Talking Togepi

0. Cemetery Day/Raining

An eye-catching red haired woman stands next to a tall chestnut haired man. By the woman's side stands a black haired, blue eyed little girl. They stand with a crowd of people, including a mahogany haired woman and a white haired older man.

A priest stands at the head of an open grave. Behind him is a brand new headstone. The face of a handsome man, in the prime of his life, is engraved on the black marble surface. Rain has streaked the man's face like tears.

The service ends and the woman and little girl are led by the chestnut haired man to a waiting limo.

One Year Later

1. Ext. Oak house full shot Day

An attractive, two-story residence in a private, gated community. The well-kept lawn has carefully cultivated flower beds, manicured bushes, and a red brick paved driveway to a side two-car garage. A fairly new sapphire blue BMW comes down the street and into the driveway.

2. Side of house angle to garage

The car is stopped just before the garage and MISTY OAK, a housewife of about 30, calmly attractive, gets out from behind the wheel with a Hermes purse in hand. We recognize her as the red haired woman at the cemetery.

MAI OAK, gets out on the other side with a bulky box just barely manageable by her six year old arms, runs around to join her mother. They approach the CAMERA; when they are in MED. CLOSE SHOT, Misty puts her hand on Mai's shoulder, looks down to her as Mai looks up.


Now remember, honey, I want you to run upstairs with your toy.


Can't new Daddy see it?

Misty (smiles sadly at the term)

Not right away. Do you understand?


Yes, Mommy.

They start for the back door.

3. Int. House study Med. shot Gary Oak

The room is large, decorated with pictures of pokemon and people. The shelves that line the walls are covered with books, both entertaining and educational. The room almost feels like a private library.

GARY OAK, about 35, sits behind a large mahogany desk, frowning. Before him is a large check book and the desk is covered with bills. His sleeves are rolled up, his collar open, his tie loosened. We hear the off screen SOUND of a door OPENING, CLOSING. He looks up, glad to look away from bills left behind from the situations that occurred a year ago.

4. Angle to door

Gary gets up and walks to the open doorway of the study. He leans against the stained wood door frame as Misty and Mai reach it. Mai hesitates, looking at her step-father with wide blue eyes.


Misty, glad to see you've come back. What did you buy today?

Misty (uncomfortable)

Nothing much.

(to Mai)

Mai, honey, go on to your room.

Mai gives her mother a pouty look before she turns to start off.


Wait a minute, Mai. What have you got there?

Mai turns to answer, but Misty says:


It's just a doll, Gary.

Mai hesitates and awaits the outcome.


She doesn't need another doll.


It's one she's had her eye on for months, and she's been so good at her academy.


I thought we agreed-

Misty makes a pained face, brushes past him and walks into the large living room. The ceiling soars twenty feet high, and a fireplace on the opposite wall has natural stone trim that soars as high as the cathedral ceiling.

5. Another angle in the living room

Misty moves to a leather couch to put down her purchases. She sinks gratefully into the plush black leather and looks like she wants to close her eyes and sleep. Instead, she keeps a hawks eye on her daughter.

Misty (to Mai)

Why don't you open it, sweetie. Show Gary what you have.

Mai runs into the living room, squealing excitedly; she is beaming, can't open the box quickly enough. Gary sits on the couch with, but not near, Misty.


It's alive, Daddy, and its name's Talking Togepi!

She withdraws an ugly doll about two feet tall. Shaped like an egg cracked in half, the white shelled creature has blue and red triangles on its shell. The yellow head poking out of the egg, hinting that it is hiding half in the egg, stares at Gary with beady glossy black eyes.

It has the latest in electronic adjustments. On the back is a small red triangle that powers the toy on, and blue triangle that gives a voice to the toy.

Gary (annoyed)

For Lugia's sake, Misty, a doll that ugly-

Misty (quietly)

I put it on Ash's account.

Mai (ignoring her parents)

Togepi does every thing!

6. Close shot Mai

Mai pokes at the back of the doll. A click is heard from a button being pressed, and there is a brief electrical whirring sound as the doll powers on


He moves and walks and he can even talk and I just love him already.

Gary (annoyed)

He? I thought that thing didn't have a gender.


Oh let it go. She can call it whatever she wants.

