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Finding Home by cywsaphyre, Cognosco/Two Faced Riddle by prion, Wand and Shield by Morta's Priest

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He who unites the deathly hallows shall be the master of death.

Of course that is the common saying that many children in the wizarding world learned during their bedtime stories growing up. In actuality, the proper translation includes an important but neglected addition at the end of the saying, the word forevermore.

The Deathly Hallows had disappeared soon after the final battle and Harry had assumed that would be the end of the more ridiculously convoluted and dangerous portion of his life. However, the subtle changes to his magic piled up and led to some serious reflection.

It was like somehow all of the Hallows were embodied within him, without the risk of someone else stealing them, as if uniting them had made that aspect of that history impossible.

It wasn't noticeable immediately after the final battle with Voldemort, but within a couple of years it became apparent that Harry wasn't like his friends and family any more. It was true that witches and wizards tended to age more slowly but he hadn't aged a day regardless of what he did. Witches and wizards tended to be hardier than regular humans, and yet Harry had become something several magnitudes more so.

Pick up Quidditch games at the Burrow where a player was knocked off of their broom were not uncommon, but said player falling two hundred feet to the ground and landing on their feet with no discernible injuries that took it to another level.

This was when Harry stopped trying to live the life he had planned on, and started looking for answers. So he traveled the world just learning more about magic, and how to be better at it.

It turned out that many different magical societies had some variation of the tale of the three brothers. Different societies focused on different aspects of the story which allowed him to flesh out the British version of the tale, even if the hometown one was the most historically factual.

To fully summarize, the three brothers had performed an ancient, and nearly lost to the ages, ritual to summon death, apparently a bastardized version of an Egyptian ritual that required certain celestial alignments. In the end they did actually summon the entity Death to them, and they were gifted certain items because death was apparently intrigued by their abilities.

Unfortunately, the only gift that death typically gives is the sort that tends to be the last gift received and ultimately the three brothers succumbed. However, as Death left the three it had uttered that simple phrase:

He who unites the deathly hallows shall be the Master of Death forevermore.

Forevermore was a word chosen intentionally, and when a universal entity speaks it does so with intent. All of his research led Harry to one inescapable possibility; he had somehow in the process of stopping a madman with designs on immortality, become immortal himself. Oh the irony of that little revelation had lasted for weeks.

This led to a new series of questions but the only place he thought that might come in handy, was the location of that ancient rite performed by the three brothers; The veil of death in the modern British Ministry of Magic.

Being who he was, a short field trip to the Department of Mysteries was not difficult to procure.

He vividly remembered the veil of death, but unlike his last visit the voices behind the veil were no longer a mystery to him. He could hear the steady thrum of hundreds of voices, of regrets, and entreaties to some higher being for more meaning to the end of their lives, but one voice, discordant and almost inhuman caught his attention in spite of the cacophony of other voices.

"Visit me my Master so we can talk."

In that moment Harry knew what he had to do. Making arrangements with Gringott's and sending letters to all of his friends later that afternoon found him shortly again in the veil room, preparing for his first real adventure in a few years.

As he stepped into the fluttering veil Harry found a peace he had only experienced one other time in his life, that fateful walk to his own death in the forest.


Beyond the veil was peaceful, quiet, and yet it almost felt as if the walls, were closing in on him. However, a childhood spent in a cupboard allowed him to push that feeling away and focus on a sudden awareness that in this void a presence was near to him.

"Hello my Master."

Harry exhaled slowly, well he assumed he did, for all he knew he no longer had a body.

"Death I presume."

"Yes, my Master I have come as I promised I would."

"What is happening to me?"

"You are the Master; you have united the Hallows the only way it was possible to."

"What do you mean?"

"The Hallows can not be united through conquest. The can only be united in a quest for balance."


"The balance of life and death, for without both the other is meaningless."

"What does this mean for me?"

"You are my Master and therefore are immortal and undying. You shall maintain the balance at a fulcrum point in the universe."

"What fulcrum point?"

"There are many different realities in the multiverse. I will send you to the one which will determine the flow of all others."

"So I am leaving everything else behind then. What will I do?"

"You will know what you must do. You will have the power to affect change and maintain the balance. When you require answers you need only summon me."

