Story notes: Here is another dark!Blaine short story. This story was inspired by "The Phantom of the Opera." Although this story will have an actual ghost and it does not take place in an opera house. This story ended up being darker than I originally imagined. Blaine is a ghost in this story (hence no body), but if Kurt open's his imagination, then he can feel Blaine. I hope this makes sense.

Summary: Ghost!Blaine and Human!Kurt. Ever since Kurt was a child a man would sing bedtime lullabies to him. The man, Blaine, claims that he was sent by Kurt's mother to protect him. As Kurt's grows older Blaine becomes more obsessed with Kurt.

This is a VERY DARK story. Blaine is completely out of character and evil. Please understand that this story is fiction and NOT my impression of the world. Please do not leave nasty reviews if you find this story disturbing. If you're afraid you may be disturbed, then please don't read this story.

WARNINGS (please read): attempted rape, non-con, smut, taking advantage of innocence, brainwashing, death (ghost!Blaine) physical manipulations and foul language.

Please enjoy.


Bedtime Lullabies

"Daddy, who's that man?" Kurt pointed with his fork to the man setting across the kitchen table from him.

Burt tiredly looked at the empty chair his nine year old son had pointed towards. "There is no one there." Burt sighed and continued to act as if he was eating his dinner. "Kurt, please eat your dinner."

The soft brown hair boy ignored his father instructions and continued to stare at the elusive stranger. Kurt had never met his man before. Since his mother left him, Kurt had met many new people. This man was not one of them.

"But he is right there." Kurt restated and bluntly pointed to the same chair. "Who is he?"

"Kurt, please not now." Burt exhaustingly begged and Kurt silently lowered his pointed index finger.

The past year had been rough for the both of them. Burt's had lost a wife and Kurt lost his mother. It was only a few months after that when the duo had left Maine and moved to Ohio. Burt wanted to be closer to his family and to give Kurt a fresh start.

A fresh start was easier said than done. Kurt did not want anything to change. What he did want was his mother, the cinnamon toast she would make and the bedtime lullabies she used to sing.

In Kurt's eyes, his mother was the greatest of people. She was always warm, happy and willing to sing whenever Kurt asked her too. She had a beautiful soul and heart. Time and time again, Burt or someone from the family would tell Kurt that she was at a better place and that they were here for him. There was no one in the family who was particularly mean to Kurt. In fact, everyone was exceptionally kind and loving to him, but Kurt had a secret.

Before her young passing, Elizabeth Hummel promised her son that she would always protect him and if he ever wanted her, then all Kurt needed to do was sing and remember their times together. If he did that, then Kurt would see her in his mind and feel her in his heart.

At first the words appeared to be a wasted promised. Kurt would sing to himself, and for a short while, he thought his mother would materialize before him. It never worked. However, after they moved to Ohio and into a new house the promise began to show substance.

Kurt was scared the first night they moved into the new house. It was larger than his previous home and the old wooden floors would make cracking sounds when new weight was pressed down. The walls were thick and the doors were heavy. Considering the house was build a little over a hundred years ago, it was in good shape. Kurt did not care how well maintained the house was. From the movement he stepped into his new home he felt a presence and he had the suspicion that something or someone was lurking in the shadows or on the other side of the door.

However, such suspicions were not confirmed until Kurt sang a bedtime lullaby to himself one night. Kurt did not even finish the song before a pair of glowing hazel eyes illuminated from a corner shadow. The eyes were soon accompanied by a strong jaw and black hair when a man immerged from the darkness. If Kurt had to guess, the man was in his early twenties. Kurt tried asking the man who he was, but the stranger just nodded his head and faded away in front of the young boy. After the man disappeared Kurt could have sworn that he heard a beautiful voice singing a lullaby to him.

For the next three months the same voice would return and sing bedtime songs to Kurt, just like Kurt's mother had promised.

As time went by, the man would appear more and more often. The man's presence made Kurt happy and heavy with gratitude. When the man was not singing to Kurt, he was carefully watching and observing the younger boy. The man did not scare Kurt, but Kurt did want to know who he was.

