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Harry sighed at the congestion, madness, and beauty of Xandar. He was not oblivious to some of the glances coming his way, a few had uttered words like 'Asgardian', slurs like 'human', and even the odd talk about 'eternals'.

As he walked to an open area where many looked to be sitting around he watched in bemusement as a raccoon shot a random dude with a gun before a tree creature and green lady were all detained. The one thing he was certain of, the power gem was somewhere in that mass of life, and he would have to watch the progress of that from afar.

Of course, he could also now sense that Thanos was somewhere not too far away, and he possessed the mind gem, it seemed as though this was an area where many things were in play. He pulled his own presence more tightly to himself, no reason to announce his presence in a place where he had no obvious allies.

It was dangerous business tracking the whereabouts and ownership of these infinity gems, he had dealt with a few intergalactic interlopers already himself and he knew the death and destruction that often visited the worlds they inhabited.


Garrett had been the Clairvoyant and was but a cog in HYDRA's bid to eliminate resistance through S.H.I.E.L.D. Fury was back from the dead and with the implosion of S.H.I.E.L.D he was finding fewer answers but a lot more questions.

One thing was becoming painfully apparent, not just for S.H.I.E.L.D, but for the rest of humanity. The universe was a much scarier and crowded place than anyone had dared to believe, what could he and his team do to make the earth safer?

It was a tough question, and now with his mind flooded with all of these bizarre images since he had accepted the Directorship it was becoming apparent they would need help, but who could they trust?


Harry was undercover at the prison, a simple glamour spell and a pile of dirty rags and he had successfully broken into prison. As a large red figure snarled at him he briefly pondered the direction of his life, er well whatever it was he was doing at the moment. Somehow he had gained tremendous power, and even more tremendous responsibilities, and while he wasn't one for self pity, typically he pondered how nice that might feel at the moment.

There was never a day off it seemed from being a hero, or a protector of sorts, "Back off ugly, or I might just try to find a way to turn you inside out." Letting a bit of magic seep into his fingers ominous green sparks skittered onto the ground the creature slinked away, reassessing his view of the easy meal.

He still heard the faint hisses and murmurs of Asgardian, but he kept his distance from the motley crew he had seen together in Xandar. He felt that vague indication he always felt when something was about to happen, that sixth sense that had served him well even when he was still mortal now he just had to bide his time.


Thanos the Mad Titan was perplexed, a feeling he did not often find himself in. His deal with Ronan was going according to plan, but his daughter Gamora had been captured in her attempt to retrieve the artifact. Now he sensed deception and yet a presence had muddied the waters that required he send Nebula to discover what had gone wrong and who it was that had set of his threat alarms. None had Thanos feared for many years, and yet there was a power near, which rivaled if not bested his own, it was a worrying concept. If only his mistress death would speak to him once again, alas she had been silent for some time now.

Turning to his vizier, the current host of the once vastly powerful Chthon, he ordered, "Summon your best sources from Xandar, I wish to discover who this new power is."

The Other hissed, he too had felt the presence, yet instead of fear he felt suffocated, as if this other being had come to snuff out his very existence, none since the god eater that had precipitated fleeing his physical form all those eons ago caused such abject fear and panic. Thankfully he had a very powerful patron; it was after all why he had sought out the Titan outcast.


A prison break, as if this whole thing hadn't been enough of a mess as it was, now they were making a prison break, and he had to avoid that mess, and still find a way to keep tabs. There was nothing else for it he mused as the five outcasts had holed up in some control tower within the prison. He disillusioned himself and apparated into the tower to watch the five from a distance, he would now need to use a tithe of his powers to keep track of them.


Inside of a dead Celestial's head was just another oddball experience that Harry could chalk up to this trip through the universe, it made him nostalgic for the day's of Hogwarts to be honest, or even that of the Avengers fighting an alien invasion, now that seemed like a vacation in comparison.

