It was a normal night, Jacob, the pack and I were all settled around a bonfire, soft murmurings filling the air from every ones conversation. I was curled up on Jacobs lap staring into the fire. The orange and red flames seemed to swallow the air in flickering gulps, feeding the fire it was in. I sat there trying to make faces out of the flames, but they were changing patterns too quickly for my eyes to catch.

I knew I had been looking too long when my eyes began to burn and my throat felt scratchy from inhaling the smoke.

"Hey I'll be right back, I'm going to get something to drink." I told Jacob, gently removing his arms from around my waist so I could get up. He pouted and kiss me softly.

"Hurry back before I freeze." He joked. I scoffed, more like before I freeze. I shook my head at him and ignored the butterflies as I felt his loving gaze at my back as I walked over to the cooler.

I retrived my drink and started walking back over to Jacob, only to stop. He was standing in front of a russet skinned, black hair girl, staring at her in awe. I didn't have to be able to read his mind, or have anyone tell me to know what was happening.

I was stuck in an emotional stand still as I watched him look at her with all the love in the world, in his eyes. As I watched him dip down and kiss her, as he smiled at her like he had smiled at me not even 5 minutes ago. The shattered pieces of my heart shattered all over again and tears streamed heavily down my cheeks.

They said there was a slim chance it would happen. That I was it for him. That I was making the right choice by giving him a chance! Yet I had just stood there and watched him imprint on the russet skinned beauty.

Seth bumped my shoulder, about to ask what was wrong when his eyes found them. "Bella..." He trailed off, looking at me with pain and sympathy in his kind eyes. My name coming from his mouth must have caught Jacob's attention, because he broke his gaze with the girl to look at me. Realization hit him first, followed by regret and guilt. And seeing that on his beautiful face, killed me. Even if it was directed at me.

"Oh god Bella..." He whispered before he started making his way over to me, forgetting about his imprint. Which made me foolishly hope that he could still be mine, but I knew that was just desperation talking.

I couldn't talk to him right now, hell I couldn't even look at him. So I did the only I could, I turned and ran.

I never knew I could run that fast, you would think the devil was chasing me. No, only the man who had fixed the broken pieces of my heart and broke them again, even if it was unintentional.

Jacob was fast too. I felt like he let let me get away though. He was a shifter, a clumsy human such as myself physically couldn't out run him, yet was able to get into my truck and peel out on to the road before he had caught up with me.

My hands gripped the steering wheel with a force I never knew I had. I stared at the road with blurry vision, the tears deciding to make a re-appearance.

Jacob had broken his promise. His promise to never hurt me. I should have seen this coming though. Everything bad thing that can happen, always happen. It would be just my luck that Seth and Leah's cousin would be Jacobs imprint. That he would imprint on her right in front of me.

I had been so lost in my thoughts, I had almost missed my drive way. I made a sharp turn in and parked. Ok, get yourself together Bella, dont' let Charlie see you like this, he'll worry about you.

I took a deep breath, the musty smell of the cab filling my nose. At least my truck wouldn't hurt me, I thought, smiling sadly. I hopped out of the truck and headed inside to see Charlie getting off the phone, a sorrowful expression on his face.

"I don't know how imprints work, but I know you loved him Bella." Charlie's usually gruff voice had taken on a sad tone, one I had only heard surface once when he told me about the divorse. I stared at him a second before walking into his open arms, not even bothering to ask how he knew what an imprint was.

I held my tears in somehow and just took comfort in Charlie's affectionate gesture. I had never been very good with this, I was always awkward and just plain uncomfortable with my dad. But this was different. I need this comfort. I needed to be told I would be okay. I had no one left to comfort me. No one left to run to.

"You'll be alright Bells. You'll be okay." Charlie whispered, it was like he was trying to onvince himself more than me. I wouldn't be okay though. My heart had been broken by the same person who fixed it.

When I didn't agree or argue, Charlie spoke again. "I think you should take the offer UDub gave you. Getting away for a while will do you some good Bella." He said. I pulled back to ask him how he knew about my acceptance letter.

