Disclaimer: I own neither Harry Potter nor Detective Conan/Kaito Kid and I don't earn any money with this story.

Author's note: First part of my little Detective Conan/Kaito Kid project. Will have some slash later on.

Rating: PG

Warning: None

Timeline: March 2000

Harry looked up from his book, when his wards informed him about an unknown intruder, who was currently approaching from the garden side of his property. Theoretically it could have been a child, looking for its football or kite, but that was rather improbable considering it was about eleven o'clock in the evening and, thus, dark outside.

Harry bookmarked his page and put his reading material on the table, before getting up and moving to the balcony. A lazy wave of his wrist opened the curtain, another one unlocked the door. Nowadays it was easy to do these small things without a wand or fancy Latin words.

Even before sliding the door open, Harry knew who was paying him an unannounced visit. It was, after all, rather hard to miss the white-clad man, who was standing on the balustrade.

Harry raised an eyebrow and stepped outside.

"Never thought the great Phantom Thief 1412 would pay me a visit. To what do I owe the pleasure? I kind of doubt you came here to take a look at my family jewels." Yes, yes, it was a crude comment to make, but considering Kaito Kid was a renowned jewel thief, he hadn't been able to resist! At least it hadn't been a Sirius joke. Additionally, Harry felt smugness well up inside him, when he saw the magician's lips twitch suspiciously.

"I'm sure that would be very informative and perhaps I will accept your invitation at a later time, Mr. Potter, but today I'm solely here to-" While talking – in surprisingly good, if still accented English -, Kid had started to take a medium-sized handkerchief out of his pocket, which he let drop on top of Harry's arm, before he pulled it back with a swish. "-return this lovely lady."

Harry blinked in surprise. For a person who didn't have a real magical bone in his body, Kaito Kid's magical prowess was rather impressive. Right there, on his arm, sat his owl Hedwig. She softly hooted at him, which the brunet - correctly - interpreted as a demand to be petted. He complied at once.

"She tried to eat one of my doves," Kid commented with an amused smirk on his lips. "Fortunately, I was able to direct her attention to some juicy mice instead. She's quite beautiful, though I have to ask... what is it with you British people and birds of prey?"

"What?" Surprised, Harry stopped in his stroking, earning not only an indignant hoot, but also a nip to his fingers, which quickly prompted him to resume his ministrations.

"You might know of him, his name is Saguru Hakuba. He is a detective, who's been raised in London and owns a hawk named Watson."

Harry snorted in amusement, though he didn't really have a leg to stand on. His beloved familiar's name also originated from a book, after all.

"I daringly assume he's a Sherlock Holmes fan?"

"Worshipper might be the better word to describe him. If possible, he turns up to crime scenes in a deerstalker and one of those... Sherlock Holmes coats..." Kid tapped his chin thoughtfully. "I think, they might be called Inverness cape. Anyway, it was nice to make your acquaintance, Mr. Potter. I'll get back to you about those family jewels of yours on a later date."

Grinning cheekily, Kaito Kid bowed with a flourish, before stepping off the balustrade and disappearing into the darkness. Several seconds later, Harry felt him leave the property altogether.

What an interesting fellow, indeed.