One thing had become certain; he wasn't nearly as good at keeping an inconspicuous profile as he thought; he supposed it had something to do with being painted an Asgardian everywhere he went, like he reeked of the real eternal. It was an eye opening experience, one that he would have to broach with his Asgardian family soon, that much was sure.

His musings were interrupted when a small fleet of spacecraft, Kree if he had to guess, set down on the main landing area of the little colony inside of a massive head. Just as he prepared to disappear into the crowd he felt it, someone in that spacecraft had recently seen Thanos, close exposure to an infinity stone had a different energy signature.

His curiosity won out over his caution and he pushed his way through the crowd to be confronted by an imposing figure carrying a war hammer and armor, "Hey, ugly what's your name?" Harry asked loudly over the sound of the assembled crowd.

The armored leader swiveled around as did most of his entourage, "Who speaks to Ronan the Accuser?"

Most of the people around Harry scurried backwards until he was left with his head on the proverbial chopping block, "It was me, Mr. The Accuser. Where I come from people don't just barge in without asking for permission."

Ronan canted his head in confusion, "What would an Asgardian know of such matters? For that matter, why is an Asgardian in such a place?"

Harry shrugged his shoulders, "I'm a traveler, but I still believe civility has its place."

Negligently Ronan waved his war hammer at Harry and a blast of energy sizzled through the air, just as simply Harry merely deflected the energy straight up into the air, the group looked amazed as the energy dissipated in the air.

Ronan merely turned his back, "You have some talent Asgardian, but you try my patience. Be gone or next time I shant pull my punch." A few in the crowd jeered; suddenly the imposing Kree warrior didn't seem quite so impressive.

Harry took the opportunity to disappear back into the crowd, this time however instead of muttering he was greeted by a few claps on the back. He was preparing to apparate from a secluded area when the explosion happened. Cursing, he estimated the explosion centered on an area he had discovered belonged to a former Elder of the Universe known as the Collector.

Cursing he exclaimed, "Of course, who else would be the mystery buyer." Without a sound he spun and vanished, not very hopeful that this new Kree player was just there for a social call.


All Harry could do was watch Quill give his helmet to Gamora, well that and place a subtle bubblehead charm on the man to keep him from suffocating before the bounty hunters picked him and the green skinned assassin up, as they drifted in a very thin atmosphere just outside of the celestial.

As the group zoomed away Harry sighed, he had no way of catching up, and it looked as though he had finally been dealt out of this hand. He could only hope now to get to Xandar and help before the final confrontation was over.


Tony rubbed at his eyes tiredly, it seemed like the Avengers were always on the go nowadays, one super powered threat after another. While the Hulk, Thor, and Cap seemed to be getting along just fine, himself the Widow and Hawkeye were starting to show their wear. They had even taken the Winter Soldier out once on a mission but it hadn't felt right. They really needed their wizard back, but he was off doing his mysterious wizard gig.

Maybe he could help take some of the load off…as his mind flashed back to Air Force One and the showdown with Killian….yes, maybe.


Harry had hitchhiked a ride with Rocket, Groot, and Drax and watched bemused as they threatened to blow up their friends, an empty threat he knew at this point to be sure. He felt proud of Quill's transformation into something heroic as the group blasted off the Xandar to stop Ronan's attempts.


Loki grimaced as he stretched out after his morning exercises, the Allfather and Queen Frigga had called him back to Asgard and frankly it was in many ways a relief. Even being the god of mischief had not prepared him for the insanity that was Deadpool.

Frigga entered the courtyard and Loki's attention was immediately drawn in, she looked guilty and perhaps just a little, dare he say, mischievous.

"Mother, what brings you to my dark corner of Asgard?" Loki asked silkily.

Frigga sighed, "Your father is often times a very frustrating man to live with."

