My loyal and patient readers, I have not forsaken you.

Yes, I'm still alive and yes I tend to go very quiet even after I say I'm not going to. Things are just a little hectic right now. I'm getting ready for a film school interview, which basically decides the future of my life. Y'know, no pressure xD. I've also had to sell my soul and take on some ghost writing jobs to earn money for said film school. I've had trouble sleeping at night ever since :P

I haven't forgotten about the story. I think about it almost every day. Unfortunately, I just haven't had the time to sit down and crank out another chapter. Not that I don't want to write. I've been planning out moments of the book and I'm looking forward to continuing with it :DD

When April comes around, I should have a lot more free time. I plan on using Camp NaNoWriMo (a writing event for those of you who don't know what it is) as an opportunity to start writing 'The Return to Hoenn' again. For those among you who might not like Pokémon so much, I also have another fanfic planned. I won't tackle it until I'm back up to speed with TRTH, but you should know that it follows the anime 'Soul Eater'. A fantastic watch (or read, if you prefer manga) which I hereby recommend to all of you.

The story is coming guys. I just ask that you be patient for a little while longer.