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It had taken Rosalie almost an hour to calm down…but none of us could really stay upset with our parents for long, and even she had to see his predicament. Eventually, after she'd pouted and griped and even threatened to kill Jacob anyway once or twice, she'd dropped onto the sofa, turning the TV on and flipped through the channels before settling on a cooking show that she showed little interest in. Carlisle seemed deep in thought, with Esme close by his side. None of us were particularly comfortable or even happy…we were all lost in our own worries. I knew that Carlisle was torn…he felt the bloodthirsty hatred we all felt for Jacob Black…the desire to kill that was natural for us. He was a monster who'd raped our little sister…his daughter. He'd harmed this family more that we'd thought possible. But on the other hand, Bella had asked us not to kill him. We'd promised her…we couldn't exactly break her trust now…not when it was so fragile.

Emmett would do a good job of keeping her calm while they were out. He had a knack for it…knowing exactly when she needed to be held and when she need to be played with or treated normally. She was so young…such a small, fragile human…I put the thought out of my mind before it wandered back to Jacob…to what he'd done to her. I wanted to kill him so badly. I would have gladly helped Rosalie take revenge on the wolf. I doubted he would rape another woman…he was pretty fixated on Bella. But I didn't want my little sister to ever have to see him again. I didn't want my brother to have to see in vivid detail what the monster had done…to see the girl he loved fight and scream…it was bad enough he'd seen the consequences. He was sitting close to Esme, his hand on her arm, and not for the first time, I wondered about our adopted mother's past. Her emotions had always been so gentle…she was unfailingly kind and loving, and she'd never been anything but accepting and supportive of her family. But what had her life been like as a human?

Carlisle had changed her, and the two had fallen in love soon after, so I knew he would have never let anything happen to her, even had she been susceptible to such an attack. But her human life hadn't been happy, I was sure. She was always so understanding of Rosalie, and now Bella…had she suffered a similar fate. What was wrong with these human monsters? How could anyone get joy out of forcing themselves on women? I thought of Alice…then immediately banished the thought. The very idea of her being attacked in that way….then again, I had no proof that she hadn't been. While she was human, anything could have happened. She couldn't remember. I felt sick at the thought, and immediately I wanted her in my arms. Alice could take care of herself, especially with Emmett nearby, and I trusted my brother with her life, the greatest honor I could think of bestowing on anyone. Alice was everything to me…more important than anyone else, including myself. I wouldn't want to live without her. What if she'd been hurt this way as a human?

I couldn't imagine Edward's thoughts. I could feel his emotions…feel every one of them. His pain and fear and anger all seemed stronger as we gathered around the TV, and I looked over at him. He was stiff in his seat, his eyes closed. The pain was growing…what was the matter with him? I tried to call out to him silently, not wanting to alert the others if he would be embarrassed or even more hurt, but he didn't even glance up, as though he were completely lost in thought with the rest of us. 'He's probably torturing himself.' I thought sadly, wincing a little. I didn't blame Carlisle for his thoughts, but neither did I agree. Edward had wanted to keep Bella safe, and he'd done what he thought was best. It was stupid, of course, but he couldn't have known the consequences. To expect him to be able to foresee a future even Alice hadn't seen was completely unreasonable. The fact that, had I been in control of myself during her birthday party, none of this would have happened, was one I kept out of my mind. All of this was bad enough with me heaping more blame upon myself.

I was torn out of my thoughts when I heard a car turn down our driveway. Alice hadn't mentioned any visitors. I stood; glancing at Carlisle when the car stopped…it was still several hundred feet away in the woods, not yet visible from the house. I wondered what the human was doing…surely it was a human. I doubted very much that Victoria planned on driving up to our house, and we weren't expecting visitors. The car door opened and shut, and we all heard footsteps….obviously human. Carlisle stood as well, and I looked over at Edward who seemed strangely upset but didn't move. Carlisle and I motioned for Esme and Rosalie to remain where they were. "Charlie?" I asked, glancing over at Edward when I felt a pulse of surprisingly strong pain from him…but it didn't make any sense. What could Charlie…or ay of us, be thinking that would elicit that response from Edward? "Did you invite Charlie?"

