Fox Mulder opened his eyes and without moving his head and moving only his eyes he knew he wasn't in his apartment. For a few seconds he thought of all the ceilings in his photographic memory and came to the conclusion he wasn't in a familiar place. He moved his head and rolled over and discovered that this conclusion was right, he was in a hotel room.

Mulder groaned and rubbed his left hand over his face and Sat up and swung his legs off the bed. He went to the small bathroom and splashed water on his face. In the mirror he studied himself for cuts, scrapes, bruises and any evidence that he took a beating. He found none.

Mulder sat on the hotel room bed, visiting the last memory he had.

"Mulder you're not planning anything are you?" He remembered Scully had questioned him as she sat at her desk behind his as they each worked on their background check paper work.

"No. Why would I?" He had replied. Mulder remembered Scully had given a suspicious look. "Oh look five o'clock." He remembered he said while looking at the clock on the wall.

That night he had gone home and did the chores that he had put off doing for sometime. Molly and his other fish were in dire need of a clean environment so Mulder cleaned his fish tank first. That job was the biggest pain in the ass of all his house work because he had to fill up a separate smaller tank of salt water and catch the fish and put them in the smaller tank, and then he had to take out all the decorations and the fake coral rocks and take those out. Next he had to drain the tank of its water and put in new water and fight to balance the PH level. Half way through the process, Mulder remembered, Scully had knocked on his door.

"Come in!" He called both his hands elbow deep in the tank.

Scully came in and had a look of disbelief on her face as she realised her partner was cleaning his fish tank.

"Well at least this way I can believe you when you told me you weren't planning anything." Scully said coming closer to Mulder to see his fish in their temporary home.

"Gee Scully just what do you think I was planning?" Mulder said joking. He WAS planning something and he knew that Scully knew it.

Scully cocked her head and gave Mulder a serious look. "Mulder..."

Mulder looked at her half innocently. "Okay I 'am' planning something."

"Care to share?" Scully said truly interested.

"I work on the X Files on my own time, with my own resources, my own money." Mulder said replacing the rocks back in the tank.

Scully played devils advocate again. "What if you get called in on the weekend? The Bureau will get suspicious if your consistently out of town."

Mulder silently mimicked Scully to which Scully rolled her eyes.

"Sorry, Scully I couldn't help it."

Scully smiled slightly. "Well I just came to make sure you weren't getting in over your head. I have to get back home for Queequeg."

Scully had left, and Mulder finished cleaning his fish tank and then cleaned his bathroom and fixed himself Mac and Cheese and then settled himself on his couch with the lights off and fell asleep to Steven Spielberg 's 'Close Encounters Of The Third Kind.'

That was Mulder's last memory.

As his mind reeled from the information he did know, he suddenly became scared of the information he didn't know.

He had woken up in a hotel room before with no memory of how he got there or why and that time he was charged for murder and spent a night in jail. Mulder hoped that this wasn't a repeat of the last time. It made him feel better when he found no bloody shirts. But the anxiety returned when he realised he couldn't find his cell phone, gun and badge. He picked up the phone and dialed Scully's cell phone number, he got no ringing and no answer.

He put the phone back and made his way outside. He looked around and found the office. As he walked there, he spotted a flag pole across the road that held the American flag and the state flag of Missouri which displayed a bear.

MISSOURI? Mulder thought to himself. Why am I in Missouri?

At the office A man Sat at a desk, clicking away on a computer.

"Hi can I use your phone? The one in my room was disconnected."

The man, short with black hair, looked at Mulder. "Sorry. No phones work today."

Mulder sighed, "Okay can you tell me what day it is?"


Mulder looked down. Friday he cleaned his fish tank. Five days. He's lost five days.

"Can you tell me when I checked in?"

The man sighed, Mulder was getting on his nerves. "You didn't check in. You're brother checked you in. You were too drunk to drive so he paid for you to stay the night here."

Mulder sighed, frustrated. "I don't have a brother."

The man was really annoyed now. "I don't care so long as I get paid."

Mulder shook his head and left the office. He looked around hoping to jog his memory and nothing did.

He went back to his hotel room and looked around again. He had no wallet, no form of I.D and he didn't see any car keys so he had no way to leave town and no money for a cab. And the phones weren't working so no way to call Scully or anyone else.

Mulder sat on the bed again. He was hungry and had no way to eat.