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The azure sky was bathed in a faint light from the sun, as the burning star slowly made its descent, covering the land in a blanket of darkness. What little light remained reflected off of a crystal blue lake, sparkling like a precious gemstone. As a certain Oshawott attempted to catch the sun's rays, his trainer watched him from a park bench.

He was a medium-sized trainer, with messy raven hair that was partially concealed by white a red hat with a blue Pokéball symbol. His hazelnut eyes followed Oshawott's vain attempts to catch the sparkles, a grin forming on his face. Under his eyes two lightning symbols formed, one of the trainer's more unique traits.

He was clothed in a blue and white jacket, which cut off just before his elbows. His hands were somewhat warmed by a pair of black biker gloves. To complete this attire were a pair of black jeans, red and black trainers, and a yellow mouse Pokémon which was currently sleeping soundly on the trainer's shoulder.

Ash Ketchum was his name, Pokémon training was his game. The fourteen year old was one of the greatest battlers ever to walk the path of a Pokémon trainer. He possessed badges from every region he had ventured to. Whilst he was yet to emerge victorious in a Pokémon league, there was no denying Ash was one of the greatest trainers ever to walk Arceus' green earth.

As of this moment, Ash's nerves were close to the breaking point. Despite collecting all eight badges and securing a place in the Unova conference, he couldn't help but feel… afraid. His bottomless pool of confidence had been drained, replaced by uncertainty and fear. He'd never felt like this at any other Pokémon league, so why now?

The answer was under his nose… literally. The Kanto native's eyes drifted from the sea otter Pokémon to a letter in his hands. There were very few crumples in the paper, showing he had taken great care of this document. It was neatly written in fine black ink, with flowers dotting the edges of the page. For the umpteenth time that day, Ash found himself gazing at the almost perfect calligraphy.

"Pika pika?" the yellow mouse Pokémon whispered to Ash, fighting off the urge to yawn. The mesmerized teen broke out of his trance, before smiling and rubbing Pikachu's head.

"I'm fine buddy" Ash smiled, though added an "I think" under his breath. Pikachu titled his head at the Pallet Town trainer, though said nothing more. Ash sighed, running his fingers along the paper. He couldn't tear his gaze away, forcing himself to read:

Dear Ash

I hope this letter finds you. How have you been? It's certainly been a while since we last saw each other. I still remember that amazing Christmas we spent together. Remember when your mother embarrassed you with those baby pictures?

Ash released a loose laugh, recalling that exact shook his head, continuing to read.

Anyways, I heard that you're going to compete in the Unova league a few weeks from now. I just wanted to say I'm really proud of how far you've come.

Whenever Ash read that line, he felt a faint blush creep up on him. Maybe he was coming down with something?

I've just finished competing in the Grand Festival and there aren't any more contests for several months. What would you say if I came to visit you? I really want to see you again. We've got so much to catch up on (and I'm dying to try some Unova food).

Once again, Ash laughed. She was certainly a food fanatic, just like him.

If all goes well, I'll catch a flight a week before the Unova league begins. I can't wait. See you soon Ashy.

Ashy. From anyone else, that nickname would annoy him. Strangely, he was perfectly fine when she said it.

Lots of love…

He didn't know if it was the letter or if something was in the air, but a single tear slid down his thin cheek and fell onto the paper, shortly followed by the smallest yet brightest of smiles.

"I miss you too…" he muttered.

Three days from the Unova league…

"Pikachu, use Iron Tail! Oshawott, use Razor Shell!" Ash ordered his Pokémon. The electric mouse and water seal were quick to respond, delivering the requested attacks at the expense of Cilan's Pansage and Iris' Axew. The Grass Monkey and the Tusk Pokemon were thrown backwards, crashing into the dirt with a surprising amount of force.

Both were left unable to battle…

"Ash, that was incredible!" Iris was stunned. Axew was normally resistant to water type moves, yet Oshawott proved to be quite the battler. Unlike his dragon-loving friend, Cilan was rendered speechless. He knew Ash was a good battler, but he'd defeated their team in mere seconds. He perked up enough to give Ash a thumbs-up, returning Pansage to his Pokéball.