"How does he feel?" Esme asked, ignoring my question and starting to stand, but Carlisle remained in front of her, confusion in his eyes even as he guarded her. I turned back to our mother, trying to focus and wondering why Carlisle felt the need to protect her. What did he think Charlie would do? Why did he suddenly look frightened himself…and angry?

"Worried…just nervous." I shook my head. "Did you tell him to come?" I repeated. Carlisle said something I didn't catch, because I was suddenly overwhelmed with fury and hatred at the same moment that Rosalie leapt to her feet, snarling furiously.

"Jacob!" She snarled, and I just barely managed to catch her arm as Carlisle reached for her, new emotions crashing down on me. Anticipation. Wariness. Determination.

"What? Why would Jacob…" Before Carlisle could finish that, Rosalie turned on me, her teeth sinking into my throat as she growled, and I cried out in surprised pain, forcing myself not to retaliate. Her eyes were wild, and I knew how she was feeling…fury and hatred and uncontrollable rage. She wanted to kill Jacob…so did I. More than that, I wanted to know what he was even doing here. Did he think we would let him speak to Bella? Or that he could manage to pull her aside with all of us here. All of those thoughts fought for dominance with the part of my brain that told me to tear Rosalie's head off. Instead, I reached out, trying to push her away, not wanting to actually hurt her.

"Rosalie!" Carlisle screamed at her, jerking her away from me, and I was pulled backwards into Esme's arms as Carlisle stepped between us, gripping my sister by the shoulders before she could do the same to him. "Rose, stop!" Edward's face was paler than normal, and I suddenly realized that Jacob was close…why hadn't Edward said anything? Had he heard him coming? He must have…unless he came in wolf form. His thoughts were harder for Edward to focus on when he was in his animal form, and of course the monster knew that. Still, my younger brother hadn't moved from where he sat on the sofa, and I reached out toward him, still in Esme's arms.

"Are you okay?" I asked, but was suddenly overwhelmed by a feeling of such sorrow and rage and so much anger and hatred…I put my hands over my ears as if that would help, dropping to my knees, and someone moved with me.

"Jasper! Jasper, what…"

"No! Carlisle he's going to…" I heard Edward yell as someone wrenched the door before a gun fired three times.

Emotions ripped through me…pain and shock and terror and anxiety and overwhelming fear…so much fear and anger…hatred…pure, unadulterated hatred, coming from so many places… "Jasper!" Esme was kneeling in front of me, holding me in her arms, and I fought to focus just on her, to push the emotions away. She was kindness and worry and love….her emotions rarely changed. Her hand moved on my back, warm and gentle, and her other hand touched my hair. "Okay?" She asked, and I forced a nod and a weak smile, making myself look up and realizing that only a second had passed.

Edward stood in front of the door, his hands shaking. On the front steps was Jacob, his ashen face filled with agony as he looked down at himself and the blood that blossomed on his shirt. I was grateful that he smelled more like an animal than a person; else one of us might have attacked. Slowly, he fell to his knees, a strange gurgling sound erupting from his mouth, and one hand came weakly up to cover his chest. Behind him stood Charlie who lowered a handgun, his emotions torn between horror and fury that still poured from him in waves. Carlisle stepped forward as the boy collapsed on the stairs, moving slowly, as though he feared Charlie, and put an arm around Edward, pushing him back into the house. It was a very human thing to do, I thought, a father stepping in front of his family to protect them, but it was also, I was sure, to try and get Edward away from Jacob. Surely my brother could hear his thoughts still…was he thinking about what he'd done to Bella…regretting it? Or reliving it? The thought made me sick. It would destroy my brother…

Charlie opened his mouth as the monster on our porch stopped moving, but Carlisle shook his head. Glancing down at the now-dead boy on our steps, he hurried down to the driveway where Charlie stood. Without a word, Carlisle pulled the gun from the man's hand and, tearing myself from my frozen state, I hurried over to him at an acceptably human pace. "Get rid of this." He ordered me in a hushed tone, and I nodded, gripping the gun tightly as I made my way back into the house and past Rosalie who stood frozen in the living room. "We'll take care of the body. Charlie, not a word of this to anyone. Is that your gun?" Carlisle was still speaking softly, urgently, but Charlie could only stammer, his emotions still stunned, and I wondered if that was due to his own actions or Carlisle's reaction.


