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Come Back to Me

By: Crystal of Psyche

Chapter 18: Writer's Block

Author's Note: Sorry bout the long wait, things have been super busy!! And I've started this online comic and that is taking most of my time. But for no further delays on with the chapter 18!!!!

Bevin, Mark, and Amara walked into the main lounge. Thankfully no one was in there and they quickly walked in and closed the door behind them. Bevin turned to Amara and narrowed his eyes. "Alright now what are we supposed to do?" he asked as he folded his arms over his chest and waiting for an answer.

Amara sighed and took a seat, "I'm not so sure myself, but there is something we need to get in some ancient ruins that is close by here."

Mark stood up with his fists clenched, "Well.Let's go! My mom is hurt, my uncle is kidnapped, and I'm gonna go crazy if I don't do something soon!!!" Mark felt a hand on his shoulder and he turned and saw Bevin's sympathetic face. He also saw that Amara was giving him a sad look also.

"Let's go now Mark!" Mark looked in disbelief at what Bevin said. He almost never takes risks, Mark was seeing his cousin in a new light. Mark then gave a cocky smile and nodded.

Amara stepped forward, "Take me with you!! I can be of some help!" The two boys looked at each other trying to read the other's mind.

Mark shrugged, "She does seem to know about certain things, I say she comes with us." Bevin just forced a nod. 'She knows a little too much about this situtation,' he thought to himself. They all ran into the garage to their zoids, Amara was going to be riding with Mark. Quietly as they can possibly manage they made there way out of the base.

Author's Note: I know it's been like forever! But this is just so hard to keep up with!!! I've been busy with school and after school I stay till dark working on this project! And then I barely have enough time to work on my homework!!! And to make matters worse Come Back to Me doesn't seem like it's getting anywhere! It's frustrating, I'm not very proud of this story like I am with the others!

AND!!!!!!! I have a HUGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Writer's block for this story for a long time now! I have absolutely no idea what to do next!!! OR even how to finish this story!!! SO!!!!!!! I can't say when the next chapter will be, because I'm just lost at what to do. I have no hint or small idea to help me get out of this block. So I have to just put this on pause until I can't get the rest of the story planned out or something.