Later, the Minister of Magic paid them a visit with Dumbledore's will. Ron had been left his Deluminator, an object used to take out lights and create lights. Hermione was given The Tales of Beedle the Bard. Harry was given the Snitch that he caught in his first ever Quidditch match. Also left to Harry was the Sword of Godric Gryffindor, but it was missing. Harry had never trusted the Minister or his methods and he clearly knew that. He left without another word shortly after.

That night, dinner was very crowded. Hermione and Ginny both sat by Harry, who felt weird sitting between his two lovers. The Delacour's ate peacefully without a word. Later on, Harry sat alone at the table when everyone else was asleep. He thought about Voldemort and the war, plus the babies that would be born soon thanks to him. Then, a French voice was heard.

"Monsieur Potter? You ztill up?"

"Mrs. Delacour? Yeah. Just thinking."

"I zee." she said as she sat beside him. "And pleaze call me Apolline."

"Right. So what are you doing up?"

"Drink of water. .. Gabrielle told me everything."

"Did I honor your family?"

"Oui. The deed iz done, but Gabby ztill wants zex."

"Well, I told her it was a one time thing, madame."

"I know. You know, my huzband iszn't good in ze bed anymore. Would you like to pleazure me like you pleazure Gabby and Fleur?" Harry's head looked right at her.


"Fleur told me everything. Zhe zays you are amazing. Will you pleazure me, Monsieur Potter?"

"But where would we do it?"

"On thiz table."

"Oh... sure."


Apolline stood up and forced up Harry. Taking him like a mad woman, she planted her mature lips onto his, engulfing him in a fierce kiss. Yet again, Harry was in the arms of another mature lady. Molly, Sinistra, Trelawney, Rosmerta, Andromeda, and now Apolline, Fleur's mother. Mr. Delacour was sound asleep on the couch, like nothing could wake him.

She undid her night gown and showed the Chosen One her naked body. Size D breasts, a shaven cunt, and it looked like Molly's body all over again. He grabbed her boobs and massaged them, loving the feeling. Apolline moaned quietly and ran her fingers through his messy hair and used her other hand to feel her own body.

"Oui, Monsieur Potter. Oui!"

He placed her nipple in his mouth and used his tongue to lick it , occasionally sucking on it. Her hand went down his neck and he felt his skin. As he sucked her tit, her nails dug into his neck, creating a small mark. His hands felt her body and eventually got down to her ass cheeks, which he squeezed. Eventually, he moved away from her nipple and she began kneeling.

"Now, Let me zee the fabulouz cock my girlz have been talking about!" She moved his sweatpants down and his cock was exposed, erected and ready for fucking. "Oh my! Better then they explained!"

"It's all your Apolline." Harry said.

She took his cock into her hand and gave it one good lick. Harry groaned and ran his fingers through her blonde hair and allowed her to go further. Apolline took his erection and put it in her mouth, going all the way until his cock was gone from view. She had gone deep throat on her own will and this impressed him. In a few seconds, she sucked on it without another word and this got him excited.

"Apolline! Jesus! OH!"

The feeling of her MILF mouth sucking his member was explosive, just like when he fucked Molly. Seeing her nude body was enough to get any guy excited. The look she gave when she sucked him was funny, but he kept in his laughter by looking up at the ceiling. The harder she sucked him, the louder he got.

Minutes later, he announced he was close, so she took it out and stood up. Bending over the table, Apolline instructed him to fuck her cunt just like her daughters. Liking the look of her ass, he got behind her and positioned himself at her pussies entrance. He held it close and slowly entered her, giving more reason to moan.

She had been fucked loads of times in her youth, so her cunt was easy to enter. Harry held her sides and began thrusting in her. Apolline held onto the table and opened her mouth awkwardly so that he knew he was giving her the best time of her life. Her body shook back and forth, proof that he was being forceful on her. Before long, he picked up the pace, pleasing the slutty MILF.

"'Arry! 'Arry! Yez! Fuck me ! Fuck me hard like you do Fleur!" she shouted.

"Ya like that Apolline, you dirty slut?" he said in between gasps.

"Oui! Oui! I'm your zlut! Zuch a zlut!"

Harry groaned upward as he got closer and closer. Her eyes widened as the immense pleasure set her over the edge. The table rocked and the dishes made a somewhat loud noise and Apolline quickly spotted it. Advising him to slow down so that it wouldn't get louder. He did so and actually took out his cock. Asking what he was stopping for, she quickly found out as he thrusted into her ass.


"Never had anal before? Well, you're gonna love it just like your daughter did!" he said evilly.

He pushed himself deeper into her anal hole and made her scream, but she covered her mouth so not to wake anyone up. Her insides were tight, which was expected since she never had anal before. Her ass cheeks ripples, her legs trembled, and her tits were bouncing everywhere.


"Yeah Apolline! Fuck yes!"

Soon, Harry drew close to orgasm. As he took his cock out of her, she seemed relieved. She panted heavily and took deep breaths. Turning around, she saw Harry sitting on a chair and waiting for her. She gave a sexy wink and walked to him, shaking her MILF ass as she did. When she was at the chair, she hovered her cunt over his cunt and slowly descended.

"Apolline, you look so fucking beautiful."

"Thank you 'Arry. My figure has alwayz been perfect."

The impact of his cock entering her was amazing. It fit all the way in her again and he moved his hands to her thigh, holding her up. Harry gazed at her massive boobs and lunged at them. Sucking her right tit and squeezing her left, he made her feel younger. Soon, she started to bounce on his raging hard on. Even having his way with her tits, they bounced and bounced, making Harry sex hungry for her.

She bent down and began kissing him crazily, even sticking her tongue deep in his wet mouth. His hands moved to her ass cheeks and he squeezed them, forcing them up a little. His head was buried in her tits, licking each nipple more then she expected. Her bouncing got faster and Harry met her movements with his thrusts, thus pleasing her.

Minutes later, Harry gave a sudden look and announced he was close. Not wanting to stop, Apolline continued until she felt it. His groans were loud and his cock erupted like a volcano. Harry's seed began filling her up. She gave a loud moan and rested her head on his shoulder, exhausted from the experience.

"Monsieur Potter, that waz... exhilirating!"

"I'll say. Never fucked an older woman like you before Apolline."

"Juzt wondering, but how would you feel about a mother daughter threesome?" Harry opened his mouth but nothing came out. He was speechless. "And even though I am in my fortiez, I wazn't protected."

"So... you may be pregnant?"

"Oui! Now kiss me again!" she said as she kissed him like mad.