"The gun, Charlie! Is it for personal use, or for work?"

"It…mine…" He stammered as if he still couldn't believe what he'd done. "I…Carlisle…I can't…" He was shaking his head, and Carlisle gave him a firm look.

"You came by to see Bella. She wasn't here. Come back tomorrow. That's all anyone needs to know."

"But his…"

"Don't worry about it." Carlisle said, and I glanced back as he was lifting the dead boy into his arms before making my way upstairs. I would grind the thing to dust and throw it in the fire. The ashes would be thrown into the river. I wasn't sure how Carlisle planned to dispose of Jacob's body, but we'd had enough practice. No one would find him…we would just tell everyone that he was missing if they asked. Sam might suspect, but it wasn't as if he'd been honest with us. We all moved as if on autopilot, our bodies stiff, and there was a surprising lack of emotion throughout the house. Even Rosalie didn't feel triumphant, just determined and a little surprised.

"They'll notice he's gone." Charlie whispered as I stood in the library upstairs in front of the fireplace, emptying the gun of its bullets and grinding them to powder in my fists, then moved on to the gun itself.

"We'll discuss this tomorrow." Carlisle ordered brusquely. "You need to get home…the less people notice you gone, the better." Charlie must have hesitated, because Carlisle sighed. "Go, Charlie!" Throwing the powder into the fireplace, I reached into a desk drawer, striking a match and dropping it onto the logs, watching silently as the flames roared to life.


The food court was somewhat crowded, and Bella stayed close to me as we waded through the crowds to get to the food stands. She hesitated when we reached the tables, glancing back at me, and I gave her an easy smile, putting an arm around her. "What do you want to eat?" I asked, grinning when she shrugged. "You'd better not make me pick." Rolling her eyes a little, she sighed.


"Don't ask me. I'm not eating it." I told her with a laugh, and she gave a reluctant smile as she made her way over to one of the food stands decorated with hanging lanterns and a cat sculpture whose paw waved at us. I pulled out my wallet, giving her a look when she started to argue, and the protest died on her lips. Sighing softly, she stepped up to the counter and ordered some dish with chicken and noodles and what looked like vegetables all fried in some kind of sauce, and I ordered her a drink before she could protest. Paying for the food, I let her lead the way to a table in the corner of the food court, and she seemed to shrink in on herself as she sat, glancing around the crowded area. Instead of sitting across from her, I sat beside her, putting an arm around her.

"Hey? You okay, kid?" I murmured, holding her against my side. She nodded a little, breaking apart two sticks and somehow maneuvering them so that she was able to pick up a piece of chicken, some rice, and even some noodles and put them in her mouth. "Is that any good?" She nodded, surprisingly not making any remarks about grizzly bears or the seeing eye dog a few tables away. "Come on, kid, talk to me. Please?" I asked, and she put down the eating utensils, glancing up at me.

"There's a lot of people." She whispered, glancing around, and I nodded slowly. "Too close…not you." She gripped my shirt when I started to move away, and I sighed.

"You want to eat outside? I can find a shady place…or we can go somewhere else..." She shook her head, and I put my arm around her once more. "You don't have to worry about any of these people, Bells. None of them are going to hurt you. I won't let them. I promise. Okay?" She tried to relax beside me, leaning against my arm, and I held her for a second before letting her get back to her food.

I knew this was hard for her. Of course, Rosalie had never had any trouble being around humans, or even other vampires really. Then again, none of them had ever really gotten close to her. Peter and Charlotte visited us often, and although she was polite to them, she usually stuck pretty close to me. Still, she did occasionally get uncomfortable when one of the others got too close, especially in the early days, and Bella seemed to be suffering from the same problem. I remembered when Jasper and Alice had joined us…on several occasions, he had touched her arm or even just stood too close, and I'd had to fight every instinct to shove him away. I knew he wouldn't hurt Rose…she knew it too. But it was still painful for her, something that hurt Jasper, I was sure.

