The witch and the witch slayer

Summaries: Kanda Yuu, a witch slayer, hate witches ever since he was 8 years old, together with his childhood friend Lavi Bookman and Lenalee Lee who hates witches as well venture the worlds while slaying witches they saw, whether they are good or bad. But what happen when their leader Kanda fell in love with a witch? Read and find out. Au. Yullen, Kanda x Allen,

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Chapter Six


"If we wanted to revenge our family we kill the witches, and with Allen being their sacrifice I'm sure they'll target him. It's like hitting two birds with one stone. We protect them and still have our revenge to the witches." She explained.

"You're using Allen as bait I see." Lavi stated wearing his clothes.

"Well, whether we're using him as a bait or not, the plan sounds good." Kanda agreed, Lenalee smiles,

"So it's settled then." Lavi said, their leader grunted.

"Let's go…."


"Heard that?! Ohh I want to kill them!"

"You can kill if we had him in our hands."

"Yup! We just need to wait."



"Woah! What was that?!"

"How dare they?!"

"Should we go and…"

"Stand by I know what they're planning."


"No buts! Stand by and let's see how things will go."

"Yes master."


After discussing their plan, which they all agree, Kanda, Lavi and Lenalee head back to the cottage. When they went inside, they inhaled a delicious scent of food, apple pie to be exact.

"Ah you're just in time!" they heard Allen said, looking to the right, they saw him carrying a freshly cooked apple pie that he just took out from their oven.

"Wow, it smell delicious!" Lavi said, moving towards Allen while drooling. Allen turn to the right side just in time when Lavi was about to snatch the pie.

"NOOOOO!" Lavi whined Allen chuckled at him.

"Gomen, but you need to be in the dining room if you want to eat this." He said, Lavi nodded eagerly before leaping away and left the room dragging Lenalee with him, skipping. Allen huff happily, liking that someone was Happy to taste the pie before looking at Kanda who is scowling at him or more likely at the pie.

"Something wrong Kanda?" he asks tilting his head to the side, Kanda look at him before looking at the pie distastefully. Allen blink and look at the pie, before at him then at the pie before finally realizing the problem.

"I see! You hate sweets!" he declared, Kanda glared at him before scoffing and left the room. Allen look at his retreating back before chuckling. "Good thing I had back up." He said before following after Kanda. when Allen exited the room he sweats drop at the scene held in front of him.

'Are they children?' he thought, watching how Lavi and his family fought over the pie that was at the table. Lavi upper body was laying across the table trying to grab the apple that Sachiko and Moonlight both had in their hands, one pie each hand.

"Gimme! Please Gimme!" Lavi pleaded, the girls shake their head.

"No! you have to wait for Allen or there won't be any for you!" they threaten, Lavi shake his head.

"Noooo I wanna!" he whined while banging the table with his fist like a child. Allen giggled making all of the table occupants look at them.

"Allen please tell the usagi to show some table manners! And one of them is waiting for someone!" Sachiko said, Kanda, who is sitting beside Lenalee who is sitting beside Lavi, who is sitting across moonlight who is sitting beside Sachiko, who is sitting beside an empty chair (Allen's seat), smirk.

"Looks like I'm not the only one who agree you're a usagi, baka usagi." He said, Lavi whine before trying to reach the pie Moonlight had. Lenalee sigh before looking at Allen who tilt his head to the side before walking towards them and put the pie down. Lavi blink and look at the pie Allen put before swooping down and taking the pie, before Allen could sit down. They all look at him, Lavi look at the pie hungrily, grabbing his fork, Lavi was about to stab the pie only to hit the table. Lavi whine again and look at Allen who glared at him before shrinking.

"Lavi-kun, I may find your childish antics to be funny. But I can't tolerate your manners you had while we eat." Allen stated darkly, before letting the pie to fall down landing at the table with a thud making the rest to flinch. Fortunately the pie remains intact. Unfortunately for Lavi he had to suffer Allen's punishment.

"Because of your manners at the table a while ago, you'll just get a half slice of the slice. We won't teach you the manner we want at the table, you're old enough to learn it on your own but if we didn't like your manners you'll be having ¼ portion of the food." Allen ordered, Lavi look at him horrified before looking across and they watch his entire body to fade. Allen sigh and look at the other witch slayers.

