After his 'visit' with Mrs. Chang, Harry passed by floors and found Dolores Umbridge's office and there was an eye on her front door. He recognized it as Mad-Eye's magical eye. How did she get this?!, Harry thought. Using a well thought out distraction plan, he entered her office to see the usual kitten decorated room. Scouring the drawers, he had no luck in finding the Locket. However, he found folders dealing with many witches and wizards.

Arthur Weasley was wanted for a hearing while Mad-Eye and Dumbledore were classified as deceased. Hermione was there too and was also wanted, but was a high priority because she was Muggle born. Harry knew Umbridge and her view on Muggles and Muggle born witches/wizards, so he knew it wasn't good. Hearing the commotion outside, he took the eye and exited the room.

Before long, Harry decided to go down to the Hearing room. Along the way, he bumped into Arthur and told him that the were watching everyone. Soon, he encountered Ron (Cattermole), who was drenched with water from repairing Yaxley's office. The news was that Mary Cattermole, his 'wife' was being questioned about her status as a witch. They ventured deep into the Ministry and grew nervous.

Entering the familiar Hearing room, they saw Mary in the same seat he sat in when he was accused of performing the Patronus Charm in front of Dudley in his fifth year. Umbridge was in charge of it all and he saw Hermione (Mafalda) next to her, looking nervous. Ron went next to Mary and looked very scared. High above the room were multitudes of Dementors, the guards of Azkaban. Dolores had created a Patronus barrier. Her Patronus was a cat. Very fitting.

Harry went to the side and put on his Invisibility Cloak and sneaked up behind Hermione. Using the Muffliato charm, he made her aware of his presence. Yaxley and Umbridge didn't notice, since they were busy on Mary. Hermione commented on her necklace, which was actually the Locket. Dolores lied in saying it was a family heirloom passed down to her. Feeling rage inside him, Harry pointed his wand at her.


Hermione quickly took the Locket while the silver cat vanished, releasing the Dementors. Harry, Hermione, Ron, and Mary all ran to the elevator while fighting Yaxley and a few others. When they were in the elevator, Dementors surrounded them, draining them of their happy thoughts. In a quick move, Hermione and Harry shouted "EXPECTO PATRONUM!" A silver stag and otter came out, but hers was weaker. The Dementors flew away as the stag fought them, thus making the elevator go up to the first floor.

As they reached the first floor, the Polyjuice Potion wore off. The began running into the crowd when a older wizard alerted everyone that it was Harr Potter: Undesirable Number One. As they ran, Yaxley was hot on their tale, casting spells at them. He waved his wand and the fire place exits began sealing. With split second timing, they reached an open one before it closed, but Yaxley had a hold of them and tagged along. In a split second, they were able to thwart him off and Apparate to a forest.

Harry rose up and saw Hermione tending to Ron, who had gotten Splinched. She advised him to get Dittany from her bag and he did. She explained that Yaxley had a hold of her and used a jinx to get him off. After that, she Apparated them to a secluded place to take cover: the woods where the Quidditch Cup was held years ago. Ron soon was okay, but wasn't well enough to travel, so Hermione set up protective charms while Harry set up the tent.

Night time finally came and Harry mentioned to Ron that they had gotten the Locket. Being in danger, they decided to take turns keeping watch, using the Sneakoscope handy if anything happened. Hermione kept the first watch. It was midnight when Harry woke up and saw her still keeping watch.


"Oh, Harry. I was just resting my eyes."

"Liar," he laughed. "You go to bed. I'll keep watch."

"Okay, night Harry. Love you." she covered her mouth as she said it.

"I love you too Hermione." he replied shockingly.

"I never said it outside of sex! I guess I really do have feelings for you."

"You wanna test those feelings?" asked Harry.

"But Ron is..." but Harry cast the anti-sound spell and Hermione smiled at him. "Okay, let's go!"

Hermione jumped at him, causing them both to fall onto the leaf covered ground. Her kisses were forceful on him and he couldn't have been happier. Nowadays, it seemed like Harry was fucking Hermione every chance they were alone. First in the Weasley's shower, then Grimmauld Place, and now outside of their tent.

Harry's hands traveled her body, feeling her every inch. When he got to her ass, he didn't care that she was wearing tight jeans because it made her ass look big, which he liked. He spanked her gently a few times as her tongue explored his mouth. Slowly he took his hands and went up her shirt, feeling her smooth skin and quietly unclipping her bra. This didn't escape her notice.