Once the human had finished eating, I looked up when I smelled a familiar scent to find Alice, arms laden with bags, as she practically skipped over to us. Bella, noticing my preoccupation, looked up with a familiar look of mingled annoyance and amusement. "Okay, this should last you a while…what do you think?" With a bright smile, Alice dropped into the seat across from us and shoved something under Bella's nose, which released a surprisingly strong floral scent mixed with fruits. It reminded me faintly of how Bella herself smelled, and I chuckled, sharing a look with Alice.

"What is that?" Bella asked, pushing her away.

"Lotion! I got you…" Alice began to dig in her bags, pulling out products and placing them proudly on the table. "Three bottles, and some shampoo and conditioner…you have such pretty hair. Why don't you take care of it!?" I chuckled at Bella's offended look. "And here is a face mask…oh and this one too, it smells like avocado. And this is a hair serum, moisturizer…do you use anti aging cream?"

"I'm eighteen!" My sister cried, and I snorted, content to sit back and watch. "Besides, I doubt that will be a problem for much longer."

"Women can get wrinkles at eighteen. You don't want to look old forever, do you?" Alice was lying, and we both knew it, but Bella only rolled her eyes, apparently not willing to put forth the effort to argue.

"Is that all?"

"No! This is hand cream, foot cream, another face mask….oh, and sunscreen. Here's some make up, too. I think this is your shade…" Holding out a bottle filled with skin colored liquid, Alice compared it to Bella's arm and nodded. "I thought so. Okay, so foundation, mascara, eyeliner…" Alice continued to drone on, but she'd obviously lost Bella who was gazing off in the distance, and I followed her line of sight, grinning down at her when I realized it was a bookstore that had caught her attention.

"Yeah, yeah, Alice." I cut my annoyed sister off. "You can show her all that when we get home. Bella and I are headed to the bookstore. Why don't you get her some clothes?" The look Bella gave me was a mix between annoyance and gratitude, and Alice glared at me for a moment before gathering all her purchases with an offended air, and then pranced away without a word. I chuckled. "Don't worry about her." I told Bella who didn't look worried at all. "She'll cheer up once she's bought you some clothes."

"Why can't she buy you some clothes?" Bella grumbled, and I tossed her empty food container into a trash can and draped an arm around her shoulders, effectively clearing a path for us to the bookstore where I planned on buying her everything she glanced at.

"She probably will. I don't mind…the less shopping I have to do, the better." I told her with a grin as my phone vibrated in my pocket.


Bella's face replaced the thoughts of my family… the noise of the TV…she was so afraid, and I felt myself stiffen, as though something in the room were threatening her, but even as I realized what was going on, I couldn't make myself speak. She screamed…she shoved the person whose memories I was seeing away, and it felt like she was shoving me away…like she was looking at me in complete terror…like I was the one hurting her. The man pushed her to the ground…Jacob pushed her to the ground, and I recoiled when her head slammed against the rock, a startled whimper escaping her lips. "Please…Jacob, stop!" She screamed…she kept screaming…tears pooled in her eyes and poured down her cheeks…she was so afraid… "Help me! Please…someone!" She'd thrashed…kicked… "Edward!"

If my stomach still worked, I would have thrown up when she called my name. I didn't notice my family start to stand up around me. I didn't notice the thoughts of Charlie Swan as he drove up to our house and spotted the boy. I only heard Bella, the one person I loved more than anything, screaming for me to make him stop…all through his eyes and ears…I could almost feel her fight me…him.

I heard someone cry out…aloud, and the memories broke off. Suddenly I could hear my family again, and Jasper was kneeling on the ground, his hands over his ears, a huge gash on his throat, while Esme held him. Carlisle had Rosalie pinned against the wall, his thoughts furious and worried…everyone was so worried. And I needed to get out of there. If Jacob was going to come in, if we had to kill him…I couldn't bear to be there. I couldn't listen to this anymore. But right as I turned to go….right as I was feeling myself break apart, I heard Charlie.

