Blonde hair, brown eyes, a pair of navy blue jeans and a black top. Her name is Rose Tyler, and her life used to be perfectly ordinary. Nothing ever happened. Not a thing. It's not that she hated her life, no, but she didn't exactly love it either. It was perfectly normal, like millions of other lives in all corners of the globe. And it was rather dull.

Dull and uneventful. Up until that day. The day that seemed to be just like any other day back then, but in retrospective, it turned out to be the beginning of something she's never imagined to be possible.

How did it all start? Well, it started on a Friday. Seven AM. Waking up to go to work. She doesn't have to work, not really, 'cos her dad is really well off and they live a decent life. They're not like one of those posh celebrity kind of people, mind you, even though her mum would love it if they were. They're just rich, just another family in which the owner of a large company is the only bread winner. And sure, her parents had their circle of friends and people that her mum, Jackie, insisted they have to keep on good terms with just 'cause it's good for their reputation and such, but her dad, Pete, he's more of an ordinary, good natured, simple sort of bloke. He likes a nice football match on the telly and a cold bottle of beer after he gets home from work, not all these snobbish parties that his wife always tries to drag him to.

And Rose? Rose is somewhere in between. She doesn't mind a good party, but the parties her parents tend to attend are hardly any good, and she usually likes to stay in.

Anyway, back on track. Rose doesn't have to work, but she still does. She doesn't have her A levels because of a really stupid stunt with a certain Jimmy Stone (she still beats herself up over being so deluded and blinded) and her self-esteem is down in the dirt, because let's face it, you need that piece of paper to get anywhere in life. Or at least it helps a lot. Although it's a little different with Rose, because she just happens to be the only heiress to the large Vitex fortune that her father has built over the years.

Starting off with healthy drinks he expanded into diet food and finally energy products tailored especially for very active sportsmen, and now, he was the head of a little empire known all over Great Britain as the most accessible bottle of pop that wasn't as unhealthy as regular soda. Brilliant, yeah?

Not so brilliant for Rose, because she wanted to make her own way in the world, not just end up with a job at Vitex somewhere down the road, a job she'd be offered only because she happens to be the only daughter of the CEO, Peter Tyler.

In truth, despite being only twenty-one, she already knew that this kind of work would just not suit her. She hasn't had much of an interest in business of that sort, and she really just wanted to find her own way through life. She wanted to see the world, to meet all sorts of people, to build something from scratch that she could truly call her own, just like her dad did.

So, she worked in a shop. A clothing store. Great way to build your own life, eh? Her mum kept rattling on about it, how she ought to aim for a proper job, but Rose didn't pay it much mind, and her dad settled for showing her the ropes around Vitex once or twice a week whilst she kept on working the single most dull job on the planet, all out of her own choice.

At least she was doing something for herself in a way. That was Rose's only consolation as she made it through a long line of grumpy customers, a fit from her nightmare of a boss and another angry look from her ex-boyfriend, Mickey. Mickey lived near the store she worked in and she always bumped into him here and there. It's almost as if he tries to make them bump into each other, but Rose hopes that's not how it is. They've been broken up for months and she wished that Mickey would accept it, for his own sake if not for hers.

Speaking of consolations, there was one more. Friday! No business lectures from her good ol' Dad and no work tomorrow. Rose wasn't one to sulk for too long, so even though her work day has been rather lousy, she cheers up by the time she gets off the bus and makes her way towards their house in the suburbs. Bit too fancy for her liking, really, but her mum likes that sort of thing, a house with a few rooms too many, marble floors in the hall and gold linings on the bathroom mirrors, all of it just screaming rich. And just the three of them to live in that big, posh house, just three people to fill up the luxury rooms, halls and bathrooms.

Rose understands her mum, in a way. Both of Rose's parents were rather poor up until Pete's company suddenly began to prosper. Of course they wanted to enjoy it.

Tradition in the Tyler residence was that they'd have a family dinner every Friday. Not the worst and not the best thing in the world, really. Rose loves her parents, loves their virtues and their flaws, all the while remaining painfully aware of both. She sometimes thinks back and realizes that despite the mess she's made of her life, she has been very lucky. Her parents loved her, she had a lot of freedom, she didn't have to worry about money. She had a family, a proper family, with a mum who was a housewife and a dad who spoiled them both to bits.

