Summary: Blaine never mustered up the courage to confess his love to Kurt. Kurt eventually went in his own way. However this does not stop Dr. Anderson from making his own Kurt.

This is a VERY DARK story. Blaine is completely out of character and evil. Please understand that this story is fiction and NOT my impression of the world. Please do not leave nasty reviews if you find this story disturbing. If you're afraid you may be disturbed, then please don't read this story.

WARNINGS (please read): Endgames (Kurt/Sebastian and Blaine/Number 418), unethical science, rough/unprotected intimacy, taking advance of innocence, talks of murder and foul language.

I Hate Mosquitoes volunteered to beta "Pandora" for me. Thanks I Hate Mosquitoes for all your help!


Number 418

"Hello, Mr. Anderson." A short man wearing a casual black jacket and tan khakis' greeted outside the local coffee shop. "Have you considered my offer?"

Blaine stared at the man with open disgust. How could this man live with himself? Before Blaine met this man he had thought monsters were fictional and only came out at night. All the monsters in children's books were easy to recognize. They were all evil wizards, wicked sorcerers or fire-breathing dragons. However, after Blaine's first encounter with this man seven months ago at the national science fair, Blaine realized monsters were real and able to dress and talk with the up most causality.

"I made up my mind the first day we met. I told you my answer. Now leave me alone." Blaine gritted between his teeth and reached for the door handle to the coffee shop.

A large firm hand pressed against the trademark door, preventing Blaine from opening it. "You are only seventeen, practically a child. You don't know what you want." Hazel eyes glared at the man. "When I was seventeen I thought I had my entire life planned out. I had all my college applications filled out and the love of my life lived three houses down from my parent's home. Everything I could ever want was within my grasp. All I had to do was take it." The man made a fist to emphasize his point, "But that is not how men like you and I work."

"Leave me alone."

"Tsk, tsk where are you manners Mr. Anderson?"

"Where are my manners?" Blaine demanded. "You have been stalking me for the past seven months, harassing me to join you in your sick lab experiments as if I want to be your evil scientist protégé."

"You have such a foul temper towards someone who is only trying to help you."

"Help me?" Blaine laughed at the idea. "If you really want to help me, then stop giving me headaches and just get away from me." The dark haired boy barked. "I may have discovered something in the lab, but it was an accident and…"

"Don't bother pretending to me that your experiment was an accident. You have a dark heart Mr. Anderson. I can see it." The man smirked and Blaine heightened his breathing. "A person with pure intentions would not have done what you did. Don't get me wrong, my heart is just as dark and I want to advance your research. I already know how it will turn out…"

Blaine did not allow the man to finish his statement for two reasons, firstly the man has told Blaine his intentions since the beginning, and secondly every time the story was repeated Blaine could hear more and more of his own voice in the man. The man was not lying. Blaine's heart was darkening.

With the remaining goodness in his heart Blaine resorted, "I don't care. When I first realized what I did I was excited, but now I realize that it is something too powerful for humans to tamper with. If I or anyone else were to further my research, then we would unbalance the cycle of life."

The man remained quiet until Blaine finished his rant. "The similarities between you and I are uncanny. It is almost like you're me when I was seventeen years old." Blaine glared at the man. "Do you want to know what else I know? I'm you when you're forty-five years old. You, like me, will be successful and wealthy albeit bitter and lonely."

"I'm not like you; and a monster like you should be bitter and lonely."

The man tightened his lips and glared back at Blaine with an identical stare. "Before I graduated high school I planned to tell the love of my life that I loved him, and that I was willing to do whatever it took for us to be together. Do you want to know what he said to me?" Blaine did not respond to the rhetorical question. "He said nothing because I couldn't get myself to tell him that I loved him. Eventually he went his own way. Today he is happily married and the father of two."

Blaine tried to pull on the door handle again. The man would not allow it. "It sounds to me this guy dodged a bullet with you. I'm glad he is happily married. Whoever the love of your life is married to probably a better husband and father than you could ever be."

"I'd keep quiet if I were you, because like I said. I'm you in twenty-eight years." Blaine paled at the idea of becoming this man. No, he would never allow that to happen. "In twenty-eight years that boy," the man in the black jacket pointed to a particular boy inside the coffee shop, "Will be living a separate life from you. A life filled with happiness that you will never be able to offer."