The doll writhes in a ghastly slow motion. Mai puts the doll on the marble tiled floor and lets it go. It totters there for a moment, then stands still.

Doll (in a cute, almost squeaky voice)

My name is Talking Togepi and I love you very much.

Mai giggles, looks toward her offscreen parents for their reaction, then claps her hands as the doll toddles towards her.

7. Two shot Misty and Gary

Misty watches the off screen Mai with amusement. Gary is grim.

Doll's Voice

My name is Talking Togepi and I will do whatever you ask me to do. (giggles) Just tell me what you want me to do and I will do it.


All right, how much did it cost?


I told you, I-


I know. You charged it to Ash's account. How much did it cost?

Misty (guardedly)

Two twenty-three ninety-five.

Gary (aghast)

Two twenty-three ninety-five?

Doll's Voice

My name is Talking Togepi and I love you very much.


But dear, a doll like that-

8. Angle to Mai

Picks up the doll and hugs it close to her. She spins around with it, dancing.

Gary's Voice (livid)

That's all we need, a worthless doll that talks.


My name is Talking Togepi and I love you very much.


Gary (sharply)

Will you shut that disgusting thing off!

Mai, wrenched from her fascination, turns frightened eyes to her step-father and sees his wrath. She drops the doll to on the floor, and runs from the room, crying.

9. Full shot Study

Misty darts a withering look to Gary before running after her daughter.



10. Angle to doll

It writhes on the cold marble floor. Its eyes are closed, and the CAMERA MOVES IN. The Togepi's movements slow down, stops, and when the CAMERA is in CLOSE SHOT, the eyes jerk wide open.

Serling's Voice

Talking Togepi, the doll that does everything, a lifelike creation of plastic and circuits and painted smile.

11. Shot Authoress, a lovely blonde vision in Versace. Hey, go with it. There's a thunderstorm rolling in, my IE isn't working right, and I want to get this up for you wonderful readers!


To Gary Oak, he is a most unwelcome addition to his household - but without it, he'd never enter the PokeZone.





12. Int. Oak house Mai's bedroom Day

Misty sits on Mai's bed, drying Mai's tears with a kleenex. Gary stands nearby looking neutral. Mai's room is painted a soothing lavender shade, and a wallpaper border of chibi pokemon circles the center of the walls.

Misty (soothingly)

It's all right, honey. Daddy says you can keep the doll.

Gary makes a wry face. Mai looks to him to see if her mother is telling the truth.

13. Close shot Gary

Quickly changes the grimace to a smile.


I promise, Mai.

14. Back to scene

Misty (to Mai)


Gary sighs, and moves to leave the room. He looks back, and tries making a joke.


Man is helpless in the face of a female alliance. (pauses a beat) I'll be downstairs.

He goes out, closes the white painted door gently behind him. Misty smiles at Mai.

15. Angle past study door

Gary comes down the stairs, moves to the study door.

16. Int. Study full shot

Gary coming in, going to the desk, moving some papers around, then looking toward the doll on the living room floor in the living room that was adjacent to the study. Ash had built this house with family in mind. Though he had to do League work, he wanted to be able to see his family. Thusly, he had the study built so it would look into the living room.

17. Angle to living room

Gary pauses and moves into the living room. He looks down at the doll and scowls. He picks it up, and presses the 'talk' button on its otherwise smooth shell back. The doll writhes grotesquely. He looks at it distastefully.

18. Close on Gary

He presses the button again and stares at the doll.


My name is Talking Togepi and I don't think I like you.

Gary reacts, blinks, lets the doll run down. When it stops writhing, he presses the 'talk' button once more.


My name is Talking Togepi and I think I could even hate you.

Gary angers, throws the doll across the room. It hits the wall with a dull THUMP.

19. Close on doll

It writhes slowly, stops, its eyes on Gary who is off screen.


My name is Talking Togepi...(voice changes to a growl) and you'll be sorry.

20. Angle past Gary in foreground

and TOWARD door. He stares in undisguised shock at the off screen doll as Misty comes in to stand beside him, looking first at him and then at the off screen doll.



She starts for the doll.

21. Angle to doll

Misty picks up the doll, turns to Gary vexedly as he ENTERS FRAME with residual anger.


Why not?


I don't like what it says.


Oh, didn't it stroke your ego? (angry) You didn't have to throw it. Mai is quite fond of it.