And to think that if things ended up differently, she may have never really gotten to know her father.

Why, you may ask? Well, he almost died in a car accident when she was just a few months old. Some reckless bloke almost drove right over him, but a blonde girl pushed Pete out of the way just in time, waited with him until an ambulance arrived and then just vanished into thin air, holding hands with this tall man in a long coat.

Her mum told her that story a million times, but Rose never grew tired of hearing it, silently thanking that mysterious blonde girl whenever she thought of her father.

As she makes her way into the dining room (all shiny and new after being renovated recently), her thoughts fly back to the present and she smiles, deciding to focus on the fact that at least it's weekend. God bless weekends!

Her dad, Pete, is already sitting at the table as her mum sets down the plates. Rose helps her out and they start eating, sharing tiny little details from their day, but Rose barely says a word. What's there to say? Her days consisted of a long line of nothing much. It's not like anything thrilling ever happens to her, is it?

"I hired a new man today," Pete says after taking a sip of his favorite beer, "Doctor John Smith. He insists on just being called the Doctor, though. Odd bloke, but I'll be damned if he's not a genius of some sort!"

"Why's that, then?" Rose asks with moderate interest. Her father rarely mentioned his new employees, and a quick look at him tells her that he is most impressed with this particular one.

"Brilliant references. He's even got papers from the Queen herself! And he figured out the formulae for all of our upcoming products in less than three minutes," Pete shakes his head in disbelief.

"That's no good though, isn't it? I mean, if some random bloke can jus' walk right in and figure out what it is that you're selling?"

Rose's father smiles at her proudly, taking note of what she always claimed she was not. She's clever, his clever little girl, and no matter where she ends up in life, Pete will always feel proud of her.

"Yeah, 'course it is, love. But he's workin' for me, innit? Already got him fixing up all the machines and so on."

"So what is he, then? An engineer?"

"Sort of. I don't actually know. He's just waltzed into my office, hands in his pockets, and said that he wants to work for me."

"And your security's not done anythin' about it? Pete, I swear you're just payin' these men for watchin' the telly!" Jackie rants, but her husband just smirks at her.

"And then?" Rose prompts, also taking no note of her mum, finding herself more and more interested in this new employee of her dad's.

"Then, he says: I'm the Doctor! You may be wondering why I'm here? Weeell, your top engineer just so happened to win the lottery last night. Brilliant, isn't it? Good ol' chap! Anyway, I can be an engineer. Or a scientist. Or a history teacher. Or a cleaning lady. Wait, no, I'm not doing that again. No chance! But, I can most definitely do engineering and... And things. Yup." At this, Pete bursts out into laughter, quickly followed by Rose. She cannot even imagine a man behaving in such a way, but her dad doesn't seem to be joking. "So at first I go to call the security, but then he goes on about all these things that only a genius would know, physics and things, I don't even know what, and then he shows me his references, and well... I thought, why the hell not?"

Jackie shakes her head, but before she gets a word in, Rose asks:

"So what's he look like, then? Is he some sort of a shady criminal? Sure sounds like it," she flashes her trademark tongue-touched smile as she goes to collect their plates for washing up.

"Oh, he's quite a looker, that one. My secretary was all over him," he responds with a grin, "You'll see him on Monday. You'll come in the morning, won't you?"

Her smile fades as she nods, "Yeah, 'course I'm coming in."

Of course she would. After all, this is her life. Working a dull job to save the last bits of her dignity and then helping out at Vitex in preparation for a future she really, really didn't want to end up living through, but would most likely have to.

Oddly enough, she finds herself thinking of the strange Doctor John Smith right before she drifts off to sleep that night, but the next day he slips away from her mind. Everything is back to normal.

However unappealing that normal may be.


It wasn't until Monday that Rose thought of the man who wanted to be called the Doctor as she made her way to the Vitex headquarters in the morning. She's working the second shift today, and she dedicates every Monday and Wednesday morning to visit her Dad at work and allow him to show her the ropes around the company.

Rose knew that her father liked it when she at least pretended to take an interest in Vitex, and she doesn't have the heart to say no. 'sides, she would most probably end up working there in the end, so why fight the inevitable?