'You! You did …my little girl…' His thoughts were hard to catch, mostly jumbled and static, as though I were listening to a radio with bad reception, but I did catch one thing. 'Kill you…'

Leaping toward the door and wrenching it open, I screamed for my father. "No! Carlisle he's going to…" And in that moment, I met Jacob's eyes. He'd come to talk to her. He wanted to see her…I wondered briefly what he thought he could say to make any of this okay…or how he'd deluded himself into thinking we'd let him see her. He opened his mouth, his thoughts reflecting my horrified face, but the sound of the gunshot suddenly echoed through the forest…once, twice, and then a final third time. It wasn't until there was silence that his eyes widened, his hands coming up to his chest, his mouth opening in stunned pain, and only a second later he crumpled.

Charlie stood in the yard, the gun still up and ready to fire, but his eyes were wild and terrified. 'Well that solves that.' The inappropriately nonchalant thought made me flinch…but I was incapable of really feeling anything. Slowly, Charlie lowered the gun, looking up at me, and I felt my father's arm on my shoulder, gently pulling me back. I let my father step in front of me, feeing as though my ears were roaring…like I was in a vacuum. Jasper moved past me…when had Carlisle taken Charlie's gun? Jasper was taking it…then moving past me again, the cracked area in his neck starting to heal…it would scar. Alice would notice. She'd be furious. She and Rosalie might even fight.

Someone was pulling me back, leading me over to the sofa and sitting beside me, and I found that it played again and again in my mind. Bella…so afraid…fighting, crying…crying for me. She'd needed me. She'd begged me to help her. And where had I been? Hunting. Goofing off with Alice…while we'd been chasing each other through the trees and trying to sneak up on our mother and sister, he had been…he had been raping Bella. While we'd laughed and played, Bella's life had been ripped apart.

"Edward?" Esme was touching my face. 'Oh sweetheart, I'm so sorry. Oh…Edward…' My mother's silent monologue only made it hurt more…I felt like my heart was actually breaking. It was like the burn of the fire that had changed me…only worse. It gripped my heart and I convulsed with the pain, folding in on myself as my hands clenched so tightly I thought my skin would crack. 'Oh, sweetheart…it's okay. She's okay...she'll be home soon. I'm so sorry, Edward. So, so sorry.' She didn't speak aloud…I didn't hear anyone else's thoughts either. I didn't care…I didn't think I could bear this agony for another second.

"He must have." I hadn't heard the question…not in anyone's thoughts or aloud. I was shaking, I realized with detached surprise. That wasn't something I'd ever really experienced as a vampire. My whole body seemed to be vibrating, as if to purge itself of this pain. It wasn't working. Esme was holding me, but that wasn't helping either. All I could see was Bella…hear her screaming and feel her fighting…every moment, every last millisecond seemed to be etched into my mind. I felt like I couldn't breathe…it hurt, in my chest, and I wondered if this was how Bella had felt when she'd panicked. Had I made her feel like this when I'd so stupidly tried to hold her?

I put my head in my hands, trying to block it all out. Eventually, I suppose everyone stopped trying to speak to me, not that I could hear them anyway. Fort he first time in my long life, I could hear only my own thoughts while with my family, and they were ripping me apart. It wasn't until Emmett's booming voice filed the room that I became aware of my family again, and immediately after, a small, warm hand rested on my shoulder. Other thoughts came into focus then…mostly worry, and mostly for me, but they also worried about how this would effect Bella.

"Edward? Are you okay?" The soft voice, so full of concern, was my undoing, and I pulled her into my arms, a strange, unfamiliar cry ripping from my chest as I held her. Everything else seemed to fade away once more as her arms moved hesitantly around me, and I hoped I wasn't scaring her or hurting her, but she wasn't pulling away. Instead, she seemed to be clinging to me, and I vaguely heard my family move into another room. She didn't ask anymore questions, but after a while, I felt a wet spot on my shoulder where her head rested, her fingers too tightly wound in my shirt, and I worried that it was hurting her. Gently, as slowly as I could manage, I stood, lifting her into my arms, and instead of fighting, she clung to me, crying herself now. No one approached us as I took her up into my bedroom and shut the door, laying her on the bed and lying beside her. I needed her…needed her in my arms and cuddled against me.

