§Spin the Bottle §

By Muirnin Cocan

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Author's Note: Since I started writing nearly two decades ago, I have found that my concepts of relationships is quite strange to say the very least. The majority of my writing has been in the Harry Potter world with the shipping of Harry and Hermione … obviously from canon it is what some would … have called delusional … I have since ventured into other avenues of writing with Glee … and I have fallen in love with the characters of Rachel and Kurt … so once again … I venture forth into the world of the delusional and write not about the finest friendship that has graced out screens of late … but of the true and honest love that we have seen blossom over the years …

Much of the timing of this story is very out of sync with the episodes and it is also VERY AU in scope … but I think I was able to get it to work … as I have gotten more reviews from the original drabbles that this originated from I have decided to post this separately rather than in connection with the rest of the NaNoWriMo work that I have started … and finally I have abandoned any 12-step program for my addiction to reviews and being a review whore and so … I beg of you … please feed my addiction … This story has taken some twists and turns that I honestly didn't expect … as such I needed to post this separtately from the rest of the drabbles as the rating is going to be much higher … You all are the best …

As Always, Muirnin – who will always ship what is right over what was way too easy … love is never easy!

Spin the Bottle … aWhat if story

"I'm still trying to impress Blaine … Can't get too sloppy … Clearly he doesn't have the same concern" Kurt tells his step-brother Finn who was not drinking because he was the designated driver this night.

As Kurt watched Blaine bounce around in a sloppy and drunken state … the interest of impressing the guy he brought with him fizzled out … so resolutely Kurt made a decision and went over to the bar … then looking at the choices that Puck had liberated from Rachel's dad's liquor cabinate … grabbed a full bottle of single malt scotch for himself and settled down to watch those around him … while he feels the buzz from the potent alcohol start to take affect.

Kurt vaguely hears the conversation that Finn and Rachel are having … with Finn tellin Rachel about the different type of girls and what they are like when they drink.

Taking a long swig off the burning liquid he heard Finn state that Rachel is a needy drunk and that it wasn't cool. Kurt's perfectly shaped eyebrows rose high as he heard her response …

"What kind of girl is this?" Rachel slurs as she stumbles to her feet … "Let's play spin the bottle" she says as she raises her wine cooler "Who wants to play spin the bottle!"

Kurt sits down in the circle and watches as each of the group take their turn when it comes to him he spins and it lands on Rachel Berry. Memories of the weak kisses he had once shared with Brittney and the hate kiss from David Karofsky … spike within his memory as he vaguely hears the hoots and hollars of the rest of the Glee kids.

To the side he hears Finn's scoff of disgust at the thought of his brother kissing his one- time girlfriend.

He always wanted to play the leading man part … nobody would take him seriously so Kurt pulled Rachel towards him and even though he was afraid he wouldn't do well … his heart beating a thousand times per minute … he figured he would just make this seem like he is playing a part for a play and just let nature take its course.

As his lips desended onto hers all around them went silent as his eyes opened wide in surprise when he realized this was truly something that was missing from his life … he really enjoyed kissing Rachel … so he then adjusted his mouth towards hers to deepen the kiss. He was now addicted to the way she kissed …

There was no telling how long the kiss went on for as they just kept going until they had to get air. When they began to pull away they stared at each other's eyes and Kurt felt complete for the first time in his life … Sure he still had an attraction to Blaine but the feelings he was flooded with from Rachel were like nothing he had ever experienced.

"You never kissed me like that Kurtie!" Brittney's voice penetrated his alcohol soaked brain.

"Well Britt … You aren't Rachel …" Kurt grinned as he leaned down and kissed her again … their participation in the game was completely lost in each other and they wandered over to the sofa in the corner of the basement.

"And here I was thinking you were telling me the truth … that you were gay … when you actually were in lust with Rachel Berry" seethed a fuming Mercedes Jones as she continued to play the game.


Burt was busy in the kitchen trying to cook eggs using a cookbook that Kurt had given him one year for his birthday. Carole was ususally the one who did all the cooking but she had an early shift at the hospital leaving her men to fend for themselves. Finn came in and got himself a big glass of milk.

"Morning Finn … How was the party last night? Did you boys have fun?" Burt asked his step son.

"Well it was kind of boring … I don't know about Kurt … he didn't come home last night … er … he had fallen asleep on the sofa at Rachel's … I was going to go pick him up later." Finn said "I did bring Blaine with me though and put him to bed in Kurt's room … I hope that's alright."