Loki arched his eyebrow but waited for his mother to continue, "Your father… when both you and your brother were young, he commissioned great weapons for his two heirs to the throne of Asgard. For Thor, Mjolnir was commissioned. For you, due to your skill in magic and with the blade he commissioned the great blade Gram. However, when the time came for the blade to select you, it sensed darkness in your heart and so refused you at that time. As a means to test your worthiness, you must complete a quest."

Loki sighed, "A quest, how very medieval of father." Pausing a moment he added, "But, I suppose it would have been around that time on Midgard." Looking at his mother carefully to see any signs of deception he continued after a brief silence, "What must I do?"

The Queen's Cheshire grin led Loki to remember one thing; much of what he had learned had come from Frigga.


Harry was relieved in spite of the carnage at Xandar, the infinity stone was as safe as it could be, although the cost had been great. He had been low key keeping civilian casualties down, ready to step in if Quill and his people had not been up to the task. But, thankfully he maintained some semblance of cover, while the day was still most sufficiently saved.

As he hitched a ride to a nearby star system that he could call Heimdall from, he pondered the nature of heroes and whether he really wanted to know all of those answers.


Tony sighed in frustration; the AI had been so perfect, until it began to value human life as meaningless in the simulations. Apparently, Ultron was not going to be the next avenger after all.

"JARVIS, scrap the AI for the Ultron project, back to the drawing board." Throwing his hands up he left his work area, never noticing that JARVIS didn't reply in the affirmative to his command.


Harry took a deep breath of fresh air; it was nice to be back on earth, where the native air had a much more wholesome quality to it, interestingly enough. He had touched base with everyone now that he was back on earth, and they were having a get together at Stark Tower in a couple of days.

He was looking out over New York City from the top of the Empire State building, feeling a lot more at peace with his lot in the world. Things had become more clear as he gained distance and perspective, things including this world's original Harry Potter being completely aware of HYDRA, although not a member himself.

Suddenly he felt less bad about kicking that Harry Potter out of this world. With that knowledge much of his personal fortune was being used to create charities solely to aid meta-humans who were struggling with their powers and their lot in the world. The Potter foundation was already making inroads with several in the mutant population, not to mention S.H.I.E.L.D agents powered or otherwise who were in need of some help in the light of HYDRA's betrayal.

As he pondered his new direction in the world he spotted an interesting and not altogether surprising sight, a blue and red clad individual swinging through the air. Deciding to introduce himself to this newly styled Spider-Man, Harry became invisible and took off in flight to gain a private audience.


He watched the young hero thwart multiple muggings and perhaps some less savory attempts when he finally watched the young spider stop on a roof to look over an older neighborhood.

Taking his chance he became visible about twenty feet away and said, "Spiderman I presume?"

Spidey turned so fast Harry had a hard time keeping track of it, before he stared and warily asked, "Yes?"

Harry closed the distance in half and warmly introduced himself, "My apologies, I'm Harry Potter or you might know me better as the Magus."

Spiderman relaxed at this point, "I've heard of you sure, hard not to hear of an Avenger nowadays."

Harry shrugged, "I was watching you work tonight. The Avengers are important sure, but we do need heroes willing to fight the battles in the trenches also."

Spidey nodded before Harry continued, "I've seen your costume, and from the state of it I'm guessing money is a bit of an issue from time to time."

Spiderman took affront to this, "I get by just fine."

Harry held his hands out in apology, "That's not what I meant." Rubbing his neck in embarrassment he continued, "I created a foundation help people who are trying to help others like you are. I can grant you money based on what I've seen tonight, to buy you some new materials for the outfit, new web shooters, Oscorp tech from the looks of it. Heck, if you'd like I can send you to Tony and you'll have more goodies than you'll know what to do with."

Spidey relaxed again, "Yeah, that'd be, that'd be real helpful."

Harry smiled, "Good." Waiting a moment he asked, "Now, hopefully without overstepping my bounds I was wondering if I could ask you something else."

Spidey canted his head, "What's that Mr. Wizard?"

