I feel bad for Loki I think Loki is like a Shakespearian tragedy where everything he did was always against him sort of like a tragedy went wrong from beginning to end, the poor guy finds out he's interim king is suddenly indirectly responsible for Thor's banishment and just happens to be adopted and is a monster who he was taught to hate. We all know Odin had to go into Odin sleep but I mean seriously does anyone think Odin has the worst timing? Lol Anyway Odin couldn't help himself, etc etc, but seriously Frigga is ten times the women in TTDW then in Thor 1 where she said all the wrong things such as "Odin has a reason for everything he does" which only supported Loki's suspicion that he was just a relic. And like couldn't Frigga be regent in Odin's stead? I mean did anyone see her fight Melakith! So I was thinking what if Loki's mom Frigga actually had a nice long conversation with Loki. I mean for the past thousand years he was lied to and all you offer him is a few sentences?

"So why did he lie?" the question Loki asked hung in the air.

Queen Frigga looked at her youngest. Oh how he had grown from the tiny baby she held in her arms, yet no less handsome.

"Oh my son," she sighed. She had known this day would come she wished it later then sooner, but it was later already! Had she failed to notice the seasons change the years fly by?

"We wanted to tell you but the time never seemed right. I was selfish I didn't want you to find out!" Oh the thoughts going through her sons head now! She could almost see them reflected in his emerald eyes. He a monster taught to be feared by children at night!

"Why not?" he whispered? Her precious son's self-control although not well known to others was legendary but she could see him slipping. His eyes lit in a feverish light. What had she expected? A smile, a hug maybe a thank you and a forgiveness?

"I," she sighed "I know what you heard about your kind."

"My kind?" he snapped and shuddering whispered in disgust "I see."

Frigga walked up to him. He looked down at her. Oh! When had he grown so tall? His eyes were rimmed red tears threatening to fall! A fate to cruel! He didn't deserve this! She knew he would expect her to put a hand on his cheek and tell her they loved him still and everything would be fine. But that was not what her son needed right now! Loki was lost his train of thought was broken his emotions in control. He rarely lost his rational and she feared what he might do as his mind fumbled in the dark to create a logical conclusion.

Oh he was more like Odin then she and Odin suspected! Strange wasn't it? What further proof did she herself need to know this was the will of the stars?

Her hand lingered over Loki's cheek. Then a slap resounded. Loki flinched his eyes widened in confusion. Frigga needed him here and now! She needed for him to speak with her on equal grounds of logic so she yelled "What do you mean your kind Loki? You know exactly what I mean! Yes frost giants are treated as monsters here on Asgard because of the previous war and yes Asgardian parents will their children that frost giants are cruel and hideous creatures! But think Loki! History was written by the victors!"

Her tone rose as Loki who had never heard his beloved mother scream before stood in shock. "Do you know what Jotuns tell their children about Asgardians at night? They say the same helsforsaken thing! In their stories do you know who I am? I am a woman who lures men to her chamber at night and drinks their essence from them in the form of a three headed snake! But am I a monster?

Her beloved son looked on at her his body slightly shuddering. "Am I Loki?" she yelled. Oh please, please let him hear me! He looked so lost so afraid of himself so lost. Like the time years ago when he had accidently put Frigga's favorite orchid on fire when trying an illusion spell on trees that miscast horribly. He had feared a punishment for days until she sat his ten year old self down yelled at him gave him a light punishment and then for the rest of the week helped him master the spell.

A single tear slid down his cheek. "No," he whispered. His gaze slid down.

Suddenly he looked back up. "Why then did you keep me? You could have given me back! You could have given me to another family! You could have…" His voice had dropped to a dangerous whisper. His eyes began to dart feverishly again. Oh my son! You are so noble! So brave! You don't deserve this! You don't deserve me! You deserve better!

"My son," she placed a hand gently on the cheek she had hit. "When Odin was fighting in the war I was with child. I got sick often. You see I feared for my beloved just like I fear for both you and Thor every time you go on an adventure! But I feared more for him! He has no brother to watch his back." She could see Loki's eyes cloud over his thoughts hazily settling then brewing then denying fighting inside himself for truth as only Odin had! She let herself speak faster. The more she spoke the less he would think until he had all the facts. "It was not good for me, the maids said so but I couldn't help myself!" When I…" she broke off. The memory was painful but she had to be strong for Loki's sake! "When I gave birth the child was not…" she broke off. "I was saddened so was Odin. He knew I was heartbroken as was he, so when he brought you back I fell in love with you Loki. You were a beautiful baby! You went to sleep when it was night and didn't cry at night as much as Thor did. You were a perfect baby a perfect son! And you were royalty you deserved no less"

"So that is it? You lost a child and used me as a replacement? Me the child of the man who started this war so you lost your child in the first place? How fitting" His eyes were glazing over again.