Harry processed everything Death had told him and suddenly calm overtook him, he knew what he needed to do and he had confidence he could accomplish his task.

"I'm ready."

"I know you are my master."

There was a soft sound like leaves rustling in the breeze before a flash of light and then he knew no more.


His eyes were already open as they slowly acclimated to the bright lights surrounding him. He was standing upright on the same street which contained the phone booth entrance to the Ministry of Magic. Had it all been a dream then?

Flexing his hand Harry shrugged, he felt a little different but not enough to think anything more of it. Leisurely, Harry walked to the phone booth, punching in the same five digit code that always opened the entrance he up to his head to the receiver and was surprised when that same discordant voice from before spoke to him:

"Welcome to the point of convergence my Master."

Harry blinked, "So I'm here then, a different place?"

"You have replaced this reality's version of Harry Potter. He was a rich spoiled and indulgent sycophant. His parents died when he was a baby like you, but his path was much easier because they truly did die in a car accident. You have cultivated no friends, and any family you do have you have distanced yourself from. In this world there are no witches and wizards as you would recognize them. However, there are gifted people here, and that is why you are here. Your gifts have been refined, and you have become worthy of your title."

Harry felt for his wand in its holster and with a surge of panic he realized he had no wand in this strange new world. As if sensing his panic death continued,

"You no longer require a wand my master. You will still be able to perform magic, but you merely need to visualize your desire and your magic shall respond. You are the Master of Death and all advantages and weaknesses that your position conveys with it. I suggest you go somewhere isolated to practice and experiment with your new powers. You will know when you are needed."

"That's it? Where do I live, am I married, do I have any friends?"

"Check your identification for an address, and check your pocket for keys my master. We will speak again, but it might not be for some time. Trust your instincts, they have led you this far."


True to form Harry tracked down the details of his life and found that it would be absurdly easy to, in essence, start anew. His list of friends was non-existent, and his familial connections were even fewer.

Checking his personal records he found he was quite wealthy, from a combination of his inheritance, and apparently a very successful investment portfolio. It was the year 2008 and he was in London, but apparently had a place in New York City as well.

Death informed him he had a purpose here, and that was what he would be working on for quite some time.


Two things became immediately apparent as he immersed himself into his new life: he was apparently an economic consultant for an organization known as S.H.I.E.L.D, and his magic was nearly limitless when he could escape to practice it.

Other things became more apparent as he processed his life; he knew things that only the Harry Potter from this world knew. His affiliation with S.H.I.E.L.D had allowed him access to certain files that gave him a general idea of the gifted people death had alluded to and how the organization tracked gifted people.


His request for time off was granted on account of the 39 days of paid leave he had accumulated since he had started at S.H.I.E.L.D. Just another sign of the life the other Harry Potter had led.

His flight to Delhi had been pleasant and after finding a secluded area he silently apparated to the middle of the desert in Afghanistan. Muggle repelling wards and a modified fidelius charm and he had an arena with which to practice his magic.

Like a conductor he worked his way through the various states of matter, conjuring, transfiguration, charms work, and even some experimentation such as figuring out Voldemort's trick of flight.

As he prepared to check how durable his body was he felt that same elusive pull that he had felt occasionally since arriving in this universe. This time however it was much stronger and felt much nearer to him. It wasn't like the Imperius or anything of that nature because he realized he did want to go whervever he was needed.

Feeling excited to test himself he transfigured his clothes into lightweight body armor, and with that elusive feeling as his destination he vanished soundlessly.


In the regional surveillance HQ for S.H.I.E.L.D a localized EMP was automatically registered and archived with corresponding GPS coordinates.


Harry appeared in a nook on the hillside of a small mountain, he looked down to a series of what appeared to be tents fifty feet below the mouth of a cave he felt drawn to.

A whisper in his mind gave him his target Yinsen, and he willed himself invisible before slowly walking down the slope leading to the mouth of the cave. As he silently dropped down to the level of the cave an explosion rocked the nearby area. As a group of men rushed into the cave Harry slipped quietly in behind them.

Slowly he crept forward before he heard a single gun shot echo in the cave, and somehow he knew that he was too late. Nonetheless he soldiered on and found a group of men waiting for something and he spotted Yinsen lying on a crate clearly dying, but not yet fully gone.

