A/N: This was one of the stories on the poll I put up that I decided to go ahead and post. I have been thinking about it for over a year and finally decided now to go ahead and post it. It has been a long time since I have written strictly a WWE story that is set in current day.

"Reggie! You have a call on line one. It sounds urgent." A waitress called seeing the head chef walking towards the kitchens again.

Reggie O'Neil sighed and grabbed the phone off of the hook.

'This is Reggie."

"Reg, its Brain."

"Hey Bri." she smiled freeing her dark locks from her ponytail, 'What's up?"

"It's Dad."

"Oh Jesus Brain, I don't have time to stop and talk about dad right now."

"Reg, he collapsed at ringside tonight." Reggie swallowed the sudden lump that rose up, "Is he okay?"

"I don't know, can you fly out to Montreal and find out."

"I guess, I mean it's not like he wants to see me anyways."

"You are his daughter either you like it or not."

"Don't remind me." she returned rubbing her forehead.

"Let me know when you find something out."

"I will." she sighed hanging the phone up and stepping back into the busy kitchen and into the office.

She pulled off of her dirty chef's jacket and dropped in the open lien bag by the door.

"Are you okay?" Frankie the pastry chef asked coming into the office.

"No, my father collapsed."

"Your dad?' he was confused, she never talked to any of them about her family.

In fact Regina O'Neil was a mystery to even those closet to her.

She took a shaky breath and picked up her phone and purse.

"You don't have a dad."

"I do Frankie; I just don't like talking about him.'


"Because he wasn't around much when I was growing up. I was a kid from his second marriage that only lasted a couple of years." she answered looking around the office making sure she didn't forget anything.

"What's his name? What does he do?"

"Jerry Lawler."

Frankie's jaw dropped in shock.

"And that is the exact reason why I don't tell anyone who I am."

"I'm sorry Reg but your dad."

"I know is one of the voices of the WWE. I have known that my entire life."

"Why didn't tell me? I thought we were closer than that?"

"I don't like talking about it. Jerry and I don' t have the best relationship." she shrugged her shoulders, "I didn't live with him when I was growing up, I only saw him on TV and every other holiday and even then he didn't want me. He wanted another son and got me instead."

Frankie went over to her and grasped her shoulders in his hands, "I'll take you to the airport. You have to fix your relationship with him. You don't know how precious a relationship with your father can be until its too late.'

"You sound like Brain."

The older man smirked, "I know, come on we can last a few days without you at the helm." Reggie nodded her head, he was right, she needed to be there.

4 hours later she landed in Montreal and took a taxi to the hospital they had taken her father too.

She looked around for any familiar face anything.

"Reggie!" Michael Cole called seeing her stepping away from the nurse's station.

"Michael! Is he okay?" she asked going over to him.

"He had a heart attack and he's under sedation."

"Thank god." she was going to take that as a good sign, "Can you take me to see him?"

Michael nodded his head and motioned for her to step in front of him.

She was silent as they rode the elevator up to the floor Jerry was on and then as she stepped into the room.

She went over to his bed and grasped his clammy hand in hers, "Hey Dad." she said softly squeezing his hand, "I'm here."

She knew that he couldn't hear him, she wanted him to know that someone was there with him.

Seeing him hooked up to the different monitors and IV's scared her and it enforced what her brothers and Frankie had told her.

"And I'm here for however long you need me to be."