"Is there a reason why Kurt didn't come home last night? I mean you could have woken him up …" Burt said to Finn. He watched Finn's expression and could tell there was more than what was being told. "Were you boys drinking last night?"

"I didn't drink … I was the designated driver …" Finn said.

"But everyone else? Where were LeRoy and Hiram?" Burt asked. Seeing the blank look on Finn's face he added "You know Rachel's Dads? Were they in the house last night?"

"Burt … I don't feel comfortable with snitching on the others …" Finn said.

"Finn, I need an honest answer from you … did your brother drink last night?" Burt asked him point blank. Finn's head bent low and he nodded yes. "What about Blaine you said he is in Kurt's bed … was he too drunk to drive back home?" Again Finn nodded his head. "Alright, thank you for being honest with me Finn … now where were Rachel's fathers … and why didn't Kurt just come home with you?"

"It was Mr and Mr Berry's date weekend in Cincinatti or Cleveland … could have been Akron … as for Kurt after he started drinking I got into an argument with Rachel … they all started to play spin the bottle … then Kurt and Rachel started kissing. I got uncomfortable watching them kiss and so I kind of left the room. I'm sorry I didn't keep better track of my little brother …"

Burt listened to the tale and was surprised. "I thought that Kurt was interested in Blaine?"

"He was and he was trying to not drink for the longest time last night but then he realized that Blaine didn't have the same presence of mind or the same concerns for not getting sloppy drunk … so ah … he surrendered and started drinking like the other guys were … not sure what happened when he spun the bottle and it landed on Rachel but something changed between them both …" Finn said sadly "If we were talking food it was as if they were both starving …"

Thinking about his son, Burt just shook his head contemplating what this meant with regard to his son's sexuality. Perhaps he had just wanted to see if he could live up to the male persona that he was destined to portray …

Burt had heard years ago from one of the women he had grown up with who ended up married to one of his high school buddies that before Tuck, she was a lesbian but she 'changed' because of Tuck and for no other men.

Maybe Rachel was Kurt's only other … He figured he would wait and talk to Kurt. Turning he looked at Finn and saw the sadness in his eyes. He was back to dating Quinn Fabray but whenever Finn spoke about Rachel … the first impression Burt got was Rachel was tied to Finn's soul … or so he thought.

"Finn, I'm not going to say I know what is going on between you and Rachel … but if there is anything going on between Kurt and Rachel … please don't do anything to sabotage it alright? I know you have feelings for Rachel … but its very possible … Kurt has feelings for her as well … or it could just be … because of the alcohol. I'll tell you what … I'm going to go over to the Berry's and see if I can get Kurt up and back home … Do me a favor see if you can get Blaine up and out of here before we get back." Burt asked his step son.

"Alright Burt …" Finn said grabbing a slice of toast and headed back upstairs. Walking into Kurt's room he saw Blaine start to wake up groaning. "You alive dude?"

"Oh what happened." Blaine said groggily. "Where am I?"

"You're at our house … you were too drunk to get home … This is Kurt's room." Finn said. "You feel up to getting home now?"

"Yeah give me a few to wake up … where's Kurt?" Blaine asked.

"He's still at Rachel's … his Dad is going to go pick him up since we had all gone there together."

"Kurt stayed at Rachel's? I thought he was like me … er … gay."

"He is … not sure what happened last night. Anyway, Kurt does have towels in his bathroom and if you need any moisturizers or whatever its all over there on those shelves."

"Thanks Finn … I guess I should be getting home … Let Kurt know I will call him ok?" Blaine said as he made his way into the bathroom.


The scent and warmth spread through Kurt … the slight pounding of his brain woke him up. It was a sudden shock to find himself tucked along side Rachel Berry in her bed … he was only wearing his boxer shorts and undershirt. As he laid there with his arms wrapped around his rival, he remembered the completeness he had felt when they had first kissed the night before.

Gently shaking her arm "Rach … I think its time to wake up." He said gently trying not to shock her too much. She was laying on his right arm so he couldn't move very well. He chuckled as he watched as she arched and stretched like a cat that is not quite ready to move … but then suddenly her eyes shot open and she stared at Kurt who looked at her and gave her a gentle smile.

"Morning Rachel …" Kurt said very quietly.

