There was no subtle way to approach the situation.

Even on the tips of her toes, she could not hope to reach him. She would have to rely on him to close the distance, and Iris wasn't a fan of that—relying on him. If he rejected her—if he didn't want to kiss her, too—she would be stuck stretching, looking like a fool. Tact was his specialty, not hers, so if he turned her down, she would again need to rely on him to graciously resolve her blunder.

If she were thinking straight—and she wasn't; love had no linear thought process—she might have decided the cons outweighed the pros and that the risk wasn't worth it.

But Iris wasn't Cilan. She was the risk-taker. He wasn't. When it came down to it, they had to depend on each other. Because if she didn't act, he never would.

So she did.

She took a couple of small steps toward him, so that the tips of their shoes were touching. She then offered him an inviting gaze, and he quickly realized her intentions… and he was more than willing to entertain them.

He bowed his back and inclined his head down low to meet her, as her heels rose and she tilted her chin up just enough for her to capture his lips. Since he was far more practiced in kissing than she was, she let him take the lead from there, and he happily accepted the responsibility.

He accommodated for her needs. He adjusted himself to her. He knew exactly where to place his hands to bring a deeper level of gentle intimacy, and he knew the precise time at which he should break away. He wanted to ensure her first kiss was a sweet one, and when he drew back and saw the dazed look in her eyes, he knew he had succeeded in enchanting her.

"Ha ha, well… um…" Iris's inexperience showed through in that moment. She had no idea what to say. Cilan smiled, again taking charge.

"Goodnight, Iris," he said amiably, and she appeared relieved.

"Yes… goodnight," she said.

She turned and hurried up the stairs of the Pokémon Center. Cilan watched her go before stretching his arms out behind him, snapping the minor crick out of his back. Still smiling, he let out a breathy chuckle.

Perhaps they should consider buying a stool.