"Harry, you bad boy! Eager to fuck me are you?"

"You know it." he chuckled.

She rose herself up and took off her shirt. Hermione's bra was close to falling off, so she took a strap and took it off, revealing her perfect breasts. Harry grabbed both of her jugs and squeezed them, pleasing her. She kept his hands there as she moaned loudly, loving the feeling of his fingers pinching her erect nipples. Her body eased up, ready to do much more to her lover and 'boyfriend'.

Harry let his hands down and took off his shirt, letting her see his muscular torso. Hermione laid on top of his and kissed his neck, slowly making her way down his body. Soon, she came to his crotch, where she would have lots of fun. She felt his erecting cock and Harry could feel it dying to get out. Wanting to relieve it, she unzipped his pants, undid the button, and took them off, underwear and all. It bounced up. Ready to fuck her.

Hermione giggled like a little girl and moved her head close, eager to have her way it his growing member. She took it in her hand and started stroking him slowly while licking his head. He moaned loudly, feeling her naked back and messed up hair. Her lips felt good kissing his cock, like many times before.

In no time at all, she stuck out her tongue and stuffed his dick in her mouth, sucking hard like a vacuum. Harry moaned louder, loving the feeling of her warm mouth overpowering his throbbing cock. For some reason, she took it back and and stood up. Harry gave her a sad look and even attempted puppy dog eyes.

"Don' worry Chosen One. Just stripping down so we can have more fun."

What she said was true. She unbuttoned her pants to reveal she wasn't wearing panties. What a slut!, he thought. Either way, he accepted any form of her naked body. Hermione walked over and placed her feet in a way that had Harry's torso between her legs. She crouched down onto all fours and moved back, placing her pussy in his face.

Harry knew what she wanted and he was more then happy to oblige. He grabbed her sides and pushed her ass down more. At that point, he started licking her, enjoying her flavor and sweetness. Hermione moaned quietly and continued to suck on his cock. As he licked, he gazed over at a corner of the tent and saw Ron still sleeping soundly, his injury healing quickly. Even though Ron was his best friend, he didn't feel sorry that he had been fucking Ron's crush since last year.

Minutes passed before they announced that they were both close. Hermione moved up to his cock, turned around, and hovered her wet cunt over his member. She smirked at him and slowly dropped on top of him. The penetration felt great and she couldn't help herself. Her arms pushed on his chest, keeping her up. As she moved her ass, the pleasure got better. Her moans got louder and louder. Harry loved fucking her and he believed she loved it too.

"Harry! Harry! Oh yes! Yes! Yes! You feel so good! So fucking good!"

Quickly, Harry sat up and hugged her, keeping her close. She touched his face gently and kissed him with passion. It was the most passionate kiss either of them ever had. His hands cruised her body once again and he mainly kept them on her ass cheeks, squeezing and helping her with her bounces. She began going faster and Harry tried keeping up with her. Before anything more could happen, she slowed down and stopped.

She got off and laid down on the cold ground, legs spread and legs up high. Harry went to her level, pulled her close and placed his dick at her asshole entrance. Slowly, he entered her and got her whining. She had had it many times from him before that he couldn't understand why she was whining. Hermione made it clear that no matter how many times he fucked her ass, she'd still be tight. Accepting that, he started thrusting inside of her.

Her legs widened from the immense pleasure. They wrapped around him to keep him in, not letting go for any reason. Harry bent down more and tongue kissed her, stroking her hair and feeling her soft, long leg. His thrusts were so powerful, her body was shaking, her tits jiggled like jelly and her screams could clearly echo.


"I love you too Hermione! More than anything!"

Soon, Harry was pounding her so good, that he unknowingly unleashed a wave of seed inside her. It was intense, so intense that Hermione screamed from the pleasure. Squirt after squirt filled her up and she loved every second of it. When the last of it emptied into her, he took it out and laid beside her. Hermione took his arm and cuddled with him.

"No matter how many times we fuck, it always feels like the first time. A very passionate first time." she said.

"I couldn't agree more." he said as he kissed her again.

What they didn't know, was that Ron had saw the last part of his two friends fucking, starting from when she was on top. Ron felt raging anger and jealousy inside him and was eager to unleash it... at the perfect time.