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The roar of the arena, the adrenaline of a fight won and anger were still coursing through Agron's body as they returned to the ludus. He loved his brother and he was a good man, but he almost died today and he would not have that happening again. They would train longer, harder and the Thracian would be their ticket to success. With plans to approach the man the next day, he supported his brother on the way to the baths.

"Apologies brother. And gratitude." Duro said softly as Agron helped him wipe blood off his back.

Agron acknowledged his words with a pat to the shoulder before tending to his own body, glad no wounds marred his skin but the scratch upon shoulder. "Let us hope that coming days will make sword more secure in hand." he replied before they were ushered into their cells for the eve. Yet he felt restless, his muscles still not cooled off from the fight. He wished for an outlet, another fight or a simple training, yet knew he would get none for the moment, making him feel caged in their new 'abode'.

"Gentlemen, gentlemen! It is that time of week we so look forward to. Cock or cunt, place your orders if you have won coin to afford such pleasures," Ashur commented wryly in his usual infuritaringly confident manner. He limped, clipboard in hand, taking orders from each cell, before approaching Agron and the other new recruits. "Newbies, any coin from your worthless appearance in the arena you wish to spend on pleasures unearned?" he jeered.

Agron, feeling a little reckless and too energised at the moment stood, towering confidently over the Syrian. "I would have a young cock for my earnings tonight. What about you brother?" he turned towards Duro.

He seemed a little uncertain even if to others he appeared confident in stand next to his brother.

Agron placed an arm around his shoulder. "Come now brother, we live to see another day, join me in celebration tonight."

Duro seemed to loose tension in shoulders at his brother's encouragement. "I would have cunt." he said simply but with a rakish grin.

"Cock and Cunt..." Ashur noted, down. "And how much will you spend? With limited coin I cannot guarantee anything not soured or diseased," he grinned.

"I will put all on tonight's offering." Agron said confidently, Duro following his example a bit more hesitantly.

"Prices of cunt stand much higher than cock, I cannot promise something special, but you will not get pox, I guarantee. Cock goes for much lower price, as there is plenty already here. With the coin you have gained, you might indeed find yourself with a treasure of sorts." he said simply before heading off to arrange the orders.

Duro looked at his brother. "I do not feel choice wise, putting all winnings towards such simple pleasures." he worried.

Agron ruffled his dreaded locks. "Do not worry brother, enjoy your cunt tonight and tomorrow we begin working to impress, so we may one day earn our freedom. Celebrate with me, it has been a while since you saw a woman's touch as our last Master was not so open to pleasures as they are in here." he encouraged as they waited for their prize. It was only the two of them now in the cell, as one of the men who came in with them and used to share their cell has been killed first day in training, and the one with the horse cock was hanging on the cross. "Do you wish to share cell in pleasure?" he asked.

Duro cocked his head to the side but shook his head. Agron chuckled. "Alright, I shall find different place for pleasures and leave the cell to you." he promised.

Ashur returned in a couple of hours, dishing out that nights selection of whores, letting the men pick from the selection whom they wished. The leftover woman, a brunette whom was plain of face, with average at best breasts was pushed in to Agron's cell.

"Cunt for your brother, and cock for yourself." Ashur said, gripping the boy who had previously been in the shadows by the arm, guiding him firmly forward. "A rare beauty, from my lands. I'd indulge in him myself, if I did not already have my favourites." he grinned. "Enjoy, I doubt you'll survive long here," he called as he headed off.

The boy was thin, around 16 years of age, clearly underfed so as to lessen growth, and feminise form. He wore nothing more than a subligaria, slightly dirtied, no doubt by numerous hands. His hair was long, and shiny black like liquid tar, and reached a few inches past his shoulders. Two strands were secured at the back of his head with a simple bead, revealing his defined cheek bones. The rest of the boy however was hidden as he kept his head bowed and in shadow. He had a small vial hanging about his neck on a leather cord.

Duro looked at the girl before his gaze lifted to his brother. Agron was however looking at the boy before him, pleased greatly by what he could see thus far.

"Bruder?" he inquired, making Agron turn head.

Agron looked at his brother and grinned. "Enjoy your night brother, I shall return in a while." he promised and patted his shoulder, leaving the cell to the younger of their blood.

He took the boy's hand in his, noticing it seemed slightly chilled. "Come with me, we shall find a place for us." he said almost kindly and led the boy through the halls filled with the sounds of pleasure and flesh meeting flesh. The boy let himself be led, not daring to look at the muscular brute who would no doubt be rough with him tonight.