Blaine took a moment to admire the pale blue eyed boy on the other side of the door, sipping his coffee and reading the latest fashion magazine. "I'm not you." Blaine muttered.

"If you really think we're different, then I challenge you to walk up to that boy and tell him that you love him."

Blaine immediately blushed and stared back at the man. "H-h-h-how did you know?"

"Don't worry kid. I'm the only one who knows that you've been in love with him for the past three years. Do you want to know what else I know? I know what kind nasty dreams you have about that boy, sometimes you confuse pain with pleasure, but it never slows you down." The man momentarily paused, allowing Blaine to remember snippets of his darker and more mature dreams. The glim in the man's eyes seemed to be suggesting that he knew more than he was letting on. "On a more wholesome note, I also know the names of the children you hope to share with him. You want to name your biological child Oliver or Olivia, and that boy's biological child Kevin or Kate."

Cold fear flowed down and up Blaine's veins and arteries. "How do you know that?"

"I always do my research before I begin a new adventure, and you Mr. Anderson, hold the map to one the greatest adventures I could ever experience – immortality."

Blaine stopped reaching for the door and took several steps away from the older man. "Immortality…that's not what I discovered in the lab…I discovered…"

This time the man did not allow Blaine to finish his stammering. "Yes, I know perfectly well what you discovered. You discovered a simple, economical and clean way to clone humans. It wouldn't require grants or special interest groups."

"Yes," Blaine stated, "I did not invent the potion of life everlasting."

The man crossed his arms and boldly laughed. "We would be making clones, not humans. You are able to create functional hearts, kidneys, and livers you name it. You would be able to save millions of lives and increase the life expectancy. The world would love you. When it comes to life and death, I've learned that morality and ethics are short lived. Don't look at me that way."

Blaine glared and his eyes turned red. "That's murder. You want to murder the innocent for your sick and selfish ways."

"It's not murder if your creations don't have souls. Besides, I wouldn't kill all of them." The older man emphasized his last statement. "I will allow you to spare one. I wouldhate for you to be lonely." While the man was speaking he trailed his eyes through the coffee shop window and towards the pale boy wearing a blue scarf.

"Don't look at Kurt like that." Blaine warned. "Don't you dare harm him or go anywhere near him."

"I would never harm anyone." The man fibbed with fake honesty. "I am only trying to save lives. It is you who is harming him by not advancing your research."

"Leave me alone."

"Do you want to live a lonely life, a life that is destined to end in destruction? I used to have morals like you. Let me fill you in a little secret I learned: morals are for the weak and lazy."

The man fell silent when another teenage boy approached them.

"Excuse me?" A third and confidence voice interrupted the scene. "Are you two waiting in line for coffee?"

The man in the dark jacket smiled to the visitor. "Oh pardon me, we're just chatting."

Blaine turned his attention to the incoming coffee customer. The boy was tall with dark brown hair, green eyes, and a smile that reminded Blaine of a rodent. Sure the boy was good looking, but it was distant from his beautiful Kurt.

"Thanks, I would hate to be late for my boyfriend."

The door closed behind the guest and the man in the dark jacket turned his focus back to Blaine. "This offer is the best chance you will have. Your family doesn't love you, you don't have any friends, and sweet little Kurt doesn't even know you exist." The man spoke with false sincerity.

As if it was a natural reflux hazel eyes turned back to Kurt. Upon doing so a heavy feeling of disappointment dropped from his mouth and into his stomach.

Kurt was holding hands with the brown haired-green eyed-rodent looking boy and together they were publically kissing.

"He will never love you." The man whispered into Blaine's ears. "Your Kurt is just like my love. He will marry that boy." Blaine refused to acknowledge the other boy. "Kurt will become someone's father; and you will be nothing more than a distant and insignificant shadow in his memory."

Blaine forced his eyes away from Kurt. Where there was kissing, there was also the potential for more physical acts.

"I know you're confused and you don't understand stand, but trust me. When you're older you're going to be glad you listened to me. I saw your work in the lab. You're still young. If you further your research and put it into practice, then you will get want you want."

Blaine hunched his shoulders and remained quiet.

"I took this from Kurt yesterday." The man held up an empty coffee container. On the side of the mug was Kurt's name scribbled in black ink.

