"The capacitor will give an energy spike to the beam increasing its output," Revan explained to the others as he put the finishing touches on the device. Mordin, Garrus, Tali and Miranda were standing in front of the table, watching him work. "The turbo laser will have scaled up banks of these to increase the power even further. By the end it equates to roughly four times the power of what we are building."

"What kind of damage will this do?" Asked Garrus

"On ships they are used for accurately destroying asteroids and other moving debris, that should give you some idea. As you may have guessed they can also be made for ground weapons as well. Battle tanks or turrets are a very common usage."

"What methods exist to compensate for heat production?" Asked Mordin, his eyes were intently focused on the device before him.

"A cryosystem is built into the weapon itself to help compensate, the barrel also contains a cooling sleeve. The danger of overheating is always present, but unless they are operated for long periods of time on maximum setting it should not be a problem."

"Technology level is amazing. Would be interested to learn about other technologies, besides warfare."

"Come down here sometime in the evening and I would be happy to show you whatever I can," he had been wondering if anyone would be interested in something besides weapon technologies. Revan was positive that there were a great many innovations his galaxy could provide to this one apart from weapons.

He knew that while weapons were a primary concern to combat the Reapers, he also knew that a great deal of rebuilding would be taking place after the war. Entire worlds were sure to be devastated in the coming conflict. Rebuilding would be a long and arduous task; it would be good to plan for that as well.

"Excellent, will adjust work schedule accordingly."

Revan nodded as he finished the capacitor, he slid it across the table towards the others "That can be installed now, the blueprints will show you where it goes," he knew by now that the group in front of him were highly competent, therefore he did not need to hold their hand through the construction.

Mordin quickly scooped up the item and walked over to the frame of the cannon, examining the capacitor closely as he walked.

"Garrus, Miranda, I am sending you the schematics for the cooling sleeve," he quickly put the command through on his omni-tool "you can get to work on that next. Tali and I will begin making the actuating module."

The pair moved off to a separate workstation while the Quarian stayed put. He had yet to actually see her expertise in action so he would need to work with her for now. The Commander and many other assured him she was very gifted, still he needed to see for himself.

"This is one of the most critical components," he explained, pulling up the blueprints he projected them for her to see "Once the gas has been energized it will pass through this chamber to be electromagnetically accelerated and transformed into the beam that will form the actual bolt."

"You knowledge of technology is amazing. Shepard told me that you were a general, but you sound more like a scientist."

"I always enjoyed working with technology, finding out exactly how everything worked. It can also give you unexpected advantages in battle if you know how both your equipment and the enemies works."

Tali was not the first person to be surprised by his intelligence. In the beginning it had started out as a simple hobby, however the more battles he had fought in the more he was able to use it to his advantage. Knowing precise details of the enemies weapons meant you could exploit any potential weaknesses. It also meant that he could copy and even improve any technologies they faced in war.

"So is our galaxy very different from yours?" Asked Tali as they began gather the required components.

"There are many similarities. The general order of things seems to be much the same, governments, military and general societal rules and the like. I have even noted similarities between some species of this galaxy. Your Asari for example seem to be a more evolved and more powerful version of a species called Twileks. Physically they are quite different but their spread throughout the galaxy, many other species seem to find them attractive, also both seem to make up the majority of the stripper population."

Tali actually giggled at the last remark, "I have never understood why there are so many Asari strippers."

"One of the great mysteries of the galaxy," he had never understood it either. Especially with the Asari, they were one of the major powers in the galaxy, all of their people possessed biotic powers and yet being a stripper seemed to be a major occupation for them.

"Are there any species like the Quarians?"

Revan thought about it as he began assembling one of the components. He was certain that there must be other similar species. Physiologically he did not know as he only knew a few of their primary physical characteristics and had knowledge of their weakened immune system. Culturally he also wasn't too familiar with them, other than their supposed technological prowess.

"I must admit that I do not know that much about your people so it would be hard for me to give you a good answer."

Tali simply nodded as she continued working, it was a few moments before she spoke again. "Have you ever had a problem like the Geth?"

He had been wondering when she would get around to talking about the Geth. He knew that his honest opinion of her people's conflict with the Geth probably wouldn't go over too well. All the history and information he could find both about the Geth and the conflict with the Quarians was written by the Quarians or other species besides the Geth. Therefore it was all very one sided.

Revan suspected that there was far more to the conflict than a simply rebellion of AI's. They had been built and programmed to serve the Quarians, however they had been foolish in their construction. By allowing the machines to network and compile knowledge and skills it was inevitable that said knowledge and skills would expand until they became something far more than simple machines.