Agron found them empty cell and led the boy inside, closing door at least partway to give modicum of privacy. "Let me have a look at you." he said and lifted the boy's chin with careful fingers until the light from nearby torches illuminated his features. The boy was indeed of great beauty, cheekbones high and elegant, more feminine in nature as his posture was in general. Lips were full and plump, made for pleasure. But the boy did not look at him. "Lift gaze to me?" he asked of the boy.

The boy slowly lifted his gaze, his eyes almond shaped dark almost as night behind bars on window. There were glimmers of fear within them, but signs of toughness and strength in the lines of his mouth. Agron looked into the boy's eyes, finding the dark beauty already making blood heat within veins.

"Do not fear me. I seek pleasure, not pained cries from you." he told the boy, his green gaze honest in intent spoken of. "What is your name?" he asked.

"Tanis, sir...what...what will you be requiring from me this night?" he asked softly.

Agron chuckled. "I am no sir, I am but slave myself. They call me Agron." He did not however answer the boy's question. "What is in the vial?" he asked.

"It is oil...for if you choose don't have to use it. Some like more...friction." he said quietly.

Agron took the vial off his neck. "I shall most certainly be needing it tonight. Tell me..Tanis, what is your pleasure?" he asked, surprising the boy.

Agron was no animal. His cock was filling with blood steadily and he would have his pleasure soon, but not with the boy scared of him or in pain. Two bodies striving both for pleasure made body and mind more at peace.

"I have none sir, the pleasure is all yours. The man called Ashur, he shall return in an hour or so..." he said, greatful the man had opted to use the vial's contents.

Agron nodded. "Alright. But I shall have need of your lips first. There is too much fire in veins for patience of preparation now." he said simply and dropped his subligaria, pulling the boy into his arms to untie his as well. He took a moment to run hands over soft skin, to appreciate the beauty and to gauge where touch felt pleasant for the boy as well.

Tanis slowly sank to his knees, taking the thick cock in his hands, tentatively licking the leaking head, "Like this sir?" he asked.

Agron's fingers carded into the boy's hair, not pushing, merely holding onto the silky strands. "My name is Agron, use it..Tanis..And yes, like that." he said, his breathing accelerating a little with expectation.,

Tanis slowly wrapped his plump lips around the head, sucking a little and teasing it with his tongue, gauging what the man liked.

Agron's breath hitched but he shook his head. "Do not tease now burns too strong. Bring me quick release so I have time to prepare you for taking." he looked down into the boy's eyes, his own green ones darkened greatly.

Tanis averted his gaze as he quickly began to bob his head on the gladiator's cock. working the length expertly. Agron growled softly in pleasure, his fingers tightening in the dark locks but not tugging at the length. He was right. Those lips were made for pleasure, they were indescribable.

Tanis drew back focussing a little more on the head before swallowing the length back down, humming around his mouthful for Agron's pleasure. Agron felt the boy's jaw and throat loosen, adjusting to his length and thrust lightly into the warm mouth, feeling coils in belly tightening.

Tanis swallowed all of the man, his nose nuzzling the short coarse curls above the cock. Agron groaned deeply as his cock twitched and he spilled his seed down the boy's talented throat, hips thrusting shallowly before pulling out of the glorious mouth. Tanis coughed a little, wiping his watery eyes. He stayed on his knees, awaiting the next command.

Agron however pulled him up to his feet, his breathing still a little deep after his pleasure. His thumb gently wiped the drop of his seed from the corner of the boy's lips. "Gratitude, head is a little clearer." he grinned before sobering again. "Now tell me, would you rather face away from me when I have you?" he asked.

"That is for you to decide. I...have been had in numerous ways, it does not matter..."

"That does not mean there is not a way you would prefer." Agron chuckled.

"It really is of no consequence...Agron," he said "You don't need to pity me."

Agron shrugged as he led the boy over to the wall. "I hold no pity for you, Tanis. We all have our fate and we shall all die, sooner or later. I but ask to make moment of pleasure last longer for both of us." he said.

"It is not my place to feel pleasure, but I am glad you hold no pity."

Agron saw it was of no use to break words of consideration with a boy so used to rough hands and turned him around, his lips, tongue and teeth making way across the boy's shoulders and neck, his hands rubbing the slim sides and hips, thumbs circling raised bones upon hips sensually. Tanis just closed his eyes, sticking his ass our a little as was expected of him.