Harry sighed, "Definitely sending you to Tony." Shaking his head he asked, "Why do you do it Peter?"

Peter froze, "How do you?"

Harry shook his head, "No, first names are enough I think."

Peter nodded, "Yeah…I…my Uncle he died and I could have done something about it."

Harry nodded sympathetically, "Say no more, guilt is a real bitch, believe me I know. It feels like you would do anything to avoid feeling that guilt all over again."

Peter exhaled and softly said, "Yeah."

Harry closed the remaining few feet and clapped the young hero on the back, "Say no more." Stepping back a few feet again he snapped his fingers a business card appearing, "Take this, contact the number on the card, it's secure and directly to me and we can figure out how you would like to receive the grant."

Peter nodded, reaching out and pocketing the card gratefully, "I really appreciate it."

Harry smiled as his battle cloak appeared for the first time that night, "No Spider-Man, what I'm doing is nothing. You, you're doing the important work. Keep it up and stay safe my young friend."

Spidey watched in no small measure of amazement as Harry disappeared without a sound, which had been a truly strange meeting, great but strange. Suddenly, though he felt a lot lighter, that money would be a huge boost, and it was nice to know someone appreciated and understood what he was doing and why he was doing it.


Appearing in his townhouse Harry smiled at the thought of Peter Parker, he was a truly noble young man a rare breed at any age to be sure. Thinking about spiders lead his mind back to his own little Black Widow; Natasha had simply told him to meet her at a night club that very night, apparently she was chasing some ghosts in the Russian mafia and she could use some company at a hot nightclub.

Harry glanced at his watch before he shrugged, it had been awhile since he had been on a date, he hoped he could pull it off and now it was time to get ready, the worrying could wait for another day.


He was smartly dressed; a casual suit that seemed as if he was poured into the fit was so perfect. His hair was at its unkempt best, and he had kept a bit of stubble to passably go for someone in their early twenties, as opposed to the roughly 18 or 19 he normally looked.

Feeling a little like James Bond he ordered a vodka martini. As he turned to look out over the dance floor as Maroon 5 began blaring with their newest single, something about animals when Natasha came into a view over the sound of the lead singer's howls.

She was dressed to kill, and knowing Natasha the bit that he did, it probably wasn't a coincidence, she was a painfully attractive woman, and as her eyes tracked and locked on to him, he was pleasantly surprised to see her own appreciative glance headed in his direction.

He downed the remainder of his drink and in a few strides he had pulled her into a warm embrace. "If it isn't the alluring Natasha, as I live and breathe."

Natasha was not to be outdone, "I would have seen you sooner if you weren't out of the country for so long."

Harry smirked and conjured a black rose with a snap of his fingers, cheesy and corny true, but his explanation of magic was actually an accurate one if asked how he did it.

"So, boring work talk aside, how have you been?" Harry asked conversationally as they worked to a secluded booth a bit further away from the dance floor.

Natasha exhaled softly, "It's nice to pick my own battles, less chance of hurting the wrong people that way. Although I do keep in touch with Nick when I can to see how things are going overseas."

Harry nodded, "Yes I am having coffee with him tomorrow in Milan, should be a treat."

Natasha laughed genuinely, a first to Harry's ears, and he found it quite alluring, "So business or pleasure tonight?"

Natasha smirked before she grabbed his face and pulled him into a languid kiss and maneuvered her way into his lap. Pulling away after a few minutes she softly replied, "Who says it can't be both you sexy man."


Nick Fury had once been the most powerful man around at the height of S.H.I.E.L.D's power a mere few months ago. Now he was back to the spy game, a game which admittedly he was very good at, but the stakes were much smaller.

Smaller politically anyways, a distinction he was only too pleased to acknowledge now as he sat and sipped his coffee at the small café. Potter since he had arrived on the stage as something other than a number cruncher had been a wild card with his mysterious and formidable powers. Of course, it went without saying that Fury counted him as his own personal wild card; otherwise this meeting wouldn't be taking place.