At their core however they were still machines, they thought with logic. Therefore what reason could they possibly have to start a war with the Quarians unless it was out of self-preservation? By all accounts the Quarian's had lost the war, badly. If it had been a true war then why wouldn't the Geth had continued to final victory? Completely destroying or enslaving the Quarians.

They had stopped and even now outbreaks of fighting between the two groups was rare, certainly nothing more than skirmishes. Something else must have started the war; it couldn't have just been a spontaneous decision by the Geth.

Still, he wasn't about to go around blaming the Quarian's for the war, that would be foolish if he hoped to build some kind of rapport with Tali. Still he could try to make her a bit more understanding of droids and other AI.

"Droids are very common place in my galaxy. It would be impossible to count the number of them in use. Entire armies have been made of droids, we use them in our everyday lives, like you do with VI's."

"But don't you worry about them turning on you? Entire armies of machines constructed purely for destruction seems very dangerous."

"Oh there have been droid rebellions. Usually they are still led and programmed by an organic. However there have been advanced droid units that began to think independently. However on the large scale their programming is specifically limited to prevent them evolving and presenting a large threat to organics."

He watched Tali carefully as he spoke, still continuing his work, "The simple fact is we rely on them too heavily to ever let a few bad scenarios influence us too heavily. Precautions are always taken, restraining bolts being the most common."

"I see…you know it's because of the Geth that AI's are banned in council space? Everyone saw what happened to my people and became terrified that it would happen again."

"Yes I had read that. However I think that AI's are incredibly beneficial to organics and should not be something to be feared." He watched her eyes narrow at him before continuing, "However that does not mean we should simply ignore the dangers. Take EDI for example. She is incredibly useful, and yes I do refer to her as a she."

Revan knew that he was entering into dangerous territory with this conversation; however he was still confident that his argument was strong enough. It was clear there was a lot of prejudice towards the Geth and AI's in general. It was a very narrow-minded view however. Rather than learning from past mistakes the people of this galaxy had closed that door forever.

"She may be artificial but EDI still has all the intelligence and constructs that a human mind would. While they may not experience emotions in exactly the same way, they still know what they are; they know how they are experienced. AI's still have an identity that they will cling to. EDI will always be EDI; nothing short of a complete rewriting of her programming will change that. Back to my original point however,"

Revan grabbed another component and began carefully welding it "EDI is incredibly useful, that cannot be denied. While what happened between your people and the Geth was indeed a tragedy but don't you think it would be better to learn from what happened rather than completely writing off such an incredible advancement because of a single event?"

"The Geth nearly destroyed my people!" Tali quickly shot back, "they attacked the citadel and almost took it over."

"I'm not trying to marginalize what happened to your people," he quickly replied "What happened was indeed terrible. However if I may again point out EDI. Cerberus learned from the Geth and now there are protocols in place that prevent her from acting on her own designs, she is shackled and she can never remove those shackles. She is controlled from ever harming her creators."

Revan knew that he may have gone a bit too far, but he ha hopes this woman was intelligent enough to see his point and get past her prejudice. "I am not trying to upset you Tali. This is simply my opinion. I would help your people reclaim what they have lost if I could." His omni-tool began beeping and he glanced at the clock on it "I have to meet the Commander; you have the schematics so I am sure you can finish this on your own."

Tali simply nodded and began continuing the work. He grabbed his helmet from the table and quickly moved towards the elevator. Hopefully he hadn't soured the Quarian's attitude towards him. Still she would be a good gauge for the rest of her people. If she could not get past her hatred of the Geth and AI's then it was something he would need to deal with.

When the time came the galaxy would need to stand together, the Geth may or may not stand among them. Even if they didn't his army was still comprised of machines. If the Quarian's refused to work with him then he would leave them to their fate. He just didn't have the time to waste on a people who couldn't set aside their narrow minded beliefs even to save themselves.

Revan rode the elevator up to the Commander's cabin. She had gotten Garrus to sweep it for bugs a long time ago so she felt it was the only secure place to have this meeting. He was glad she wasn't putting too much faith in Cerberus, it was clear she wasn't planning on any cooperation with the organization beyond this mission.

He stepped off the elevator and knocked twice on her door, she quickly called for him to enter. The room was much how he remembered it, the blue light from an empty fish tank, an empty model case forming a wall between her desk and the rest of the cabin. As he turned towards her office area he noted that there were several data pads scattered across her bed.