As Harry prepared to save the man a hulking monstrosity made of metal stepped around the corner and unleashed a barrage of explosions taking out over half of the men. In the chaos Harry slipped forward to speak to Yinsen.

"Where are you wounded" Harry's disembodied voice queried.

As the metal beast finished off the rest of the group Harry made himself visible to fully treat the injured Yinsen.

As he appeared Yinsen gasped and the metal beast stepped within striking distance and swatted Harry into the wall viciously.

Yinsen coughed some blood up, "Stark, what did you do that for?"

The metal beast opened up revealing a man with a goatee, "Protecting you, clearly."

Yinsen exhaled painfully, "I think he was trying to help me."

Tony blinked and glanced over at Harry who was slowly getting to his feet, well the guy certainly didn't look like a terrorist.

"Eh, sorry about that; the name's Tony."

Harry straightened with nary a wince and replied, "No worries, I did sort of sneak up on you."

Quickly making his way back to Yinsen he winced, the man wasn't going to make it after everything else. "Damn I'm too late."

Yinsen looked more peaceful at the proclamation, but Tony looked distressed, "This wasn't part of the plan."

Yinsen was fading fast as he murmured, "This was always the plan."

Tony blinked, "But your family."

Yinsen sighed, "My family is dead, and I go to be with them now." He turned to Harry and added, "Whoever you are, thank you for trying to help, but it is my time now."

Harry wanted to scream at the man that it wasn't his time to die. But as his last breath rattled out Harry saw his soul slide away and disappear into the mist.

Tony glanced down at his suit and his power levels had dropped due to the long delay in the cave. He could hear other men gathering down in the camp and he reengaged the suit making his way out to the camp.

He hadn't saved Yinsen but he still had to make his own escape, and hopefully help the British guy there also. He must have been another doctor the ten rings had kidnapped.

Moving quickly he joined the armored man outside and watched in amazement as he deflected tremendous amounts of bullets before engaging some sort of flamethrower. Being magical had led him to see some seriously bizarre things, but this was definitely up there.

Harry willed himself invisible again before he went airborne to get a better view of the situation. As the armored man engaged some rockets in his legs he took off into the air with Harry following closely behind.

As Tony rocketed off he glanced back and saw no sign of the British guy they had run into in the cave. Tony Stark was not a religious man, but in that brief moment he said a prayer for the guy as his own power levels dropped to nil and he began to plummet back down to earth.

Harry saw the man begin to fall and slowed his momentum as much as he could without completely stopping him. As the splintering robot man crashed into a sand hill, Harry winced as the robot armor was torn away.

Harry landed lightly next to where the wreckage stopped becoming visible as he did so and he sighed in relief when he heard Tony exclaim," That wasn't so bad."

Harry had to laugh at that and Tony shook his head blinking as he noticed the same British bloke from the cave next to him, "Where did you come from?"

Harry smirked, "The same place you did, obviously."

Tony groaned as he sat upright shaking parts of his suit still dangling to him, "Well unless you were attached to my leg like a limpet how did you make it here so quickly."

Harry shrugged, "You wouldn't believe me if I told you."

Tony frowned as Harry helped him to his feet, "I think after the last few days I might."

Harry thought for a moment and replied, "I'm sort of like you when you have the suit on."

"Were you being held hostage like I was?" Tony queried.

"No, I just knew something was going on. I came to investigate and I found you and your friend there. It seems I was too late for him, but at least you're ok." Harry explained.

Tony had a sarcastic retort on the tip of his tongue before it died there, "Fair enough I suppose."

Harry grinned, "Come on let's get you a little closer to civilization." Casting cooling charms on the both of them they took off into the desert. Using a twig he had found, Harry cast a point me spell to the nearest non-hostile dwelling place.

As they rounded over a sand hill Tony murmured aloud, "I smacked you with enough force to cave your rib cage in, and yet here you are helping me along."

Harry sighed, "We discussed this, remember."

Tony squinted at the sun before he asked, "What's your name?"

Harry thought for a moment before he realized Tony was smart enough that he could figure it out without him being honest. "My name is Harry Potter."

Tony frowned thoughtfully, "The name sounds familiar to me."

Harry grinned, "Well I do own a 3% share of Stark, but apart from that I'm no one famous."