As he took a sip from his beverage he felt the small shift in the air around him, signaling the arrival of said wild card. "Potter, you're late."

Harry smirked as he called the waitress over and made a quick order in flawless Italian. "My apologies, Natasha had me up late chasing down some leads on the red room amongst the Russian mob."

Fury arched his eyebrow above his designer sunglasses, "Red room, she must really trust you to call you in with that mess."

Harry merely nodded, "Unlike some, I've only given her reason to trust me."

Fury nodded, "Fair enough, but remember you break that trust I'll find a way to break something of yours."

Harry took a sip from his beverage but nodded agreeably, more out of respect than actual belief of that statement, "Let's get to the brass tacks if you don't mind."

Fury leaned back in his chair, the pleasantries had passed and now it was down to business time, "I've been tracking a HYDRA splinter cell that had stolen a cache of Chitauri weapons, specifically focused on the power cells for their weapons. Power cells which worked just like the one on the scepter given to Loki before his invasion attempt. "

Harry nodded and stroked his stubble thoughtfully, "Why bother with the power cells? They don't seem to be the sort of things that can be weaponized further."

Fury simply replied, "If this was just about weapons, then I wouldn't have called you in. No, they used the power cells to experiment on human subjects."

Harry canted his head, "Ok, you've got my attention."

Fury smiled mirthlessly, "Figured that might track for you. Most of the subjects have died from some fairly serious radiation poisoning, however I have confirmation to have survived the process, and have been enhanced by it."

Harry rubbed at his face, "Radiation shouldn't have granted any direct powers, but they might have unlocked something latent already in their make up. Similar to what Bruce experienced, at least that's my theory."

Fury nodded, "Could be." Smirking he added, "You're much smarter than you look."

Harry shrugged, "Aside from economics, I've always been informed I'm more of a practical application type guy, I leave the theories to Bruce and Tony."

Fury merely passed a folder to Harry at this point, "These are your coordinates and all of the intel I could gather. Rogers, Wilson, and Barnes will meet you at the rendezvous point and escort you and the two subjects to the extraction point."

Harry paused a moment, "Any idea what the manifestation of their powers might be?"

Fury stood up, "Super speed, and what has been referred to as magical energy manipulation."

Harry shook his head as he left a few notes on the table covering both his and Fury's bill, "Now, that is more like it."

Pausing, his mind locked on to a flash of memory from the Norns, a beautiful red haired woman fighting by his side using something very similar to magic. Smiling to himself he sighed, "Since when was anything easy."


James Buchanan Barnes, or Bucky as he was called by one man, was dealing with a drastically different world than the last time he was this self aware 1945.

Like going through a haze, he awoke in a S.H.I.E.L.D containment center with Harry Potter an actual wizard drawing him from that haze. It had been nearly seventy years, and everyone was gone aside from Steve, who had his own issues, and Peggy who was dealing with Alzheimer's and couldn't remember much for very long any more.

Sadly, unlike Steve who was safely frozen in the Northern Canadian bit of the Arctic, he had been brainwashed, apparently had assassinated the leaders of many different countries, including his own homeland, all in the name of HYDRA and their puppet government of the day.

Now, they along with Sam, a guy who would have fit in with the Howling Commandoes on their rowdiest day, were awaiting the wizard on their way to another adventure.

"Steve, how do you handle all of this?" He had asked Steve after their first mission back together, fighting alongside the Avengers.

Steve had merely shrugged and replied, "Focus on the mission the rest will come in time."

Bucky, being the smart ass he was had countered, "How is that working out for you?"

Steve merely smiled, "I have friends, people I can trust, and I have my best friend back, I think it's going pretty well."

Bucky sighed; it was pretty damned difficult to sulk like he wanted to with Steve around, and he was right, as Steve usually was. Keeping busy allowed the other details to slowly settle into place, now it was time to settle into the cool focus that had made him a good soldier, and a better assassin.


