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CH 22

Loki awoke slowly. It was cold and damp. Prison? His unfocused eyes squinted at the blurry shapes and then focused into a sharp clarity. It was more of a dungeon then a prison. He struggled. Chains. He cursed under his breath as he attempted a cutting spell. Constraints, magical ones, he was too drained to attempt a short circuit overloading the cuffs with magic it could not contain because of the sheer amount he could possess. He sighed allowing his eyes to roam around the room trying to ignore how sore he was. Realms end! He was hurting all over! On the wall opposite to the one he was chained to a skeletal body was constrained to the wall. From the looks of things whoever had his last fun did a number on the poor elves back. Its vertebrae were twisted hideously as if the last moments of the victim were struggling against whatever contraption could do such a thing. Magic could and the elves did have a flair for dramatics he gave them that. This of course could be a fake as an attack against the weak willed or…. Well he tried not to think about the other possibility. Suddenly his entire body shook as he recalled what had occurred on the battlefield. He had survived! And the army? Asgard? Was it safe? Was Frigga? Lord Gree? How many had died in the charge? He shuddered no, now was not the time for such thoughts. First, first he had to free himself.

His eyes fluttered closed as he heard the guard shift outside change. Better feign he was still unconscious and regain his strength then face the hospitality of his host. There were whispers in elvic. He made out a few words…contain….soon…of course. He frowned internally puzzling at the meaning. The door was suddenly flung open. Two guards dutifully positioned themselves on either end of the wall dressed in full royal guard armor. The elves legendary ImmortalGuard, Loki couldn't say he wasn't flattered what with so much fear of his person from escaping. But the elves were ever cautious he had to give them that. They waited upon an elf that had pale blonde almost white hair and piercing blue eyes. He wore a set of golden and sky blue robes and a golden crown encrusted with red autumn leaves. He was tall, taller than many elves. He entered with a flourish his gate and demeanor taking the room. The King studied him steadily for what seemed like ages.

Loki chuckled breaking the silence first. His primary objective was of course to find a way to escape but that didn't mean he couldn't gather information on the side or antagonize said king for the sheer entertainment of it.

"My Lord Anduil!" He mock bowed as far as his chains would allow him. "Elves at war? An inspiration to the rest of the pacifist on this universe I take it?"

The elven King studied Loki's insane grin impassively. "Asgard had its turn. They were foolish. Now they shall pay in full for what they sought to control."

Loki laughed sardonically. "And you think you will do a better job?"

A smile ghosted Anduil's cruel sneer. An odd contrast to the King Loki visited only last spring on the elven midnight blossom celebration. The King from only months ago went from a stuck up tree lover to an arrogant blood luster. "I do not think, I know."

Loki wasn't getting anything from this line of conversation. "I like what you done with the place by the way." He commented casually. "Goth is all the rage on Midgard you really need to give me the number of your home decorator."

Anduil frowned a wave of confusion was replaced by an indifferent façade. "Then perhaps I should leave behind some entertainment for you as well. Captain Haldir?"

A blonde elf wearing the crest of the ImmortalGuard stepped up from behind the King and bowed low. "My lord?"

"Give our prisoner the welcome he deserves." The King sniffed.

"What am I to find my King?"

"Find? Nothing Haldir this is just a distraction. A warm up for when the real blood is spilled." The captain stiffened and turned to face his King.

Anduil eyed his captain. "Is there a problem?" His cold voice probed.

"None at all." Haldir all but stammered.

Anduil sighed. "If you loath my command so, forego the warm up and deliver him to the forgotten. He wants him." Loki's eyes narrowed. This was not a response he had been expecting; neither had it seemed was it what Haldir had expected to hear. Elves valued life above all else. And now to so blatantly admit to this? The elves had changed it seemed. Or perhaps the King had. The King spun on his heel and strolled out taking the excess guards with him.

"Afraid elf?" Loki taunted. The guard did change. The question was at what times. Elven dungeons had no windows. This made things a tad more difficult but Loki didn't get a reputation for simply getting out of trouble. After all getting out was the fun part. The captain studied him with uncertainty then sighed and walked out. Something felt wrong. His magic was still weak and sealed off but his body sensed a danger.

The door was open once more and the ImmortalGuard dragged him off into a large room and threw him onto the floor. The room had all sorts of metal toys lying around and the darker parts of Loki's mind was already figuring out each tools purpose. There as well was an odd glowing pool of hot magma. It must have required quite the amount of magic to contain it in such a state with no volcano in the immediate area. He attempted to rise but something had stepped on his foot. He turned sharply to see a hooded figure leering down at him. It was around his size but it was powerful and it had cruel small violet eyes and pale veiny violet hands with six seven fingers on each hand. His eyes widened as this thing gripped him by the neck and flung him across the room. He shuddered at the slimy contact eyeing it with hate.

"What are you? Some freak the elves cooked up with some forbidden magic?" He attempted to rise but the creature grabbed him once more moving with almost inhuman speed. He struggled against it but even his inhuman strength didn't seem to help. He suppressed a yell as he was thrown again.

The creature laughed and grabbed Loki once more flipping him over it strung him upside down close the magma pit. Loki struggled but to no avail. He was far too weak. "What do you want?" He hissed. The form laughed. "Loki Odinson there is much we want from you."

"We?" Loki snarled.

"Yes we."

Loki felt the thing tear at his chainmail forcing it off revealing his pail skin. "I shall tell you nothing!" He snarled.

It leered at him as it paced making a circuit around him as if assessing his physical state. "Your father King Odin has many powerful items of interest to me. He has also placed a great many magical spells onto these wonders."

Loki snorted. "You've chosen the wrong brother. And he is not MY FATHER!" It was foolish of him to get so angered but Odin had much to answer for.

It gripped his face in its sickly hand until he could feel it hot breath at the nape of his neck. "Oh we know of the rumors. It will only hasten your end if what I heard is true Jotun runt." His face was slapped leaving scratch marks. He spit the blood that rose to his mouth at its face. It laughed and pulled out a thin metal wire from its belt. Loki eyed it warily and smirked. "Do your worst you will find I am not very talkative in foul company."

"Oh you are mistaken child. I care nothing for what you say. The physical state it is only a means to reach the mind. It is hard to penetrate a mage's mind as you well know. And although I could force my way into yours now I'm afraid it would leave you rather scatterbrained. And I still need your mind intact."

"So what will you do Loki snarled." The answer however was obvious. But Loki had always known in the back of his mind it could come to this. When his body would be nearing its end he would have no strength to fight a mental assault no matter his magic capacity. It would be simpler to simply stab him near the heart but it seemed whoever was behind this thing wanted to break not only his body but will. Loki smiled. Let them try. I've been through worse!

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