On this particular evening the hazel eye man was setting across from Kurt at the dinner table.

"Why is he here? Do you think mommy sent him?" Blue eyes lit up at the idea. "I think that she..."

"Enough!" Burt accidently yelled. Kurt paled at his father's shout. "I'm sorry Kurt. I didn't mean to yell." The bald man blinked away a few tears. "There is no one here other than you and me."

"But this is the man I was telling you about. The man who sings me lullabies like mommy used to." The young boy cried.

"Come on," Burt sadly picked up both of dinner plates. "It's time to get ready for bed."

Hazel eyes vigilantly watch father and son leave the dining room. The man with the hazel eyes did not know what to say about the blue eyed child. Maybe, the man smirked at his own thought; if I entertain him as a child, then he will entertain me when he is older.

An hour later, Kurt was lying in bed and staring at his colorful revolving nightlight. In the background Kurt could hear his father going about his evening. It was not until a few hours later when Burt turned off all house lights and went to bed. Kurt understood that his father worked hard and needed to rest, but Kurt hated the feeling of being alone in bed without white sound in the background. It was scary and lonely.

"Mary had a little lamb," Kurt whispered to himself, "Little lamb, little lamb, Mary had a little lamb whose..."

A cool breeze in the room caused Kurt to stop singing and turn around. Upon turning Kurt saw the same hazel eyed man standing next to his short bookshelf.

"Whose fleece was white as snow," the man finished.

The drop in temperature caused Kurt to tighten the blanket around him. "Who are you?" The young boy asked the same question every night. The man had yet to reply. The man remained motionless, and for a minute Kurt thought tonight would be like all the previous evenings.

Then the man spoke, "Who do you think I am?"

"Did mommy send you here to protect me?"

The man smiled and stepped closer to Kurt. If pretending to be something else would earn Kurt's mind, then so be it. "Yes, I'm here to protect you."

Kurt smiled back. "I knew it! What's your name?"

The man set on the edge of Kurt bed and stared Kurt directly in the eye. "My name is Blaine."

Kurt nervously looked at his nightlight for security and then back to the man. "Why did you ignore me before?"

"I'm sorry," Blaine calmly answered. "I did not want to overwhelm you." Blaine left out the part that his heart was not beating.

Kurt did not wait a second. "Why can't daddy see you?"

Blaine motioned for the young boy to lie back down. "Daddy can't see me because he doesn't want to see me?"

Kurt did not object when Blaine gently tucked him into bed like his mother used to. "Why would daddy do that?"

The dark hair boy deeply exhaled as if he did not want to say what he was about to say. "Daddy wants to forget about mommy. That is why he made you move here."

"What!" Kurt began to cry, "Why would daddy do that?"

"I don't know. That is why I'm here. I'm here to protect you and help you become the person your mommy wants you to be. Is that something you would like?"

Kurt nodded his head in agreement. "Are you going to ever leave me too? I don't like being alone."

Blaine smiled at the vulnerability in the boy's voice. "I think," The dark hair man began, "We're going to be the best of friends," Blaine smoothly added. "And no, I will never leave you." Kurt smiled at the news. "Now, let me sing you another bedtime lullaby that you love so much."


Eight years later

Kurt gingerly unlocked the front door and step inside. The warm house was a pleasant contract to the bitter winter winds from outside. At the rate the weather was going, the winds would blow in a snow storm. In addition to the warm heated air, Kurt was also greeted with a pleasant smell originating from the kitchen. On Wednesday night's Carole, Kurt's stepmother, got off work early and for a pleasant treat she would cook a delicious meal. Wednesday's tended to be Kurt and Burt's favorite night of the week. Most Wednesday night's Kurt would try and help out, but today he ended up staying late after school.

"Hi, Carole," Kurt waved to his stepmother. "This smells delicious."

"Thank you." The sweet lady replied.

"Let me put my stuff upstairs and I'll come and help you."

"Nonsense," Carole dismissed the idea. "Now, I want you to go upstairs and do your homework." The older woman than gave Kurt a wicked grin. "I saw at the coffee shop this morning talking to a cute boy. I want to know all the details later."

