Classified Remote village, Czechoslovakia 1992

Melinda May missed Christmas. She missed her family. She missed the mountains where they used to take their winter vacation. She missed a warm fire and mulled cider and all the little things that made Christmas special. She missed all these things, but she did not dwell on them. She had a mission.

Phil was in the alley across the street waiting for her signal and if it took her much longer, he just might freeze to death. She didn't know why she was having so much trouble with this mission. It was a simple honey trap. She should have been able to do it in her sleep, but every time the greasy creep touched her, she would shudder in revulsion. Lucky for her, said creep was so drunk that he didn't notice, unluckily for her he did feel like chatting.

Phil's teeth chattered and he wondered for what felt like the hundredth time what was taking Mei so long. They should be back in their shitty hotel room by now, uploading the files to SHIELD, drinking cheap vodka and maybe if he was lucky...

Phil cut off this line of thought because he was clearly not lucky today. No, today, he was freezing to death in an alley, in the middle of nowhere Czechoslovakia. And to make matters worse time was running out, if they didn't retrieve the files on undercover operatives from this rat soon, more than a hundred good men would be in danger.

He looked up at the window again, finally he saw the signal. He sighed in relief and made his way to the extraction point.

"What was the hold up?" Phil questioned when they got back to the hotel.

"I better get this list sent off to SHIELD," Melinda said ignoring his question.

"Okay, what do you want to do after that? They have Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves on pay per view," he offered.

"Fine," she replied robotically.

"Is something wrong, Mei?" Phil asked eyeing her carefully.


"Are you hungry?"


"Come on, you gotta be hungry, it's nearly midnight and I know you didn't eat dinner. I hear they have a very nice roast pork and dumplings," he tempted her.

"If I agree to eat something will you let me finish this up?" Melinda asked clearly annoyed.

"Yes," Phil smiled triumphantly. He went down stairs to get the food from the restaurant in the lobby. When he got back, Melinda was sitting on the edge of the bed cleaning her gun.

He put a take-out box next to her, before move to the head of the bed to sit down eat his food and watch a movie. May said nothing, but went about her work quickly and efficiently as ever. When she was finished she put the gun on the night stand and sat down next to her partner to eat.

"I love this part," he said after a while, "Kevin Costner is a genius."

May said nothing.

"Do you want to talk about it?" Phil asked. She shook her head. "Do you want to not talk?"

She nodded.

Phil cleared the empty containers from the bed and went about doing his best to make Melinda forget whatever was troubling her. After he fell asleep, sated and smiling, she lay awake thinking about the almost failed mission. This thing between them was getting to be too much. She had to push him away for his own good. She got up, put her clothes on and left the room in complete silence.

She would miss Phil, but she would just have to add him to the list of things she couldn't have anymore.

A/N: So I was going to post this as one long one shot, but I am looking for feed back so I decided to break it up. Each chapter will chronicle the a Christmas for one or multiple team members, then christmas 2013, and then the last chapter would be 2023. I have all the past done, but I have no beta, so I am self editing, if I make a mistake, I am sorry. Happy reading and please let me know what you think. Up next, Ward.

Also I should note that when Coulson calls her Mei that is a pet name, short for melinda, still pronounced may, but it sounds different to her.