Chapter 1: Orders Received

Welcome to another new Disgaea fanfic called Just Following Orders. This story will be rather short only around five or so chapters but it will have an ending that might lead into a sequel this this story is well received. So without further ado, enjoy!

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Chapter 1: Orders Received

That was it!

This was the breaking point!

The last, final straw!

Etna stomped through the hall of the castle in complete anger kicking anyone, be it demon or prinny, out of her way. Explosions and the breaking of bones echoed in Etna's raging wake. The reason to her anger was completely justifiable in her standards but unreasonable to many others. Laharl had sent her on the front lines to deal with an army of voluptuous women who had tried to take the throne from him, again.

A few days ago, Laharl weakness to sexy bodies was made public knowledge by a slip of the tongue of a prinny. Not surprisingly, the prinny was brutally beaten by Laharl when he had found out who blabbed. Ever since everyone had found out, powerful demons of all sorts have been enlisting the help of sexy bodied demons to try to take the throne from Laharl. Being that he couldn't fight them directly, he sent his most powerful vassal to deal with them.

Though sending Etna time and again began to make her feel self-conscious about her own body.

"I have had it!" Etna yelled at Laharl as he sat on his throne. "Why are you always sending me to do this!? Why not Flonne or Sicily or Barbara?"

Laharl sighed at Etna's question. Time and again she would ask this question to try and get him to send someone else in the front lines. "Look, Flonne and Sicily are busy dealing with the small groups that attack the castle when you are away and Barbara circles the castle to make sure no one gets in."

"Oh really? Then why is Barbara giving you a shoulder massage right now!?"

"She's on a break." He said dismissively.

"And why can't you just go over there and fight them!?"

Laharl gave a slight shiver. "It's because of their bodies. Every time I see them it just makes me sick to my stomach."

"Oh really?" Etna asked as she pointed an accusing finger at Laharl. "Then why aren't you disgusted by Barbara's body then?"

"I don't know why you're getting so bent out of shape. It's just beating up some demons who want to take my position as Overlord." Laharl said, trying to dodge Etna's accusation.

"Well I'm sick of it! Get someone else to do it!" And with that, Etna stormed off to her room, punching a hole into a pillar as she left.

Laharl sighed at Etna's action. He was going to have to get someone to fix that hole she made. "Barbara go check in on Etna and make sure she doesn't do anything stupid. Last thing I want is her to burn down the castle in her rage."

"As you order Master Overlord!"

Never one to neglect orders, Barbara walked to Etna's room to assess the situation. She heard the sounds of items shattering and rage filled mutterings. When the sounds came to a stop, Barbara entered the room. "Etna, are you okay?"

Etna turned to her door to see Barbara there. She silently cursed herself for not locking the door. "What do you want?"

"Master Overlord ordered me to check up on you to make sure you don't do anything stupid."

"Agh that freaking bastard!" Etna said as she threw a pillow against the wall. "I don't get why he can't fight those people by himself."

"He said that he has a fear of sexy bodies. His fear is what is preventing him from fighting them himself."

"Thank you Miss Obvious!" Etna yelled at her before sighing. "Sorry, I shouldn't take my rage out on you. It's the damn prince's fault! If he wasn't so afraid of-" Suddenly and idea struck the demon girl as she grinned deviously. "Barbara, I have an order for you."

At the mention of an order, Barbara's full attention was on Etna. "What is the order?"

"I want you to help Laharl get over his fear of sexy bodies."

Barbara nodded her head vigorously. "Understood I shall help Master Overlord get over his fear." She made a move to run out the door but stopped. "Wait, in what way do you want me to carry out my duty?"

Etna gave a dismissive wave of her hand. "I don't know, do whatever you feel will help him. Just as long of he is cured of his fear. Oh and don't tell him that you are following my order, understood?"

"I understand!" with a salute Barbara ran back to Laharl's throne room to carry out her order.

Etna giggled with evil delight. "I can't wait to see how she traumatizes him more!"


Flonne and Sicily walked back to the castle after having taken care of another group of demons intent of usurping Laharl's Overlord title. Though it was against her nature to hurt other people, she always loved helping Laharl out.

"Hey Flonne." Sicily said to get the fallen angels attention.

"Yes Sicily?"

"Why is Big Brother afraid of sexy bodies anyway? Did something happen to him when he was a kid?" Sicily innocently asked.

Flonne thought hard for a few moments before giving a shrug. "I don't know. He never said but it must have been pretty bad for him to be like that."

"Then why isn't he bothered by Barbara then?" Sicily said with a confused look on her face.

"Maybe it's because she is around him often." Flonne said as she remembered that Barbara did stick close to the young Overlord, a bit too close for the fallen angel's liking. The more she thought about it the more she felt a weird emotion stirring up inside her. Shaking her head, she pushed the thoughts away and smiled at Sicily. "Anyway we shouldn't keep your brother waiting; you know how impatient he gets."

Sicily did take notice that the smile on Flonne's face was a tiny bit forced. She nodded her head and walked through the front door of the castle.

'Maybe I shouldn't have brought it up.'

"Laharl! We're home!" Flonne chanted as she ran up to the Overlord.

Laharl turned away from a demon he was talking to and looked to see Flonne and Sicily walking towards him. "Did you stomp out those groups?"

Sicily nodded her head enthusiastically. "Yep, we made sure they'd never bother you again Big Brother!"

"Good. Well that should be it for the attacks for today." Laharl said as he looked at the time on the grandfather clock. "They usually give up at around this time. So go clean yourselves up. Don't worry about making dinner, I got the other vassals to do that."

Flonne smiled at the small act of kindness from the Overlord. Acts like these were getting more common when it came to his closest friends. Though he wouldn't admit it, she knew he was getting more kind-hearted at least to them. "Thanks Laharl!" She gave him a small hug to show her appreciation. Though she noticed that he tensed up a bit, he relaxed and awkwardly patted her on the back.

"Y-Yeah, you're w-welcome." He said slowly.

'Still not returning the hug, but it's better than being pushed away.'

Whenever Flonne used to hug him, he would gently push her away as he was not one to openly show any sort of affection. But as of recently through her continuous hugs, he's been slowly getting used to them.

Flonne and Sicily left the Overlord to go wash up. Laharl had then turned back to the demon he was talking to and gave him a bill to pass for him at the Dark Assembly. Bowing with respect, the demon left to get other strong vassals should the senators deny the bill.

"What to do?" Laharl said as he sat back down on his throne.

Soon enough, Barbara had returned from checking up on Etna. He looked at his order following vassal and saw no slash marks to bruises on her. "So I take it that she was okay?"

"Yes Master Overlord, Etna is fine and is cooling off in her room."

"Good, now continue massaging my shoulders!" He ordered.

"Right away!" Barbara resumed her actions on Laharl's shoulders.

Laharl relaxed as he felt Barbara's hands working the stress out of his shoulders. For a battle hardened, order taking demon, she sure hand some magic hands when it came to giving massages.

Barbara continued her massage until Laharl had fallen asleep in his relaxed state. Making sure nobody saw her, Barbara picked up Laharl carefully as not to wake him up and moved him to his room. Placing him gingerly in his bed, Barbara waited until he woke up so she could carry out Etna's orders.

After all, she never specified if Laharl had to be awake or not to help him.


Chapter 1: Orders Received -end-


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