Kurt turned pink. "He is just a friend. A friend," Kurt repeated when his stepmother pretended like she was believed him.

"Well, tonight I want to know the details about your 'just a friend.' What kind of benefits does a 'just a friend' gets?"

"Carole!" Kurt turned ever redder. "You're supposed to be the adult here? And like I said, were just friends."

In the background Kurt could still hear his stepmother laughing with good intentions. Kurt did not lie when he said he was with a friend this morning, but Kurt would be lying if he said that he did not want to be more than 'just friends' with Sebastian. Sebastian was charming, fun to talk with, and there were times when Sebastian would wink or say something suggestive, which left Kurt's head spinning.

However none of that mattered. Kurt knew that Blaine would not allow it and he would probably get mad at the idea. Hopefully Kurt could try and distract Carole from bring up the topic again, or at least bring up the topic outside the house and away from Blaine's attention. He would be lucky if Blaine did not hear his and Carole's previous conversation.

Kurt took one step on the stairs before all his hopes were shattered into a million little pieces.

"Where were you?" Blaine barked from the top of the stairway. Kurt winced at volume of Blaine's voice. "Why did you leave early and stay late today? Who were you with? Were you off whoring yourself?"

Kurt glanced around the room and make sure no one was around. When he and Blaine first became friend, Kurt quickly learned that he was the only one who could hear Blaine, but if he said anything then everyone could hear him. From the time he was ten to fifteen Kurt had to see a psychiatrist. Any more Kurt only talks to Blaine when no one else is around.

"No," Kurt answered Blaine's demand and then raced to his room. By the time Kurt reached his room Blaine was already there.

"Where were you?"

"I was at school." Kurt cried.

"Don't lie to me. The woman in the kitchen mentioned a coffee shop. Do you still want to keep your lie? Where were you?"

The pale boy did not realized until Blaine stepped away from him that he was pressed against the wall and shaking. "I-I-I did have coffee this morning with a friend and a-a-after school I stayed for g-g-glee club."

Hazel eyes flashed from red to black within seconds. "I am your fiend. You don't need anyone else. I sing for you and you sing for me. Your mother doesn't want you to sing anywhere else or to anyone besides me."

"It was just one friend and I'm not even a member of the club. It was just for fun." Kurt's voice was trembling with fear. Kurt knew Blaine could get scary, but normally the angry was provoked by an accident Kurt did. The dark hair boy's angry was never caused by the breakage of one of Blaine's rules.

"One friend is worse than a group of friends. At least in a group of three, you're the awkward third. In a group of five, you're the out of balance fifth." Dark eyes glared into the two blue pools. "Who is this 'cute boy'? What kinds of 'benefits' are you giving him? Tell me," jealously openly dripped from Blaine's words.

Even though Blaine was no longer towering over him, Kurt kept his back firmly pressed against the wall. "H-h-his name is Sebastian and I don't give him any benefits."

Blaine made fists from with both his hands. "You are to never see him again and you are to never give him or any other guy benefits. Do you understand me?"

"Y-y-yes." Kurt whispered embarrassedly. "I will try and avoid him. I'm not ready to give anyone benefits."

"You will avoid him. I don't want your best's effects. I want results. Your mother would be so disappointed in you." Blaine paused to allow his words to hit Kurt. "One of these days she is going to tell me to just give up on you." Kurt fidgeted at the idea. "Every time you don't do what I tell you to do, you make her cry inside. Does that make you happy?"

"No." Kurt cried and wrapped his arms around his waist. "I'm really sorry. Please don't leave me."

"Oh sweetie," Blaine pretended to be sincere. "It is not too late." The twenty-two year old placed both his hands on the seventeen year old thin shoulders. "You just need to trust me and do what I say. Can you do that?"

Kurt turned his head and stared at the olive tone hand on his right shoulder. He could see a hand touching him, but there was not any weight on his should.

