The dying light of dusk illuminated her jade hair, straight and thick with layers of marigold and wheat from the constant exposure to strong sunshine. Her skin, the color of a ripe pear with brown freckles and all, was tinged with dirt. Scrapes, fading bruises, and the odd bandage decorated her thin but strong limbs. Her overalls were well worn and her sneakers, only two months old, were already ragged from daily use. She lay on her stomach upon the flat land that stretched for as far as the eye could see. She watched as a group of kangaroos grazed about, taking no notice of her. A wicked thought came to her mind and she sat up with a smirk. She took in a deep breath, jumped up, and let out a roar akin to that of a tiger's. The animals took instant fright and hopped away as quickly as their legs could manage. She laughed hard and deep until she heard the call of her mother.


Her laughing quickly stopped short and she called back, "Coming!" She ran back towards her family's camp, kicking up dust and dirt in her wake. She saw the TAT-V (Titans All Terrain Vehicle) and her mother standing in front of it. She reached the woman, quite out of breath, and said, "Time to eat?"

"Was that a roar I just heard?" asked Raven, eyeing the girl.

"Uh… well… it wasn't really a roar," Jane rocked back and forth on her heels. "It was like a bark… a tiger bark. I just wanted to see what the kangaroos would do."

"You know very well what they would do," said Raven. "Now go wash up. I can't even tell you're green you're so covered in dirt. Were you rolling around on the ground?"

"Yes!" little girl giggled and hurried inside the TAT-V. It was a marvelous achievement in vehicular engineering. It was almost like a house on wheels that also flew and floated. It wasn't cramped but there was no space wasted. To Jane it was home. She had no memory of the house her parents had rented when she was first born. Her first memory, to be precise, was of Cyborg carrying her on his shoulders when the vehicle was first revealed.

After a quick shower, that had all but turned the little bathroom into a mudroom, she changed into her pajamas and meditated in her room, a small specially designed compartment that was just right for her. Meditation was something her mother had taught her the same time she was learning to walk. It was now second nature to her, as was connecting with animals and mimicking them. If she wasn't calling to them in their native tongues she was frolicking with them in their own form. At the age of five, she was a very accomplished.

"Dinner," her father called.

Her stomach growled and broke her out of her trance. She hoped it wasn't a tofu heavy meal. She knew her father didn't eat meat and she knew why he didn't eat meat but she had a taste for meat and couldn't abstain from it. She got that from her mother, her father had said. She went to the cozy kitchen and sat at the table where a large bowl of salad sat and other sides of vegetables. To her delight there was also chicken.

"Yes!" she cheered and carefully served herself some salad first, getting lettuce and tomatoes all over the table.

"Eat up, we're leaving early tomorrow so you need to get to bed," said Raven.

"Are you excited about going back to Jump City?" asked Beast Boy.

"I guess," Jane shrugged, trying to fit a large piece of lettuce into her mouth.

"You'll get to see Evelyn," said Raven.

"She isn't any fun," Jane whined. "She doesn't like to get dirty and she makes me put on weird stuff."

"What weird stuff?" Beast Boy chuckled.

"Those dresses that are itchy," Jane wrinkled her nose. "I don't like 'em."

"Well friends need to compromise," said Raven. "You never get to see each other so you'll have to find a way to have fun. Your Auntie Kori is going to do the same thing to me."

"Yeah but you also have Auntie Sarah," Jane pointed out. "And she's fun. All I've got is Evelyn. Why can't Auntie Kori have another baby? Like a boy! I bet a boy would run around and get dirty."

"Oh I'm pretty sure she's working on it," Beast Boy laughed knowingly.

"I just wanna see Uncle Vic," said Jane, wiping dressing from the corner of her mouth. "He's gonna be there, right?"

"He said he and Auntie Sarah will be there the day after tomorrow," said Raven.

"Yes! He always gives the best gifts," Jane smiled.

"That's cuz you're his favorite," said Beast Boy with a wink.

"Don't say that," said Raven, giving him a slight tap on the arm.

"I wish they could come see us instead of us going there," Jane sighed. "I hate going to the city. It smells. And there's no trees or animals or anything fun."

"Well it's just easier for us to go to them," said Raven. "Maybe someday we'll be able to bring everyone on a trip with us. Your dad wants to film a special and he might invite them to be in it with him."

"Ooh! Can I be in it!" Jane's eyes lit up and she practically stood up on her seat.

"We'll see," Beast Boy smiled. "But it won't be for a while. Maybe next season."

"Aw," Jane sighed and sat down properly. "How come it takes so long for TV shows to be on TV?"

"It just does," Raven said simply, not wanting to explain all of the information she'd learned over the years.

After dinner, Jane was put to bed while her parents cleaned up and prepared for their long journey the next day. It had been months since they'd seen their friends and were looking forward to staying in an actual building instead of the TAT-V. Beast Boy's show 'Beasts, Bugs, and Beyond' was a highly praised show and very popular, even now in its second season. It wasn't easy but he and Raven didn't mind working hard. Their current lifestyle was well worth it. Not once in the last five years had they considered parting ways, which had always been one of Raven's greatest worries. They argued and fought, as any couple would, but it wasn't constant and they always resolved the issue. They were absolutely committed to each other. He'd even talked her into wearing a ring. She had agreed on the grounds that they exchange them privately without any sort of fanfare.

"I'm so glad Jane doesn't like the city," said Raven, checking the vehicle to make sure it would be ready to fly the next morning. "But it's too bad she and Evelyn don't get along."

"I don't blame her, though," said Beast Boy, helping her. "Evelyn's spoiled and bossy."

"Of course she is," said Raven. "She's an only child that was desperately wanted. She's not used to compromising with anyone, especially not our stubborn little peapod. Jane's just as bossy and doesn't have the ability to hide it when she's annoyed. It's no wonder those two butt heads."

"Just wait until Kori has the baby," he laughed. "That poor girl's world is going to crash around her."

"Alright, the TAT-V looks good," she said. "Do you still want to stop over in Hawaii?"

"Hell yeah! It's the most beautiful place in the world to stop for lunch!"

"I just don't want us to be crowded by fans. Jane doesn't know what it's like."

"She'll be fine. Knowing her, she'll stalk them and scare them with one of her best roars. I feel sorry for anyone who tries to get the better of her."

Raven smiled and brought him close to her. She wrapped her arms around his neck and said, "We're doing a good job, aren't we? Being parents and all that?"

"We're doing an amazing job," he said, kissing her. "She's never gonna be a damsel in distress, that's for sure."

"Do you ever think about what life would be like if we hadn't done this? If we had stayed in that house and raised her in the city?"

"Sometimes. I think about what it would be like sending her off to kindergarten or taking her to the park to play on the playground. But I know she'd never be happy living like that. And neither would we."

"Do you think we'd still be together?"

"Rave, we'd still be together if we were living in a subway tunnel!"

"If we were living in a subway tunnel I'd be reexamining my life."

He laughed and kissed her, "I probably would be, too. But the point is that we'd still be together." He grabbed her hand and led her towards the back of the vehicle, where their bedroom resided. "Now come on, let's see if I can get those knees of yours to buckle."

"Again? Haven't you done it enough?"

"I'll never get sick of seeing your knees buckle."

"And I'll never get sick of seeing that hamburger tramp stamp."

"Don't bring that up!"

The End

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