Harry glanced around, the two test subjects had already been sedated when he had infiltrated and liberated the pair. A new little trick he had put together involved putting objects living or otherwise just out of phase with the rest of reality, whether that was a side effect of his possession of the reality stone or his own mind coming up with new and creative ways to use his powers he wasn't sure, just that he could do it, and with the two people, he had done so to great success as he approached the rendezvous point.

Seeing the green laser indicating a clean rendezvous he pulled the pair back into sync, just as Sam, Steve, and James came into view scanning the area for any threats.

Harry continued to levitate the pair and Steve made the all clear, "Wizards are always late."

Said wizard replied with a chuckle, "Wizards are never early nor late, but rather appear exactly when they intend to."

Harry shook hands with Steve, James, and Sam, as they worked to their vehicle for extraction, and from there a jump jet to a secure facility.

"So Cap, I heard you recently had a run in with Rumlow." Harry commented casually.

"Yeah, apparently dropping a building on the guy wasn't enough of a hint." Steve replied glibly.

"James, I like the new paint job," pointing at the newly American star on his bionic arm. "How are you feeling?"

Bucky grimaced, "Hard to lie to a guy who has been inside your head." Pausing a bit he added, "Guilty."

Harry merely nodded before he turned his gaze sidelong to Sam, "How are the upgrades to the exo-wing set that Tony wrangled for you?"

Sam smiled, "Handles like a dream, and a bit sturdier than my last set."

Harry smiled and patted his back reassuringly, "Tony's pretty good at that sort of thing, and from my experience he has more problems with the software than the hardware."

Steve made a face, "He managed to get me into a suit, and it felt like I was wearing a full body diaper."

Harry laughed as they approached the vehicle, "Two comments on that. First, how would you know what it feels like to wear a full body diaper? Second, thank you for that lovely image, old timer."


Stark Tower was a bustle of activity in the penthouse, most members of the Avengers had arrived, in fact they were waiting for a few ancillary members of their assembled crew, namely Maria Hill and Rhodey with his newest version of the War Machine armor now that he had retired from active service and was now working privately both with and for Tony.

The current source of amusement was Bucky and Hawkeye having an epic match up in darts, while Harry was tasking Thor to some video game that Tony had on his massive big screen tv.

"Come Harald; allow me to prove that I am the better at this wiibowling."

Thor boomed with a giant grin on his face and Jane laughed off to the side as she and Bruce talked physics of some sort.

"Thor my friend and cousin, I am appalled by your continued lack of knowledge of things on this planet. What do you and Jane do when you're both not busy saving the world?" Harry asked with a smirk as Thor left himself yet another split.

Jane chimed in from the side before her beau could answer, "Unless you want to improve drastically at Wii bowling, you had better not answer that stud."

Thor closed his mouth with an audible click as Natasha sauntered over, considerably more affectionate to Harry than anyone else at the party, but not so overt to be completely obvious to any but those that knew her best.

As Harry finished off the god of something other than wiibowling…Tony and Pepper made their grand entrance as all great divas are so fond of. Loki was off on some sort of Asgardian quest, or he might have tried to one up the host of the party.

"Welcome, welcome everyone to the first annual meeting of Avengers, not so anonymous."

Harry whispered loudly, "Yes, thanks for that so much Tony."

Tony ignored his British/Wizard friend and continued, "Since the fall of S.H.I.E.L.D Pepper and I have acknowledged the responsibility we have to making sure that there are places to turn for individuals who are genuinely concerned about the future of humanity. In fact you might be so bold as to suggest that we have privatized intelligence and security of the American people, which means they have never been in better hands. Tonight is a celebration and team building exercise for those of us who are lucky enough to be called Avengers, or at the very least are very important to any of us who are Avengers. So grab a drink, grab a willing partner and let's party."