Gary (ignoring Misty)

It has quite a vocabulary. (taking doll, pressing 'talk' button) Listen.


My name is Talking Togepi and I love you very much.

Gary (staring at doll)

That's not what it said a minute ago.

22. Angle to door

A subdued Mai comes back in the living room, and the CAMERA FOLLOWS her to Misty and Gary. When she puts up her hands for the doll, Gary draws it away.

Gary (impatient)

Not now.

Mai (face clouding)

But New Daddy-

He gets down on his haunches to face her.


Mai, honey, listen...


Gary, you promised.

Reluctantly, he gives her the doll. As she moves off, she pushes the 'talk' button.

23. Angle to door

Mai carries the doll out in such a way that when it opens its eyes, it seems to stare at Gary.


My name is Talking Togepi and I love you very much.

24. Close shot Gary

He's puzzled and not quite sure if his senses have deceived him or not.


25. Int. Dining room angle to table

Misty, Mai, and Gary are seated and eating their dinner. The doll sits in one of Mai's old high chairs. Mai pretends to feed the doll as a mother would.


Be a good boy, Toge, and eat your supper.


Eat your own supper, Mai.

They eat in silence, with Mai sneaking food to 'Toge.'

26. Close shot Gary

He eats and scowls across the table at the doll.

27. P.O.V. shot the doll

It stares back insolently.

28. Group favoring Gary

He is annoyed with the doll's unblinking gaze.


Mai, isn't there some way to close that things eyes?

Mai (a bit annoyed at her step-daddy calling 'Toge' a thing)

But Toge's eating, New Daddy. He can't eat with his eyes closed!

Gary (after a pause)

I don't see why you had to bring it to the table.

29. Two shot Gary and Misty

Gary turns to Misty.


I've never seen such hideous eyes.


He's just a doll. (beat) And Mai needs him.

Gary looks at her sharply.


Lacking a brother or sister, is that what you mean?

Misty (stiffly)

I didn't say that.


But it's why you bought it, so I'd have a reminder.

Misty gives him a cold look, gets up, stacking her dishes.

Misty (stonily)

It hadn't occurred to me...but if that's what you think-

The front door chime SOUNDS. Misty turns, moves off.

30. Angle to table

Misty leaving the room, Gary finishing his meal, Mai happily 'feeding' the doll. Off screen a door OPENS.

Little Girl's Voice

Can Mai come out and play?

Mai gets off her chair. Misty comes to the doorway of the dining room.


It's Lila. Are you through with your dinner?


Yes, Mommy...Can I take Toge?


Not outside. You can show him to Lila later.

Mai goes. Misty ignores Gary and starts to clear the table. Gary lights a cigarette and watches her. The off-screen door OPENS and CLOSES. The doll slowly writhes in the high chair. Misty goes to the kitchen, and water is heard as she begins to hand wash the dishes.

31. Shot doll

Slowing down, blinking its eyes.


My name is Talking Togepi and I'm beginning to hate you.

32. Shot Gary

Reacting, glowering, then controlling himself, smiling. He takes a long drag on the cigarette and blows it at the doll.


My name is Gary Oak and I think I'm going to get rid of your sorry ass.

33. Shot doll

Wide-open stare.


You wouldn't dare.

34. Two shot Gary and doll

His smile broadens.


Wouldn't I?

Getting up he moves over to the doll, picks it up, CAMERA MOVING IN.


Misty would hate you...Mai would hate you...and I would hate you.


Yes, I'm sure I'd feel horrible about that.

35. Angle to door to kitchen

Misty comes in, CAMERA FOLLOWING her to the table where she picks up

more dishes. She glances to Gary with the doll, hesitates. Gary smiles and nods to the doll.


Just seeing how it works.

Misty rolls her eyes in annoyance and turns away, picks up the last of the dirty dishes, and goes back to the kitchen.

36. Shot Gary

Amusedly examining the doll, probing here and there, looking at all the

joints. He pulls on a leg, twisting it a little.



Gary (stubs out the cigarette on an ashtray)

So you have feelings?


Doesn't everything?

Gary (wide grin)

Then I could hurt you.


Not really. But I could hurt you.

Gary (with a laugh)

Threats from a doll! How ridiculous.

