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P.S.: in this story male witches aren't called warlock like the movies or other stories. In my story the male are witches, this is just a reminder, because I know for those people who are new in reading this is likely to comment about the male are called warlock not witches. Sorry

The witch and the witch slayer

Summaries: Kanda Yuu, a witch slayer, hate witches ever since he was 8 years old, together with his childhood friend Lavi Bookman and Lenalee Lee who hates witches as well venture the worlds while slaying witches they saw, whether they are good or bad. But what happen when their leader kanda fell in love with a witch? Read and find out. Au. Yullen, Kanda x Allen,

Disclaimer: I don't own everything except from the plot.

Bold- spells

"Blah"- talking/whispering


Flash backs/ "talking to animals"



A lady riding at a dead oak branch was flying in the woods always looking behind her back and forth. She had a youthful face, her blond hair waist length flying in her back and wears a sky blue dress, her eyes are the color of a glimmering Topaz full of love.


On the ground a red haired boy was running chasing the lady. He wore an eye patch on his left eyes only showing one of his emerald eyes. He wore a green bandana on his head, tight pants, a white t-shirt and a zipped black leather jacket and black boots. Seeing the beautiful lady flying at a certain and right direction he whistled loudly.


A hundred meter away from the blond lady direction, there at a tree branch stands a beautiful young olive-haired girl wearing a black skirt an inch high from her knees and a white t-shirt and an open black leather jacket wearing a black boots standing, and her violet eyes sparkles with kind, leaning at the tree trunk. She hearing the whistle and nodded, parting her pink lips took a deep breath and when she saw the blond lady few more feet away she shouts.

"Enbu Kirikaze!"

A whirl wind then suddenly was sent out from her boots and went to the blond lady however the blond lady, who was shock for a moment there, dodges the attack and went to the right. The other two smiled and both whistle and the same time. And no more than two hundred meter away from the olive-haired girl stand and at the direction of the beautiful blond there's a huge tree where a dark blue haired boy was standing watching the lady with narrowed dark blue eyes wearing the same clothes the red haired boy wear, his long dark blue hair was tie in a ponytail, had a sword on his hand. When the lady was just a meters away from the tree he jump without any hesitation already calculating the jump from his place to the lady. Colliding at the lady just after his jump, and both fall to the ground and the oaken branch the lady used continue to flew till it hit another tree and broke into pieces. The two of them rolled at the forest floor changing turns to capture one of them or for the lady to escape but when they came to a stop the boy won. Staying at the top of the blond straddling her hips with his leg and puts the edges of his sword just below the blonds chin. The latter just frowns at him while the boy smirk triumph.

"Move or your head will be off your body lady." He said the lady look at him and said.

"Even if I don't move I'll be burn anyway, right?" she pointed, already knowing who they are from the start but she also didn't need to know the answer from him verbally for the widen of his smirk is the prove that she is right.

'Damn witch slayers!' the blond thought

"Alright, Yuu did it again!" the red haired boy said grinning happily only for it to be wiped out when he felt the tip of the samurai's sword at his neck. The lady raises an eyebrow.

"What did I tell you about calling me by my name, Usagi?" the called Yuu or Kanda if you want to live asks.

"Kanda, stop that this instant! And you Junior now very much well that you aren't to call Kanda on his first name if you want to live!" the olive haired girl known as Lenalee shouted putting her hands on her waist, Kanda look at her and tsk-ed before lowering his sword and look at the blond lady before standing up and point it immediately at her neck when she tries to sit up. The blond look at the sword before fully sitting up and look at them they all raise an eyebrow at her action but didn't let their guard down at the lady who is acting like she's very innocent. The red haired boy known as Lavi analyze her for a second before looking at Lenalee and apologize

"Sorry Lenalee." Lavi said while the olive girl Lenalee sighed and they both focus on the blond lady.

"You're the witch that the villagers are talking about right?" Lenalee asks, the blond just raise an eyebrow.

"What if I am? And what will you get anyway if you somehow manage to kill me?" she asks they all look at each other before looking back at her.

"Rewards, like money, food or an inn to stay for the night." Lavi answered,

"And another murderer to disappear." Kanda said venomously, making the lady to wince.

