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Come Back to Me

By:  Crystal of Psyche

Chapter 1: Alone

Author's Note:  Hey!!  Hey HEY!!!  Guys it's been a while, that I know.  But I think I finally came up with something!!!!  But it's just the beginning, and this is just one idea though.  Maybe if I write this idea down others will come. For those who have been dying for a sequel to Shattered Rain, well YOU DON'T HAVE TO WAIT ANYMORE!!!!!!

"……Leon….."  Leon turned around to see Ashley, standing in the doorway about to cry.  He walked back to her and gave her a big hug.

"Shhh I'll come back to you…don't worry Bit and Brad are coming with me.  You don't need to worry to about us.  All you need to do is watch out for Leena and Naomi.  Can you do that for me?"

"Yes, but…"

"But nothing, I'll come back for you."

"Okay, but just to feel safe…" Ashley took something off her neck and handed it to Leon.

Leon's eyes widened, "Your giving me your mother's necklace!"

"No silly, I'm lending it to you.  That means you have to come back and give it back to me."

Leon smiled, "Aren't you the clever one!"  Ashley smiled, but then remembered about the situation and saddened.  Leon leaned close to her, and gave her a soft kiss on the forehead and turned to the Gustav, Bit and Brad were standing beside it.  They looked at each other and nodded.  All of them hopped in and drove off.

((End of Flashback))

Ashley took a big gulp of her Shirley Temple (Author's Note:  God I luv that drink!  Don't worry it has no alcohol, and it's in almost every restaurant.)

"Hahaa Auntie Ashley took a GIGANTIC gulp!!"  A little boy said.  This young boy looked a lot like Bit.  But he had purple eyes like Leena.  He hopped up and down in Leena's lap.

"Now Bevin, calm down," Leena scolded softly.

"Okay mommy."

Ashley slammed her empty glass on the table and muttered, "I hate wars!"

Naomi nodded her head agreeing with her, "Yeah they talk all the men we love away."

"Not all of them!!!!"  All four of them turned to see Harry!  Of all people!

All of them grumbled except for the little boy named Bevin.  "Harry what are you doing here?" Ashley asked.

"I just came here to check up on my three favorite ladies!" He said with a wink, they all grumbled again.

"Harry," Naomi said, "Aren't you supposed to be fighting in the war like everyone else?"


Bevin giggled, "He's a funny man!"  By then Harry noticed the child in Leena's lap.

"Hey Leena when did you start babysitting?"

"He IS a silly man," Bevin was giggling his head off.  Harry was just confused.

"Harry…..Meet Bevin Cloud."

"Did you say CLOUD??"

Leena nodded, "Harry meet my son.  He's about 3 years old."  Harry was astonished; he slowly turned around and walked out the door.  Leaving the three women and child behind confused.

"What was that about?" Naomi asked.

"I'm not sure," Ashley said just as confused.

"How long has it's been since the boys left?" Naomi asked.

"About a month or two," muttered Ashley.  She all of a sudden felt really bad in the stomach.

"Aunt Ashley are you okay?" Bevin asked as sweet as he could be.

"Yeah, I think it's something that I ate." Ashley said as she clutched her stomach.

"You guys go to the bathroom while me and Bevin will get the check," Leena ordered.  Naomi led Ashley into the bathroom worrying about her old friend.  Leena worried about her sister-in-law as well.  They really don't consider each other in-laws but as real sisters.

"Hey Bev do you want to help me with the check?"



Harry leaned against the wall outside of the building.

I guess this child changes our plans, he thought, we that we walked off into the horizon.

Author's Note:  Yeah, I know it's short.  But it's just the beginning.  Tell me if you like this or not.  Cause I'll either delete this, and try to do a new sequel.  Please Review!!!!!