Tony shook his head, "No, Pepper and Obi deal with the board for me so that isn't it."

Harry shrugged, "Well I've no idea."

As the time passed the two talked about their lives, or more specifically their lives in this universe, Harry's true past had to remain a secret for now and likely forever.

Soon a helicopter zipped over their heads and Tony began to yell like an idiot, Harry shook his head as the chopped looped back around and landed on some level ground a few hundred yards away.

One man left the chopper before the others, all were armed men aside from the first and he zeroed in on Tony but did glance at Harry warily.

"Next time you ride with me, instead of on the Funvee." The man told Tony before he pulled from the embrace he had and added, "And you are?"

Reaching out to shake his hand Harry replied, "Harry Potter, found this stray and was helping how I could."

"Lt. Col James Rhodes, thank you for looking after Tony, it would be hard to replace him." The man said honestly.

Harry smiled, "I've figured as much during our talks in the desert."

Tony glanced at Harry and asked, "Need a ride?"

Harry smiled, "Sure, I've never flown in a helicopter."

Tony blinked, "That's it. Now I knew where I remember you from. You're telling me that somewhat famous economist Harry Potter has never flown in a helicopter?"

Harry shrugged, "I prefer to travel other ways."

At that Tony went silent, he still had no idea how Harry had followed his escape from the caves but he had a feeling Harry would let him know eventually, once trust had been built.


The rescue of Tony Stark was sensational news, even if S.H.I.E.L.D was aware of all the pertinent details well before media outlets garbled together a partially complete picture of the story.

Tony Stark was rescued, that was acknowledged, and the part of the story that had been quieted down, that Harry Potter had also walked out of the desert with the billionaire playboy.

Harry Potter was a S.H.I.E.L.D consultant and one which had proven to be a very vital asset to the organization. Needless to say the organization protected its own and they had dispatched some of their best to investigate the incident to see if a bigger play then just Tony Stark was at work here. Special Agents Barton, Coulson, and Romanov were all dispatched to the region.


"Coulson, according to witnesses Potter left the airport and must have gone on foot, or they grabbed him there." Agent Natasha Romanov, one of, if not the deadliest woman on the planet stated.

Barton checked in next, "I checked what remains of the complex. Nothing left to tell us about what happened aside from some strange EMP readings not too far away and the wreckage of what appeared to be millions if not billions in Stark weapons. Whoever was here has done a fair job of cleaning up their mess after Potter and Stark escaped."

Coulson nodded thoughtfully, "We'll have to bring Potter in to get his side of the story. Never met him myself, but I've heard he's a bit of a bore."

Barton chimed in, "I imagine we might need to change that opinion if this is the sort of thing he gets up to on his vacations."

Romanov queried, "Do you want me to bring him in?" Being a beautiful woman this was usually her venue.

Coulson frowned, "We'll go through official channels first. If he doesn't reply then I'll give you to go ahead."


Harry had faded into the background of the circus that was Tony Stark's life, of course some might call it more of a train wreck then a circus but beauty was in the eye of beholder he supposed.

The press conference made his meetings with Rita Skeeter seem tame, and he did vow to remain out of the spotlight if this was how the media worked. As he prepared to leave Agent Coulson cut him off, "Mr. Potter, I'm agent Coulson we'd like for you to come in for a debriefing."

Harry squinted for a minute before he nodded, "Of course Agent Coulson. I'll stop by the L.A. office tomorrow morning."

Due to his relatively high clearance of level 6 Harry knew of the primary locations of various S.H.I.E.L.D offices se he was sure he had the address somewhere in his files.

Picking his feet up he caught back up with Tony's entourage as they were shuffled into a luxury sedan. He stopped and leaned into the car, "Tony, I think I'm just going to find a hotel somewhere tonight. I've got a meeting tomorrow I have to get to."

Tony frowned but acquiesced, "If you need to, but you've got to get out to my place in Malibu sometime soon. I'm working on something big, and you know what it is."

Harry gave him a meaningful look but nodded, "I'll give you a call in the next couple of days."

Tony reached out and grabbed his hand, "Thank you."

Harry smiled and nodded, "Try to stay out of caves." Tony grimaced and Harry's wink, "What, too soon?"

