Chapter 5
Jordan walked towards his dorm room. "So, this is it?" He raises his eyebrow. He knocks on the door to come in. A voice comes through over the sound of the shower.
"Come on in! I'm just getting finished up." Says the voice. It had a weird, familiar accent, but he wrote it off as just her being in the shower. He walks in and looks around. He sees two beds and a kitchen. The bedroom is very fancy, and even has a little wall that can be pulled out. The sound of the shower stops and he hears steps. He accidentally knocks over a folder on the desk. He sees a picture of Cecilia with another girl in front of the school, but something catches his eye. Behind it he sees a black sleeve with a cuff that was bright red and had flames. Only one other person had that picture. He pulls it out from behind and sees a picture of his and Cecilia's family.
"Hello, I'm your new roo-" He hears from behind him as the door opens. "Jordan! What are you doing here?!"
"Well, Cecilia, I guess I'm your roommate." He blushes. He closes his eyes and runs to the bed and moves the wall and sits behind it as she gets dressed.
"S-So, you're my new r-roommate. W-We'll be living, and sleeping in the s-same room again, huh?" She stutters.
"Y-Yeah. J-Just like the old times." They blush. Both are sitting down, back against the separating wall.
"Y-you should p-probably unpack y-your c-clothes." She says. They both stand up and Jordan pushes the wall back but takes another step and trips himself. He falls down and almost pushes Cecilia down too, but he grabs her and turns around so that he takes the whole fall, and cushions hers.
"S-Sorry! I t-tripped and…" He blushes, quickly looking away from her, and let's go.
"I-It's f-fine." She smiles. "T-Thank you."
"I-It's nothing…" They nervously look away from each other and then look back and laugh.
"Just like the good old days, right Wheeler?" She smiles.
"Yeah, I miss those days." He grins.
"We had so much fun, and we were amazing friends." She smiles, remembering those days.
"Yeah, just friends…" He looks down thinking of the older days in a very different light than Cecilia.
"Is everything alright Jordan?" She looks at him.
"Everything's just fine, I'm just gonna start packing my stuff." He scowls.
"Okay, do you want me to help?" She asks politely.
"No!" He snaps. "I'm fine, I don't need your help!" He starts to pick up all of his stuff and Cecilia hesitantly leaves.
"What's going on with him? Was it something I said?" She thinks as she shuts the door.
"Jeez, she's so stinking dense. What is so wrong with her head that she doesn't know how much I love her?" He thinks. He packs all of his clothes into his drawers and lies down on the bed, remembering his good times with her. The times they played together, the times they acted like they were getting married, and all those times they talked about other people. He tried to tell her so many times, but he feared that she didn't return his feelings. "When did I become the stereotypical in-love girl from some cheesy anime? It's not like I'm in one or anything." He says as he looks at the reader with a knowing smirk. Then he leaves to go to the cafeteria and eat with the other girls.
"So, you're Jordan Wheeler?" Houki asks.
"Last time I checked, yeah." He smiles.
"So you never said anything about your IS really, what is it like?" She asks.
"I'll tell you its name, but that's all. I call it Red Blood." He replies.
Ichika walks over and smiles at Jordan "How is the first lunch?"
"Don't have one, I ate a lot of Cecilia's sandwiches on the way here." Jordan smiles.
Ichika recoils at the word sandwiches "And you liked them?"
"Of course, the taste is amazing, but I must say, I'm part Italian, so if Cecilia and I got married, I'd do the cooking." Jordan blushes and quickly looks up at the sky. "It's beautiful, isn't it?"
"What's with that quick subject change?" Charlotte grins.
"N-Nothing." Jordan blushes.
"Do you like Madame Alcott?" Charlotte asks.
"N-NO! We aren't anything like that, and we don't plan on it." Jordan yells.
"But you wouldn't mind that, would you?" Ichika smiles.
"I wouldn't mind it at all, I mean she is an amazing person and it's not like I hate her or anything. Her personality is amazing, and she's very beautiful, her hair is like golden silk in the wind... I mean, NO! We are just friends, and that's all we'll ever be." He dashes off. He passes Cecilia on his way back to the classroom, and she turns around to look at him, confused.
"What just happened?" Cecilia asks.
"He is totally-" Ichika says, but Charlotte closed his mouth.
"H-He is nothing, he just wanted to get back to the classroom early." Charlotte hesitates.
"Oh…" Cecilia sighs. 'That's not anything like the Jordan Wheeler I know, he used to love avoiding the classroom as much as he could, taking the longer routes that he knew would get him there just in time… What did they say to him?' she thinks.
They went back into the classroom, and Cecilia decided that she'd talk to Ichika on the way back to the dorm, she was in love with Ichika after all… Jordan, on the other hand, was going to run to the dorm room and finish the love letter he'd started writing earlier. He was always a good poet, and he was an amazing guitarist, making up his own songs and everything. He once sang a song to Cecilia and she loved it, but she thought it was for this other girl that he had been hanging out with for a few days. 'She is so stupid sometimes, she's so dense I have no idea why she hasn't floated into the stratosphere yet…' He thinks. He looks at the finished product and smiles, determined to give it to her.
He finds her talking to Ichika, her smile was amazing, her hair had fallen down, and she was holding his arm with both hands. And it hurt, a lot, to see her smile, and affection, directed towards Ichika not him. Jordan opens a nearby window, throws out the letter, partially activates Red Blood, and shoots the letter with a spike ball, shot from the cannon above his shoulder. When he turns back towards them a huge, red robot arm covers his. Sai shaped spikes cover his hand, two spikes extend from his wrist area, right behind the sai spikes. A golden half-circle sits on his shoulder and a barely visible golden light connects it to a cannon, shaped like an 'L' with a wide back, and a short bottom.
"What's going on? You've been giving off this, angry aura ever since lunch. And that looked like a letter you just threw out of the window. Is something happening?" Cecilia asks, obviously worried.
"Just-" Jordan puts his hand on her chest, keeping her away "-leave me alone." He stares directly at her, eyes nearly closed, and if looks could kill, she would've collapsed on the spot and died a horrid death. He dashed off again and immediately requested a dorm change.