Okay so I'm forcing myself to write this because I hate reading unfinished FanFics and I have an NCIS story in mind that I'd like to start but I'm not letting myself do that until this one gets an ending. If you really care about this story and want more to it, tell it in a review otherwise this story is staying the way it is.

Scully woke up to her blaring alarm clock. She didn't want to come into work, and was nice and in an unbelievably comfortable position in her bed. But alas she forced herself up, showered and dressed and in 45 minutes was standing in the basement of the Hoover building where her partner was lost in a magnifying glass and blurry pictures of unidentifiable objects.

"Good morning, Scully." Mulder finally said looking up from the magnifying glass. Scully yawned and sat at her chair in front of his desk.

"You know Mulder. Today is the type of day that makes you want to call in sick." Scully talked sincerely and she could feel her partner studying her. Not out of mistrust but out of concern.

"Why?" Mulder damn well knew what the answer would be, they'd been together too long for him not to.

Scully shifted a little, something about her seat wasn't as comfortable as normal. "With everything that happened last week I'm starting to worry."

Mulder put the picture and magnifying glass down on his desk and leaned back, studying her.

"About me?" He asked softly.

"No I've worried about you since the day I met you. Now I'm starting to worry about me."

Mulder swiveled in his chair slightly. "You're worried about our explanation to Skinner? It was Folie A Deux?"

Scully smiled. Seeing Is Believing she thought. "No not that. I had a dream about you. You were committed."

Okay I admit, crappy ending but I've seen worse. Like I said before tell me you want more in a review and I'll do my best.