Tony rolled his eyes, "Yeah you'll fit right in with the rest of us crazies."


Harry found the S.H.I.E.L.D field office without difficulty and he was escorted to an interrogation room for his debriefing.

The door swung open revealing Coulson and a somewhat intimidating Africa-American bloke with an eye patch.

"Mr. Potter, I'm Col. Nick Fury, and you've met Agent Coulson already so that covers our introductions." The two men sat down opposite Harry at the desk in the middle of the room.

Harry decided to get the ball rolling, "So, what would you like to know?"

Fury replied, "You've been a valuable asset for S.H.I.E.L.D for the last 6 years Mr. Potter. It is because of this we've tried to make this as comfortable and easy as possible. Why don't we start with when you got off of the plane?"

Harry nodded, "I've recently come into an inheritance in a manner of speaking. Not money, but something of a more personal nature. This inheritance has led me to reevaluate how I can contribute to the betterment of the world."

Coulson picked up on the narrative, "You wouldn't happen to know anything about some localized EMP readings we registered around the time that Stark and you managed your escape."

In his travels around the world in the other universe he had met some technomages who had scientifically quantified some of the properties of magic. "I would say the two were connected Agent Coulson."

Fury jumped in, "So then, were you responsible for Stark's kidnapping?"

Harry shook his head, "No. Part of my….powers is the ability to sense when certain people are in trouble. My form of travel was what the localized EMP bursts registered as. I tracked Tony and the other scientist Yinsen to the compound. I was too late to save Yinsen and Tony was working on his own escape."

Fury drummed his fingers on the desk, "Why didn't you teleport him away once you found him in the desert?"

Harry frowned thoughtfully, "I suppose it won't remain a secret for much longer. Tony has some sort of electromagnet embedded in his chest to prevent some shrapnel from killing him. I wasn't sure my powers wouldn't mess with that."

Fury rubbed his chin, "Would you be willing to run some training simulations so that we can witness you in action?"

Harry shrugged, "Sure, but don't be upset if I keep some of my abilities secret."

Fury stood and Coulson with him, "Give us 15 minutes to set things up and then we'll send an agent to escort you to the training range."

Outside of the room Fury spoke to Coulson, "Have Romanov bring him, and then set up an ambush. He needs to feel threatened to give us an idea of his abilities."


Harry was drawing runes on the table top with his fingers as he waited, just a surface skim of Fury's thoughts was enlightening and frankly his aptitude with Legilimency meant that was the limit of his mind reading skills.

The man was a walking plan with numerous contingencies in place, and yet Harry couldn't deny the man was excited to see what he could do. The devious bits he grasped led him to believe a trap was planned, but what it was, that had not been derived yet.

It had been about twenty minutes when the door opened to reveal an achingly beautiful redhead. She was dressed casually but done so to accent her very impressive figure.

Smirking a little she gestured to Harry, "I'm Agent Romanov. If you would join me I can escort you to the training range."

Harry offered his hand, which she shook, "It's a pleasure to meet you. I assume you are the beautiful woman meant to keep me off guard."

Natasha Romanov arched her eyebrow, the man before her certainly didn't seem dangerous, and his folder indicated he was a stuffy economic analyst. However, he did have a bookish professor air, and an amusing British accent. She had been trained to sense and analyze threats on the run, and nothing here raised her hackles.

Harry walked side by side with Agent Romanov, "I was under the impression that the last name of Romanov was the male form of the name. Well, clearly you are not a man."

Natasha nodded, "Surely you don't think we use our real names even within the safety of our HQ."

"I suppose if you need to go undercover at a moment's notice that might be important." Harry agreed leaving his own refusal to do the same unstated.

Natasha's opinion of the man before went up a notch; he was more perceptive that he appeared. He also didn't walk around like an academic, coiled strength would be how she described his gait. Maybe this would be more interesting then she had first assumed.

Harry started to focus on the task at hand, and by the way Romanov was walking he assumed she would be the one to spring the trap.

The pair rounded a bend and reached a door that led to another building; Natasha stopped and gestured for Harry to go in first.

Harry smiled slightly, an ambush it was then, of course one attack would come from the front and the other from somewhere within the expanse. Well, if they weren't going to fight fair, than either would he. Becoming invisible Harry flew up to the rafters of the large building.

