Alright, the story you've been waiting for! AUSLLY 2! Thank you everyone who suggested names, but. I didn't use them... :( Sorry, I just thought that since the first one was called Auslly, the second one should be called Auslly 2. :) So, here is chapter 1!

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Ally's POV

"Oh, Austin! That's the perfect one!" I said, pointing at the computer screen. "It has four rooms, three baths, a garage, and a fantastic back yard!"

He smiled. "I like it, too. I'll make an appointment with the real estate lady."

I smiled. I was so excited. Austin and I would be going to look at a potential home for our family!

I can't believe it's been a month since I found out I was pregnant. Austin has slowly gotten used to the idea of us having a baby. First, he was excited and giddy. He then went to the terrified stage, "I'm gonna be a father… What if I suck, what if…." blah, blah, blah. Then he started treating me like I was crippled, "Are you ok? Do you need anything? Oh my gosh! You can't do that!". And now, he's finally come to his senses.

"I can't wait!" I hugged him.

He hugged me back. "I can't, either!" He looked at the clock. "We better get to bed."

I sighed. "Ok."

"Ally! Wake up! We're gonna be late for our appointment!" He said.

I rolled out of bed. "Huh?"

"The appointment to go look at that house."

"That's today?! What time?" I rushed to get ready.

"20 minutes. Hurry!" He knew I took about 40 minutes to get ready. I had to skip the shower...

We got in the car. "Does my hair look ok?" I asked, I was insecure.

"It looks perfect. Just like you." He smiled. He made me feel so much better about myself.

We made it to the house and we met with the real estate lady.

"And here is the master bedroom." She gestured to the room. "It has a walk-in closet, a two sink bathroom, and a jacuzzi tub."

I oohed and ahhed, as did Austin.

"We'll get back to you tomorrow." Austin shook her hand.

"I think this is the one!" I told him as we walked back to the car.

"I do too. But I had to sound professional." He laughed.

"Of course! But, Austin. If we both know it's the one, we don't need to discuss it."


"So, we have to fill out paperwork and it's a long process. It will be shorter if we tell her today."

He realized what he had done and he chased her down.

"We want it!" He said proudly.

"Well, alright!" She smiled. "Let me get that paper work out for you and you can fill it out at home."

"Great!" He replied as he took the papers.

We got home and started filling out the papers.

Towards the end of the night, we were still filling them out. I had almost passed out from exhaustion.

Austin spazed. "We're done!" He woke me up. "Ally, we're done!"

"We're done?" I was still drowsy.


I high-fived him. "Woo hoo! We're done!"

"I'll give this to her tomorrow, and then I'll meet you for lunch at Melody's."

"Sounds like a plan!"

I was so excited! Austin and I were finally gonna have a place to call home. As will our little baby.

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