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Description: Dean's stay at Sonny's had been all about choices.

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Dean's stay at Sonny's had been all about choices.

It was Dean's choice to steal the food he and Sam needed when the money ran out.

It was Dean's choice to embrace the life at the farm and finally get that taste of normal he'd been craving for so long.

It was Dean's choice to open up to Robin and admit to her—and to himself—what he really wanted.

And now, at the worst possible time, Dean was being offered another choice: stay or go.

Keep his new home or return to a life constantly on the move.

Pursue a future that was whatever he could make of it or resign himself to the family business.

Safety, comfort, stability, and friends or danger, pain, misery, and…

And Sammy.

Dean stared out the window at his little brother in the backseat of the Impala and let out a wet chuckle, feeling the familiar weight of the amulet where it pressed against his chest underneath his dress shirt.

He turned back to Sonny and stuck out his hand, sorrow—but no regret—in his expression.

Because this time, there really wasn't any choice at all.

Two things before I go:

1. I believe that the only reason Dean would've gambled with their food money would be if there wasn't enough of it to begin with. He just wouldn't risk Sam going hungry like that. That's why I said "when the money ran out," rather than "when he lost all their money," since it sounds fairer to Dean, who was just trying to feed his little brother.

2. Guys, the Samulet! :D

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