Agron however paid no mind to such learned technique of seduction. His hands took care to pull at nipples pleasurably, the other slipping low to tug on the boy's cock, his grip just right and skin warm. Tanis let out a small whimper, never having been treated with such care. Agron took his time to pleasure the boy, feeling the young cock slowly filling with blood in his palm. His other hand quickly popped he vial open and poured a generous amount of oil over fingers to prepare the boy while he was distracted. Tanis was breathing heavily, his eyes closed and his forehead pressed against the cold stone.

Agron sucked upon tender skin on the boy's neck as he rubbed the oil over the quivering opening, presented to him by the tilt in the boy's hips. And then he pressed forward slowly and steadily with one of his fingers, pausing immediately upon resistance. The boy had apparently been abused in past by the feel of the inner rigged flesh around his digit.

Tanis winced, a little sore from the takings of that week which had been numerous. "It's alright..." he encouraged, pushing back to take the whole finger.

Agron however did not hurry. He let the boy take his finger, but circled it carefully to stretch the boy for another at a later moment. All left now was to find the bundle of pleasure within the boy. He crooked his finger and rubbed at raised tissue, gauging reaction as his hand upon the boy's cock fastened.

Tanis gasped "That...that is not neccessary...Agron.."

It was then however that Agron turned his wrist and his finger pressed upon the spot firmly. Tanis let out a small moan. "You...don't need to..."

"But I want to.." Agron whispered simply before adding another finger to prepare the boy and slick him well, all the while pleasuring him. "Just close eyes, loosen muscle and lean into touch..." Agron whispered in his ear.

"Yes..." he said obediently, relaxing himself, pushing himself back on the fingers.

Agron rewarded him by pleasuring his neck and preparing him with more oil to make their joining painless. "I promise not to hurt you, give yourself to pleasure." he coaxed.

"yes...Agron," he gasped.

Agron pulled his fingers out to prepare his cock that once more stood at attention, filled with blood and pulsing for more pleasure. He pressed against the stretched opening to let the boy know he would be entering. Tanis took a deep breath and pushed back, gasping when the head was all the way in. Agron grasped his hip firmly but only guidingly, pausing the boy's attempt to take him in and giving body time to accept him as he felt the walls too tight around his cock.

Tanis was breathing heavily, " are big sir..." he complimented. Usually this was just part of the process, but this time he actually meant it.

Agron groaned softly, his forehead pressing to the boy's shoulder as he took a deep breath, stopping himself from plunging into the welcoming warmth. He was never one for screams of pain. "Which is shall take me body allows..Tanis.." he whispered huskily into the boy's ear.

"I'm ready..." he breathed.

Agron begun pressing forward, pausing only once midway as he felt the muscles protest by gripping him too hard. He gave the boy a moment, rubbing his side soothingly. Tanis was panting softly, the pain from earlier times making it hard to accept the man, but he forced himself to relax further. "Now..." he breathed.

Agron however pulled out slightly before pressing back in, the muscles relaxing and tightening around him again, yet allowing him to press forward inch by torturously slow inch. He did however add more oil to his length to slick joining even further, and paused again, almost all the way inside. "If you cannot take me..but say the words...I would angry.." he panted softly.

"I can take you...I can..." the boy breathed, pushing back to close the final inch.

Agron gasped and held the boy's hip tightly as he allowed for both of them to adjust to their joining, his other hand pleasuring the boy steadily. He felt the slight wilt in pleasure as he pressed inside, but soon twisted wrist and felt the young cock responding once more.

Tanis panted softly "You can" he breathed.

Agron took the boy's hands and pressed them to wall at his sides. "Brace self Tanis... Fire will rise soon." he whispered before his hands grasped the boy's hips again and begun guiding him into shallow rocking thrusts to let body adjust further.

Tanis did as commanded. "You can pull hair if you wish...anything to bring you pleasure..." he breathed.

"Your pleasure..would bring mine...let it carry you..." he whispered into the boy's ear as pressed a little deeper, the head of his cock pressing against the boy's tender spot.

Tanis whimpered, reaching back to place a hand upon Agron's hip, guiding him in to a faster rhythm. Agron licked over the boy's spine, gathering the salt from the boy's skin upon his tongue as his hips snapped a little faster, angling so their pleasure was joint. Tanis gasped,, grunting at the change in speed. The man slipped his hand once more around the boy's hips to pleasure the young cock, his other hand splaying over the boy's chest to hold their bodies close, sharing heat and passion as they were joined deeply.