Blaine did not question how the man gained ownership of the cup.

"There should be enough of his DNA for you to get started with." The man broadly smiled when Blaine silently accepted the cup. "Don't worry kid. I may not have run off into the sunset with my love, but thanks to hard work and dedication I was able to get what I wanted. For a special heads up, it's even better than you could imagine." The man winked, "Good luck." With nothing else to say or do the nameless man squeezed Blaine's shoulder and walked away without warning.

Long and slow silence lasted after the man departed. The man's words and Kurt kissing another boy left Blaine feeling trapped and paralyzed. With limited mobility Blaine rubbed his thumb over Kurt's name on the white paper mug. In his peripheral vision, Blaine could see Kurt and the rodent boy getting ready to leave. There was no point wondering where they were going or what they were going to do. It did not affect him, and it never would.

"Maybe this is for the best." Blaine declared to himself. "Kurt can have his happy ending and I can have a Kurt." Then, as if it was beginning of a new start, the little light in Blaine's heart faded and it became completely dark.

Eighteen Years Later

"Dr. Anderson," A shy, timid and confused voice echoed in the grand study. "Are you busy?"

Doctor Blaine Anderson hazel eyes looked up from the report he was reading. The sight of the blue eyed beauty was, as always, much more desirable then any lab report or research paper could ever offer.

Much to Blaine's pleasure and excitement the boy was wearing skin tight black pants and a perfectly fitted white silk button shirt. Draped around the boy's long and column neck was a sparkling blue scarf that matched his eyes beautifully. For the longest time Blaine had wanted to dress up his little creation, but reframed himself in the name of decency. As expected, there was nothing decent behind Blaine's intentions. It was currently taking every fiber in Blaine's body to stop himself from stripping the boy and roughing him up against the desk.

Instead of taking the boy's innocence, Blaine stood up and walked around the grand mahogany desk. "I always have time for you." The older man pulled out a brown velvet chair for his favorite subject to sit on. "Please Kurt, sit down."

The boy hesitantly stiffened at the office threshold and nervously looked over his shoulder. "I didn't know you were expecting anyone." The younger boy's voice trembled. He did not like meeting new people.

"Kurt, come here." Blaine again ordered like he was teaching a puppy to sit. "Number 418, come here."

Number 418 carefully looked at Blaine before stepping over the threshold of his doctor's office. Once no-one new arrived, Number 418 walked across the cream marble tiles. The chair Dr. Anderson pulled out waited for him. The boy named Kurt had yet to arrive. Number 418 hoped that he would be gone before anyone new arrived.

Doctor Anderson or Professor Anderson as some students referred to him as was a man of many faces. For the students at the university, he was a class favorite professor of genetic engineering. In between teaching Blaine was a renowned scientist and author. On the track he was heading he would be a Nobel Prize recipient within the next five years. In his spare time Blaine toyed with the idea of time travel. If everything went according he would be visiting past decades in ten years. All the while, Blaine maintained the high position as secret fantasy for both male and female students.

But for Number 418, Blaine was more than just that. He was his maker.

"Thank you, Doctor."

In addition to being sexy and intelligent, Doctor Anderson was also a complete gentleman. Whenever Number 418 was called in for a physical Doctor Anderson would always check his pulse, temperature and weight with the upmost delicacy. Number 418 never question why Dr. Anderson would take his vital signs or measure his blood, and no one else's. Nor did he question why he was sent to live with Dr. Anderson once he turned seventeen. Most of the others like him were shipped off todonations. Number 418 did not understand what donations were and he was told by Dr. Anderson that he never would. The one time Number 418 mention donations he was immediately scolded and distracted with chocolate cake.

2 days prior:

"I can't believe you're finally ready." Dr. Anderson praised his subject who was wearing a blue paper gown and sitting on a hard cushioned table. "You look so much like him."

Dr. Anderson gently raised Number 418's chin and move the boy's head back and forth. "Perfect, now look me in the eye."

Number 418's crystal blue eyes stared straight into Dr. Anderson's hazel, albeit dilating, irises. "You are Kurt."

The younger boy playfully smiled and disagreed, "No, my name is 418, see," the pale boy stretched his pale arm forward and showed the doctor the band around his thin wrist. "It says 418."