With a sigh she waited for the lift that would take her to the uppermost floor where her father's office was. Many thoughts ran through her head and not one of them was pleasant, meeting the mysterious Doctor being her only consolation. Although, knowing the way her life usually goes, the man would probably turn out to be a balding, middle-aged freak. Her dad did say that he's a looker, but it's not like her good old dad has a remarkable taste in men, now is it?

Not that Rose cared whether her father's new employee would turn out to be attractive or not. Obviously she liked a good looking bloke just as much as the next girl, but she paid more attention to their personality, and it's not like she and him would-

"Oh, hello! Blimey, the lift here is a tad shabby, isn't it? Slow and all shaky, that thing. It's almost as if it would snap and fall right down! Mind you, that doesn't happen all too often, but it can happen, and it'd be rather inconvenient if it happened today of all days, because, weeell, problems don't solve themselves, do they? No time to waste! Right, yes, I got a little sidetracked, didn't I? Hello!"

Rose raised her eyes from the ground with a small frown and slowly eyed the man that entered the lift. Funny, she didn't even notice that the lift had stopped, but it wasn't her floor yet. Staring him up and down, she noted that he was slim, tall, had some really great, all sorts of messy hair and a nice set of chocolate brown eyes. Older than her, but by no means old, maybe thirty-something. Wearing a red tie, white shirt, blue pinstriped suit and a brown coat on top of that, he was quite the sight for her tired eyes (she stayed up much too late on Sunday, leaving her in a half awake state Monday morning), so she managed a smile even though she found his little greeting rather odd.

"Um, yeah, hello?" Her response came out more as a question than a statement, mostly because she wasn't sure if she should even address his little speech or not. Choosing not to, she glued her eyes to the screen that displayed the number of the floor they were currently on. Eight, nine, ten...



Nine? But they were supposed to be going up!

The man in the coat hummed to himself happily for a brief moment before noticing that the lift begun moving down instead of up.

"Oh, no you don't! Really? REALLY? Why do I always have to be right! Tiresome, that," the man grumbled as he pulled out a strange, metallic... Thing out of his pocket and started buzzing around the elevator with it as if trying to scan something. An expression of annoyance crept up on his face, but Rose found herself distracted from the events as the tip of his tongue stuck out of the corner of his mouth. Why was she even distracted? Sure, he's fairly good looking, but it's not like he's the most handsome bloke in the world. 'sides, he seems a bit weird, doesn't he? Mental, sort of. Talkin' to himself and so on... As if on cue to prove her right, he spun around, still making noise with that thing of his, suddenly dropping down to his knees to scan the floor, then standing up again and shifting his focus to the walls.

"Trajectory changers," he mumbled without looking at Rose, studying the control panel as if it was a miracle of some sort, carefully examining the different buttons. "Right, so, news! This, this lift-not the safest place in the world, not in the least. I said so right away, didn't I? So, I think the sensible thing to do would be to, weeell, make our exit. As in, leg it out the top and climb up. Right about," with that, he pulled up his sleeve to check the time, "Err, now?"

"What're you on about, mate? Jus' press the alarm button, yeah? They'll send someone right in." She dismissed with a smirk, unsure if she was more annoyed or amused at his antics.

"No, you see, you don't understand. Check what floor we're on."

With a confused frown, she obeyed and found the display claiming that they were on floor -917. She chuckled, now completely convinced that her co-passenger must be slightly mad, and then said, "Yeah. Think the old thing's completely broken. I'll just..." she trailed off and went to press the alarm button.

"No, no-don't, no, wait!" The strange man surged towards her and grabbed her wrist just as she pushed the button and the alarm blared in their ears. A strange electric current ran through her body, emanating from the place where his fingers somewhat forcefully encircled her naked wrist. For a second she stood there perplexed and unmoving, but soon she snapped her arm out and moved as far away from the stranger as the limited amount of space allowed.

"Oi! Watch it! What's your problem, then?" She cried a little more harshly than she intended, eyeing him up and down. What if he's dangerous? What is going on here? She'll just call her dad, he'll go and get them out in no time, but... But what is up with this guy?

He stood there, the hand that he touched her with turned palm up as he stared at it, mouth slightly agape. He then turned to look at her, seemingly confused and surprised. A second passed as they stared at one another, but then they both looked away and he cleared his throat.