"Great job guys!" Ash praised his Pokémon, bringing the two into a hug.

"My friend, you are indeed ready for whatever the Unova League has in store for you" Cilan praised the trainer, remarking on how Ash had improved these past few weeks.

"Yeah, wait till your friends see this!" Iris grinned, returning Axew to his Pokéball.

Ash's happy expression instantly morphed into one of discomfort and worry, with a hint of pain. Silently, he stood up and returned Oshawott to its Pokéball. He stared at his friends for a few moments, his eyes glinting in the sunlight, before turning and racing off into the forest at the speed of a Ponyta.

"Ash, hold up!" Iris yelled, though her attempts to give chase were blocked by Cilan grabbing her arm.

"I think he needs time to himself" Cilan mused, "He hasn't been the same these past few days, not since he received that letter."

The dragon trainer could only nod, a curious glance present on her face. Just who had sent Ash that letter?


"You ready for the Unova league buddy?" Ash asked Pikachu, the electric mouse resting on his shoulder. The trainer and his companion were surrounded by towering trees and the squawks of Pidove nestled amongst the nooks and branches. A fine dirt path painted their route through the forest.

Pikachu titled his head slightly, a short burst of static emanating from his cheeks. "Pikapi, pika pika pi-kachu?" the electric type questioned his master.

To others, this strange language would mean nothing more than nonsense. For Ash however, his bond with Pikachu was so strong he could understand his best friend fluently.

"I don't know what you mean, I'm fine!" Ash replied defensively, crossing his arms and turning his head away from Pikachu, who replied with a brief yet painful electric shock.


Pikachu leapt down from his friend's shoulder and blocked Ash's path. Mimicking his trainer by crossing his arms, refusing to move until his master answered his question.

"You're really persistent, you know that?" Ash told his friend, shaking his head. Pikachu just shrugged, giving Ash a devious smirk.

"OK, you're right" Ash confirmed Pikachu's suspicions, "I'm not myself buddy…"

The electric type's expression immediately shifted from concerned to deeply worried. In an anime fashion, Pikachu procured a thermometer from nothing and proceeded to stick it in Ash's mouth, followed by placing an ice pack on his head.

"I didn't mean I was sick" Ash laughed, though it was lacking of any emotion. "I honestly don't know what's wrong with me…"

As if by psychological suggestion, Ash reached into his pocket in search of a particular item. His unusual personality quickly jumped to full on panic, as he tore through his jacket in desperation.

"Where is it? Where is it!?"

Unable to find what he was searching for, Ash pulled at his hair, repeatedly muttering "no" under his breath.

"No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no… huh?"

The fourteen year old released his raven locks, having finally found the elusive item. Clenched in Pikachu's hand was the letter Ash had received.

"Oh good, you found it" Ash smiled, reaching forward to take the paper from Pikachu. The electric type replied by hiding it behind his back.

"Pika pikachu chuchu pika Chuchupi?"

"What are you on about?" Ash demanded, annoyed Pikachu wouldn't give him the letter.

"Pi-ka pika-chu chu-chu pi-ka Chu-chu-pi" Pikachu repeated, putting emphasis on every syllable.


"Ka-chu, pika pika Chuchupi" Pikachu continue.

"I don't…"

"Pikachu pika chu pi ka-chu Chuchupi!" Pikachu exclaimed.

Ash opened his mouth to speak, though found the words caught in his throat. He wanted to tell his best friend he was wrong, that she wasn't on his mind all the time. He couldn't bring himself to lie though, not to Pikachu.

Ash fell to his knees, leaning back against one of the tree trunks. He let out a low sigh, hidden beneath the approaching winds. Pikachu scampered next to him, finally offering him the letter. Ash took it hesitatingly, lazily going over the text a final time. Like before his eyes began to water, except this time it wasn't a single tear.

"I miss her Pikachu…"

Ash began to cry.

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