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Chapter 1: Heart

"How about you, Bella?" He turned his crimson gaze on me. "Would you like to join our little family?" his smile was large but his eyes told a different story. My shock must have shown on my face. "n-no, thank you." his eyes darkened, but his smile just got brighter. "Ah, well, Some people do need a little . . . convincing." His tone made me flinch back on instinct. He terrified me, but at the same time, I needed him. He was so amazingly handsome. I felt like . . . claiming him. I wanted to show the world he was mine. I was entranced. His eyes held mine in a grip so magical i didn't want to break it. But it seemed to trap me. I felt like he was my path to heaven. But only a part of it . . . It was very strange. His eyes finally moved off me and onto someone much more intriguing. "Caius." he motioned to the man beside him and indicated to Edward.

Caius smiled evilly and smoothly stood. Why were these three kings all so . . . attractive!? Caius was as mesmerizing as Aro, if not more. But power, and death, radiated off him in waves. i felt like I should run. But I didn't know in which direction. Into his arms? Out the door? I was rooted to the spot. He stalked towards us, one slow, silent step at a time. I trembled and pressed myself against Edward. But I wanted to tear myself away. "STOP!" A voice rang through the room. zit held authority and power, but was hoarse, as if it had not been used in many years. The man sitting on the throne to Aro's other side was suddenly standing next to Aro. He was beautiful as well. God!

The three men in front of me made me feel. It was so strange. I'm not sure if I like it or not. I couldn't take my eyes off them. I wanted them to stand closer together so I could ogle all three at once. On the other hand, I wanted to run for my life. While screaming. Very loudly. So yea. Little bit conflicted. Marcus (I remember his name from Carlisle's painting) Touched Aro's hand, and then stayed by his side. Aro gasped as Marcus's thoughts and feelings ran through him. Then something that I wasn't expecting happened.

Edward lost control.

His roar echoed through the room. Aro, Marcus and Caius didn't even flinch. Aro, Marcus, Caius. Aro. I love the way it's short, precise. Doesn't mess around. Marcus. Harder at the beginning, softer in the middle with a hiss at the end. I love the way it can't be shortened. Caius. Caius . . . I love the way the his mane just slips off my tongue. I also love the way I could hiss it in anger if he ever pissed me off.

Edward was shaking in anger. I tried to pull away but as soon as he felt my retreat and pulled me into him. I struggled, I didn't want to be around him. As I tried to wriggle out of his arms, all that happened was that they got tighter. Soon he had me crying out in pain as I felt the bruises forming. They just got tighter. I could feel my bones contorting. I whimpered in pain. I felt one rib crack and gasped in agony. "Edward, stop. EDWARD. Please stop. OW! Edward you're hurting me." I pleaded him to stop. I cried out as more of my ribs snapped. "OW! Edward! STOP!" He still wasn't listening. He was too caught up in his rage to notice me. He was glaring at the kings with absolute hate. Like, he hated them more than he hated it when Mike tried to flirt with me. Key word, tried. But anyway. He really didn't like those guys.

Edward was now just growling loudly. I was still in pain. Aro's face changed as he heard my pain. Now just breathing hurt. Aro's face was now as black as the material that cloaked him. Marcus's face was just a murderous, Caius's was just plain terrifying. I smirked through the pain. Edward should be scared. Very scared.

I have no idea how I knew that.

Edward was still growling loudly. It was ringing through the room, echoing. He suddenly walked over to me and gathered me up, as if he wanted to comfort me. Then, he bolted.

He picked me up, cradling me in his arms. I don't think they were expecting that, as he got out of that room with no trouble. he stopped cradling and started crushing. I screamed in pain. Then, the pain in my sides was overtaken. By the pain in my heart. I screamed. Loud, piercingly clear. I felt like my heart was being ripped out of my chest. Oh god. KILL ME NOW! I sobbed in pain as the pain just got worse. And worse. Edward roared loudly in frustration.

I heard roars from further down the corridor. I would have noticed more but I was a bit preoccupied with the PAIN. I moaned as it got worse the faster Edward ran. I screamed. "It HURTS! Make it stop! It hurts so bad!" I would have been writhing around in pain but Edwards crushing grip kept me in place. I NEEDED something. My heart! I needed my heart "STOP THE PAIN! MAKE IT STOP!" I was panting as the words ripped their way through my throat.

Edward suddenly collapsed. I would have been worried but I was too engrossed in my own pain to worry about his. I heard stifled moans of pain coming from a ways down the corridor. Then, the pain in my chest eased as I heard the rustling of fabric and the breeze of vampire speed. The pain became more and more bearable. Then, it disappeared completely. I felt a cold pair of arms circle around my little ball and the cradle me hesitantly, as if I was a little china doll that they could not afford to break. I somehow felt absolutely safe and looked after in this arms. I felt more hands touching me, almost petting me. It was comforting as I was stroked. It took too much energy to do anything. I snuggled into the arms and let the black take me over.

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