'Geez humans these days are a pain in the neck.' She thought.

"That's all? How lame and you always think we are murderers when you're the ones who are killing." She mumbles they all glared at her.

"You want to know what else?" Lenalee asks she just raise an eyebrow.

"Revenge is so sweet." Lavi stated, the witch froze, shock.

"Y-you kill my kin because of revenge?" she ask shock Kanda just smirk at her. 'They are bunch of idiots maybe he can train them.' She thought, 'Wait a minute, could it be that they're the one who…' trailing off she look at them shock.

"How many witches did you kill?" she asks Lavi put his hands behind his head.

"Around 300 I think, too many to count, why does it matter anyway?" he asks in curiosity, the witch bowed her head down, Kanda frown at her before they were thrown a couple meters away from the blond witch, who is already standing up.

"You," she said dangerously, before looking at them with, hatred, anger and sorrow in her eyes. "You stupid teenagers!" she shouted they step back.

"Your killing people without knowing the consequences you've done! Don't you know because of you killing my kin only make things worse than you ever know?!"

"Worse? What could be worse than killing a merciless murderer?" Kanda asks that stop the blond to use her powers against them. She looks at them sadly but before she could speak they heard laughter. They all look at the side to see two shadows walking out from the trees.

"Merciless? That's something new, something you didn't see every day!" one of them stated, the other shake his head, laughing.

"Yeah, but I'm pretty, pretty sure that, that word hurt Topaz feeling, right Topaz?" he asks, the blond Topaz look at them.

"As much I hate to agree with you two, I do." She stated before looking at the two males.

"See? So how about joining-."

"Who the fuck are you?" Kanda asks. The two males look at them.

"Witches," they said in unison. Kanda growled, while Lavi and Lenalee glared. Topaz sighed.

"Let me guess, you want me to join you right John, Kevin?" she asks the two laughs.

"It's obvious right?" Kevin asks, Topaz sneered.

"I'm born this way and I'll remain like this there is no way I'll join you bunch of idiots." She stated they glared at her, before hearing a scoff, followed by john screaming in pain. Topaz looks at him before looking at the witch slayers where she saw Lavi, pointing a smoking gun at the two male witches.

"What the fuck?!" John scream Lavi just smiled.

"I'm just tire of you, ya know. Ignoring us." He growled, Kanda smirked Lenalee chuckled.

'Self-centered kids?' Topaz asks herself before sighing, and then smiled. The other two growled.

"Well, do you really think we would come here alone?" Kevin asks, smirking. Topaz frown before looking around then above her before eyes went wide. The trio frowns at the two male witches, before they heard Topaz shout.

"Above us!" she shouted the trio look at her before following her gaze, where they saw witches, hundreds of them. The two male witches laugh at them, John shoulder is healing already. Lavi whistled,

"Wow, that's plenty of witches." He stated calmly they nodded in agreement. Topaz sweat drop, while the two male witches blink.

'Didn't they know that they are level two? Or they just didn't care?' Topaz thought, before looking at their enemies who is laughing.

"Oh goodness me!" Kevin exclaimed. They all look at them

"You act so calm let just see if you can defeat them then!" John shouted raising his hand before bringing it down and the witches began to attack the witch slayers. But before the trio could defend themselves they were surrounded by wind sphere. They look behind them and saw Topaz raising her hand above her.

"You can't defeat them." she stated Kanda narrowed his eyes,

"And what makes you so sure with that?" he asks Topaz chuckled before nodding.

"Alright a minute should be enough for you to fight them, I'll take care of those two." She stated, they all raise an eyebrow.

"Aren't they your friends?" Lenalee asks Topaz shakes her head.

"They were never my friends." She stated before bringing her hand down and letting the witches to attack them.

Lavi and Lenalee look at Kanda who smirk.

"Che, we're not helping you but we might get more money if we kill these witches." He looks at them they nodded. "Then let's kill this witches." He ordered, Topaz nodded.

"Goddess of wind answer my call!" and the battle began between Topaz and the two male witches.

While the trio are fighting the other witches

"Ōzuchi Kozuchi!" Lavi shouted twirling a hammer in his hand. "Gouka Kaijin Hi Ban!" when he slams his hammer which grows big, a fire snake like form was created burning the witches when they were swallowed by the fire snake.