37. Angle past Gary

To the doorway to the kitchen. Misty comes in, and stops. She looks around.


Who were you talking to?

He moves to her with the doll, still smiling. He hands it to her.


Here. The game's over.

She takes the doll, but stares at him with confusion in her cerulean gaze.




Oh! Come on, now. How dense do you think I am?


Do you really want me to answer that? I wish I knew what you were talking about. I think you're too stressed at work. You're too hard on yourself.

38. Angle past Misty and Gary

and TOWARD table. He moves to the table to get his coffee cup.


I admit I haven't kept up with the times. I didn't know they were integrating walkie-talkies with dolls. I'd have thought that would be too much of a boy thing than something for girls.



He gives her his coffee cup, which she takes with a scowl. Partially mad at him, and partially confused at his actions, she looks at him, trying to school her face into a neutral expression.


Come off it Misty. Didn't you think I'd catch on? All that stuff about hating me - and that last bit about feelings. (mimicking doll) Doesn't everyone? (normal voice) You should be in comedy, instead of being a wash-up of a Gym Leader. (moving off) I need more coffee. I'll be in the study taking care of your bills.

Misty stares at him, bewildered and slightly more angry. She turns at the SOUND of the front door OPENING, CLOSING.

39. Angle to dining room doorway

Mai coming in with LILA, a pink haired girl about her age. CAMERA FOLLOWING them to Misty.


Lila wants to see Toge.

Misty hands her the doll.

Misty (absently)

Here you are, dear.

Misty moves worriedly toward and through the door to the kitchen as the CAMERA MOVES IN on Mai and Lila. Mai presses the blue button on the doll.



Lila watches wide-eyed as the doll squirms. Mai pulls the ring.


My name is Talking Togepi and I love you very much.

Both girls giggle with pleasure. They start off towards the door leading to the back yard.


Let me do it.

40. Angle past table in foreground

and TOWARD kitchen door. Gary coming through it with his coffee. Misty follows behind him. She has things to discuss with him, bills or no.


You can think whatever you want to, but it's not true.

Gary put his refilled coffee cup down on the table, sits down, his face in profile, Misty moves to him, standing in front of the wide desk.

Misty (defensive)

I'm not playing a trick on you.


Go ahead, pretend, but I know you've got a microphone around here

somewhere. (almost desperately) You must have.


The doll says only one thing.


I notice it never talks when you're in the room with me.

Misty, seeing his certainty, sinks to a chair and stares at him, feeling disturbed at her husband's behavior. Worry crosses her features.


You're really serious.

He grimaces extravagantly, sips his coffee. He sets the coffee down and flips through recent bills. He scowls at one in particular.


You really mean it.

Gary (harshly)

Of course I mean it. (beat) So tell me.

Misty (almost a wail)

But there's nothing to tell!

41. Shot Gary

Getting angrily to his feet, pushing his chair back. It scrapes noisily against the wooden floor.


Fine, don't tell me. Keep your damn secret. I don't care!

He storms out of the room, CAMERA FOLLOWING.

42. Ext. House Mai and Lila

The door to the house in the background. They sit on the front steps

with the doll. Lila presses the blue triangle button again. The door opens, and Gary comes out in an agitated state, lighting a cigarette, watches them. The doll makes its movements. Lila tilts the doll. Gary looks at them calculatingly, and then turns to look down the street.


My name is Talking Togepi and I love you very much.

Gary joins them.


How would you kids like some ice cream?

Mai (jumping up)

Lila, too?


Sure. (digs for change) There's the truck just down the street. If you hurry, you can catch him.

He gives them some money. They move to start off, and Mai carries the doll.


Leave the doll here, Mai.

She relinquishes the doll and they move off quickly. Gary watches them go, then looks down at the doll with distaste and distrust. He looks toward the kitchen window, which faces the backyard, and then looks back to the doll before starting off.

43. Angle to rear of house

Gary ENTERING FRAME and moving toward a metal garbage can, holding the doll under his arm.

44. Shot Gary

At the garbage can, reaching for the lid.


Oooh - are you going to be sorry for that one!

Gary hesitates for a moment. Then, with a victorious smile, he tosses the doll in, clamps the lid back on, snorts contemptuously and moves off.


