Disclaimer – I don't own Bleach. This one-shot is written for forever122 and is AU to where I plan on taking the story Lost Child. They in particular know what that is. It is highly suggested that people read chapters one through nineteen of Lost Child before reading this as Lost Child is in itself an AU for the Bleach canon time line.

Lost Child: Tobiume
~Goodbye Momo~

If there was something Sojiro was sure of when he entered the academy it was that he had no time for flirting with the females as he had his mind fully set on graduating with full honors. He walked through the academy wondering why the girls flocked to him and tried flirting with him. That was how he ended up in the library that day. Letting out a deep breath he found himself wondering that question when he saw the perfect quiet place to slip in and simply study as the female sitting at the table payed him no mind.

He couldn't help but notice that she was becoming frustrated and decided that her being frustrated with her studies that she would be too much of a distraction in that manner so decided to offer up help in her studies. His mind began to think and he realized that they were in the same year and he hoped she wasn't trying to trick him into studying with her. Instead he found out that the girl was upset about the death of her granny as well as the comatose state of her little brother...

...a little brother who should have been the child genius that would have pushed him in his final year of study.

He found himself suddenly attached to her and would hold random conversations with her and went out of his way to ask her to study with him simply to find out about her brother. It was obvious that the two were not blood related as her skills were far from that of a child genius despite being in the advanced class like she was. Still, he found himself enjoying her company and was glad to hear that her brother... despite not being able to speak to anyone was slowly getting better.

He came to realize that he had feelings for her, feelings that he had planned on not having while he studied at the academy. Letting out a deep breath he found himself making the decision to ask her out. "If I ask her out, even marry her I can be the one to take care of her and her little brother. I don't have to wait for her little brother to regain is cognitive functions for me to have a goal and a reason to become stronger. I will have something important to protect."

Walking over to the small female he tapped on her shoulder. "Hey... Hinamori... would you like to go and train with me on the plain?"

The girl looked up, blinking a couple of times. "Sure. I mean, I don't see why not. I actually think I'm getting better when I train with you. Kira and Renji don't work at my pace and the distance between us skill wise is growing, but you know how to match my pace. You would make a good teacher you know."

"Well... at least she's to the point she can admit her weaknesses. I will ask her after practicing if she will go on an actual date with me rather then simply practicing." They headed out and he smiled down at her. He didn't notice the jealous looks that followed them from some of the girls and they headed out to the plain area where they swung their swords.

It was then that he heard a voice. "Hello."

He felt himself pulled into what he thought was his inner world. Blinking a couple of times he saw a beautiful princess. The girl turned her head towards him and bowed. "Are you my master?"


"My name... my name is Tobiume." The female remained bowed.

He then found himself reacting, calling out her name. "Snap, Tobiume."

Smoke appeared around him and he blinked a couple of times. "Hinamori... we have the same zampaktuo?"

Momo blinked a couple of times. "I... I don't get it."

It was then that a blurring sensation came and they found themselves in the forty-six chapters looking around and being told to fight. The two looked around, not understanding why the members were telling them to fight. Momo then spoke at his side. "I'm sorry."


"I can't die here as Shiro-chan needs me."

"For some reason I'm fine with this."

"But promise me that you won't go easy on me. If you beat me, promise me that you'll take care of Shiro-chan."

"I promise." He felt their blades crash. "I promise. But I don't want too..."

He could feel then his blade cutting into her flesh and then she was gone. He was the owner of Tobiume and he was the one sent back. And yet he knew. He knew without Tobiume saying anything. "You are not my master."

Collapsing to his knees he didn't feel like moving. "Why?"

"Why?" The zampaktuo remained silent much to his pleasure only to speak again. "You are stronger. So you will have to do."

"It's not as if I can sustain you."

"Yes... you can." There came some silence. "It would have been nice if my master could have known your feelings for her before she died, but I will have to settle with me knowing. You'll keep me alive because I am a memory of her. You'll also keep me alive because of the promise you made to her."

"What promise? To not go easy on her? If I had gone easy on her I would be the one who is dead."

"You promised to take care of Shiro-chan."

"She told me, Shiro-chan... Toshiro isn't able to be near males without freaking out."


Letting out a deep sigh he headed to the forth division wondering if the Shiba clan knew about Momo's death. Kaien frowned at him as he stood outside of the room. "Momo was supposed to visit Shiro-chan today. Why are you here?"

The young man looked at the ground. "Has forty-six brought news?"

Kaien narrowed his eyes. "You... you need to be the one to tell the kid his nee-chan isn't coming back."

"I'm a male, so I won't be able to approach him."

"Try... on the positive side Momo was finally able to get near him and we were working on getting him to speak with her."

Shojiro slipped in through the door, flinching as he saw the boy with toys spread across the bed. The child looked up upon his entering, only to frown. The child didn't have a fit though so he stepped closer and went to sit on the bed. Sitting there he looked at the child, wondering how the boy would in the long run react to him being there.

The child opened up his mouth and smiled. "Momo-nee."

Sojiro flinched upon hearing her name. "No... my name is Kusaka Sojiro."


The young man turned his head to look at Kaien. The other man spoke in a soft tone so as to not alert the child that he was on the other side of the door. "Your reiatsu matches hers."

Frowning he turned towards the boy. "I'm not Momo-nee... but you can call me Sojiro-nii." He watched as the boy frowned at him. "Do I look like Momo-nee?" More silence came.

Finally the boy spoke. "So-nii-nii?"

"Yeah... So-nii-nii." The boy flinched as the child hugged him. The child in truth would remain silent for many years so he didn't know if the child understood what had happened to Momo-nee. To their surprise years later the boy began to speak.

"Hey... Toshiro... can we talk."

"Nii-sama?" The boy looked up at him, his verbal skills having changed to match what he had learned from the Shiba-clan. Toshiro spoke in an odd fashion.

"Do you know what happened to Momo-nee?"

"Nee-san?" The boy blinked a couple of times. "Nee-san reincarnated."

"Good... he understands."

"Nee-san reincarnated as you."

Sojiro felt himself flinch. "What do you mean? Actually... how long have you come to that conclusion?"

"One day Nee-san was there, then you are. You had the same reiatsu as her. That can only happen if she died."

"That's not what really happened."

Toshiro stood up. "I don't want to know the truth. You know... sometimes the truth hurts. Like me killing granny like I did."

"It's my fault that your sister is dead." Sojiro watched as the boy titled his head.

"Yeah... but how is that different then what happened between me and granny." The child let out a laugh. "When you talk about nee-san it's as if you cared about her a lot. Plus, you told me that nee-san forgave me for what happened to granny so why can't I forgive you for what ever it was."

Sojiro reached out and ruffled the boy's hair.