"Err, no, no problem whatsoever, other than the tiny little fact that we're thousands of miles underground. Quite close to the core of the Earth, actually! It'll be getting warm soon, don't say I didn't warn you," he said nonchalantly and she started feeling a little scared, although not any less interested at the same time. Thing was, she was locked in a lift - a small box - with a man who, although very easy on the eye, was completely bonkers and a broken lift was enough to make him all kinds of strange. On the other hand, he was strange right from the "hello", Rose thought to herself.

She found herself drawn to the strange, but she'd never admit that.

"Right, and I'm the Queen of England," she scoffed, crossing her arms across her chest and rolling her eyes at him.

That was when she felt the whole lift begin to shake and the man started to panic, as did she, to be fair.

"No no no no! No you're not! Not yet the time for that, I'm afraid," he shouted as he pressed the strange device against the control panel and buzzed it until it just blew up. Rose jumped away with a shriek, but he ignored her and stuck his hand straight into the hot mess of cables that was hidden underneath the metallic cover.

"What're you- Stop! You're gonna get electrocuted!"

Without a second thought, she took hold of his free arm with both of hers and attempted to drag him away, but he remained unmoved, his tongue once again appearing out of the corner of his mouth as he played around with the cables, occasionally letting out an Ow! which Rose assumed was a sign of getting shocked by electricity. How the man still stood was a miracle to her, but that did not make her cease trying to pull him away. He was obviously unstable and-

"Oh, but that's brilliant!" He exclaimed out of nowhere, "That is some-OW!-very, very old technology! Haven't seen that in years!" With that, he wiggled his arm around and pulled two cables out, both of which sent tiny shocks throughout his body.

"What's wrong with you, mate?! You're goin' to die! Just-just let go of that thing, yeah? Let go!" Rose shouted, but he ignored her.

"Go on, go on- I know you're in there! Blimey, I can't reach. And these cables, they're just-just all sorts of, I don't know, stingy! Achy! I don't like these cables, no, I don't like them at all! Dangerous things! Now, you're gonna have to let go of me if you want to get out of here alive I'm afraid," he said as he turned around to look straight at Rose with a strangely soft expression on his face, but despite his friendly look, she found herself feeling frightened.

"Are you threatening me?"

"What! No, not like that, 'course not. What is going on in that head of yours? I meant that I need both of my hands to fix this, err, this problem. My hands, they're handy, handy handy hands! And I'd like to have both of them now, if possible. Look at that, we're at floor -1471! Nice number, that. Now, would you just let go of me, err, what's your-"

"Rose," she said and he grinned widely as the lift shook even harder. Rose couldn't tell if her heart skipped a beat from fear or from the fact that he, despite being a loony, did happen to have a rather gorgeous smile.

"Nice to meet you, Rose! Now, both of my hands, or within the next few minutes we will be, err, swimming in molten lava? That's a good analogy, yes, yes it is! What is it that you lot always say? Please? No, that's the one thing you always forget to say, but anyway! Please? Let go? Now?"

The amount of emphasis on that last word made Rose let go of him. Upon being freed, he immediately stuck both of his hands into the tangled cables as she stood and watched with her mouth wide open, completely unsure of what was going on anymore, only knowing that he was completely mental and she wanted the damn lift to work so that she didn't have to be stuck in a metal box with this lunatic.

He started buzzing around the cables with that metal stick of his as Rose stood in the corner, genuinely frightened because of the unstable lift and several other things, until their descent suddenly ceased and then they started going up very, very rapidly, which pulled them both to the ground.

Rose screamed in terror, the man exclaimed in triumph and started laughing madly, and a few seconds later a familiar ding announced that they just arrived on floor number fourteen. The door opened, but she did not stand up, panting in fear.

He stood, extended his hand to her and helped her up. She accepted without thinking.

"There we go! You see, there is something wrong with the lifts. But it's not quite ready yet. This was just a, err, a test. We passed it! Then again, I never fail a quiz, so that's not really surprising, is it? Weeell, aside from that Drowning with the Stars quiz on the telly. I don't watch that program. It's rubbish, it is! Anyway," he let go of her hand somewhat reluctantly because she still didn't snap it away, too surprised to react or even register his words, "Goodbye, Rose. And d'you know what? Better stick to the stairs for now. It's good exercise. You heard it from me first!"

