* The characters belong to G. R. R. Martin

* Cover image by hedgehog-in-snow (deviantart)

He woke up in the middle of the night. It was dark and the room was lit only by a dying candle. You fool! You should have known it was just a dream. It was something too good to be true, he thought. How could I ever think she…?

But when he turned back to the other side of the bed he realized she was still there, sleeping quietly with her bare back facing him. Her auburn hair was spread between them like a soft flowing river and he tangled it between his big fingers. After a while he began to stroke her neck and then his fingers went down her shoulder making their way to her waist. Her skin was like silk under his fingertips - it was warm and soft - the most delicate thing he had ever touched. His callous hand slid carefully down her belly and then made his way down to the short soft hair between her legs. He caressed her there with lust; kissing her neck at the same time, feeling how his desire grow increasingly. She moaned quietly at first and then louder when her own body reacted to his. Still half asleep she opened her eyes and a mischievous smile showed at her lips. He loved that smile since the first day he met her at Winterfell, so long ago. He'd never dared to dream she'd smile that way because of him, and kissed her eagerly and she kissed him back with the same desire. Feeling her lips on his burnt mouth excited him more than anything he had experienced before with any other woman. Her body responded passionately under his hands so he pressed her to him, went into her and made love to her again– with all the love and passion of which he was able. He tried to be careful with her; she was so fragile he feared he would hurt her. They moaned and sweated and kissed and stroked each other in a desperate way, because each of their bodies had longed for the other for too long until that night. When they were finished, he embraced her tight as if he feared she would vanish and she rested her cheek over his chest; tired and pleased.

Sandor Clegane didn't know the words to explain all of the emotions he'd felt for the last hours. There were so many things he should say to her… I'll keep you safe until the end of time. I'll die for you. I'll kill everyone who dares to hurt you. I want you. Being with you is the only thing that has been worthwhile in my life. I hope this night never ends. I love you…

As if Sansa could hear his thoughts she glanced at him smiling and said softly: "Me too, Sandor"

"Little bird" he muttered as he caressed her back and kissed her again before falling asleep.

Suddenly he woke up in the middle of the night. It was dark and the room was lit only by a dying candle. You fool! You should have known it was just a dream...