The older man sadly dropped his shoulders. He was so close to finally having Kurt. He only needed a little more time. "I think you're old enough for a name change." Dr. Anderson pulled a black pen from his top pocket and grabbed Number 418's arm. "From now on you're going to be called Kurt." Blaine crossed out the boy's previous name and replaced it with the name that has as haunted has his dreams and wishes for the past twenty years. "Kurt suits you better anyway."

Number 418 frowned in shocked and horror at the new markings on the paper band around his wrist. "No one will know who I am now! How will I do my job?" Number 418 screamed and tugged on his hair. "I was told that I'm supposed to go to donations soon!"

"Stop that! No!" Dr. Anderson wrapped his arms around Kurt's body and restricted the boy from hurting himself. "You are not going to donations. You are coming to live with me. That has always been the plan. You're mine and I've done too much, given up too much, for you."

Number 418, or Kurt, lessened his tears and breathed in the unique scent of coffee and sandalwood on Dr. Anderson's neck. For some unexplainable reason coffee always calmed Number 418 down. Meanwhile Blaine closed his eyes and relished the intimate act Kurt was unknowingly doing.

"What will I do with you? What will be my purpose?"

Dr. Anderson smirked as many mental images crossed his mind. He did not say them in order to prevent scaring Kurt. "You will help me to stop feeling lonely."

"Is that an important job?" Number 418, Kurt, asked.

"It's the most important job. Come." Dr. Anderson stood up and reached for Kurt's hand. "I think you deserve some cake to celebrate your new name."

Hazel eyes watch Number 418, or Kurt, sit down with great observation to detail. The thin and fitted clothing latch onto Kurt's trim muscles wonderfully.

A rush of pride and excited misted over Blaine when new realization dawned over him.

There was nothing stopping him from doing what he wanted. There was not a third person to hear or rush to Kurt's aid. Kurt was away from the lab and in his own home.

"Calm yourself," Blaine mentally warned himself. "You know what happens when you lose control."

"You have been acting agitated since you arrived to your new home." The older man stated as fact. "What is wrong?" For any excuse to move and touch his young subject, Blaine stepped in front Kurt and brushed his fingers through Kurt's soft brown hair. Ultimately Blaine rested the backside of his hand against Kurt's forehead and his body between Kurt's legs. "You don't have a fever."

The pale seventeen year old boy nervously played with his scarf before looking up and answering. "I'm sorry."

"You have nothing to be sorry about. Now answer my question." Blaine ordered while gently tugging on Kurt hair. "Why are you agitated?"

"I-I…" Number 418 dropped his stare to the floor and resumed fiddling with the blue clothing around his neck. The lingering question lasting in his mind, why was he instructed to wear such uncomfortable clothing? He preferred his simple white and blue gown that he wore in the lab. However, Dr. Anderson liked him in flashy clothes with scarves and pins. Who was he to question or protest?

With one hand still playing with Kurt's hair, Blaine slipped his other hand behind the pale neck and forced the boy to look up at him. "I need an answer." The grip around Number 418's neck was by no means painful or abusive, but enough pressure to remind the young boy who his maker was. "Kurt, answer my question."

Blaine stared down into the pool of blue eyes before him. The blue eyes were as beautiful as the original set of eyes he used to fantasize over. However, these eyes did not judge him, question him or deny him, and most importantly they belonged completely to him.

Other than his faithful lab assistants no one knows Number 418 exists.

The real Kurt Hummel, now known as Kurt Hummel-Smythe, father of two and New York City resident does not know that Number 418 walks and breathes.

"I don't like wearing this." The younger motioned towards the scarf. "It makes my skin itch."

Dr. Anderson darkened his eyes and frowned. The real Kurt would never complain about wearing a scarf. Sure the real Kurt may complain about an ugly scarf, but this scarf was too beautiful to hate.

"The scarf makes you look good." Dr. Anderson instructed. "You will wear it and you will wear whatever I tell you to wear. Do you understand me?"

Kurt stopped playing the blue fabric, "Yes, doctor."

If Blaine's heart was not completely dark, then he may have felt a tug of guilt. Instead Blaine only felt pride. "Trust me. I'm doing this for your own good."

"Yes, Dr. Anderson." Kurt simply accepted.