His cheeks redden and he looked around uncomfortably. "I uh saw it when I went in there to see if you were home." He explained, looking like a kid caught with his hand in the cookie jar, which seemed to lighten the mood a little.

I cracked a watery smile at his awkwardness, stepping out of his arms. I got that letter a couple weeks ago and fall classes were starting up soon. If I remember right, I have about a week to get things together. It wouldn't be easy, but I could meet the dead line. I had to. I couldn't be here anymore.

Almost 2 years after Bella's leave:

The University of Washington's campus was desolate, making me think of the desert, tumble weeds and all. Not a soul in sight, everybody gone for spring break.

I threw my duffle bag into the cab of my truck and slid into the drivers seat, twisting the key in the ignition, causing the beast to roar to life. With a silent goodbye to the school, I pulled out of the student parking lot, and hit the road.

As I drove, my thoughts wandered aimlessly until they settled on Jacob.

It had been about 2 years since I saw him, talked to him, been loved by him. He never called, not that I would have answered. He never reached out to me, never checked to see if I was okay, if his imprinting had pushed me over the edge I had once been balancing on. Even though I hadn't expected him to try and talk to me, it still bothered me, still stung a little that he was so wrapped up in loving another woman that he couldn't call and see how badly he broke me.

That imprint hurt. A lot. It had broken me down, never to stand again. The nightmares came back along with the sobbing and screaming. My roommate had learned quickly to wear earplugs to bed, that no, I wasn't being murdered, just being haunted with what I had always wanted and always feared.

It was like that for months, up until the night I went to that frat party. I shuddered at the memory. I had looked away from my drink for only a second. Only a second! And that lunatic drugged my drink with a date rape drug. It only took one sip before the drug was in my body, paralyzingly me. He "helped" me up to a room, my mind protesting, my brain trying to send signals to numb nerves.

He had been unzipping my jeans when they rushed in. My saviors. They threw him off me, one of the 5 guys picking me up and holding me against his chest, whispering reassuring words in my ear as tears ran down my face. The other 4 men had the rapist in a corner, beating the shit out of him.

The guysm Jason, Kurt, Beck, Jack, and the guy who had picked me up, Chad took me to their dorm after that. Once the drug wore off, they decided I was their new sister. New pack member. I found out they were werewolves like Jacob. They had the same tattoos too. Just they ruled over a different area. I could never really figure out how it was possible. All of the direct bloodlined wolves were with Jaocb in La Push.

I shook my head, chasing those thoughts away, just in time to see a familiar grayish wolf standing in the middle of the empty road. By his posture, I could tell he wasn't about to move. I slammed on my breaks angrily and the wolf trotted up to my truck, whining at me. I sighed and nodded.

"Phase and get in Embry." I practically growled. He disappeared into the forest by the road and remerged a couple minutes later wearing onlu a pair of cut off jeans. He opened the driver side door with a flick of his head, basically telling me to move the hell over. I scoffed and moved seats, letting him climb in. He hadn't said one word and I was already done with him.

It wasn't until I noticed he was driving to La Push did I start to protest.

"Turn the car around right this instant Embry McCall and take me to Charlie's!" I demanded angrily.

He shook his head. "No your going to talk to Jacob, Bella. Things aren't the way you think they are. Plus, Charlie's with Billy anyway, so he's not at your house." Was all he said. I sat there and glared out the window. There wasn't much I could do. I mean if I tried to hit him or something I'd probably crash us or break my hand punching him. So basically I sat there and pouted.

Embry's POV:

The ride to La Push was a silent one, not that I minded. It was a comfortable silence, but unspoken questions hung in the air.

'How is he?' 'Is he happy?'

I glanced over at Bella and smiled to myself. While she had been gone, she'd grown up. Instead of looking washed pale, her skin was a blemish free soft porcelain color that brought out her brown eyes more than ever before. She was dressed in leggings and a paid button up that was left open to revel the navy blue camisol beneath that strained againsrt her breast. Her feet were donned with black combat boots and her cheasnut brown hair was laying loosely down her shoulders in soft waves. She looked hot to put it simply. Even if she looked royally pissed off.