The glass on the model case was projecting the image of a man in perhaps his late fifties, a scar across his face and carefully trimmed facial hair. Beside him was woman with jet black hair tied up into a neat bun. They were both speaking to the Commander who stood before them, turning at his approach.

She smiled warmly at him as he moved beside her, "Admiral, this is Revan." She gestured to him before the two figures on the screen "This is Admiral Hackett and Doctor Karsen"

He nodded politely to them before reached into a pouch at his waist and pulling free a small device which he placed on the desk, activating it with a single key it began humming quietly. The Commander gave him a curious look, "A little extra security. I do not doubt Garrus's skills, but better to be safe."

"Shepard has been telling us a lot about you. The upgrades she has been sending us are incredible our entire R and D department have been itching to find out where they are coming from."

"The heatsink improvement was especially intriguing," said the doctor "it was genius but also surprisingly simple. I'm almost embarrassed we didn't come up with it ourselves." She had a faint accent, it sounded Talravin.

"I am happy to be of help. As the Commander has likely informed you, the technology from my galaxy is more advanced than yours."

"Yes she gave us a detailed report on your…arrival here along with other bits of information that you have shared. She also informs us you are currently building some kind of laser weapon?"

"That is correct. Laser based weaponry is the main stream in my galaxy; it will likely be completed in the next few days. If all goes well."

"Is there any chance you could send us those schematics? I shouldn't have to point out that a working laser weapon would give us massive boost towards fighting the Reapers," this time it was Hackett who spoke.

Revan had been waiting for this, he was sure this was the main reason the admiral and doctor had even insisted upon meeting with him. The alliance would want laser weaponry and through them it would likely spread to the other council races. Perhaps that would not be such a bad thing but he knew it would also spread to organizations who would not use it to fight just the Reapers, such as Cerberus.

He wasn't worried about the organization getting the blue prints to the laser cannon he was building with the others. He had left out a dozen key components in the blueprints he was giving the others. Without them the weapon was completely useless, he would complete it in secret for the testing and then remove the components again to ensure it couldn't be scanned.

Now that he had made an enemy of Cerberus he needed to do everything he could to ensure they didn't get their hands on such powerful weapons. It was obvious that they would have informants in the Alliance. Therefore if he gave the Alliance these weapons it was almost certain they would find their way into the Illusive Man's hands. So what did he do?

Revan glanced over at the Commander. It was clear she trust the Admiral completely, if she didn't then she never would have set this meeting up. She may not fully grasp that everything she was sending just to the Alliance was finding its way to Cerberus, but she knew Hackett was an ally to be trusted.

"I will be blunt Admiral. I do not think that is a good idea." He watched as all three people gave him confused looks, "Can you guarantee that this kind of technology would not find its way into the hands of an organization like Cerberus? Or other groups who could not be trusted with it?"

"This technology would be developed under the utmost secrecy." Said the doctor confidently.

"This technology will completely change the balance of power in this galaxy. Whomever possess it has a critical advantage over every other race. You know there are Cerberus informants in the Alliance; an organization who could completely rebuild the Normandy and improve it clearly has access to even the most classified information."

Revan's eyes stayed focused on the admiral as he spoke, the doctor just wanted to get her hands on new technology. He sincerely hoped the Commander's judge of character held up. "I think it's safe for us to presume that Cerberus cares only for its own agenda. As do many others out there. The damage these weapons could do in the wrong hands would be catastrophic."

"What about the weapon you are already building? Couldn't Cerberus scan that? Shepard told me members of the Cerberus crew are even helping in the construction."

"I have given them all incomplete blueprints. Only I know the missing components, how they work, where they go, and how they are made. Yes Cerberus may be able to figure it out eventually. But considering this galaxy has not even come close to perfecting laser based weaponry, I think it's doubtful. I am building the weapon as a test to see if I can make my weapons here with your materials. When the Reapers finally do come I will give you detailed information on how to make these weapons quickly and efficiently."

"By then it could be too late,"

"Perhaps, but I will not leave you with nothing. I can give you the blueprints to an ion cannon. Non-destructive, it will prove deadly against the Reapers and if that does manage to fall into the wrong hands then the damage will be far less than a true laser weapon."

"I won't turn down anything you are willing to give us. I'll admit I wish we could get the laser technology but what you say makes sense. Cerberus has gotten access to top secret information more times than I'd like to admit. I promise we will do our best to keep this out of their hands though."

"I know you will Admiral. Once this meeting is done I will transmit the data to whatever secure address you provide. I will also tell you now that this technology is highly adaptable. You can build space platforms, ground cannons, mount them on ships. Scale the components properly and you can make them suit any needs. It will make for a very potent weapon against the Reapers."

