They worry about her – something is different about her, but none of them have the guts – or the heart – to confront her about it… Not just yet, anyway.

However, something is definitely wrong.

They keep a close eye on her, however, it seems excessive; she is a profiler after all – she knows just exactly when they creep behind to keep watch over her, or even watch her from afar.

She knows they overcompensate – they hug her, hold her, and ask her questions about how she's doing. She doesn't seem to show annoyance or irritability, however, there is no warmth or depth in reciprocating to their advances.

She knows they have been watching her every move. She knows they are just checking to see if she is on the verge of breaking.

But she's already broken.

AN: SURPRISE I have a little bit of the first chapter written, just wondering what you guys think! Just messing around with present tense. I'm not sure if I like it? Haha. Anyway, just a little something you'll be seeing in the sequel! xoxo

Also, one of you asked if one of the bad guys managed to escape from the building - maybe they did, maybe they didn't. Guess you'll have to check out the sequel when it comes out! ;)