"Oh Kurt … I am so sorry … I … ah …" she suddenly had a look of pure confusion on her face her eyes flashing around at the room that they were in "Kurt … we are in my bed … in my room … I'm not dreaming that right?"

Giving her a gentle kiss on her forehead "you are not dreaming …"

"I didn't imagine it … you kissed me last night … and you enjoyed it …" Rachel said slowly trying to make sure that she hadn't made things up in her head … like she had at times with Finn.

The smile on Kurt's face told the tale … "Yes I did kiss you and yes … I did enjoy it … a lot more than I ever though I would with anyone who wasn't male …"

"Really?" Rachel said her eyes wide in surprise as Kurt hugged her closer in his arms and kissed the top of her head.

"Really … now do you mind if I use your restroom … I should probably get dressed and somehow get home …" Kurt asked.

"Yes, go right ahead … there are some new tooth brushes in the drawer and use whatever you need … we sort of missed out mositurizing rituals last night … I'll tell you what … I'll go down stairs and make a couple of fresh fruit smoothies … should help any residual headaches …" Rachel said as she sat up and grabbed her robe to throw on.

"And after I brush my teeth I am going to kiss you again … so I can prove to you and myself that last night was not a fluke …" Kurt said as he began to head towards the restroom hearing the light giggle as she left the room.

Rachel had moved towards her fathers' bathroom and quickly brushed her teeth as well as make sure that she didn't look that bad. She was surprised that with the amount she drank and as drunk as she had been she had no real hang over …

Working efficiently she made multi fruit smoothies as well as some multigrain toast with different jams then remembering that Kurt drank coffee … she pulled out the French Press and began making a pot of coffee just for him.

When Kurt came down he crept up behind her and wrapped his arm around her waist then turned her around capturing her mouth in his immediately revelling in the same feeling of completeness that had enveloped him the night before.

"Now that is a much better Good Morning …" Kurt said as he leaned his forehead against Rachel's.

"I have breakfast made … including some coffee …" gaining her another kiss from the young man with the glasz eyes that at this point were the bluest she had ever seen.

"You are an angel … my angel" Kurt said.

As they sat and ate they spoke quietly of their hopes and dreams for the future. Rachel spoke about how lonely it would be without Kurt at McKinley now … Kurt told Rachel how he really wanted to come back to McKinley but with Karofsky still being a bully he was afraid that if word got out about them being a couple that David might do something to Rachel.

"Please don't worry about me … yes I will miss you but I doubt that Karofsky would do anything to me for fear that he is going to get expelled. He threatened to kill you … if he does anything to me it will look like it is some sort of a revenge against you …" Rachel then had a spark of realization "Oh my God … Kurt … is he in love with you? Did he do something to you?" Rachel had theorized "Please tell me …"

Tears welled in his eyes as he looked at the Jewish beauty before him. "I can't really talk about what he did to me … but believe me if he does anything to you … he will pay for it …" he wrapped her in his arms and kissed her again … yup … still complete.

The knock on the front door caused them jump apart and giggle a little then Rachel hurried towards the front door.

"Oh Mr. Hummel come in … we were just having some breakfast … would you like some coffee or perhaps a smoothie?" Rachel said as bright and cheerful as she could while being terrified of the older man.

"Thank you Rachel that would be nice … I just came to pick up Kurt if he's ready." Burt said as he entered the Berry home.

"Dad … I was going to call you when it was time to leave … I was just going to …" Kurt started turning to look at Rachel "um … help clean up from last night."

"Well, that sounds like a fine plan … why don't we get started …" Burt said he said as he chugged down the coffee that was handed to him.

"Sir, why don't you and Kurt sit and finish your coffee and let me get dressed for the clean up … I won't be long" she said as she smiled at the Hummel men.

Running up the stairs she quickly grabbed a pair of jeans and black turtleneck shirt which she covered with a cream colored cowl neck sweater … she also took the time and pulled her hair back into a high pony.

Hurrying down stairs she could hear Kurt speaking to his father … "complete … that's the only way I can describe it Dad."

"If Rachel makes you feel that way then I am so happy for you son … I told you last year that whatever made you happy would make me happy …"

"Everything that has happened has turned my life around. Dad, what can I do to keep Rachel safe at McKinley?" Kurt asked.