45. Int. Study full shot Night

Gary is seated in a comfortable leather recliner reading a newspaper. A plasma tv hangs on the far wall, and is showing the local news. From the doorway, Mai runs to him.


Where's Toge, Daddy?

46. Med. two shot Gary and Mai

Gary stiffens but does not look up from the paper. The news changes to a weather report.


I wouldn't know.


You had him last, New Daddy.


Go ask your mother.

47. Angle to door

Misty is standing there, aloofness etched on her features.


She's already asked me.

48. Shot Gary

Looking up.

Gary (an accusation)

And what did you tell her?

CAMERA DRAWS BACK to INCLUDE Mai and Misty, who joins them.


That you'd know where he is.


Where is he, new daddy?

Gary goes back to his newspaper.

Gary (coldly)

If your mother can't tell you, then neither can I.

49. View of Misty

Disturbed by his attitude, but controlling herself, she turns to Mai and puts her arm around her daughter.


Toge must be somewhere around here, Mai. Let's look for him.

They start off.

50. View of Gary

Waiting until they are out of the room, then lowering the paper to look after them, his face a study.


51. Close shot of the telephone

It RINGS. The CAMERA DRAWS BACK to INCLUDE Gary, who puts down the paper. He gets up and moves to the phone, picking it up.



Gary reacts as he hears:

Doll's Voice (filtered)

My name is Talking Togepi and I am going to kill you.

Gary (after a pause)

Who is this?...Misty, is this you?

When there is no other response, he slams the phone down in anger and abruptly starts off and leaves the room.

52. Ext. House angle to back door Night

The door opens, and Gary comes out. The CAMERA FOLLOWS him to the garbage can.

53. Close on garbage can

Gary takes off the lid. He leans the garbage can TOWARD CAMERA so that we can see, with him, that it is empty. The CAMERA MOVES IN on his face as he lets the garbage can rock back to its original position. He sets the lid back on, then turns to stare off screen with an expression of uneasiness.





54. Int. House dining room angle to door

Gary comes through the door to the kitchen in a rage.



He crosses to the doorway to the hall, with the CAMERA FOLLOWING.

55. Angle down hallway toward stairs




Misty appears on the stairs, looking at him in surprise as she descends. Gary stops at the door of the study and looks up angrily at her.

56. Med. shot Gary

Seething with anger.


Where is he?

Misty joins him.

Misty (mishearing him)

She's still looking.


I don't mean Mai.


We haven't found the doll, if that's what you mean.


That's exactly what I mean. You knew I put it in the garbage can and-

Misty (cutting in)

You what?


it isn't there now.

57. Shot of Misty



Gary, how could you? You know what that doll means to her!

58. Int. Study angle to door

Turning away from her, Gary walks in to the study. The tv is still on, and a crime drama is on. He tries to control his anger, which is mixed with fear and frustration. Misty follows him.


I'm tired of all this nonsense. A joke's a joke, Misty, but it's gone on too far.


Me? But, Gary, I-


Please, stop denying it, Misty. You're only making it worse.

The CAMERA FOLLOWS him to the desk where he drops to his chair, furiously lighting a cigarette. Misty joins him, looking down at him uneasily.

Misty (softly)

Gary, I didn't touch the doll. I haven't even seen it since dinner. (beat) I swear it.

Gary considers it. He frowns and takes a drag on the cigarette, letting the smoke out before speaking. The smooth flavor of the nicotine soothes him.


You're telling the truth? You didn't take it?


I didn't take it...But putting it in the trash like that makes you an asshole.

Gary (ignores her insult)

Then who...?


I should have returned it.

Gary (almost to himself)

Somebody must have come along and...

He looks to her sharply, his face darkening.


The phone call.


What phone call?


You were on the extension. You said-

Misty (bewildered)

What are you talking about?


Didn't you do it?

Misty (exasperated)

Do what?

59. Another angle

Gary looks at her for a long moment, then gets up. It dawns on him for the first time that Misty might be telling the truth. He paces about thoughtfully, and Misty watches him concernedly.


No, of course it couldn't have been you. How could you have made the telephone ring-

He stops to face her, saying thoughtfully:


There are ways, of course. Maybe you used a Ditto, but...

Misty (completely lost and confused, anger simmers low in her thoughts)


60. Close shot of Gary

Thinking it out as he talks.


