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I watched a boy I taught turn into a man who wanted to conquer the world. I watched him plunge the wizarding world in chaos and darkness with all my power I was unable to stop him.

I watched a little pale girl turn from a eleven year old child to woman who could kill and torture without a shred of remorse and I didn't even try to prevent it.

I watched a young boy get bullied everyday by four other students. I watched him grew and go to a mad man. I watched him fall at my feet begging me to save the woman he loved, but I failed him.

I watched a arrogant bully turn in to a wonderful man who lost his life trying to protect his son and wife.

I watched a sweet young girl grow up and marry a boy she once hated and I saw body slumped in front of her son cot because she died saving him.

I watched a innocent man go to Azkaban because I couldn't believe he wasn't the same as the rest of his family.