"I'm sure your brother would keep an eye on her …" Burt said

Kurt gave his dad a look that said seriously? "You mean like he kept an eye on me before your wedding? It's not that I don't trust Finn … I do … but Quinn has him wrapped around her little finger and she is very manipulative … she hates Rachel as do many of the other members of Glee … I don't know what has changed Dad but I have this uncanny desire to protect her … I think the only way I can is by going back to McKinley … but I have to wait until after Regionals … Damn it …"

"Son, I'm sure that Rachel will be fine … your friends in Glee Club will make sure that she's alright … and I believe that your brother will keep her safe … despite his girlfriend. Now let's talk about your decision to return to McKinley … why do you have to wait until after Regionals?"

"I promised Blaine that I would sing a duet for the Warblers …" Kurt said resolutely.

Rachel decided now was the best time to reenter the room … "You're singing at Regionals? That's marvelous … I'm writing an original song called 'Get it Right' … I'll let you hear it later if you would like …" She said with a smile.

"I can't wait to hear it …" Kurt said as he lead the procession down to the basement that was thoroughly thrashed.

Burt stared at the turmoil that had once been the Berry's Basement … "Rachel, I won't let on to your dads about what I am seeing here … what happened here last night"

"Kurt you have got to know … you have got the worlds greatest dad!" Rachel said

"He does know … I have the coffee mug he got me for Fathers Day that says just that" Burt said with a smile "Seriously though … can you kids promise me that you will not do this again at least not very often …" Burt looked between at the young couple and masked his surprise that Kurt had just automatically wrapped his arm around Rachel as if it was the most natural thing for him to do. "I am glad about one thing though … that you didn't drink and drive Kurt …" Burt said as he began filling one of the garbage bags with trash that had accumulated "Not sure how I feel about the fact that you spent the night with your girlfriend … or that Blaine spent the night in your bed …"

"He did what? How did he end up there?" Kurt said incensed … he liked his privacy and to think that someone had been in his bedroom … his sanctuary without his knowledge …

"Finn brought him back to our house because apparently he was as your brother described … 'too sloppy drunk to go home'. I don't think Finn meant to intrude on your sanctuary so don't be too hard on him."

"Well it wasn't that I was too sloppy drunk to go home … I … er … we fell asleep … not quite sure when everyone else went home."

"I didn't pay much attention to anything else after we played spin the bottle …" Rachel commented collecting the scattered bits of clothing that had somehow been shed "Isn't this Brittney's bra?" holding up the pink bra that had black polka dots.

"To be honest I don't remember … which is surprising as I can ususally remember all the different wardrobe changes that people go through … I guess I haven't paid attention to what she or anyone else has been wearing lately … except perhaps you …" Kurt said as he tossed emptys in the trash. "You do have a habit of dressing like a toddler at times …" he said with a grin "But now you have me and I will help with correcting that one defect you seem to have."

Rachel tried to look upset but couldn't when she started giggling.

"I can't believe you have a stage down here … no wonder you love performing so much." Burt said picking up the salt shaker that had been left on the floor. "I don't think I have ever heard the two of you sing before …"

"Dad, would you like to hear us do a number here?" Kurt asked as he looked at Rachel as if confirming that she would want to sing along side him as well.

"That would be wonderful … but let's finish cleaning up here and then you can entertain me."

It took only about 30 minutes more until the room was back into its prestine condition … when Rachel had pulled a couple of stools up to the stage and looked over at Burt who had sat himself in the chair that Kurt had placed for him to watch.

"What do you think … should we go old school or theater?" Kurt asked Rachel with a smile.

"How about … you know which one … if he wants an encore we can treat him to the final number of …"

"That's and excellent idea …" Kurt responded never letting her finish her statement as he already knew where she was going with it.

To look at Burt the surprise that was present could not be more substantiated as he had just seen how in sync their brains were … as if they were reading each other's minds. He sat back and listend as they had started an instrumental track on the stereo system and he heard a song he hadn't thought of in years …

Kurt (Rachel):

Forget your troubles. (Happy days)

Come on get happy. (Are here again)

You better chase all your cares away. (The skies above are clear again)

Shout hallelujah. (So let's sing a song)

Come on get happy. (Of cheer again)

Get ready for the judgement day. (Happy days are here again)

The sun is shining. Come on get happy. (Shout it now)

The lord is waiting to take your hand. (There is no one who can doubt it now)

Shout hallelujah. (So lets tell the world)

And just get happy. (About it now)

We are going to the promise land. (Happy days are here again)

We're heading across the river, soon your cares will all be gone. (There'll be no more from now on)

Rachel and Kurt:

From now on!