Using a modified spell that identified people from body heat signatures, Harry identified at least 12 targets within the room and as he glanced down Romanov entered the room before disappearing into a corner and out pf his sight, visually, at least. He was tracking the individuals in the room slowly working on separating them. Two he found in close proximity, and with a wave of his hand he banished to pair into the wall, knocking both out before gliding away to another vantage point.

Fury was in a control room outside of the training range and he watched as two of his finer agents were swept aside almost negligently, not hard enough to injure, but hard enough to incapacitate.

Fury's voice rung out over the telecom, "Potter just took down Vance and Garvey. He is invisible and can move fast, keep your heads on a swivel."

Harry smirked before he felt the impact of a stunner dart in his right bicep, tracking the direction from which it originated; he spotted Romanov glancing warily at where the dart stood hovering in the air. Plucking the dart out of his arm Harry shrugged off the effects of the stunning agent.

Swooping down silently Harry summoned three agents on one side of the room into three others. A few broken bones this time in the attack, but nothing too serious that couldn't be mended in short order.

Fury winced as he watched six of his agents collide in a pretty painful looking way, "Beta and Omega, its up to you to finish this now."

Harry knew the remaining agents had wised up to where he had been staging his attacks, and he needed a new plan. Ranged attacks so far had been effective, but he knew Romanov was at least still in the game, and he assumed someone else was.

Opting to get out of the shadows he appeared in the center of the room arms outstretched, "Ok, I've had my shot. Now whoever is left can try their hand at me, I'll stand right here and give you a chance to drop me, non lethal methods of course."

Two stun darts flashed out of the darkness and Harry let them land before he stunned the two men they had come. Plucking the darts out his stomach and neck he shook his head, "Well Col. Fury, your men are definitely accurate enough. But perhaps not observant enough to figure out that the tranquilizer darts didn't have any effect on me."

Closing his eyes he reached out with his magic in its purest form and nodded, "Two left now. Agents Romanov and someone else in the rafters, hanging like a bird it seems."

Fury already had places for Potter but given the display he decided to end this before it got any worse for him. "Barton, Romanov I think we've seen everything we need to. Come out and congratulate Potter on a job well done."

Harry looked for all of the world like he wasn't winded or bothered in the least. Smiling a little he opened his eyes, noticing that Fury had hurried down to the room to greet his two standing agents and also brings medics to deal with the other ones.

Harry noticed Romanov and Barton coming from opposite ends of the range and nodded respectfully to the pair, even if he felt confident he would get them he knew it would have been much more difficult.

Fury looked a little worried, but more impressed, "What percent were you even going at out there?"

Harry shrugged, "I don't know but it wasn't very high. 10% I'd imagine."

Fury nodded for a moment before he asked, "Would you be willing to do a psych evaluation?"

Harry thought for a moment before he shook his head in the negative, "I understand why you would want that. But I think I'll let my actions speak for me." As he prepared to apparate away he added, "If something big comes up and you need help then feel free to call me."

Fury was only somewhat vexed, having powerful people only lightly attached with the organization was what he was looking for and so he spoke aloud, "Put Potter down on the list for the Avengers Initiative. Keep an eye on him and deflect as much attention as you can."

Barton and Romanov shared a glance only soldiers who have been through the fire can, may you live in interesting times indeed.


Harry apparated directly to outside of Tony's house, little details like needing to know where you were going to apparate there no longer applied to him. It was night on the Pacific Coast and it had been a couple of weeks since he had seen Tony.

After the meeting with S.H.I.E.L.D he had decided to explore a bit of his new world and try to figure his place in it. A month later, and some interesting stories from some of his friends at S.H.I.E.L.D led him to calling Tony and an invitation, albeit a somewhat harried one was proffered.

The front door was wide open and Harry suddenly had a very bad feeling, it hadn't happened much during his month off, but this felt much stronger than any of the previous ones. Walking in he saw Tony on his couch and frankly he looked like he was already dead with a gaping hole in his chest. Rushing forward he checked for a pulse, relieved he found one before Tony gasped out, "Down stairs, need plaque with reactor."

A disembodied voice with what seemed to be a British accent rang out, "Mr. Potter, the object required is down the stairs."

