Chapter 1

Summary: Alice had promised Cyrus she would never use any of her three wishes, but Cyrus was gone and all she wanted at this very moment was to be with him wherever it is that he was at.

"Everything that I am telling you of is real!" Alice cried out, heartbroken that her father refused to believe her.

"Alice, be reasonable!" Her father shot back. "What you are saying is insane!"

"Why can't you believe me?! If you can't believe me, than why can't you at least believe in me?!" Alice pleaded tearfully. "I am your daughter and that is the one thing that you have never done for me, never!"

"How am I supposed to believe in someone who disappears all the time? Who tells lie after lie, mad story after mad story!" Her father snapped. "Alice, if you want to stay here than you need to tell me where you really were and quit telling me stories that you have no proof of!"

Alice looked as if she were about to break down in tears but her father's words as hurtful as they were made her remembering something that Cyrus had told her from the very beginning. It made her remember that unlike her father, Cyrus had always believed in her.

Alice blinked back tears as she replied to her father defiantly. "Father, when you really love someone you don't need proof. You can feel it." Alice stood up, walking away from her father's stunned expression and heading toward the staircase that would lead to her room.

"Than you are leaving me no choice in this matter, Alice!" Her father yelled after her. "Tomorrow morning, I am driving you to the asylum! Maybe someone there can cure you of this madness because I am at the end of my bloody rope with you!"

Alice ran up the staircase in tears. Once she reached her room, she opened the door and slammed it behind her, locking it.

Alice laid down on her bed and broke down, sobbing loudly.

She couldn't bare the knowledge that she would never see Cyrus again, even though she knew it were true. She'd seen him fallen into that boiling sea after all. No one could've survived that.

She also couldn't bare the idea of telling her father, telling anyone for that matter that Cyrus had not been real, that what she'd experience with him wasn't real. Cyrus had been the only real, true love that had ever entered her life with no expectations unlike her father.

Nor could Alice bare the idea of spending the rest of her days in a horrid asylum. She'd rather die, but without Cyrus she was dead anyway.

Alice had promised Cyrus that she would never use any of her three wishes, for she had had everything she could've possibly wished for or ever needed during her time with Cyrus. Cyrus was gone though and all she wanted at this very moment was to be with him wherever it is that he was at.

"Cyrus," Alice softly cried. "I know that you must be in heaven right now looking down upon me. I know that you wouldn't want me to be sad, but I just cannot bare being without you any longer. I want to be with you, wherever it is that you are." She breathed deeply and closed her eyes briefly before opening them. "I wish to be reunited with Cyrus wherever it is that he may be so that I can feel his warm arms around me once more."

Meanwhile, Cyrus was sitting in the silver cage that Jafar had put him in. He had been thinking of Alice for weeks, worrying about her, missing her. He had just been hoping against all hope that she was safe, that she'd gotten away from the Red Queen and her soldiers.

Suddenly, he felt a breeze go through him as he felt Alice make her first wish. The force of the wish made the entire dungeon shake, the sliver cage he was in that was at one point made for one person had become bigger and suddenly Alice appeared in the cage with him.

"Alice." Cyrus whispered in disbelief as he quickly pulled her into his embrace, hugging her tightly to him. He had missed her so much but he hated that she had to be in this prison with him.

Had the Red Queen forced her to wish herself into this cage with him?

Of course she would, it was just like someone as evil as her. Her and Jafar probably wanted to break both of them and figured the best way to do it was for us both to see pain being inflicted on one another.

Cyrus frowned as another thought occurred to him.

But why here in this very cage with him? They wanted to torture them of course, but they wouldn't actually want to give them the comfort of being able to physically reach out to one another. No, that would imply that one of both of them had a heart and he knew that neither of them did.

Alice had clung onto him tightly, terrified that she would be ripped away from him again like before. "Cyrus…"

It was Alice's voice that broke him out of his thoughts, his full attention was on her and as he pulled away to bit to look at her, he saw how confused she seemed to be.

And amidst the confusion, he saw that there lied something else. It was relief but also…sadness.

Alice reached out and grabbed his hands in hers and instantly felt him squeeze them gently. "Cyrus, why are we in hell?"