Kurt (Rachel):

Forget your troubles. (Oh, happy days)

And just get happy. (Are here again)

You better chase all your blues away. (The skies above are clear again)

Shout Hallelujah. (So lets sing a song)

And just get happy. (Of cheer again)


Happy times! (Kurt: Happy times!)

Happy nights! (Kurt: Happy nights!)

Rachel and Kurt:

Happy days! Are. Here. Again!

Burt began applauding at the talented pair … as Kurt reached over to the controls and made a change to the sound system … the moment that the first notes had chimed Burt saw the look of joy in Rachel's eyes


I'm limited,

Just look at me,

I'm limited, and just look at you,

You can do all I couldn't do, Glinda.

So now it's up to you, for both of us

Now it's up, to you...


I've heard it said,

That people come into our lives for a reason

Bringing something we must learn,

And we are led, to those who help us most to grow

If we let them, and we help them in return.

Well, I don't know if I believe that's true,

But I know I'm who I am today, because I knew you.

Like a comet pulled from orbit as it passes a sun,

Like a stream that meets a boulder halfway through the wood,

Who can say, if I've been changed for the better?

Because I knew you, I have been changed for good.


It well may be that we will never meet again

In this lifetime,

So let me say before we part,

So much of me is made from what I learned from you

You'll be with me like a handprint on my heart,

And now, whatever way our stories end,

I know you have rewritten mine by being my friend.

Like a ship blown from its mooring by a wind off the sea,

Like a seed dropped by a skybird in a distant wood,

Who can say if I've been changed for the better

But, because I knew you...


Because I knew you

Kurt and Rachel:

I have been changed for good


And just to clear the air, I ask forgiveness

For the things I've done you blame me for


But then, I guess we know there's blame to share

Kurt and Rachel:

And none of it seems to matter anymore

Kurt (Rachel):

Like a comet pulled from orbit (Like a ship blown from its mooring)

As it passes a sun (By a wind off the sea)

Like a stream that meets a boulder (Like a seed dropped by a bird)

Halfway through the wood (In the wood)

Kurt and Rachel:

Who can say if I've been changed for the better?

I do believe I have been changed for the better.


And because I knew you..


Because I knew you..

Kurt and Rachel:

Because I knew you,

I have been changed for good

During the song the pair had abandoned the the stools and started moving around the stage as if they were at the Gershwin Theater in New York. Burt watched in amazement at the look of love and joy that the pair had for not only each other but for the song that they were singing.

By the time the song ended Kurt had his arm around Rachel's waist and gently kissed her on the lips as they finished. The song had more meaning for the pair now than any other time in their lives.

"Oh I wish that we were singing that at Regionals" Rachel gushed as she leaned into Kurt's embrace.

Kurt looked down at Rachel and smiled "All I know is that someday we will go to New York together … I can feel it …"

"Well, I hate to break this party up but I need to get Kurt home …" Burt said "Kurt I will be out at the truck …" As he walked away from the pair Kurt went to go gather his stuff from upstairs while Rachel walked Burt to the door, "Rachel, thank you for the entertainment and for making such a change in my son's life …"

"Mr. Hummel, I can honestly say that it was Kurt who made the change in my life … as much as I thought I loved Finn … those feelings don't even compare to how I feel about Kurt … its scary at how fast this happened … it almost doesn't seem real." Rachel said to Kurt's father.

"Call me Burt honey … When the right person comes along … you just know … that's how it was with Kurt's Mother and that's how it is with Carole … Now, I will be out at the truck … say your goodbyes and I will see you soon … I am sure you will be coming over more now since you are seeing my son." Burt gave Rachel a hug and went out to the black Chevy that was parked in the driveway.

Rachel turned around to see Kurt standing there with his courier bag hung on his shoulder … what surprised her the most was the tears that were welling in his eyes. She rushed over to him and before she could ask him what was wrong he had enveloped her into a tight hug and whispered in her ear "I love you Rachel Berry."

"I love you too …" Rachel whispered back "More than words can say … Call me later?"

"Absolutely … you have changed me Rachel … no other girl could have … we are going to take this slow … as slow as you and I can take this …" Kurt said as he gave her a deep passionate kiss good bye. He walked out her front door leaving her completely breathless.

Somehow … someway … she had to get Kurt back into McKinley and to the New Directions … she would need to get some of the team together to see what they could come up with to get him back into their fold …