Hello Everyone!

This is my very first fan fiction, I hope you all enjoy it! The idea for this came to me a little while ago and I got super excited by the idea! The prospect of Revan in the mass effect world just sounds really fun to me. I am really looking forward to his interactions with Shepard and the others. This story will cover all of mass effect 2 and 3.

So a bit of background info for the story.

Shepard mostly followed the path of the Paragon but she could be better described as following a Paragade path. She is not a dick and will help people when she can, but wont hesitate to shoot anyone in the face if they are a threat. In mass effect one she did not romance anyone, instead she built up a very good report with Garrus.

As for Revan, the version I am writing is my own take on his character. You will get to see his philosophy and what makes him who he is. I am actually writing another fan fic that follows him through the KOTOR universe, at least my version of it.

I will stick to some of the game dialogue when it is very important or prudent but I may change some characters to suit my Shepards personality more. Annnnnnnnd I think that is it! I promise this will be the longest of my ramblings

Disclaimer! I own nothing! all things Starwars are owned by LucasArts. Everything Mass Effect is owned by Bioware.

The hallways of the ship were empty; the only noise on the entire ship was the faint beeping of a console as its user typed away commands with an armored hand. The man was completely covered by a black robe and black and red armor, a black and red mask hid his face, and a hood further obscured any hope of gleaning details beyond the robes and armor.

Revan's brows were furrowed in concentration as he worked on the console. The work itself was not difficult but he still focused all his attention on it, he never did anything half-assed. A small indicator on his HUD informed him that the ship had been completely evacuated. Once he finished with his work here he would also evacuate and the test could begin.

For weeks he had poured the Star Forges' energies into creating a new and more powerful hyperdrive engine, and now it was finally completed. However it was still untested technology so he had it installed on an Interdictor class cruiser which had been specially made by the Star Forge. The ship had no weapons, no security systems, just the bare minimum for life support, gravity and enough systems to remotely start the hyperdrive engine. By building a ship like this the Star Forge had finished it in a matter of hours.

Revan was eager to test this new engine, if it worked it would be fifteen times faster than anything ever seen before, he could jump an entire fleet right into orbit above Coruscant. The Republic would be caught completely by surprise; they could seize the planet within a matter of hours and finally end this war. Then Revan could begin his true task, he could build the republic into a force capable of defending itself from the true enemy.

A slight frown came to his face then and his typing slowed for half a second before resuming its normal speed. He felt the familiar worry, constantly at the back of his mind, begin to creep forward. There was still so much left to do, so much work would need to be done after he took over the republic. Would they be ready in time?

The Republic was already close to falling, he was more worried about how things would go after he took over. The Jedi had painted him as a murderer, as a butcher, how much would the people resist him?

It would be much easier once he had eradicated the Jedi order. They were one of the biggest things that were wrong with the Republic. It was the Jedi who made him out to be evil. He would replace their idiotic and archaic order with his own, a new order that would serve the Republic, they would strengthen the Galaxy, uniting all under one rule.

The doubt began to fade away again and a smile spread across his lips, he could see it now. No more senseless wars. The true threat of the Sith would finally be eradicated and the galaxy could finally have peace. He had imagined it so many times, and like always it always bolstered his resolve, it made him feel like he could actually see this through.

With three final taps Revan smiled behind his mask, everything was set. "Captain Aulron, come in" he spoke through his helmets com

"Receiving you my lord" came the soldier's gruff reply, he was a good man. He had fought with Revan for years

"Everything is set; I am heading to the shuttle"

"Acknowledge, all ships are clear" just as the man finished speaking Revan heard alarms begin blaring in the background

"We have incoming ships!" shouted a soldier

"Report captain" said Revan firmly, this location was very out of the way, and there should be not shuttle traffic, which left only one option

"Republic cruisers inbound my lord! Fifteen capital ships" how had the republic found this location? Clearly it was no accident, they knew he was here and they intended to capture or kill him. He had a traitor in his midst; it was the only possible solution.

Revan turned to face the large view screen ahead of him. The republic ship had begun encircling them; firing on his two escort ships, this battle would be over in mere moments. Revan's tactical mind immediately sprang into action, forming the only plan possible "Captain initiate retreat. We will Rendezvous as Taris"

"Punching in coordinates now my lord, we will hold until you are safely aboard" Despite the man's calm voice Revan could both see and hear the dire situation they were in. The republic ships poured green laser fire onto the two Sith ship. He could see the shields begin to fail and explosions strike along the hull. To their credit the two Sith ships returned incredibly accurate fire, he saw multiple Republic turbo laser batteries explode. But it was too much, the ships would not last. Revan could hear the damage reports coming in over the com "No time captain, initiate jump now"

"But my lord-"

"Go now!" he shouted in an iron voice, the captain was a good men, he would see their lives thrown away for no good reason "I wanted to test this new engine, looks like I will get my chance" Revan added, grinning behind his mask, he felt his pulse begin to quicken slightly. This would certainly be an interesting experience "Jump now captain!"