"You understand I may have to share this with the other council races."

"I understand. I trust you will stress to them the importance of secrecy with this."

Revan had actually been thinking about reaching out to the other major factions and supplying them with this technology anyways. He knew Mordin had connections with Salarian special forces. Garrus could probably get the information to the proper people as well. The Asari…well he would have gone directly to the councillor with this. After all she seemed to be the only one on the council who wasn't a total fool. Still perhaps there were better channels he could pursue, he would look into that later.

"You have my word," the admiral's voice was perfectly level and his tone was confident. Perhaps the Commanders trust was well placed. Time would tell. "Now I have another meeting to get to. Thank you for your time."

"Of course Admiral. Should you or your people have any questions, don't hesitate to ask."

The admiral nodded again and the transmission ended. The glass once more became transparent, showing the cabin behind it. He could see the Commander's armor stacked on the coffee table along with a disassembled weapon.

"Thanks for doing that," said the Commander, her tone was completely genuine; as was her smile "What you said about Cerberus makes sense. If they could get their hands on all the info to rebuild the Normandy then they could probably get those schematics. I wouldn't want Timmy getting his hands on those."

"I wish I could have given him more, but I didn't want to risk it."

"I understand. You still gave us an ion cannon, those things are pretty badass." Her smile became a grin now "Doesn't make a big boom, but still awesome."

"I'll let you be the first to fire the laser cannon. Would that appease you?"

Her grin became even bigger now, he felt a smile try to form in response but he kept it down "Hell yes! Garrus is going to be so jealous! Unless of course you screwed up and it explodes, killing me in a giant fireball."

"It would still make a boom."

"It better be an awesome boom!" Exclaimed the Commander, through her laughter "I can go out in nothing less!"

Revan couldn't stop the faint smile that came now. Her smile and laughter was just too damn infectious. He couldn't deny that she was…pleasant to be around. She seemed to find the bright side in everything. She had lost all three of their sparring matches so far and yet every time she still had a smile on her face.

She was also a quick learner. Almost everything he taught her she picked up the first time. She was already showing improvement in all aspects of her fighting. He had to admit that he was enjoying their morning sessions. It had been some time since had been able to train with anyone. While he was very hesitant at first he was starting to get more comfortable with the training.

On one level this terrified him. He couldn't get close to this woman; he needed to keep his distance. He was slowly beginning to accept that he could allow a kind of friendship to develop between them, that would not interfere too much with what he would have to do in the future. But this terrified him because of what it might lead to. He was worried of his feelings going beyond that.

He couldn't allow those feelings to develop for anyone. He already knew Miranda had an interest in him. He was careful to not give her any impressions that his feelings went deeper than respect for a college or even friend. With her it was easy to keep those walls up. She was much like him in how she handled her emotions; she kept herself distant, not letting anyone inside of her personal life. Hell he wasn't even sure if she was genuinely interested in him. If she was though he was certain her personality was so similar to his then neither of them would let those feelings turn into anything serious.

With the Commander though, he wasn't certain. She was too much like Meetra, but he was also beginning to see the differences between the two of them, and that made it worse. If she had been exactly like Meetra his path would have been clear, he knew it would be a painful experience but he knew that those feelings would develop because he would have just seen her face.

Now however, he was seeing the differences. The Commander was no longer Meetra wearing another face. She was becoming different; he was seeing her as her own woman. He wasn't sure how things would work out. If he let down his guard maybe he wouldn't develop any feelings, maybe they would just develop the same kind of friendship she had with Garrus or Tali. He wasn't scared of that happening; he was scared it would develop into more. He could not allow that to happen.

Another part of him though…the other part was tired. As much as he tried to fight and deny it, a small part of him knew the truth. He was tired. He was tired of being alone; he was tired of keeping everyone out. He felt like he was being crushed under the weight of everything. Sometimes when the weight almost became unbearable he would remember Meetra, he would remember how many times she had helped him, helped him carry that burden.

This small part of him knew that if he let her then the Commander would do the exact same thing. But he couldn't let her. It felt like a betrayal. He couldn't and never would replace Meetra. Such a thing was despicable to even contemplate.

That's what scared him about the Commander. He couldn't allow her to become a replacement. It would dishonor both her and Meetra. Yet there was still that part in his mind that tried to argue that he wouldn't be replacing her. No matter who he chose, the Commander, Miranda, they would not be a replacement. It was not dishonorable to fall in love again. Meetra would be the first to tell him that.

