Note: This is my first go at a GTA V fanfiction, which I have been playing rather intently for the past week or so. I have a fairly solid plot planned out for this, though I am still playing around with it. I'm also making use of the amnesiac cliche (one of my personal favourite cliches). Not too much exciting happens in this chapter, just set up. Next chapter will hopefully be better.

Reviews or what have you are always welcomed. I'm also going to apologize if I get any of the characterizations amiss, hopefully I will have them straightened out as I get familiar with writing these characters.

Warnings: This story is rated M. It will contain strong language, references to drug use, adult situations, and violence. Also, Trevor Philips, who I believe should bare his own warning.

Lone Highway

Chapter One


She was going to die.

The fact that it felt like she was suspended a thousand feet in the air on a very thin beam, darkness slowly starting to eat away at her vision, was the only proof she had to the fact. It was a simple fact. She was going to die at the base of a hill beside a thin road, most likely face down in the dirt.

How she managed to get there or why she walked this far was starting to fade with the numbness and slowly building ringing in her ears. Her dry and cracked lips were parted as she kept trying to suck air into her lungs, ignoring the pain in her side and the pounding in her head. Her legs were getting harder and harder to control, it felt like they were constantly getting tangled together, leading her to stumble harshly a few times.

As if they knew what she was thinking about it, her knees buckled for a few moments, the young woman flinging her arms out at her sides as she attempted to keep herself upright. It was her only goal at the moment, keep upright and to take one step after the other.

She could not stop. She would have to collapse from heart failure before she would allow herself to do so.

Taking a glance down the road, she noticed that there was a faint light just below where the road dropped. She paused, watching as it started to grow steadily brighter, her eyes wide and mouth agape like it was the most amazing thing she had ever seen.

What...? What is that? She squinted as the light started to hurt her eyes, watching as it split into two circular beams that seemed to be moving quickly towards her. Without thinking about how fast the car was going or if the driver would be willing to stop, she flung herself out towards the middle of the road.

She raised her arms out in front of her, palms up as if that alone would stop the impact of the car from hitting her, and she shut her eyes tightly, gritting her teeth. Through the darkness of her eyelids, she could see the brightness growing until the squeal of tires hit her ears, the woman flinching harshly and almost falling over out of fear. When she didn't feel the impact of the car or heard them drive by her, she opened her eyes to the harsh brightness of the headlights. She could see the door to the car open, the ringing in her ears growing with the relief of not being hit.

"I need help..." she gasped out, her eyes on a figure that was walking towards her. She lowered her shaking arms, "so tired, please..."

"Alright, alright," the figure said, standing rather close to her now, the woman seeming to decide that it was male by the sound of their voice. She flinched when she felt something warm grip her arm, her eyes widening for a few moments in surprise.

"...Shit," the figure muttered, "what happened to you?"

"I don't know," the woman said softly, shaking her head, "w-woke up a few miles away from was daylight, then..."

"Look, I'm gonna get you in my car and drive you to the hospital," the figure said, starting to lead her towards the passenger side of his car, though not without some resistance from her legs, which seemed to want to drag behind her instead of walking normally.

"Hospital?" she whimpered, some sense of anxiety washing over her, "I-I don't need..."

"Your face looks pretty messed up," the man said, opening the passenger door once they reached that side of the car, "all bleedin' and shit."

"I don't need a hospital," the woman said as she was lowered into the seat, her eyes shutting momentarily before she forced herself to open them once again, "I just walked for Lord knows how long with a pounding head. I...I just want some sleep."

"I don't know-"

"Please...I just need a bed, or a couch...or a fucking lawn chair," the woman muttered, glancing up at the man standing with his arm leaning against the open door.

"...Alright, look, my house is a few minutes away from here," the man said, helping her into the car fully, "we can take a look at you in the light and decide if you need a hospital. That sound cool?"

"Yeah, yeah," the woman nodded her head, "cool."

She leaned her head back against the seat as the passenger door was shut, a deep sigh escaping her as her eyes drifted shut listening to the hum of the car and the song playing on the radio. Though, she was shaken awake by the car lurching forward, letting out a soft grunt. Placing a hand on her forehead, she hissed at the pain that caused. There was something crusted just above her right eye, her finger tips running lightly over the wound, wincing as it stung at the slightest touch.

What happened? Why am I cut up like this? I...shit. Shit!

She could feel herself getting worked up, so she figured she needed to get her mind away from her state of being until she got to the man's house. Sleeping wasn't an opinion, as much as she wanted to do so, so she decided to ask some questions to keep herself awake.

"What's your name?"

"Franklin. How 'bout you?"

She paused, opening her mouth to reply, but found herself falling short. It was like she was digging through a pile of mess, fragments of useless things getting in the way of the important items she needed to find, like her name.

Slowly, something started to come to mind.

"D..." she started, shaking her head, "Da...I don't know the rest. I just...I can't remember..."

"Look, I'm gonna call you D for now. You can tell me the rest of your name when you remember it."

"Okay, that works," the temporarily dubbed 'D' replied with a nod her head, leaning back and looking out of the window at the passing scenery. She could see the lights of a city coming into view, then hiding behind hillsides before appearing once again. It felt like the quickest car ride she had taken, D taking time to make a sort of game out of prying her eyes open when they would shut.

Each time she opened them again, notable changes would pass by the window. More cars, less hillside and more city, suddenly houses appearing. She pushed herself upright when Franklin turned into a small driveway, D's eyes widening slightly at the view of the manor that he just parked in front of.

Franklin shut off his car, getting out and walked around to the side she was on. D looked up at him as he opened the passenger door, allowing him to help her to a stand. Her limbs protested to the movement, causing her to grip the side of the door for more support before her legs started to work. She followed Franklin through a small gate, leading to a pool area where a dog came trotting up to them and sniffed at her slightly.

D was set down in a lounger around the pool, the light allowing Franklin to get a good look at her and for her to get a good look at him. He was a dark skinned man, though she was surprised to find that he looked younger than she had been expecting, larger too. His gaze was hard, a frown on his face as he studied her.

"Shit, what happened to you?" he asked again, D looking away from his face for a few seconds as she attempted to remember what happened to her. There was just a large blank between daytime and nighttime, aside from walking until her legs might just give out for good, and feeling unbearably hot then cold.

Slowly, she shook her head as a frustrated look crossed her face. "I have no fucking idea. I can't even piece together how old I am or what my name is, much less so what the hell happened to me. I'm tired."

Franklin was silent for a few moments, D staring at the city lights in a tired daze. She looked like she just might start to drool, her eyes shaking from the effort of keeping them open.

"I have a guest bedroom downstairs," Franklin said, D prying her attention away from the city and towards him once again, "you can crash there for the night, and we'll see where you're at in the morning."

"Thank you so much, Franklin," D said, Franklin slinging her arm around his shoulder and started to lead her into the house, "could have just left me at the side of the road..."

"Yeah, well, you threw yourself at my car. Didn't have much choice," Franklin said, sounding a little tired himself. D wondered just how late it was, though her thoughts started to space out, the surroundings around her starting to blend together. She soon found herself being sat on a bed, D not bothering to get under the covers and just rolled onto her good side, finally allowing her eyes to drift shut.