"We shall await your arrival my lord"

Revan smiled slightly "I shall be along shortly" there was a few seconds of silence then the two Sith ships launched into hyperspace. Revan quickly keyed in the coordinates to Taris, the computer told him it would take one minute to calculate the jump. Looking back at the view screen he watched as the republic ships closed around his own, dozens of smaller shuttles began streaking towards him.

A small frown appeared on his lips now, he knew this was untested technology and any one of a thousand different things could go wrong. With a few rapid blinks Revan had opened his communications "Execute order forty five" he said solemnly. If the worst happened…well his work was still unfinished but at least the republic would stand a better chance.

The console beeped and Revan looked down, jump was ready. He looked back up, the boarding craft were almost on him "Well" he said with a grin "let's see what this thing could do" his resolve bolstered as he pushed the button. He was going to survive this! And he was going to fulfill his vision!

It just wasn't armor! That was the only thing Jane Shepard could think as she glanced at her…companion, shit she didn't know what Miranda was. Right now she was a woman in an incredibly tight cat suit that had brought her back to life. So she did owe the woman at least a little bit of gratitude, even if she was as cold as ice. "Miranda while I am meeting with Anderson I want you to go and buy some actual armor"

"I don't-" she quickly cut the accented woman off

"Look I know you are a capable fighter, not doubting that, but we are going to get into some heavy shit, I will feel a lot better knowing that the first bullet that gets through your barriers isn't going to kill you" she watched the woman's face remain completely calm

"Of course Shepard"

"Jacob you go with her, no offense but I don't want my first meeting with the council to be with two Cerberus agents in tow" she felt no need to lie to them, hell it was part of who she was, Shepard had always been blunt and two the point, she spoke her mind and didn't give a damn what people thought.

"None taken Shepard" replied the dark skinned man with a faint smile; he seemed like a good sort. From what she had gathered he wasn't too fond of Cerberus, yes he did serve them but it was only because he felt he could better protect the Alliance that way. Hell that was the only reason she was working for them. She had made it clear from the first moment she stepped onto the new Normandy, this was her operation, and she was not under Cerberus command. In fact she had quickly set about removing all Cerberus logos from the ship, inside and out, both for her own personal reasons and for logical ones. What kind of nob ran around in a ship covered in giant ass logos of a terrorist organization?

The shuttle came to a halt and Shepard quickly jumped out "When you have armor, pick up whatever other supplies we need and meet back at the ship" her two companions nodded and the shuttle took off again. Shepard walked across the Presidium. The place showed absolutely no sign of Saren's attack two years ago.

Shit she still couldn't get over that, she had been gone for two whole years! No one knew she was alive, well except from rumors that had apparently made it to the council's ears. Rumors planted by the Illusive man know doubt. Since she had found out about how long her absence had been she couldn't stop thinking about her friends, no matter what the Illusive man said, she was going to try and contact them; she couldn't just take his word that they wouldn't help.

Seeing Tali had helped to lift her spirits. The young Quarian was a ball of cheer and energy, although she had matured a lot. She wished Tali would have joined her back on the colony but she understood her reasoning; apparently there was some bad blood between the Quarian's and Cerberus.

Her mind wandered to Liara next, she could not believe that the Asari was working for the Shadow Broker; moreover she could not accept that she couldn't trust Liara. They had been close during the hunt for Saren and Shepard trusted the Asari with her life. She had sent her a message on her old address, hoping it was still active.

Shepard's eyes looked over to the giant Krogan stature standing in the water and her mind instantly turned to Wrex, she grinned, his voice instantly filling her mind with his patented greeting "Shepard" she almost laughed to herself. God she really missed the Krogan, a sentiment she was sure few humans would ever agree to. He was the only one, who Shepard would not ask for help from, not because she didn't want it, nothing could be further from the truth. The Krogan's presence at her side was something she missed greatly, as were his gruff comments, with Wrex at her side the Collectors wouldn't stand a chance. Next to Garrus he had probably seen the most action with her on their hunt for Saren.

Garrus…his face instantly filled her mind, every single detail was perfectly clear, his voice filled her ears. He was without a doubt the best friend she had ever had. The two of them could practically talk about anything. They could help each other with anything, he had come to her for help on more than once occasion and she was more than happy to to do whatever he needed, whether he simply wanted to vent his frustrations at the council and C-Sec or if he wanted help hunting down an evil bastard of a doctor. He was the one she was most anxious to contact, and the most scarred to contact. Would he be happy to see her? Would he be pissed? Her mind swirled with too many possibilities. She had yet to contact him because she didn't know what to say. Maybe after Omega…yes after Omega, when she could think on it more.