Blaine would be lying if he denied the special and indecent tingling sensation he got every time Kurt called him 'doctor.' The pleasurable feelings would begin in his stomach and journey south. It was these very feelings that caused Blaine to snuggle closer in between Kurt's jeaned covered and parted legs. In the past Blaine was never at liberty to advance Kurt in such a manner. The first reason being age, Kurt was too young. The second reason was privacy. Of course Blaine's assistant knew the true intentions behind Number 418 creation, but Blaine still wanted to preserve some modesty.

However, in Blaine's private home was a far distance from the lab and university. Blaine, or Dr. Anderson, was free to do whatever he wished.

"That is not all of it. Why else are you agitated?" Blaine irises narrowed when he realized the close proximity between Kurt's pink mouth and his tightening khakis'. "Do you no like your new home? Since you moved in this morning you have been acting shy and scared."

"When are we going back to lab? I like it there."

"I'm going back in two weeks. I requested some time off to enjoy with you." The hand behind the pale neck gently circled to Kurt's right cheek, and the olive toned thumb brushed the soft pale skin. "You, on the other hand, will not be returning. You belong here."

"Dr. Anderson…" Kurt began. It was evident by the sparkling in Kurt's eyes that he was going to cry again and soon. "I want to go back."

Ever since early stages of development Number 418 did not like changes or meeting new people. Blaine knew that all too well, "Enough Kurt. You are staying here and the decision is final."

"Who's Kurt?" Number 418 loudly cried. "I don't want to meet him!"

"You are Kurt." Blaine growled. How much longer would he have to put up with this? Number 418 may be a prototype with limited learning capacity, but couldn't he accept his new name. "You are Kurt. You are Kurt. You. Are. Kurt. Do you understand me?"

"Dr. Anderson," Kurt gasped in surprise.

Blaine too was taken aback when he felt Kurt's breath touch is lips. The warmth was not the only change Blaine acknowledged. Kurt's were eyes suddenly larger and wider and his skin finer. Blaine did not care how he ended up leaning down and with his nose touching Kurt's nose. Kurt belonged to him and he was doing nothing wrong.

With one hand still massaging Kurt's right cheek, Blaine repeated. "You are my Kurt. You belong to me."

"Yes, doctor."

"You will do what I say, and wear what I tell you to. You were worried about your job, your purpose in life." Kurt did not nod or say anything under Blaine's scrutiny. "Your job is to help me stop feeling lonely. I'm tired of being a lonely and bitter man. Can you give me what I need?"

"I don't know how, Dr. Anderson. Can we got back to the lab and you can teach me there?"

With tremendous control Blaine straightened his posture. "Why can't you understand the fact that you live here? Why can't you learn that? What is wrong with me Kurt?" Poison dripped from Blaine's tongue. All of a sudden Blaine felt like he was seventeen again and the boy in front of him was the real Kurt. "How come you never noticed me in high school? Was I too nerdy for you? Was my heart not pure enough for you? What did that no-good Sebastian Smythe have that I did not?"

Kurt bit his bottom lip. He did not understand what he did to anger his doctor, but it was scaring him. "Who is Sebastian…?"

"Don't you dare say his name, oh precious gem of mine." Blaine cut in. He may have lost the real Kurt to Sebastian Smythe, but he refused to lose his own creation to the same rodent. "I want you to repeat after me, 'My name is Kurt and I happily live with my boyfriend.' Say it now."

Kurt stopped biting his lips, "My name is K-K-Kurt and I happily live with my boyfriend," the young boy paused and mulled over his words. "I thought I was going to be living with you? Who is Boyfriend? I don't want to meet him. If I'm good can I go back to the lab? It is less confusing there."

"Why do you want to go back to the lab? What is so damn special about that place? Do you miss the white walls and the smell of formaldehyde? Would you rather be sent into donations than be with me?" Blaine yelled.

"You were nice there." Kurt finally broke in. "You always told me what to do and you would take care of me. You would tell me my heart was healthy and my blood was clean. I don't like change!"

"Don't you dare yell at me," Blaine ordered and Kurt immediately obeyed like a schooled puppy. "Do you want me to make things less confusing to you? How about I give you a physical? We can do it right here right now. Why don't we pretend we're in the lab?"

Kurt neither agreed nor disagreed. Lab and physical were two words he was familiar with. Sure getting blood drawn was painful, but at least he knew what to expect.