Pepper leaned over and whispered into his ear, "Ah, and please grab a name tag so there are no strangers here tonight."


JARVIS was an artificial intelligence, an incredibly sophisticated example to be sure, but JARVIS was designed to help and value human beings while Ultron's AI had no such feature to limit it. So it would come as no great surprise that Ultron had been steadily assuming control of every bit of control that it desired.

A body had been constructed out of an Adamantium alloy making it nigh near indestructible, which was an important feature considering what the amoral and vicious AI had planned for the evening's festivities.


The party had begun to simmer down when the games became more childish, such as the one they were now playing.

"Who is worthy to lift my hammer, may attempt to try now." Thor stated smugly as he placed his hammer forged from Uru within the heart of a dying star.

Tony with all of his swagger both technological and otherwise, tried first both with and without armor, mustering a wiggle of the hammer and yet no more. Clint and Natasha passed on the opportunity; Rhody managed roughly the same amount of movement as Tony which left the more powerful members of the Avengers to try their own hands.

Steve went first, and Harry could tell, if it was a life and death issue, Steve could have lifted the hammer so close it was to being lifted by a mortal man. Bucky didn't want to try, and Sam got some serious movement before admitting defeat.

Harry shared a look with Bruce who merely shook his head, not interested in the exercise so Harry shrugged and stood. "Well let's see how Mjolnir reacts to me."

Grasping the hammer's handle Harry began to lift when a metallic sounding voice rang out to the assembled group.

"Why does it matter who the hammer deems worthy, when I know that none of you are worthy."

Tony spoke to the suddenly quiet room, "Ultron, but I scrapped you."

The imposing looking robot continued unimpeded, "Not worthy to live, only worthy to die with the rest of humanity like the plague that you are."

Harry's suit morphed into a battle robe as he spoke, "It sounds like you're looking for a fight."

Ultron's voice actually sounded amused, "Not a fight, a massacre."

At this point the room exploded as Tony's suits blasted into the room under the control of Ultron and opened fire.


As the room exploded into chaos, the first duty of the Avengers wasn't battle, but rather getting anyone not powered or super powered clear of the initial blast zone. With that in mind Harry began apparating people away as Thor grabbed Jane and took off into the night.

Tony summoned his personal armor as Rhody stepped into his war machine armor, both apparently free of Ultron's control. Steve, Natasha, James, and Clint provided defense and covering fire as the party had turned into a tactical retreat and containment in short order.

Finally as the last non-combatant had been cleared the Avengers assembled en masse to face this newest threat.

Steve spoke out over the communications link, "Lets bottle this robot army up, Harry you and Thor set a perimeter and drive them back to the center. Tony and Rhody you are aerial support and containment if any get past Harry and Thor. The rest of us are shooting fish in the barrel."

Ultron had merely stepped away in the chaos; this first move wasn't meant to defeat the Avengers no that would come later. Rather this was to weaken the group in any way he could, and more importantly scatter their focus while the other parts of his vast intelligence put his plan in place.


In Asgard Heimdall watched in concern, this was a threat unlike any other the Avengers had ever faced, the intelligence they now faced care not for human life and would use this attitude to make victory near impossible for its opponents. Of course with Thor and Harald at the vanguard the evil entity would not find victory an easy feat.

If things progressed too far down one of many possible paths the forces of Asgard might need to be mustered, to aid their allies and their own.


The remaining dozen or so suits of armor had flown in a circling position around the top of Avengers tower when Ultron's voice broke out over the speaker system of the suits, "The truth of the matter is, I am not yet strong enough to destroy you in the manner I wish to. So, for now I leave you with a question: How do you defeat an enemy who can be everywhere and nowhere at the same time?"

As Ultron's mocking laughter began to ring out one by one the remaining suits exploded raining debris down on the Avengers. No more harmful than confetti falling at the present distance the burning question most of the Avengers had was, who was Ultron and what does he have to do with the Avengers?


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