The phone rang. I answered it. The doll's voice was loud and clear. It said, "My name is Talking Togepi and I'm going to kill you."

61. Med. shot of Misty

Taken back.

Misty (shocked)


Gary (joining her) That's what it said. (seeing her disbelief) Would I lie?

Misty (after a pause; worried)

Gary, I don't know what to say.


Well, the doll's gone. Maybe things can settle down around here now.


Don't forget Mai.


What about her?


How can you explain it to her? What, are you just going to say the doll walked away?


We'll buy another one. I'll talk to her. Is she upstairs?


Yes, she's in her room. But Gary…

Gary starts off.

62. Angle down upstairs hallway

Gary reaches the top of the stairs.



63. Int. Mai's bedroom angle on door

Gary reaches the door and looks in. He reacts, moves into CLOSE SHOT, and looks down in shock.

64. P.O.V. shot Mai

Asleep in her bed, Mai has the doll at her side, Mai's arm draped over the squat egg shaped doll. The doll's eyes are closed.

65. Shot Gary

Frowning, recovering.

Gary (softly)


66. Tight two shot Mai and doll

The doll's eyes flip open and stare at Gary off screen.


I told you you'd be sorry.

67. Angle to bed

Gary stands over it, his face flushes with renewed anger. He reaches over Mai to take the doll.

Doll (crying out loudly in alarm)

Mai! Mai!

Gary (growls)

Shut up!

He succeeds in removing the doll.


Wake up, Mai!

Mai wakes up, sees Gary's wild state and the doll.


New Daddy!


Go back to sleep, Mai.


I want my Toge!


I'm going to - borrow Toge for a while.

Mai senses his real intent, jerks to a sitting position.


Toge belongs to me!

Gary starts from the bed. Mai's face tenses; she starts to cry.

Mai (a sob)


68. Angle to door

Gary reaches the door to Mai's room just as Misty starts in. The sound of Mai crying is loud in the otherwise quiet room.


What's happening?


I found the doll in her bed.

69. Angle to bed

Misty moves to it, taking Mai in her arms.


It's all right, Mai. It's all right, honey.


I want Toge!

Misty casts a helpless look to Gary.



70. Shot Gary

He makes up his mind.



He turns and leaves the room.

71. Two shot of Mai and Misty

Misty holds Mai, who is sobbing unchecked.

Misty (soothingly)

There, there...

72. Lower hallway angle to stairs

Gary stalks down the stairs purposefully, grimly, and has the doll under his arm.

73. Ext. House angle to back door Night

Gary leaves the house, stepping onto the red brick backyard patio. The patio lights flicker on automatically, glowing gently. The CAMERA FOLLOWS him to a barbequepit that sits in the right side of the yard.

74. Close on barbeque pit

Gary unceremoniously dumps the doll in among the ashes of previous

charcoal fires. He reaches into his pocket for his lucky silver cigarette lighter, brings it out, and lights it. As soon as it comes near the doll's little yellow feet, the flame blows out. He tries it again. It will not light, though he flicks it several times.

75. Angle to back door

The red door opens, and Misty steps out.



76. Med. shot Gary at the barbeque pit

Gary reaches to a nearby ledge shelf, then glances to Misty, who joins him. He takes down a box of wooden matches.


What are you doing?


What I have to do.

He strikes a match, holds the doll out to light it.


Gary! - No!

She moves to the barbeque to pick up the doll. Gary slaps her away. Misty stumbles back, almost tripping over a lose brick. She catches herself by gripping on to the corner of the house.


Leave me alone! I HAVE TO DO THIS!

Misty draws back, frightened by his fervor. Gary strikes another match.

Misty turns away and moves off. Gary stands with the match, turning to watch her.

77. P.O.V. shot of Misty

She runs into the house without a backward glance.

78. At the barbeque pit

The match burns his finger. He drops it, turns back, strikes another match, holding out the doll. It will not burn. He frowns as he lights another match to try to ignite the doll. He still cannot make the doll burn. He stares at the doll for a moment, then throws the box of matches back on the shelf, looks around angrily, spies a rack of knives, forks and other barbecue utensils.

He takes the largest knife, moves to the doll, and tests the cutting edge of the knife. Satisfied, he sets the knife edge on the doll's throat area and commences sawing. Nothing happens. The knife will not cut. He lets out his breath in frustration, glares at the doll hatefully, looks toward the garbage can, and picks up the doll roughly.