Blaine's mind and was not as black and white as Kurt's. He had endured enough. He had waited long enough to be with Kurt and to taste and fully feel his high school dream sweetheart. Number 418 may not be the real Kurt, but Number 418 was his and the closest he would ever get to the real thing.

"How about we get rid of this itchy scarf, hmm?" Blaine asked with carefully skilled innocence. "You said you didn't like it."

Kurt allowed Blaine to remove the undesirable blue scarf. "Thank you, doctor."

"I'm not done yet," the older man gently helped Kurt onto his feet. "I can recall you complaining about all you clothes. Why don't I help you with those too?"

"Okay," Kurt mindless agreed too. The crazy man who was yelling at him before was long gone, and his kind doctor was back. It was the kind doctor who would monitor his health and praise his existence.

Similar to a lamb approaching the wolf, Kurt did not flinch or bat an eye when Blaine forcefully unbuttoned the white silk shirt.

"Is this better for you? Do you feel like you can breathe better now?" Once the last button was undone Blaine quickly pulled the shirt past Kurt's arms and then dropped it to the floor. It was not until Kurt began shaking when Blaine realized his private study was cold. Blaine temporary considered moving 'Kurt's grown up physical' to the bedroom, but dismissed the idea.

"Thank you, doctor."

Blaine smirked at the nickname. If only Kurt knew. Yet the simple mind remained ignorant and pure.

"How is my favorite subject? Are you feeling less agitated?"

Blue eyes glanced back and forth between his discarded shirt and Dr. Anderson's dilated eyes. Finally blue eyes settled on Blaine's hands. The two olive tone hands were stretched forward and skilled fingers were unlatching Kurt's black belt buckle.

This was not the first time Blaine undid another boy's pants, but it would be the first time the other boy entered sober or without financial compensation.

"Kurt feels better." Kurt smiled and stated in third person. The smile grew stronger when Blaine smiled back. Little did Kurt realize that Blaine satisfaction was a far cry from wholesome.

"My Kurt," Blaine joked, "I like that better than 418. I also like you better without clothes. I'm glad you suggested it." The older man replied as if he was fulfilling the younger boy's wishes. "It is so much better."

The belt was easy to remove and the silver button and zipper against the blank pants did not stay closed for long. One rough tug later and the pants fell to Kurt's knees. Much to Blaine's surprise his subject was not wearing any undergarments.

"Damn Kurt, give me a warning next time."

Kurt did not blush at the comment. He did no see season why he would need to blush. "I was wearing underwear, but then I couldn't fit into the pants."

"It's more than alright." Blaine helped Kurt step out of the blank pants. "I can't believe this is mine." The same olive hands that made Number 418 in the lab eighteen years ago gently touched and explored Kurt's chest and abdomen. One hand finally settled behind Kurt's neck and the other rested on the curve of the younger boy's backside. "Kiss me." Blaine leaned halfway into the kiss and left Kurt the remaining distance to finish.

"Is this a part of the physical?"

Blaine did not move his distance from Kurt's lips. "Yes, this is an important test. I need to make sure you can stop me from feeling lonely."

"That's a very important job," the pale boy spoke from memory.

Eyes wide and full of ignorance Kurt leaned in for the rest of the distance. The kiss was a strange and difficult concept for the young subject to understand. How could his lips take care of Dr. Anderson's loneliness? If anything his lips should be available to talk and sing. At least in that case he could entertain the doctor.

Blaine did not share his passive kissing companion internal struggles. Other than a growing demand for more contact, the older man forced his tongue into Kurt's innocent mouth and allowed his animalistic instincts to take over. These instincts had been caged for far too long. Ever since Blaine was a teenage he would fantasize about pleasurable and painful acts of intimacy with various toys, such as whips and handcuffs. Most of the high price escorts he paid were willing to indulge the doctor's wishes, but nothing could compare to what Blaine really wanted. What he wanted was his very own Kurt.

"Doctor…doctor…," the younger boy struggled to escape from the older man's hungry kisses, "Is everything alright with me. Is my physical alright?"

"We're just getting started." Blaine did not want to stop kissing his Kurt, but he needed shed the uncomfortable clothing that was blocking him from his creation. In addition, his pants were painfully tight and his polo shirt was too hot.

"What else is there to do?"

Blaine smirked and pulled the black polo over his head.