"I trust you." In Kurt closed his eyes and in his imagination he felt Blaine's hands squeeze his shoulders with encouragement. It was through imagination that Kurt could feel Blaine.

"Good. I forgive you."

Kurt opened his eyes and smiled. The gentle nature of Blaine's voice had returned.

"Now sing for me."

Kurt gladly accepted the order. Blaine was right. He should only sing for him. When he went to glee club earlier he was rejected and forced to stand behind other the singers. However whenever he sings to Blaine, he feels important and loved.


For the next few weeks Blaine and Kurt were getting along quite nicely. Kurt did not leave the house early and he came home as quickly as he could. Once he was home he would sing for Blaine and sometimes Blaine would sing with him. The pattern and rhythm of life was going soothingly until one day at school.

On that particular day Sebastian asked Kurt out on a date for the following Friday night. Too caught up in the moment, adolescent hormones and Blaine's absence, Kurt accepted Sebastian's offer. Sebastian was nice and one of the few people outside of his family and Blaine who would talk with him. May if Kurt could explain that to Blaine, then Blaine would allow the date.

Such thoughts were proven foolish.

"Where are you going?" Blaine was lying across Kurt's bed and watching the teenage match an outfit together. "It's Friday night. You're not going anywhere."

Kurt carefully turned away from his closet and stared at the floor. "Someone asked me out on a date tonight." Blaine's silence allowed Kurt to explain. "It's Sebastian, remember him? He is actually really nice and smart. I think if you ever had the chance to meet him, then you would approve of him."

The dark hair boy silently lifted his hand and motioned for Kurt to stop talking. "I told you to stay away from that boy. Why didn't you follow my order? What else have you done that I've forbidden?"

Kurt dropped his shoulders. "But I don't have any friends outside of this house. I'm lonely at school and everywhere that is not here."

"You have me." Blaine repeated. "Now, put on different clothes and sing me a song."

"But Sebastian is..."

Kurt words fell silent when Blaine eyes turned red. "He is not important. You might think that he is nice and what not. He does not like you, he doesn't love you I do. A boy like that only has one thing on his mind."

"But he's not!" Kurt yelled. Some of his fear was now starting to turn into angry and annoyance.

"And I'm going! I never get to go anywhere. Sebastian is the only person who is nice to me, and that includes you! You're always yelling at me!"

Blaine bit his bottom him and tried to steady the furry within him. This was not the first time Kurt had an outburst, but it was the first time Kurt wanted to be with another boy instead of him.

"Kurt, you're not going out tonight." Kurt pretended as if he did not hear Blaine and grabbed an outfit from his closet before walking towards the bathroom. "Why are you ignoring me?" The bathroom door slammed into front of Blaine's face. "Kurt!" Blaine growled and then stepped through the bathroom door.

"Blaine! What are you doing in here?" Kurt picked his shirt off the ground and tried to cover himself with it. "You said you would never come in here when I'm showing or getting dressed."

"And you promised me that you would never ignore me. I guess we're just throwing all our promises out the window." A smirk crossed Blaine's face. "If this has anything to do with Sebastian, then I suggest you put up a show for me. Like I said before, a guy like Sebastian only has one thing on his mind, and by 'thing' I mean 'ass' and your ass in particular."

Kurt tried to cover himself more carefully when Blaine's eyes linger up and down his body. "If you go out tonight, then you're telling me that my virginal little boy is all grown up and ready to play with the adults." The older boy's voice sang in a childish voice.

Kurt quickly pulled the shirt over his head. Despite all of Blaine's foul tempers and rude comments, Kurt loved Blaine. However sometimes Kurt would just get angry at Blaine's controlling nature.

"It is only one date. In addition," Kurt yelled. Kurt was thankful that Burt and Carole were out of town for the weekend, otherwise they would have heard Kurt screaming. "I'm starting to think that my mother didn't send you! You're not the kind of angel my mother would have sent to look after me!" Blaine was taken aback by Kurt's words. "If she sent you, then you would be nice and not scary. If she sent you then you would be able to leave this house and protect me against bullies and injuries. You just want to control me!"

