I came out of the bathroom stall and began washing my hands. In the mirror I saw a reflection of how the rest of the world saw me. Short, not thin enough, with unruly blond curls. My black sweater was warm and comfortable, didn't draw attention, and hid my scars. I sighed, knowing I would never be pretty. I turned off the water and reached for a paper towel the same moment that she walked in. Rosalie Hale was one of the new kids at our tiny school. I had heard gossip about her family when walking down the halls, but I had my own problems to deal with and doubted most anything these kids said. I tried not to stare as she reapplied her lip-gloss and adjusted her long sleeves. She was, without a doubt, the most beautiful girl I had ever seen. She almost looked like an enhanced version of me; taller, thinner, curves in all the right places, and perfectly tamed long blond curly hair. I stopped myself from laughing at that thought. I could never look like her.

I couldn't help but feel nervous and almost frightened as I stood so close to her. Something about the close proximity sent chills down my spine. I tried to hide my fear and not to let her notice I was watching her. She pulled her hair in front of her shoulders, partially hiding her face. I knew that move, I did it all the time. Rosalie Hale, who appeared to be the epitome of confidence and beauty, had low self-esteem. She wasn't as tough as she had everyone believing. I did something that was incredibly unlike me, only because I wished someone would do the same for me, I spoke without being spoken to first.

"Y-You shouldn't hide behind your hair." My voice sounded meek and scared so I cleared my throat before continuing. "Your hair is beautiful, but so is your face. I bet you are even more beautiful on the inside, if you let anyone see." I hadn't intended on saying that much, because I wouldn't want anyone telling me to open up to the world. From the bits of gossip I had overheard, all the students claimed that Rosalie was cold-hearted, and an Ice Queen. I half expected her to tell me off. She turned to face me; my breath caught and my heart pounded as fear filled me. I braced myself for the worst, clenching my fists around the ends of my sleeves.

"Thank you." She said and for the first time, I saw one of the Cullen kids smile. The smile reached her eyes, which were a stunning gold that matched her hair. She flipped her long curls behind her shoulders and strutted out of the bathroom like a super model. I looked back at my reflection and sighed. I would never have the beauty the Cullen girls had, and I would never have a guy like one of the Cullen boys. I didn't even have any friends. But I had me, and that would have to be enough. I flipped my hair behind my shoulders and walked out of the bathroom. For once I did not watch the ground, but held my head high as I walked to the cafeteria.