we went back for Jasper. We owed him our lives after all. We convinced him to leave with us and we never looked back."

As I finished telling my story to Bella, I heard a phone ringing up stairs. It must be Bella's. So I ran up stairs at vampire speed and got the phone from Jasper's room. By the time it started the third ring I was handing it to Bella.

"hello" she said. Then I heard a man on the other end say "Bella, its Deputy Dan, I need you to come down to the station. it's very important." Bella looked confused and said "Well, Dan, I really can't do that. I am out-of-town. Aren't you supposed to be fishing with Billy and Charlie?" I heard the man take a deep breath and then say " Bella there was an accident. you need to get home as soon as possible." Now I could see panic in her eyes as she said "An accident? What happened? Is Charlie ok?" The man sighed " I really didn't want to tell you over the phone." Anger flashed in Bella's eyes " Is Charlie ok? you had better tell me right now Dan!" Then the man said " Bella, Charlie had a heart attack. We were too deep in the woods. He didn't make it to the hospital. He... He... Charlie is dead."

Jasper P.O.V.

Charlotte and I were on our way home from our hunt. I had been feeling a lot of anger and hatred coming from Bella. that hurt me but I was expecting that. When we were about ten miles from the house, I felt the most emotional pain I had ever felt coming from one person. It was coming from Bella. I started running even faster. I had to get back home to comfort my mate and kill whoever made her feel this kind of pain. We arrived at the house only two minuets later.

As we entered the house, I saw peter standing against the wall. He was radiating awe and confusion and pity? I could plainly see the reason for his awe and confusion. Everything in the house was hovering a good two feet above where it should be. Bella, my poor Isabella was suspended in mid-air. her head was tilted upward, tears pouring out of her eyes and her hair was swirling around her in an invisible wind. I looked to Peter. "Who is doing this to her? What happened Peter?"

"Nobody is doing this to her, Jasper. Its her. She is the one doing this. I have tried to comfort her, to calm her down. But every time i try to touch her, I am thrown backward by some sort of force field." Peter said with worry coating his voice.

Now I was in shock. "Peter, how did this happen? What did you say to make her react this way? You said everything would be fine." I said.

" It wasn't me. After I told her the story of our past, she was fine. She got a phone call about her dad. Charlie is dead."

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