Dear Tohru

I was never any good at writing letters. I suppose I can't express my emotions all that well. But I'll try to tell you how I feel...

It has been a year since you passed away. I still miss you. At home, I'm constantly reminded of the fact that your gone. The empty room where you used to sleep. The song on the radio you used to sing along to. The place at the table where you used to eat. Little pieces of your life.

Sometimes I want to run away. I want to forget you. But at the same time I don't. Its hard to explain...

I want to remember your smile and your laugh. I want to remember you. But, all I can remember is the fact that your life has ended. That your not here any more. I wish I could feel happy that you lived and smile because I knew you but all I can feel is the pain of your death.

Everyone misses you. You gave us so much love and happiness. When you died it was like the sun disappeared. Like our little candle had been snuffed out.

There were so many things I never got to say. The truth is...I always loved you. I was so scared that if I told you, you would never want to see me again. I was scared of losing you...

But now, I have lost you. I will never know if you did love me. Not knowing is the worst part.

Goodbye Tohru. I will always love you.

From Yuki.