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Chapter One

As Joseph and Seto looked at the pictures of their children, tears ran down their faces. They had been married for fifteen years and it only seemed like yesterday when they brought their children home.

As they held eachother, they heard "can I talk to both of you?" It was their youngest son Jou. "What do you want?" Seto asked.

Jou walked over to where they were sitting, and he said."can we all go to America and visit with Aunt Rene and Uncle Mokie?"

"Why now?" Joseph asked. Jou smiled and said "it has been a while since we saw them, and we all just want to."

So together they all went upstairs to talk to the others. Seto asked them to come to their room so they could talk. Akio their oldest said "I know that I should of talked to both of you, but Jou wanted to. You see he feels older, so when he asked, I told him he could."

Joseph then said, "First I have to contact my sister and ask if it is alright if we visit, and then your father has to purchase the tickets. So if we do go, all of you have to get your things ready."

After Seto and Joseph left, the kids got their suit cases placed. "Akio, is mom alright?" Jou asked. Maki walked over to Jou and she hugged him. "Listen to me, mom and dad are both fine. Now stop worrying and let's get ready for dinner."

(Their children are: Akio , he's 12, Then Mako, she's 10. Next is Kako, she's 8, and last is Jou, he's 5.)

When the children left, Joseph sat down on the bed, and tears ran down his face. He looked up at Seto and said "do you think any of them know?"

Seto sat down and he took Joseph into his arms and he said "I don't know, but we need to be honest with them.

Joseph held into his love and whispered "I know, and I promise we will when Dr. Phillips lets us know when the results of the latest tests come back."

Chapter Two next.

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