Rise of the red moon

Chapter 1


A young man stood in the background of the school, staring back into his past. "Well… Here I come Cecilia." He said smiling with a twinge of doubt.

"Good morning everyone, we have yet another transfer student joining us today!" Miss Yamada said joyfully.

The students groaned, and sighed saying things along the lines of "Another one!" "Think we could get any more students Miss Yamada?" and other things.

"Don't worry this one's going to be interesting." She replied.

"So, who is this new girl anyway?" Cecilia asked.

"I'm pretty sure I'm of the male gender, and I also believe you already know me Cecilia." Said the young man, walking in. He stood in front of the class and smiled widely "I am Jordan Orion Wheeler the second male to pilot an IS."

Ichika looked up at this "Finally! Another guy that is really a guy!" he thought.

"Jordan?! You actually came back!" Cecilia grinned.

"Well of course, I could never leave you my dear." Jordan said while walking up to her and putting his hand on her chin.

The other girls stared acid death at Cecilia, but soon realized he was just toying with her. "I wish he'd toy with me like that…" thought a lot of the girls there. Which was understandable, Jordan was a tall, muscular, young man, who was also very smart, outgoing, caring, and kind to almost everyone he met, almost everyone…

"Who exactly are you again?" Laura said.

"Jordan Orion Wheeler." He repeated.

"I've heard that somewhere before…" Ichika said.

"No way! Are you Jessica Wheelers son?!" one of the girls said.

"Yes, I am." He said with a grin.

"Isn't she the Italian representative contender?!" the girl asked.

"That she is, taught me everything I know, although I still haven't got the hang of this IS yet." He answered.

"You have your own personal IS?! What's it called?!" Cecilia squealed.

"It's amazing but one word..." He replied, frizzing up his hair. "Spoilers… I'll show you when we go outside."

"Save the showing off for later Wheeler, now sit in your seat." Miss Orimura said.

"Okay, Chi-Chan." He said grinning. Miss Orimura glared at him and he just laughed. "Lighten up Miss Orimura."

"In your seat Mister Wheeler!" She responded. He laughed and sat down next to Cecilia.

"Hey Cecil. How are you?" He said, smile still on his face.

"I'm good Wheeler, you?" she replied.

"I'm feeling fantastic." He said.

As class started Jordan's thoughts returned to his past with this girl, and his mind went back to how his life all started, to when his mom and dad first met.

"Okay Wheeler, you will be assigned to your dorm after class today, here's the guide to IS's that you have to have read by tomorrow." Chifuyu said.

"Okay, I didn't need the sleep tonight anyways." He said, joking around.

"Good then, so let's get todays class started then." She said.

When lunch came around Jordan went and sat by Cecilia who was sitting by Ichika. "Hey Cecil. And you must be the first man in a mech right?" Jordan asked.

"Yes, that I am." he said, kind of sadly.

"Why you looking so down Remora turn that frown upside down, you know it takes more energy to frown then it does to smile. Unless you like a work out then I recommend you should smile dude." Jordan said, smiling.

"Or just keep a blank face." Cecilia said, making a blank face at Jordan.

"Stop that Cecil. You know I hate it when you do that." Jordan said.

"Wait, did you call me Remora?" Ichika questioned.

"I make up nicknames for everyone I meet. I just like hearing their response, after a while I go back to their original names." Jordan said.

"Okay, so when do you go back to their names?" Ichika asked.

"When it annoys them." Jordan replied.

"Ok then, please stop, I am nothing even close to a remora." Ichika explained.

"Alright Ichika." Jordan nodded.

"Thank you, so Cecilia hasn't gotten annoyed by it?" Ichika questioned.

"Nah, I do that because it annoys her." Jordan laughed.

"So Jordan, I've only heard them talking about your mom." Ichika said, for some reason Cecilia was shaking her head, knowing where he was going. "What about the rest of your family? Do you have any siblings?"

Jordan's face darkened "Possibly, but then again my twin brother could be dead at the same time. My Dad is abroad, investigating the other country's progresses on IS's, and my Mom is always away at tournaments, so I'm usually all alone."

"Then where did you live before coming here?" Ichika asked.

"Oh…" Jordan blushed "I lived with Cecilia and her family in Britain."

"You two lived together huh?" Ichika grinned.

"Yes, but most of the time I was on the couch sleeping." Jordan said swiftly, still blushing.

"Yeah, but sometimes you and me stayed up all night together." Cecilia said seductively.

"Oh, so that's what you two are like with each other." Ichika smiled.


"Right." Ichika said sarcastically.

"WE AREN'T!" Jordan screamed.

"So why did you not transfer here sooner?" Ichika questioned.

"I had to go help my dad with something in Tokyo." Jordan answered, happy to get off the last topic.

"What did you help him with?" Ichika asked.

"Under Tabane's orders all of my father's work is classified." Jordan said.

"Oh, okay then." Ichika sighed.

Jordan takes a large bite out of the pizza he made for himself by himself. "He has always been really secretive so I shouldn't blame him, I mean he is an employee in Miss Tabane's company, so I shouldn't expect any less…"

Cecilia put her hand on Jordan's shoulder and smiled at him. "Well, that's why I'm here right?"

"Yeah, luckily for me I have a very nice friend with great hospitality." Jordan grinned.

"Yup." Cecilia gleamed. The sight of her smile always made Jordan happy, he was hopelessly in love with this girl, and she was hopelessly dense. Their journey started together, and, he hoped, would end the same way. He remembered back to when his long journey began, all the way back to the meeting of his parents.