To reason with him she yelled again. Oh he didn't deserve this! "Loki do you know why Laufey started the war in the first place?"

Suddenly Loki stilled his eyes questioning. Come my son, she motioned for him to follow her. He followed her obediently into the library waving away the staff of the Allfather Gungnir. Frigga took it, as before Frigga would intern as reagent. Her son's may be of age but one was banished and one was unstable and Bor's beard would she let either of them rule now! He looked at her questioningly. She shook her head, "You are not ready!"

His eyes slid sideways, "I see."

"My son!" he looked up at her. "I am not-"

She put her hand over his as they entered the library. The guards closed the door. He was about to pull away but she held him. "Look at me!"

"No!" He snarled you look at me. His Aesir skin color shifted to blue his eyes turning a ruby red.

She hugged him. Oh this was too much for her! Why couldn't she have told him sooner explained to him! Did he fear that she had loved him less? His skin returned.


"Because you are my son!" she firmly replied. "Now sit and listen!" Oh please just hear me my son!

He sat hesitantly. She could see his thoughts flying from one edge of the universe to the other. Sometimes she feared he was too smart and clever for his own good.

"Are you aware of the story of the dark elves?"

A pause, "yes," he answered at last.

"The Asgardian version lacks a primary source of information, namely me your mother."

Loki gaped at her.

Frigga sighed, "I was very young, much younger then you are now, and rash more so than Thor."

Loki flinched. "He may take after me Thor but only Odin has your patients and your temper. Loki stilled his eyes narrowed slightly "What is missing?" he finally asked. Ah yes she forgot to mention that he and Odin shared a love for lore.

"The stories were right with Bor's part in the story but they forget to mention the frost giants. They should be though for without them we would have fallen. Hlein, Laufey's father sat on the Jotun throne. He used the casket of ancient winters to distract Malekith's forces while Bor bound the Aethir. Hlein knew he was signing up for suicide. Malekith's strongest servants would after all be the ones that needed to be distracted."

"Why would he do it?" Loki mused aloud though both of them knew the answer. She voiced it anyway. "The dark elves wanted to destroy his people too. And he was a pacifist if you must know, though he fought well for one. Just like you."

She could see the surprise and shock in Loki's eyes. He didn't think she knew him that well did he? Well she would need to amend that.

"Hlein died in the battle. And Laufey took the throne; he was even younger than me. He was a lot like Thor in his youth most likely because of his father who though hated war died a hero in the final battle. He wanted more land for his people more power." Loki was about to interrupt but she raised a hand stopping him and continued.

"Odin was no Iddun fruit either, he also felt empowered by the victory and wanted to prove himself to his father Bor since he as the only child to the Throne of Asgard could not participate. Eventually the thin ice cracked and war broke out. You know the rest."

Loki looked up at her his voice dropped to a whisper. "So if I wanted to, could I be king of Asgard?"

"Of course," Frigga placed a hand over his. He didn't pull away which was a good sign. "Do you want it though?"

He shook his head as if lifting from a daze. "I am sorry mother." He sighed. "I," he broke off he looked so cracked so lost! Oh Loki!

His eyes suddenly focused sharply as if he had just come to a decisive conclusion. "AllFather will not sleep out of this one." He glanced at her slyly as if already planning to hide Gugnir or worse turn it into a tree branch like he and Thor had last time.

She smiled back at him. "Loki my son you should rest. I fear later today I will need your diplomatic skills at court. More than half the representatives from the realms are convinced that a full blown out war is taking place between Asgard and Jotunheim.

Of course mother. He didn't kiss her cheek as she asked him too but he gave her hand a squeeze and bowed out nearly falling on his knees when he swayed. She got up alarmed. He just said it was nothing and slipped out of the room gracefully.

Oh Odin's beard I don't deserve him. None of Asgard does.

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