Blaine stepped closer to Kurt and pinned him against the counter sink. "You mother sent me here to protect you and to help you become a good person. There is a way for me to leave this house and to never leave you, but I love your innocent and did not want to break it too early."

Kurt knew Blaine did not have a body, but the farther Blaine leaned into him, then the more the pale boy could feel pressure on his chest.

"If you want me to stay with you and to protect you, then just say the word. I will forever connect our souls together and I will never leave you for the rest of this life and all of our lives to follow." Blaine moved his head so that he nose was touching Kurt's nose. "Otherwise, you can tell me to leave and forever disappoint your mother. The choice is yours."

Of course, as far as Blaine was concerned, Kurt only had one option.

Kurt tried to push Blaine away, but his hands just passed through air. "Please Blaine, it's just one date. Can I please just go on one date? I don't want you to leave me forever. "

"Close your eyes Kurt and feel me."

The older boy leaned inward and softly rocked his hips into Kurt's and brushed their cheeks together. "Can you feel me Kurt?"

"Yes," Kurt whispered against Blaine's skin. He could feel more of Blaine then he cared to admit.

"What do you feel?" Blaine's breath was hot on Kurt's ear and pressure was growing elsewhere on Blaine's body. "You don't need to me shy for me. If it makes you feel any better on your seventeenth birthday I watched you shower..." Kurt stiffened at Blaine's confession. "I'm a guy with needs, what can you expected? Now, tell me. What do you feel?"

"I-I-I feel your breath." Blaine kissed Kurt's cheek. "I can feel the weight of your body pressing into my body."

"My heart," Blaine kissed Kurt again and moved one of Kurt's hands over his chest, "Can you feel my heart beating."

The pale boy kept his eyes closed and took a moment to feel Blaine's chest. In the past Kurt never felt a heartbeat. Now he could.

"How can I feel it beating? You never had a heart beat before."

"You can go out tonight." Blaine commented. "You are to be back by ten with virtue intake. Can you do that?"

Kurt wanted to pull away, but Blaine would not budge. "W-w-why did you change your mind?"

The hazel eye boy firmly gripped Kurt's chin with one of his cold hands. "I don't want you to leave, but I want you to stay with me willingly." Blaine leaned in and slowly touched his lips against Kurt's.

The kiss was simple and brief. Blaine had not kissed another boy since he was alive almost seventy years ago, and most of those kisses he had to force out of the other boy. It was refreshing for Blaine not to have to hold down his love interest. All of Kurt's struggles were internal and labile to Blaine's hands and lips.

"Remember, home by ten with your virtue intake."


"Sebastian stop," Kurt gently tried to shove Sebastian away from him. "Dinner was fun, but I need to get home."

The other boy pretended that he did not hear Kurt's request and continued to suck on Kurt's pale neck and grind their hips together in the back of his car.

"Sebastian, please stop!" Kurt screamed when he felt Sebastian's greedy hands undoing his pants belt."

"Don't worry babe," Sebastian teased, "It will be fun. Trust me," The belt was completely removed and now Sebastian was unbuttoning Kurt's shirt. "Everyone is nervous their first time, but after you do it, and then you'll want to do it again and again."

"No," Kurt pushed Sebastian off of him and opened the car door behind him, "I said no!" Kurt repeated and slammed the door shut behind him.

Sebastian was quick to open the door. "You're such a freak. You know that right. No one else is going to want you like I do. I, unlike most other people, love fucking crazy people like you. Your type is the funniest and the wildest in bed." Kurt covered his ears from Sebastian's insults and stomped away, but he could still hear his date's words. "I know all about your psychiatric problems. You sing for ghosts and barricaded yourself in your house all day long. Tell me, what do these ghosts make you do? What kind of kinks does your type of crazy fancy?"

Kurt removed his hands from his ear. "How did you know?"

"How did I know you're crazy? Everyone knows you're fucking crazy. I would hardly call it a secret. Do you ever wonder why you don't have friends? Well now you know."