Harry nodded before he focused on what Tony had said, summoning the object described. A small plaque with a fist sized thing which glowed blue, a reactor he supposed zoomed up the stairs and into his hand. Smashing the glass cube the reactor in Harry held it out to Tony.

Disembodied voice rang out again, "The cord on the back of the reactor must go in first without touching the sides of the chest cavity."

Harry did as instructed locking the reactor in and Tony's color immediately improved, as did his respiration. "Much better, that's twice now. You're a handy guy to have around that much is for sure."

Harry smirked before Tony jerked up, "Pepper."

Helping the man to his feet Harry asked, "Your assistant?"

Tony nodded, "Best friend and potential romantic interest to boot."

Harry smiled a little; Tony was irrepressible, sort of like a solo Weasley Twin. "So what do you need me to do?"

Tony looked him straight in the eye, "Get Pepper out of Stark Enterprises and then I might need a hand."

Harry nodded before vanishing with nary a sound, his destination unclear aside from right next to one Pepper Potts.

Tony glanced around before he sighed, "Jarvis did his magic affect my arc reactor at all?

Jarvis replied, "No sir, in fact energy outputs are nearly to the completed palladium core model that Mr. Stane stole from you."

Tony whistled, "His magic made my reactor more efficient. This bears looking in to. But it will have to wait; homicidal maniac trying to destroy my life takes first priority."

Rhodey ran in through the front door his sidearm out before he lowered it when he saw Tony, "Pepper called me, told me you were in trouble."

Tony nodded "Walk with me; I'll give you the rundown."


Harry popped into existence right next to Pepper, unfortunately Agent Coulson and a handful of other S.H.I.E.L.D agents were nearby and he had several guns pointed at him.

Harry sighed but smiled a little, "I suppose this is my fault. Agent Coulson, if you would be so kind."

The S.H.I.E.L.D agents did so after Coulson nodded to them, "Thank you. I've been sent by Tony to get you out of here Pepper."

The red-head nodded and Harry grabbed her around the waist and vanished once more, taking her back to Tony's Malibu home.

Smiling at her he promised, "You'll be safe here. But to be safe you might want to close the front door."

Pepper nodded somewhat dazed before she said, "Thank you, I think."

Grinning Harry replied, "You're welcome, I think." With a swish of his cloak he disappeared again to lend a hand if it was needed.


"Jarvis, how is my improved ticker managing on power levels." Tony grunted as he took a punch from Stane's Iron Monger suit before a repulsor blast sent the monger suit tumbling away and into a storage building.

"Sir, energy levels have dropped to 78%. You still have plenty to do whatever you are planning." The A.I drolly added.

Tony nodded before he shot off into the air, The Iron Monger slowly rocketing up with far more powerful thrusters then what he had. He had a gamble to play, and he hoped he was right.

Rocketing upwards the two mechanical wonders raced against each other and the thinning atmosphere. Stane grabbed Tony's suit, squeezing his left leg until the thruster on that leg was inoperable.

"So, what have you done about the icing issue?" Tony asked glibly.


Stane's suit went dead as it iced over the larger suit plummeting to earth as Tony spiraled to earth with only three of the suit's thrusters still active. He figured the impact wasn't going to be fatal, but it was going to be painful.

As the details of the ground became clear he stabilized, glancing over Harry smirked at him as he supported his leg.

Tony blinked, "Uh, Harry you do realize you are flying with no discernible means of doing so."

Harry chuckled as the pair landed softly near the large arc reactor, "Funny thing, that."


Fury rubbed a hand on his bald head in exasperation, the local news outlets had picked up the story of several explosions in and around Stark Enterprises HQ. Coulson had four agents down and it was impossible to contain what was happening at the moment.

Having access to the surveillance cameras at Stark told him two things, first there were two technologically advanced robotic suits of armor, and second Harry Potter was going to expose himself as being a super hero in a few minutes unless he could figure something out.

"Coulson do you still have the robes from that undercover op with the religious cult in Texas in your car?"


"For the tenth time now, I will explain the concept in general theory once we clean this mess up." Harry rolled his eyes in exasperation.

Tony almost, almost, stomped his feet in frustration, "You still don't understand."