Shepard now stood before the office door of the human council member, while she was happy to see Anderson again; this also meant she would have to talk to the council again. Suppressing a groan Shepard walked through the doors.

Anderson immediately stopped talking as she entered and turned to face her "Ah, commander we were just talking about you" Shepard couldn't help but smile as she walked across the room and quickly gripped the man's hand, pulling him into a hug. She didn't give a shit that the council was watching, she didn't give a shit about protocol, this man had been her mentor for many years. There was no one she trusted or respected more "It's good to see you Anderson" she said warmly. To her delight he returned her embrace then they stepped back and she finally turned to look at the holographic displays of the council "Councilors" she said firmly, all the warmth and joy in voice gone. Despite having saved them she was sure they were still going to be the typical arrogant bastards that they always were, especially the Turian prick.

"Commander, it is good to see you well" said the Asari

"Like wise Councillor" she nodded, god she just wanted to get this over with so she could talk with Anderson. She knew she couldn't stay long which is why she wanted to get this shit out of the way

"We were just discussing the circumstances of your return" said the Salarian councilor

"Let me clear it up for you" she said flatly, taking a step forward to ensure she had their full attention "Cerberus found my body- I won't bother asking why the body of a spectre wasn't bothered to be recovered by the council or even the Alliance." She was still a bit pissed about that, but she supposed it all worked out for the best. Bastard councilors probably didn't even look for her, not after the shit-storm she had raised about the Reapers "Anyway they found my body and brought me back to life for the purpose of looking in the disappearance of human colonies. We now know that they are being abducted by the Collectors, who I suspect are working for the Reapers"

"Ah yes Reapers" said the Turian councilor in an exhausted tone, making quotes with two of his three fingers. Here we go, prick. Shepard didn't even listen as the councilor spoke, she merely waited for his mouth to stop moving

"Look I know you all want to live in the dark and pretend like everything is all roses but sooner or later that is going to bite you in the ass"

"The Reapers are clearly a myth Commander, one used by Saren to control the Geth, we believe that you believe they are real" said the Salarian Councillor

"For fucks sake!" she growled her patience at an end "I sacrificed human lives to save this sorry ass council! Okay forget about the Reapers for a second. Entire human colonies are being abducted! And you are going to do nothing, just throw me back out on my ass!"

"You put us in a difficult position commander; you are working for Cerberus, an enemy of the council. This is a capital offence" Shepard was about to dare that Asari to act on her threat but Anderson cut in

"That is far enough! Shepard is a damn hero! I am on this council too and I will not let this continue" Shepard tried to hold back her smile, she could always count on Anderson, he would never let her down.

"Perhaps we can come to some sort of compromise" said the Asari "Commander we will restore your status as a Spectre, although given your ties we will not announce this publicly. When your…partnership with Cerberus ends we will gladly welcome you back fully and openly" Shepard almost wanted to tell the council to shove it, she didn't need them, but with a nod from Anderson she bit back her anger

"I would be honored Councillor"

"Very well commander, we hope to a swift resolution this problem" and with that the meeting was over. Shepard let out a loud sigh and Anderson just chuckled

"Good to be back isn't it?" she looked over at the man, a grin was on his face

"Being dead was less work" she chuckled. She followed Anderson over to the balcony, leaning on the railing she looked across the Presidium.

"It's good to have you back Shepard"

"You just want someone else to yell at the council with you" she teased. Looking over at Anderson her grin faded, god he looked so tired. There were deep circles around his eyes, lines that hadn't been there before "how have you been Anderson?" she asked, letting her concern show

"I…well let's just say I've seen better days" she could hear the weariness in his voice "I don't think I am cut out for council work" he said, if it had been anyone else it would have seemed like a natural continuation of the conversation, but Shepard knew he was changing the subject "most of the days it just feels like I am banging by head against the wall"

"I know that feeling" she said, trying to lighten his spirits, seeing him like this tore her apart.

They spent the next fifteen minutes just chatting about what had been going on in the galaxy and by the end Anderson seemed to be a little better, his voice sounded less weary "I guess I should leave you to your work" she said finally, she really didn't want to leave but knew that she had to.

"Yeah" she pushed herself off the balcony and turned to face the older man

"I will keep in touch"

"You better. And Shepard?" his eyes looked serious but she could see they were filled with concern "be careful okay?"

"I will Anderson" she replied, trying to ease his worry, she shook his hand again and grinned "what are the odds of me dying twice?" Anderson chuckled and Shepard considered her mission a success. Turning she left the room and headed back to the Normandy, it was time to get this mission underway.