"Just leave me alone!" Kurt screamed one more time before he began running in the opposite direction. It was not until he had run half a mile until he realized his pants were falling off and his shirt was opened. It was freezing outside and snow was starting to fall. Thankful his house was not far away, but it was still eleven thirty before he got home. Kurt made one more final effect to make him look presentable for Blaine. However there was little Kurt could do about the assortment of lover's marks on his neck.

For the second time that evening Kurt was glad Burt and Carole were not home. He would have hated for his father to see him like this. In addition he did not want anyone to watch him take Blaine's punishment. Kurt was not scared for Blaine's punishment because he knew he deserved whatever Blaine had in mind for him. Blaine had told him that this would happen. He should have listened.

The front door easily opened and the entire house was dark apart from the tiny lamp that Kurt left on before he left.

"Blaine?" Kurt whispered. He was still holding onto the door handle and standing over the threshold. He wanted to evaluate Blaine's attitude before he made the commitment to close the door behind him. "Blaine?"

The house remained silent and the dark hair boy never stepped forth. Fear and unsettlement clouded Kurt's vision and concentration. "Blaine I'm sorry. I should have listened to you. You were right. Sebastian only wanted one thing. He is cruel and horrible." The pale boy closed the door as the snow started to fall more heavily. "Please come out."

The feeling of fear and unsettlement within Kurt gradually changed into panic and loneliness.

Did Blaine leave him?

"Blaine, please come out here!" The house remained dark and still; and snow continued to fall outside.

After a few minutes of remaining motionless and scared Kurt finally stepped away from the front door. Each distant and insignificant sound caused Kurt to jump on his toes and look in a certain direction. When nothing scary jumped out at him, Kurt slowly walked into the kitchen. The kitchen, like all the other rooms in the house, did not look different and nothing appeared to be out of place. Finally Kurt left the kitchen and cautiously walked up the stairway.

"Blaine! Where are you! Please this isn't funny! I know I'm late and my virtue is questionable, but please come back." Kurt chocked on his tears. "You promised me that you would never leave me."

In the past there were times when Kurt would wish that Blaine would leave him alone. The first time Kurt made this wish was after his twelfth birthday when Blaine convinced him to pour apple juice on everyone heads. The second time was when Blaine yelled at going on a three week vacation. Among all those times, plus more, Blaine was controlling and vindictive. Regardless of all the bad, Kurt could not forget the kind soul who sings him to sleep and helps him whenever he was scared. Blaine was trying to make him a better person. Something that Kurt was grateful for.

"Blaine," Kurt peeked into his bedroom. Of course it was empty. "Please, Blaine. I'm scared."

Desperate for a distraction Kurt took off his cloths and showered away all of Sebastian's nasty words and germs. The hot water felt good against Kurt's cold body and while he was under the warmth surrounding him, Kurt pretended that he was not alone. Once all the warm water was gone Kurt finally dried himself and slipped into his pajamas.

A warm aura of heat was radiating off Kurt when he stepped out of his bathroom and into his empty bedroom, "Blaine." All alone Kurt slowly crawled into bed and wrapped the covers around him and fell into a soft sleep with tears leaking from his eyes.

It was not until Kurt was in the early stages of sleep before a voice began to sing him a lullaby.


Hazel eyes watch the delicate boy attempt to sleep away his troubles. Every so often Kurt would make a soft moaning sound which reminded Blaine that Kurt was still the same weak and feeble mind boy that was easy to control and manipulate. Blaine was a little worried that Sebastian would in fact be a 'gentlemen' to Kurt. Thankfully his worries were all in vain.

"Wake up, Kurt." Blaine gently petted Kurt's hair. "I need you to wake up."

Kurt tiredly opened his eyes and stared at Blaine with open wonder. "Blaine, where did you go? I don't like it when you leave me."

Blaine traced his thumb over the red marks on Kurt's neck. "What happened?"

"You were right," Kurt lowered his voice. "Sebastian only wanted one thing. He is awful."

"I'm sorry your date was terrible."

Kurt could not understand why Blaine was so calm and understanding, but he chose not to question it and instead sat up and wrapped his arms around Blaine. "I should have listened to you. You always know what's best. My mother wouldn't have sent you if you didn't. Please forgive me."

