Eremika drabble #1

Title: Reason to Live

Rated: T

Summary: He finally realizes his feelings for her

She was silent.

Her eyes closed, her lips pale and bruised, parting slightly. Her shallow breathing, the steady rhythm of her chest rising and falling with every breath she took are the only signs telling him that she's still alive. Mikasa was wounded, and this was not the first time she had thrown herself into danger to save him. He brought his hand to her face and caressed slightly the crescent-shaped scar on her cheek. Mikasa had said that it was all right, that he did not intentionally hurt her. But it was the unintentional part that had scared him the most.

He bit his lips and smiled bitterly. For once, watching her like this, he couldn't help feeling that she looked more human than any other times. But it was because if him. He was the only reason she had thrown aside her humanity. Everything in her life was always centered around him that it hurt him to think about it. He had so long mistaken the feelings he had for her for frustration, annoyance, causing him to push her away countless of times.

But now as they both came out from the brink of death, he realized it was none of those at all.

He was afraid of losing her. That one day she would die protecting him. And if that happened he wasn't sure he could live with the pain, the guilt. That he was the one who sent her to her death.

Before he knew it he had grabbed her hand tightly in his. It used to be her all this time, her small hand locking in his tightly, silently telling him that she was there for him. But it was different this time around.

"You're selfish, Mikasa," he heard himself whispered. "You wanted me to be your reason to live. You threw your life so carelessly for my sake. You have no idea…" He drew a deep intake, swallowing back the words that almost escaped his lips.

That you are also my reason to live.

"Stop fighting so much for my sake." He brought their interlocked hands and pressed them softly to his forehead, pleading.

I love you.