79. Angle to the back door

Gary moves to a trash barrel beside the back door. He pick outnewspapers, a potato sack, and rope. He takes the rope and a paper carton beside the barrel, and moves off.

80. Angle to a picnic table

Gary puts the doll on the picnic table, lays out the newspapers, wraps the doll quickly, inserts this into the sack, shoves the sack in the box, ties the rope around it, starts off with it.

81. Angle to garbage can

Gary reaches the garbage can, drops the box in, clamps down the lid, looks around, finds an unused concrete stepping stone, with effort manages to get this on top of the lid. He stands back to observe his



I'd like to see you try to get out of that. (he sneers) On second thought, I really don't.

He turns and moves to the back door, CAMERA FOLLOWING.

82. Int. Large Bedroom suite full shot

Misty is walking from her walk-in closet towards the bed. Her arms are full of designer label clothes, though she seems to not care about that as she unceremoniously dumps them into a Louis Vuitton suitcase on the bed. She goes back and tosses shoes from the closet towards the bed. Several bounce off the bed, and we can see the labels. Jimmy Choo, Manalo Blahnik, and Celine. She stalks back to the bed, picks up the shoes, and shoves them into the suitcase Her movements are angry, determined.

83. Angle to door

Gary appears there and looks in. He seems surprised by his wife's actions.


What are you doing?

He moves to her side, CAMERA FOLLOWING.


You're the genius. What does it look like I'm doing?


You're leaving me? But why?

Misty (pausing to look at him coldly)

Why? How could I live with you after what you've done?


I had to do it - the doll-


You had to do it - to get revenge...just because I spent Ash's precious money! Some days I think you care more for his money than you do for me!

She turns away, but he reaches for her, turns her around.

Gary (nostrils flaring in anger)

Listen to me, Misty. That doll talked to me. It said things no doll should say. (beat) Don't you get it? I had to get rid of it.


You're sick, Gary. A sick, neurotic man that's scared of a doll. And Mai - I don't want her hurt by actions you deem necessary because you're scared of a toy.


You're taking Mai?


I'm her mother, of course I am. (beat) And I think you'd better see a good psychiatrist.

She resumes her packing.

84. Shot Gary

Sinking slowly to the bed, the implication clear, considering it miserably.

Gary (almost to himself)

I couldn't have imagined it. It really did say those things to me.

85. Angle to bed

Misty continuing her packing.


Tell him you burned a little girl's doll.

Gary (gloomily)

I didn't burn it.

Misty (hesitating)

What did you do with it?

Gary gets up to face her, CAMERA MOVING IN.


I'll bring the doll in. I'll give it back to Mai. Will that make things better?


It would be a start, Gary.

He turns, goes. Misty looks after him worriedly, sits on the bed.

86. Ext. House angle to door Night

Gary coming out, turning on the patio lights.

87. Angle to garbage can

Gary reaches it, lifts off the stone, removes the lid, takes out the box, slips off the rope, takes out the sack, depositing the box in the garbage can, then the sack, then the papers. He grimaces at the doll.

88. Angle to back door

Gary carries the doll in and turns off the outdoor lights.

89. Angle down upstairs hallway

Gary reaches the top of the stairs.

90. Angle past Mai and Misty in foreground

Mai, her face tear-stained, is in bed in her pajamas. Misty sits on the bed beside her. Gary appears in the doorway with the doll. He starts toward them.


Toge! Toge!

91. Angle to bed

Mai holds out her arms for the doll, happiness written all over her face. Gary gives it to her. Misty watches with what could be renewed hope in Gary. Mai embraces the doll, her best friend at long last returned to her.


Oh, Toge!

Misty gets up, moves to Gary's side, and he takes her hand. They both look down at Mai, then at each other, and share a smile.

92. Int. Bedroom Suite full shot Night

A huge king sized bed takes up a large amount of space in the room. The mahogany four poster frame has wine colored sheers swagged over the top frame. The effect is romantic, and after a long make up session, Misty and Gary are sleeping, lying in each other's embrace.

A Louis Vuitton suitcase lies, forgotten, half in and half out of the doorway to Misty's walk in closet. The dark room is illuminated by the street lights along the lane. Abruptly, Gary sits up.