Blaine was glad that Kurt could not see his smile. "Kurt you did bring up an issue today that we do need to address." Blaine snaked his arms around Kurt. "If you want me to always be with you. I mean away from this house. Then you're going to need to accept me."

"I do accept you." Kurt cried. "I know I might do and say the wrong thing, but I need you."

"In a couple of months you're going to be graduating and moving far away. Unless you accept me, then you will be leaving me. Do you want that?"

"Of course I don't want that. I need you."

Blaine pulled away from Kurt and stared into the pale boy's beautiful blue eyes. "Kurt, I want you to understand that your mother sent me here for a reason. She wants us to be together." Kurt rested his head in the crook of Blaine's neck. "There is only one way for me to leave this house. I need a constant. I need a rock to keep be connected to the world. If you want me to always be with you and to protect you from bullies and guys like Sebastian, then you're going to need to be my constant."

"Tonight was so scary." Kurt cried. "I don't want to live without your protection and love. I will do whatever you want if you promise to never allow that to happen again."

The dark hair boy pulled himself out of Kurt's arms. "Do you understand what I asking you?" Kurt shook his head. "Okay, please lay down." Blaine motioned Kurt and himself onto Kurt's bed. "Kurt you can't question what I'm about to do. If you try and understand how you can feel me, then you wouldn't be able to feel me and we won't become connected."

Kurt did not move or question Blaine as Blaine removed his pajama shirt. "Kurt, I need you to open your mind and close your eyes." Blue eyes closed, "Just focus on my voice."

Kurt moved his hips to allow Blaine easier access to remove his pants. "What can you feel? Blaine gently began kissing Kurt's collar bone and shifted his body between Kurt's legs. The pale boy chose not to question how Blaine had removed his own clothes.

"I feel warm and protected." Kurt moaned and accepted the embracement that Blaine was offering him.

"Where do you feel my hands?"

Kurt focused his concentration to the feeling of one of Blaine's hands around his neck and the other around his sex. "You're touching me."

"Do you want more?"

Kurt did not answer right away. He allowed Blaine and his imagination to do whatever he and it wanted to do.

"I want more." Kurt whimpered when Blaine's hand left his sex and moved towards his untouched hole.

"Your wish is my command." Blaine whispered and then forced two fingers into Kurt.


"Shh, shh," Blaine kissed Kurt's cheek. "It's okay, this is natural. Just focus on my voice."

The pale boy focused on the comforting humming in his ear and tried his best to ignore the pain that was breaking his innocence.

"I think you are ready."

Kurt snapped his eyes open. He did not feel ready. "Blaine, I don't think..."

"Close your eyes Kurt and don't think. Remember, I know best." The pale boy struggled to calm down and eventually closed his eyes. Kurt felt Blaine lift his hips upward, "You are my good boy. Just accept me and welcome me into your body and mine."

A fast shift between the two bodies and Kurt was quickly filled with Blaine's sex. "Shit, I forgot what this felt like." Blaine growled and began frantically moving his body within Kurt.

All the while Kurt stayed quiet and tried to pretend the pain was not happening. A little pain now would better than living a life without Blaine's presence. Kurt could not understand why he was attached to Blaine the way he was. If his mother sent Blaine to him, then Blaine must be worth holding onto.

"So fucking perfect," Blaine moaned and repeated between his jerky thrusts. "Now, you are mine. Mine forever and ever."

"Yours and mine," Kurt reminded with a tense voice.

After a respectful amount of time both boys released themselves.

Kurt did not open his eyes when he felt Blaine pull out of him. "Go to sleep, Kurt." Blaine sang into Kurt's ear like a lullaby. "I'm never going to leave you now. Where ever you go I'll follow. I will love you until you are an old-old man. After that your soul and I will forever be together." Kurt made a tired sleeping sound. "Don't worry my love. Your soul won't look old. You will look young, just like me."

With another kiss, Blaine sang a sweet lullaby.


The End

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