That was just his weakness talking though. He would watch his feeling carefully. Nothing would develop between him and the Commander, or Miranda, or anyone. He would not allow it.

"I should get back down to the cargo bay," he said quickly "You may keep the jammer, I have another."

"Now I can get up to all kinds of mischief!" The Commander laughed, giving him another grin. Revan just nodded before departing. He would be very careful.

The only sound in the room was the clanging of metal and the occasional grunt. Anya leaned back to avoid the oncoming sword, her opponent let their attack spin them full circle to face her again. Anya brought her sword down in a quick slash across her opponent's chest, her blade was deflected but she quickly snapped her leg out, kicking out her opponent's feet. They fell to the floor but quickly rolled away to avoid her finishing strike.

They were both clad identically, wearing the black and white armor of a Cerberus Phantom, their faces hidden by the red eyed helmets. Her opponent leapt back to their feet, narrowly dodging her thrust towards their chest. Anya blocked their responding slash, using her superior strength to throw them back in the ensuing struggle of blade against blade, throwing them off balance. She quickly followed this up with a sharp kick to the ribs, her hand shot out to grab her opponent's sword arm, twisting it back and out of the way she lowered her blade to rest on their neck.

"You need to watch your footing better," she said, voice being distorted through her helmet's speakers. She moved her blade from the other woman's neck and released her arm.

"I'm sorry." Replied her opponent, her disappointment clear even through the distortion.

"Don't waste your breath apologizing. Improve yourself."

"I am trying."

"Our lives depend on you just as yours depends on us. Let that fuel your desire to be better." She stepped back from the woman and settled into a ready stance "Again."

As her opponent settled into her own stance Anya's com came to life "Lieutenant, The Illusive Man wishes to speak with you immediately."

Anya righted herself, looking across the room to where the rest of her squad was practicing with their new gauntlet devices. "Sarah, take over for me." One of the women, not wearing a helmet, she had short cropped blond hair and bright blue eyes, ran over towards them.

Anya quickly left the room, sheathing her blade. She navigated the hallways of the base quickly. Few of the people she passed nodded to her or even acknowledged her, the most common reaction she got was fear. Most Phantoms did. She entered into the com room, nodding to the officer on duty as she stepped into the circle on the floor. The machine began scanning her as she removed her helmet, revealing her copper hair and hazel eyes.

It took a moment for the machine to finish, when it did she found herself staring out across and room that held only a chair in which a man sat. The bright orange star in the background lit up the room in a beautiful glow.

"Lieutenant Petrovisky, a pleasure to see you again." Said The Illusive Man, his voice was perfectly flat.

"Sir," She said giving a crisp salute.

"You may relax lieutenant. How is your newest squad member working out?"

She was surprised that he even knew about that. Anya assumed he must get massive amounts of reports every day, how could he possibly remember what must be such a minor detail?

"She is doing well sir. Given a few more weeks of regular training she will be just as deadly as the others."

"Excellent. I have a new mission for you and your squad. You are to capture or eliminate this man." The Illusive Man tapped on the arm of his chair for a second before a full sized image of a man came up infront of him.

The man was just under six feet tall, he looked well-built although that was hard to tell due to the bulky armor that covered his entire body. His face was hidden by a T visored helmet.

"His name is Revan. He possess advanced technology that he refuses to share with us despite our cooperation towards him. Your primary orders are to capture him, however if that is not possible then you will not hesitate to terminate him."

"Of course sir."

"He will remain unavailable to target for some time. You will use that time to prepare your squad for this mission. The com officer will give you the data packet of all the information we have on him. Everything you read in it is true. This man is extremely dangerous you will have to use extreme caution. I will inform you when you can move on him."

"Sir!" She saluted again before the transmission ended. She turned to the com officer who was typing away on his console.

"You should be receiving the packet now."

She quickly checked her omni-tool, nodding in confirmation before leaving the room. She activated her com as she walked towards her quarters "We have a new mission. Take the remainder of the day to rest. Tomorrow we will begin our new training regiment and I will fill you in on the details.

Anya knew she wouldn't be getting much sleep tonight. If The Illusive Man was warning her this target was dangerous then she would have to plan everything carefully. She walked into her perfectly neat quarters, averaged sized for personnel. She got no favoritism because of who her father was. Both he and her made sure of it.

She seated herself at her desk and quickly transferred the information to her terminal before going through it. As she read reports, and watched helmet footage an unfamiliar feeling began to descend on her. She began to worry about failure.

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