"Why do you need to get undressed for my physical?" Kurt puzzled. "Should we go someplace else?"

The tan khakis' all too quickly came undone. Blaine had hoped to slow down the progress, but this hope was smashed into a million pieces when the older doctor realized two things.

Sometime during his heated and animalistic kiss, Blaine had lifted and sat his creation across his grand mahogany desk. Lab reports messily littered the floor and the lamp had been knocked over. It was nothing severe or worth the cost of taking Kurt. Kurt was a beautiful sight to see. What more beautiful image for Blaine, than for there to be a beautifully naked teenage boy on his desk with parted legs and a ready body?

Speaking of a ready body, this leads to Blaine's second reason to speed up the process for his first time with Kurt. The pale boy was noticeably hard and panting heavily.

"Is my Kurt enjoying himself?" Blaine tugged off his black undergarments and pulled Kurt closer to the edge of the desk. The pale legs parted for the muscular and olive tone body.

"Something is wrong!" Kurt gasped and stared down at his aching appendage between his legs. "I don't feel normal. Is something wrong with me?"

"Shh, shh," Blaine soothed like a caring and nurturing provider. "I can help you. First you need to promise me something." The older man teased his confused subject by slowly bumping his leg into Kurt's sex. "Can you do that for me?"

A high and unexpected moan slipped from Kurt. The contact Blaine was giving him was wonderfully addicting, but extremely scary. "Do that again."

The older man purposely avoided touching his subject. "I want you to tell me your name and who you live with."

Kurt loudly whined and pushed his body forward. Unfortunately for Kurt, Blaine pulled back and the pale boy was given little contact. It was not long until Kurt surrender.

"My name is K-K-Kurt and I live with my b-b-boyfriend who is also Dr. Anderson."

"What a good little boy I have." Blaine rocked his naked hips forward and covered his lips against the Kurt's panting and whining mouth.

Afraid that Kurt might overly excite himself, Blaine regrettably stopped kissing. "We need to continue your examination. Lay back, please."

The pale boy lay on his back. Blaine did not care if sweat or other bodily fluids dampened his reports. Those were easy enough to reprint.

"Now for the real thing," the older man lifted Kurt's legs. "I want you to keep your legs here." Kurt followed instruction. "Good boy," Blaine praised. "Now, this might sting, but it's for good reason."

"Doctor!" Kurt screamed when he felt something slip within his backside. "What are you doing? Don't do that!"

"It's a part of the physical. Shut up and take it." Blaine slid a second finger into Kurt. It was not until the third finger was in before Blaine realized he forgot to use lube. It was still not enough to stop Blaine continuing to stretch his subject. As for protection, Blaine never intended to use it. Kurt was legally his property and both of them were clean.

Kurt closed his eyes and tried to concentrate on something else. However every time he tried he was distracted by either a shock of pleasure or pain. How could he feel contradictory sensations simultaneously? With little else to do than lay and wait at his doctor's mercy, Kurt focused on the pleasurable feeling he felt every time Blaine touched a sensitive spot within him.

"You are doing wonderful, Kurt." Kurt opened his watery eyes. Towering over him was this dark eyed and dark haired doctor. If the pale boy was able to, then he would have been Blaine's dark and possessive heart ready to devourer him into full submission. However, Kurt was distracted by the praises. "You are beautiful and all mine."

Without protection or assistance, Blaine leveled himself with his subject and slowly pushed forward. "This is a real physical, my love."

The pale boy both cried and gasped at the same time. Blaine too moaned and sped up his motions.

In hindsight Blaine realized that it was unhealthy for him to stow away all his feelings. He needed to dominate and he needed to claim what was his. In between the waves of pleasure Blaine made a mental note. If he was ever able to master the act of time travel, then he would go back and convenience himself to make Number 418 sooner.

Heated curse words and high pitch moans later, Blaine released himself for the first time into his high school love. It was not until after he was done that Blaine realized Kurt had finished a long time ago and was currently overly sensitive.

"Is it over?" Kurt asked worriedly. "Am I okay?"

The older man slowly pulled himself out of Kurt. "You… my very own Kurt," Blaine paused for a moment. All of a sudden Blaine could remember talking to the man in the black jacket and tan khakis' outside the coffee shop. Time travel must be real. "You are better than I could ever imagine."

The End

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