"Listen, I told-." A giant metal fist completely flattened Harry to the ground before the entire Iron Monger landed on top of him before it picked up his limp body and threw him up on top of the arc reactor building.

Tony was horrified, "No! Obi you are so going to die for that."

"Tony, you've always lacked the conviction to make things happen. Now will not be any different." Stane's tinny voice rang out.

The next few minutes were all a blur to Tony as he gave everything he had to avenge the strange British fellow he hardly knew, and yet had helped and protected the things most important to him.

Tony was unfortunately weakened by one fact, he was trying to prevent people from being hurt and Stane wasn't.


Harry had kept going after bouncing twice on the roof, tumbling all of the way a hundred feet back down to the ground. He definitely could still feel pain, and yet when he checked his body for injuries there were none aside from some very light scratches and scrapes.

Rolling to his feet he was surprised when Agent Coulson was there, "Potter…you."

Harry ran a hand through his hair before he noticed what was in Coulson's hand, "What's the creepy cloak for?"

Coulson blinked before he handed it over, "We are about to have some serious media coverage and we figured you might want your identity to remain a secret."

Harry nodded but waved away the cloak, "Thanks for the sentiment but I can take care of that." A wave of his hand and he wore a battle cloak, it was something he had stumbled across in his travels before his trip to this world. His hood up, he was magically concealed much like the most clandestine of the Unspeakables were in his world.

He felt his magic pooling in his palms, Stane wasn't the only one who could pack a punch and he was about to demonstrate it.


Tony had just blasted Stane with his chest plate and his power levels were starting to drop to somewhat dangerous levels, in spite of Harry's boost. Damn, he still couldn't believe Stane had sent the quirky British guy flying like that, no one could have survived that even if Harry had said he was gifted in his own way.

Stane was slowly getting back up, the guy had made some pretty impressive modifications to his Mark I suit. At that moment Tony made the commitment to take down Stane even if it meant his life in the process. This hero business definitely made you constantly reevaluate the meaning of life.

"Power levels at 11% sir. You might want to change your strategy." Jarvis suggested helpfully.

Tony grimaced and prepared for one last gasp when it happened. Harry bloody Potter with his hands glowing an ominous blue color swept in behind of Stane and with two punches the entire suit fell apart like it had been held together by tinsel and string.

Stane was completely stunned but managed to croak out, "What are you?"

Harry's voice was distorted as he replied, "I am the balance required when scum like you think they decide who lives and dies."

Leaning close he continued, "I have news for you little pathetic creature, I am Death's master. Be careful or I might be forced to speed your introduction."

Stane's eyes were wide, the eyes inside the hood were glowing green, and there was a definitely an oppressive sense of death nearly tangible that surrounded him. The man fainted when confronted with the knowledge that something greater than him was in his presence.

Harry sighed and with a short chant he placed his hand on the man's head, glowing grey for a moment before he pulled away. He had felt and seen every death he was directly or indirectly responsible for causing. This was a power he could have gone without having, seeing people die was uncomfortable at best, and extremely painful at the worst.

Tony had watched the entire thing in stunned silence, this was clearly Harry, and yet he had become something that was clearly more since Stane's attack on him. "Is he dead?"

Shaking his head the wizard answered, "No, I merely planted a suggestion in his mind. He has murdered a lot of good people, and while not directly responsible he had a hand in your parent's accident."

Tony grimaced inside of his suit, "Let's get out of here. Meet me back at my place."

Tony took off to the sky as Harry simply vanished, the cameras catching the last few minutes of the fight, starting with said wizard being launched, but at a distance where image resolution was questionable at best. Of course one thing had just become clear; there were things that could not be easily explained.


Nick Fury watched the coverage with great interest, there were two new players on the board, and he had a feeling time would reveal even more. The question remained though, was the earth ready for it?

A/N: Well there you have it. Chapter one of my fic, it stuck more or less with canon aside from Stane still being alive instead of dead. As we get into Hulk, Thor, and Cap you'll start seeing some drastic differences in the way everyone interacts, for better or for worse.

After all, Harry is a powerhouse who is just starting to scratch the surface of what it means to be Death's master. While mostly invulnerable you will find that Death and her master have some weaknesses in the grand cosmic scheme of things. If you've ever read comics, death is a pretty fluid concept with multiple loopholes for the initiated.