"Agron...I...can I..." he whimpered.

"What do you need...break words..." Agron panted, never relenting.

"Can I...cum..." he whimpered, barely holding back especially with the man touching him like that.

"Yes...let go for me..." Agron nipped his sensitive neck and hastened his hand upon the young cock to add more pleasure to the boy.

Tanis let out a small whimperous cry as he came, spilling over the man's hand, his body tightening around the gladiator. Agron growled harshly at the tightness, barely managing to pull out of the boy and spill his seed over his lower back instead of inside him. His hand continued to pleasure the boy however, milking every ounce of passion from him. Tanis' legs gave out slightly from the pleasure.

Agron quickly let go of his cock and slipped his arm firmly around his slight waist, holding him up as he supported their weight with his arm against the wall. He pressed his forehead against the boy's spine while he tried to catch his breath.

The Syrian panted softly, slowly coming to his senses. "You did not finish inside..." he panted.

Agron straightened and picked up his subligaria, wiping his cum from the boy's skin. "No, I did not. I did not wish you the discomfort of washing me from inside." he said, tying his subligaria back around his hips.

"That was kind of you sir..." he said softly, tying his subligaria about him. "I wish you good fortune in future games."

Agron noticed the reverting back to calling him sir but did not comment this time. The boy most likely did not want to know his name anyway. "Gratitude for blessings and for your pleasure. I wish kind hands upon you in future." he replied just as kindly, not out of pity but of honest wish for well-being.

"It is unlikely that will be so." Tanis said just as Ashur opened the door, ready to round them the whores once more. He took Tanis' arm, pulling him close. "Trust this gem was satisfactory.." he grinned, taking to fingers and pressing them in o the boy who let out a soft yelp, "My, either he is loose of ass or you are big of cock." he laughed perversely.

Agron growled at the man. "Wouldn't you like to know, you piece of shit." he said before pressing past them with a last look towards the boy. Ashur led the boy off with the rest of the whores, Tanis also casting one last look towards Agron.

The German found his way back into his cell, his brother lounging against the wall with a content sigh. "I trust you were satisfied brother?" he grinned and sat beside him.

Duro grinned dopily back at Agron, "Ugly women fuck best," he laughed.

Agron laughed heartily. "Why do you say so brother?"

"Because they cannot rely on their looks to rise cock. They have to get inventive with other means." he chuckled.

Agron punched his shoulder teasingly. "The ugly truth of this ugly world. Perhaps we shall not save coin. We may just enjoy the pleasures and fight for our lives the rest of time."

Duro laughed, "Let us save half and spend half brother. She was cheap and i liked her, and judging by the smile upon lips, your boy was more than satisfactory."

"More than.." Agron replied, his lips quirking into his customary grin, the true meaning of his words thankfully lost on his brother.

He laughed, "So you'll be asking for him again as I will Helena?"

Agron shrugged. "I might...he is of great beauty indeed and made cock rise well. Helena? I have never heard such a name on a whore.."

"She was a lady in Greece or something, I didn't really pay attention. I was more interested in what she was doing to cock," his brother laughed.

Agron chuckled. "We shall have her and Tanis next time then. For now, shut eyes, we train with the Thracian on the morrow." he said and they settled down.

"Tanis? Isn't that a Phoenician woman's name?" he frowned "He wasn't one of those hermaphrodites was he?"

"No, he is a boy alright, but has a great beauty, and if he was to dress as woman, he would pass as one." Agron revealed.

Duro laughed "You're not going to make a special requests are you?" he teased.

Agron punched his shoulder again. "Do not tease brother, only because you do not enjoy the delights of a tight ass yourself." he grinned.

"I do," he snickered. "Only with a cunt in front of that."

Agron rolled his eyes to the heavens. "I do sometimes wonder brother. But i do know we have the same mother and father..." he mused teasingly, insulting the man's smarts easily.

"We work together bruder. You are the brains, I am the sex appeal."

Agron snickered. "Keep telling yourself that brother..." he grinned before they finally lay down for the night to rest. Morning was fast approaching afterall.

"We shall have to fight hard in the arena next week, else we'll have nothing to fuck." Duro mumbled before he slept.

Agron chuckled softly and closed his own eyes. He would fight to keep both of them safe, and would take Tanis in victory once more...if only to prevent the other brutes from having him...