One thing gnawed at me the whole drive through. The Bella that sat with me in the truck right now, was not the same Bella she had been before. She had a different feel about her. She wasn't the awkward girl she had been, which made me wonder what adventures she had went on in college.

I knew she was mad at me now, but I couldn't let her come back into town and not see what had changed. She had a chance to get what we all knew she deserved and I wasn't going to let her throw it away.

Bella's POV:

I sat in the cab of my truck staring out the window, watching the trees blur by. I was not happy with Embry. How dare he force me back here. He had no right to hijack my truck and take me to La Push. I wasn't ready to face him yet, and Embry knew that.

Embry opened his mouth to say something, but my phone rang before he could say anything. Saved by the bell...

I smiled at the caller ID and answered with a very forced cheerfulness. "Hello?"

"Hey girly. Haven't crashed yet I see." Chad teased.

"No." I snapped. Ever since I accidentally crashed his car, he refused to let it go. And the crash wasn't even my fault. Jason was turned around fighting with Kurt and made me run us off the road into a tree.

"Ah don't be angry Bella." He smirked before I heard the boys enter the room.

"Ohhhh Chad hardeer!" I heard one of them moan in a girly voice.

"What about me Chaddy?" One whine.

"Hold on," Chad muttered before he held the phone away from him and yelled at his pack, telling them to shut up, that it was me. Even though I was human, and was 154 miles away, his alpha voice still effected me. Even if I was human, something in me registered that he was boss.

Suddenly a chorus of 'Hey Bella!'s filled my ear, making me smile.

"So what'd you do, replace us with them?" Embry sneered all of a sudden, glancing over at me.

"Says the guy who promised the love of my life wouldn't imprint." I retorted with venom in my voice.

"Bella? Who's in the car with you?" Chads deep voice rumbled in question.

"An old friend. He's making me go to La Push." I sighed, glaring at Embry who glared right back.

There was a short pause. "You mean where that guy lives?" Chad asked, his voice calm but I could hear the slight shake of anger in it.

"Yeah Chad," I said flatly. Chad and the pack knew very little about the Jacob situation, but knew enough to hate him already.

"You don't fucking need that right now!" He growled, "I thought you were just going for your dad?"

"I was Chad. I was." I shook my head. I knew Jacob would be there and I knew I couldn't avoid him any longer. It was time we talked.

Chad seemed to know my decision without me even saying a word. He was like that. Always knew my choice before I even voiced it. Pissed me off sometimes.

"You say the word Bella and I'll be down there with the pack. Just say the word." He said more calmly.

"Pack? There's another pack?" Embry asked heatedly. I only shrugged.

"Thanks Chad. I better go now, we're almost there." I said quietly. I could almost see him nodding.

"Remember what I said Bells-I mean Bella" he coughed. He knew I didn't like anyone calling me that, but it slipped out every once and a while.

"Bye Chad. Tell the boys I'll talk to them soon." I said before hanging up with a sigh. I looked out the window, spotting a sign that said, "La Push: 3 Miles" on it in faded letters.

"So what the fuck Bella? Leave for 2 years and replace the people who loved and protected you?" Embry spat, causing my blood to boil in anger.

"I never replaced any of you Embry! For your information, they saved me from being raped at a frat party and decided to stick around! They've helped me piece myself back together after the imprint. They've kept me alive. So don't even think you have the right to be mad at me damnit!" I shouted. Angry tears blurred my vision and I wiped them away quickly when they fell down my cheeks.

Even though I had been given some date rape drug that night and was almost raped, that night had been a very good one because I was saved not only physically, but mentally too.

I saw Embry's hands tighten around the steering wheel with a crushing force. His jaw visibly clenched but his eyes were filled with sadness.

"Bella...I-I didn't know." He whispered. I snorted.

"You would have if you called." I snapped. I was gone for almost two years and hadn't heard from any of them. Nothing. Nada. I was surprised through that Charlie hadn't mentioned something to Billy about it. I didn't call them either though.

"We thought you need space." He whispered.

"Space! For two damn years! Totally." I said sarcastically, Embry visibly flinching. I started to feel guilty immediately and sighed. "Just forget about it Em."

He nodded and pulled into Jacob's driveway.

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