"Oi baka usagi! How many times do i have to tell you to never use you're hi ban because we need the body for the money?!" Kanda shouted, watching the witches turn into ashes.

"Sorry Yuu-chan!" Lavi apologize. While Kanda che-ed and focus on the witches in front of him. He raises his sword and put it on his right palm.

"Let's go mugen." Kanda lunged forward them. "Kaichū Ichigen!" Kanda swings his sword and releases a small swarm of insect worm like. The insect attack the witches and went through their body bringing out the stomachs, heart, lungs or liver and eat it.

"Your attack is disgusting Yuu! No matter how many times I saw it!"Lavi complained his face in a disgusting expression.

"At least they didn't turn into ashes stupid rabbit!" Kanda roared back.

"Boys now is not the time to fight each other!" Lenalee yelled above them, flying. She focuses on the witches in front of her and yelled.

"Enbu Kirikaze!" and all of the witches flew away and was slammed to the trees or the ground dead.

"Well it look like we underestimate the brats, John." Kevin stated looking at the three witch slayers amaze.

"Focus on me idiots!" Topaz shouted she pointed her wand at them and shout. "Goddess of wind answer my call! Wind struck!" then a wind like a kunai attack them. They dodge it and they starts to battle using their wands.

"Geez Topaz don't be sooo stubborn and join us!" Kevin said, Topaz sigh.

"Idiots don't you ever understand the meaning of no?" she asks, then called the witch slayer.

"Your time is up!" she shouted when they look at her, the trio growl before going towards her.

"What are you trying to do?" Kanda ask noticing the winds are circling them.

"Killing them." She replied.

"Why?" Lavi asks her noticing the witches are coming closer.

"Witches like them aren't needed at all."

"What are you talking about?" Lenalee asks looking at her.

"If you want to know something you have to earn it on your own." She stated, she took a deep breath.

"Goddess of wind, God of thunder answer my call! The sphere of the wind thunder!" then wind together with some thunder electricity turn into a sphere and grew big. "I hope you now know what the meaning of no is!" she shouted, then the sphere exploded. The trio stared wide eyes of what they saw, to focus on the witches outside that they didn't notice Topaz disappear. The attack lasted for a minute when it dispose they saw the witches dead on the ground, violently shaking from the electric shock.

"Wow that was awesome." Lavi compliment

"Yeah, but where's the other witch Topaz?" Lenalee asks. They all look around and saw no sign of the witch. A few minutes later Kanda sigh.

"Che, let's go. It's a waste of time to look for her. Besides we had a load of dead witches." He stated smirking the two nodded and work on gathering the bodies. Unknown to them Topaz was just on a tree hundreds of meters away leaning at a tree watching their movements.

"Well maybe they can help." She stated then a white pigeon landed on her shoulder.

"Topaz are you alright?" the pigeon ask

"Don't worry my Lord I'm alright." She answered "Besides I think I found some people who can help us." She look at the trio who are leaving already.


"The witch slayers my lord." Topaz answered.

"Topaz even though you, your kin and I aren't what the witch slayers thought we can't let them help us." The bird said. Topaz look at the bird.

"But my lord I'm pretty sure everything will went well if we do the same thing when the former lord is still alive." She stated the bird sigh before nodding.

"Alright, but this the last time we need the help of the witch slayers, go back to where the others are." With that the bird flew away, Topaz look at the witch slayer

"I hope they won't hurt or worst kill the lord when they meet." And she disappeared.

Kanda stop and look back at the tree were Topaz previously were.

"Yuu-chan hurry up!" Lavi shouted carrying the dead witches on his big hammer.

"HOW MANY TIMES DO I HAVE TO TELL YOU NEVER CALL ME BY MY NAME!?" Kanda lunged to Lavi who dodge it still carrying his hammer. Lenalee sigh.

"Here we go again." She then look at the sky and smiled. The two notice this and stop their fight and look at the skies as well then they smiled to.

'It's been 6 years huh?' they all thought. Kanda then look away and started to walk.

"Oi I'm leaving you idiots behind!" he stated didn't even look at them.

"Yuu-chan you meanie!"

"Kanda wait!" then they left the scene…


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