Before she registered him leaving, he was already out of the lift and the door was closing, ready to bring her up to floor twenty where her dad's office was.

Who is this man?

"Wait! Who are you? What's your-"

The door shut in her face and she slumped back with a sigh, shivering at the perspective of being left alone in this blasted box. Luckily, she arrived without any problem, but her confusion hasn't lessened in the least.

"Rose, where on Earth have you been? Forty past, it is!" Pete Tyler exclaimed as he stood, walked around his huge mahogany desk and went to give his daughter a peck on the cheek.

Forty past? She must've been stuck for much longer than she initially thought.

"'m sorry, dad. There's something up with the lift. I was stuck with this odd bloke, yeah? But he fixed it, I dunno how, but I'd have someone look into it if I were you," Rose said in a distressed and quiet tone, which made her father feel genuinely concerned.

"Really? No one's said anything. You must've been unlucky. Are you alright, love?"

"Yeah." She took a deep breath and managed a smile, "Yeah, 'm alright. Just have someone fix the lift before somebody else gets stuck."

"'course. Listen, I was going to show you the finance books today, but there's a problem in one of the factories. I'm gonna have to go there and look into it. You're not very upset, are you?" Pete asked with a smile, knowing all too well that his daughter would hardly feel eager to browse through long lines of numbers.

"No, it's okay," Rose said, trying in vain to contain her relief, "I'll just go home, yeah?"

"Actually," Pete cleared his throat, "D'you remember when I told you about that new bloke I hired? John Smith?" Rose nodded and her father continued, "Supposed to be showin' him around today, I was. His first day. I mean, he's done some work on Friday, but that was just in the lab. But I've really got to go and he'll be here any minute, so I thought... Why don't you show him the office, love? Jus' point him to the cafeteria and the like. How's that sound?"

Rose's expression would've gone sour if not for her curiosity in regards to the mysterious man that her dad hired on the spot without ever seeing him before. On the other hand, she wouldn't mind going home and taking a warm bath. Odd day, really. Stuck in a lift with a mad, handsome stranger for the better part of an hour...

Then again, perhaps her life's just so dull that she gets overexcited about the smallest thing. Probably that, yeah.

"I guess I could, if you like," she replied unconvincingly, not quite sure herself if her curiosity being sated was worth sticking around to show some bloke the remarkably dull cafeteria.

"Thank you, sweetheart. This is the third hardware failure in the factory this month. No idea what's it all about."

Before Rose could think of a response to that, the glass door to her father's office opened. Rose was facing away from it, but she turned around to follow her dad's eyes and nearly gasped upon seeing who had just entered the office.

Wonderfully messy hair, that brilliant grin, hands in the pockets of his long coat, strutting as if he owns the place.

The lunatic from the lift.

But he couldn't-

"Ah, there you are, doctor Smith," Rose noticed that the man frowned ever so slightly when being referred to as doctor Smith, "Afraid I won't be showin' you around today. Emergency at the factory. May I introduce you to my daughter, Rose?"

She eyed the man up and down. Was he the mysterious Doctor? Well, who else could it be? He's a looker alright, and a freak just as she expected based on what her dad's said about him, but instead of feeling afraid, she found herself filled with a strange thrill.

So what if he's a lunatic? He's... Rather interesting, too. 'sides, it's not like she's goin' to be doing anything much. She'll show him the offices and the like and then she'll go home. Oh, and they're not going to be taking the lift. No way she'd ever lock herself up in a box with this man again. Not that the first time was her own choice, but still.

His frown disappeared by the time Pete Tyler said his daughter's name. The man in the coat looked at her intently for a few seconds as if trying to solve a puzzle, but that perplexed expression also faded quickly and the smile that sprawled across his face was unmatched by any she's ever seen. It was weird, really, as if he was genuinely happy to see her, but how could he be? He doesn't even know her. She looked him in the eye with a challenge, determined to find out more about him during the course of the day. After all, not every day do you see a man who laughs maniacally as he sticks both his hands into a mess of rather deadly cables. In theory, any human being would most probably die if trying to do something like that.

But he didn't, did he?

"Hello," the man said cheerfully, "I'm the Doctor!"

Rose observed the Doctor in anticipation, with just one thought running through her mind:

Well, Doctor, time to find out who you are.

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