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This is clearly AU.


Passion, a strong emotion evoked by events, persons, things, etc.

It was the driving force which got her to where she is right now. Standing outside the cell that houses the Asgardian prince, the one they call Loki. She is looking at him critically and trying not to compare him to another prince she once thought she loved. This man sitting at the center of the cell, looking to the world as if he is in a park sitting on a bench was busy reading a book. Suddenly, he materialized right in front of her.

"I knew you couldn't stay away, Jane Foster." Smiling at her like a long-time friend.

"I'm here on behalf of S.H.I.E.L.D. Nick Fury wants to know why you are still on Earth. I, to be honest, am curious as well." Feigning bravado, she closes the distance and stood right in front of him, six inches of Stark-issued bullet proof glass separating them.

"Come now, Jane. Lying to the god of lies is tantamount to you pining over that block-head of a thunder god, it's useless. You're here because you want something from me, something I can only provide and your director Fury is not comfortable enough to let his other agents come near this prison." Loki scanned his surroundings with something akin to disgust written all over his face.

"I am confident enough to warrant a guess that you volunteered to do the questioning even though your leader opposes because your insatiable craving for knowledge of the realms somehow outweighs the endangerment of being in the presence of a man as dangerous as me."

"But you see, this emotion, this thirst for what is out there, for what remains to be discovered, this curiosity, as you say, is my impetus too. I don't make a habit of divulging my reason to anyone but since you are somewhat involve, I'll humor you." He looked at her with a maniacal gleam in his eyes.

"You are the reason why I am in Midgard, Jane Foster. I made a promise to visit a very specific female to that bumbling hammer-head. See what the fuss is all about, as you should say. To satisfy my," he raked her with his eyes slowly from head to toe, lingering dangerous longer at her V-neck, charcoal blouse, "nagging curiosity".

"What do you want from me?" is the only question Jane wants answered, making eye contact to ascertain his honesty.

"I want many things from you Jehanne but first things first. I am inclined to propose a bargain between us and I'm fervently hoping you would agree. I answer your question, you answer mine. Is that agreeable?"

Jane felt a riot of emotions towards the man in front of her. The fear, she can understand because Loki is not from around here. He actually belongs to a realm where superhuman strength is the norm, where magic and science are one. He can actually break a man in half with just a finger. But another rebellious feeling threatens to overwhelm her. She does not want to name it but if she was being honest with herself, there was a smidgen of attraction lased with a healthy dose of curiosity in it. It had always been her downfall, this natural questioning of things. To let this chance of discovery slip away is unthinkable. She can gather enough intel in a controlled environment, or as controlled as it can get. Director Fury would probably chastise her for 'negotiating' with the terrorist but what the heck, right?

"Fine. Do your worst."

"Oh Jane! You shouldn't have said that."