"That order goes with the two of you as well." He said, before sitting down ignoring Lenalee's pale look and Kanda's glare. When Allen finally sat down, Sachiko stood up and grab a knife and began to slice the pie and true to Allen's word Lavi only got a half of the slice of the pie, while Lenalee and Kanda got 4 slices. Allen glance up and watch Kanda glare at the pie.

"It's not going to melt you know." He stated, before looking at his plate that had 5 slices as well as his cousins. Picking up their knives and fork, the walker family began to eat, ignoring the witch slayers who began to follow suit except for Kanda. Kanda, Lavi and Lenalee was so engrossed at eating or glaring at the pie, they didn't notice Allen stands up until a plate of tempura soba was put in front of Kanda and got the pie taken away. They look up and saw Allen looking Kanda before turning back to his seat and putting Kanda's plate besides his and began to eat.

Sighing Kanda pick up some chopsticks and began to eat as well, trying very hard not to moan at the very, very delicious food.

An hour later

Allen sigh before wiping the sweat on his forehead before petting the horse which will be dragging their four wheeled cart on their journey.

"Allen this will be the last one!" Sachiko yelled walking towards Allen who turn around when she yelled at him. Taking the last two box from her, Allen put it at the cart before exhaling heavily and look at Moonlight who is locking the cottage before looking at the witch slayers who are standing under a shaded tree. Allen scowl at them not liking their attitude.

"Their rude…" Sachiko whispered standing beside Allen while she rummages at one of the boxes. Allen sigh before looking at her.

"Very, we help them yet they didn't help us." He said, Moonlight stand beside him.

"Spoiled brats I like to say." She said before going to the front of the cart and climb up where a bench was found that was connected to the cart. Allen sigh before climbing up, followed by Sachiko who took the reins of the horse that was hanging at the side of the cart before giving it to Allen. Allen glance back at the witch slayers who are walking towards them.

'Great..' they thought, Allen smiled forcedly, making Sachiko to sigh. Ignoring the twitching eyebrow her male cousin had she looks at the witch slayers.

"Do you want anything?" she asks, Kanda raise an eyebrow.

"Um… what we will be riding?" Lenalee asks, eyeing the cart that is full of boxes. Allen and Moonlight eyebrows twitched, Sachiko forcedly smiled at them.

"Gomen, but it seems that you'll be walking." She said, the witch slayers frown at their answer but before they could say something Allen said.

"Either you walk or we leave you behind!" or more likely shouted, Sachiko flinch knowing that his cousin's dark side is about to appear. Kanda growled before stepping back and went behind the cart, they watch him carefully. When Kanda was about to kick the cart, Allen brought the reins down making the horse to move forward, making Kanda to pause at his action before sighing and following them with his companions beside him while glaring at the walkers'. Kanda glance at his friends before looking at his surroundings before humming in realization.

"What's wrong Kanda?" Lenalee asks, looking at him, Kanda look around again.

"If I remember correctly this is the place where the Moyashi collected some apples and if I remember there's suppose to be-"

"A broken tree branch…" Allen said Sachiko and Moonlight glance at the witch slayers who are talking to each other before looking at Allen.

"Where's the broken branch then?" they ask, Allen chuckled before pointing at the tree ahead of them that they will soon pass by.

"There isn't a sign of a broken tree branch-"

"There…" Lavi said looking around.

"Weird there's supposed to be one." Kanda mumbled.

"Of course there isn't…" Allen said, glancing at the tree they pass-by.

"Allen could it be that you…" Sachiko trailed off, Allen smirk.

"Well it must be at another place Kanda." Lenalee said while Lavi hum.

"But if Yuu said that there's a broken tree branch then it must be restored." He said, Kanda nodded.

"They use a spell." Kanda said.

"Used a spell." Allen said smirking Sachiko sigh.

"You young man…" Moonlight said before looking at the sky Allen shrug.

"Let just hope that they're dense ne~" he playfully said while inwardly smirking darkly on what to do to the witch slayers as well as his family…

'Revenge is a bitch…'


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