93. Angle to beds

The movement wakes Misty, who sits up and looks to Gary, who sits in a listening position.

Misty (softly)

What is it?


I heard something.

He moves to swing his legs out and stands. Misty starts to get up.

Gary (pulling on a silken pair of sleep pants)

No. You stay there.

She sinks back, frightened. Gary moves off.

94. Angle down hallway

Gary moving out into the hallway, advancing TOWARD CAMERA stealthily.

He stops at Mai's door.

95. Int. Mai's bedroom close on door

It opens gently at his touch. Gary peers in. His eyes widen in surprise.

96. P.O.V. shot Mai

The doll is not beside her.

97. Full shot bedroom

Gary moves quietly into the room, looking around. He turns, starts out.

98. Angle down hallway

Gary comes out of Mai's room, closing the door softly. He starts TOWARD CAMERA.

99. Close trucking shot Gary

Moving down the night darkened hall, turning to the stairs, stopping.

100. P.O.V. shot downstairs corridor

Illuminated by a nightlight provided for Mai. The hallway is empty.

101. Med. close shot Gary

Starting down the stairs.

102. Gary's feet

Tripping over the doll, which was "lying" on the third stair down.

103. Angle down stairs

Gary falls down them, uttering a harsh scream.

104. At the bottom of the stairs

Gary falling INTO FRAME.

105. Fast pan shot the doll

It tumbles him down the stairs, falling to lie beside him.

106. Close shot Gary's face

Agonized, stunned, staring. Gary squeezes his blue eyes shut in intense pain. Everything feels broken. One arm is trapped under him in a completely wrong angle. The other is flung outstretched.

107. P.O.V. shot doll's face

The doll sits on the floor beside him, eyes open, mocking. In a flash, Gary sees the dolls black beady eyes change to a brilliant shade of mahogany. The doll opens its mouth to speak.

Doll (speaking in a very undoll-like voice)

I told you I'd make you sorry.

Gary (pales)

A...Ash? No, that's impossible! (gasps in pain) ...You're dead…


I have a very pretty home, don't I, Gary? Lots of money, a nice car, and a beautiful wife and daughter. It's a shame that you couldn't get my title as well, but something like that would only go to someone with talent. It wouldn't go to a murderous, back stabbing, son of a bitch like yourself.

Gary (whispering)

I'm sorry.


You should be.


I'm sorry I didn't try harder to make you burn. (he coughs and blood dribbles from the corner of his mouth) You always got the breaks, Ashy boy, but I had to do things the hard way.


Maybe in your next life, you'll see that there is nothing worth having that didn't come the hard way. It wasn't as easy for me as you might have thought it was.

108. Angle to Gary

Gary doesn't answer, and merely slumps in death, his sapphire blue eyes closing. Misty's offscreen SCREAM is HEARD. Lights go on and reveal the gory scene.

109. Angle to stairs

Misty rushes carefully down.



110. Angle past Gary's body in foreground

And TOWARD the approaching Misty, who kneels down. Her sheer nightgown flutters around her, and as she looks at Gary, her marrow freezes.

Misty (a gasp)

Gary, oh no…

The gasp turns to a sob as she looks over her husband's broken body. She reaches out a trembling hand to him, only to swiftly draw it back in shock when she hears:

Doll's Voice (still in Ash's voice)

My name is Talking Togepi ...

She looks toward the doll, her eyes widening in horror at the sight of the familiar mahogany orbs.

111. Close shot doll's face


...and you'd better be nice to me, Misty.

112. Close shot of Misty

Cerulean eyes widen in fear, drawing back in horror, shaking her head in shock as the CAMERA DRAWS BACK to include doll.


Of course, we all know dolls can't really talk, and they certainly can't commit murder. But to a child caught in the middle turmoil and conflict, a doll can become many things: friend, defender, guardian. Especially a doll like Talking Togepi , who did talk and did commit murder - in the misty region of the PokeZone.


Authoress Notes: I do hope you all enjoyed this. The thunder and lightning are drawing ever closer! (shrugs) It made for some quick editing!

This story was fully inspired by the Twilight Zone episode called "The Doll" and my own twisted imagination. I'm sorry, Gary! I really made you out to be an ass in this story! Next time, I'll torture Ash!