"I love you. Oh Bella, I'm so sorry. I wasn't there…you needed me. I'm so sorry. My love, I'm sorry." Again and again, the words spilled out, and I didn't seem to be able to stop them. Uncharacteristically, she didn't try to argue. Instead, she only moved closer, her hot tears soaking into my shirt and nearly scalding me.

It felt like hours passed, and I knew Bella couldn't have been comfortable, but I couldn't stop…couldn't stop crying or clinging to her like a child to its mother after being frightened. 'I should be helping her through this! I didn't even have to go through it!' My own disgusted thoughts didn't help, and it was Jasper who eventually had to step in, standing outside my bedroom and easing the unbearable pain. He worked slowly, and I felt Bella relax in my arms before I felt the pain start to fade. I was glad he focused on her first…she didn't deserve this. She finally starts to heal, and I fall apart…what kind of protector was I? Jasper took my self-loathing too, and I felt his gentle scolding along with the relief.

'Calm down, Ed.' My brother's thoughts were gentle as he comforted me. 'You're going to scare her. It's okay.'

"My fault." I whispered the word, sobbing once more, and Bella clung to me more tightly.

"No. Not your fault." He spoke aloud now. "Jacob's fault. I understand…no. I don't…I can't. Not really. But I know how you're feeling." Of course he did...he could feel it too. I immediately felt guilty….my brother shouldn't have to feel this. He made my guilt vanish, feeling a little more irritated, but that too went away after a second and gave way to an almost amused resignation. "Edward, it's okay. She doesn't blame you at all. No one does, not even Carlisle, really. We all hate what happened, and that she was ever friends with Jacob, but we can't change that now. All we can do is be there for her. And that's what we're doing."

"Does she know?" I asked in a whisper, and I heard him sigh.

"No." He continued to speak aloud. "We're not sure if we should tell her…I say no." He paused. "None of us could have foreseen this, and Alice wasn't exactly watching Charlie closely. She was more focused on Bella."

"Was she okay at the store?" Bella wasn't crying anymore…she just lay calmly in my arms, her forehead against my shoulder, apparently content to be held for a moment.

"Yeah…Emmett said she was uncomfortable in the food court, but he calmed her down, and she even shopped a bit with Alice when they were picking out shoes. Alice got her plenty of new clothes, and Emmett took her to a bookstore and got her some books." I nodded…all of that sounded normal enough. Now it was just me breaking apart. "You don't have to feel bad…you should never have had to see that, Ed. I'm so sorry…I can't imagine…" He broke off, trying to organize his thoughts, but I understood what he was trying to say.

"Thank you." I whispered, moving to start rubbing Bella's back, then spoke up so that she could hear me. "Love?"

"Are you okay?" She asked again, this time looking up at me, her hand hesitantly reaching up toward my face. "What happened?" I didn't want to answer that. I couldn't. How could I tell her…but she looked so worried…I was afraid that if I refused to tell her, it would push her away. That thought made my decision for me.

'Edward, I don't think…' I ignored Jasper's thoughts, and the thoughts of my family downstairs. She would find out sooner or later anyway.

"Charlie came over while you were gone." I told her softly, and immediately there was silence downstairs. If I wanted to tell Bella, I had the right. She was my mate. "Jacob came around the same time…he was looking to speak with you." The girl was suddenly as stiff as a board in my arms, and I kissed her hair gently, rubbing her back, and after a long minute, she calmed, looking up at me. "You're safe here, Bella. None of us would ever let him hurt you again, and if you don't want to talk to Charlie, you don't have to." She nodded, obviously trying to pull herself together. She was getting better at that. "You are safe here, Bella."

"I know." She whispered, smiling faintly.

"Charlie saw Jacob…" I hesitated, reaching out to touch her face. She paused, closing her eyes, then forced herself to relax. Not wanting to push her, I put my hand down, backing away just a little, and she smiled, obviously grateful.

'Good.' Jasper thought. 'Give her a little space. She's going to need it…' There was no real disapproval in Jasper's thoughts. He obviously respected my decision…then again; maybe he was just good at hiding his real thoughts. It wouldn't be the first time my family had managed to hide things from me. I felt a pang of regret when I remembered Carlisle's thoughts. In some part of his mind, my father blamed me for this.

"Is Charlie okay?" Bella was fighting tears now…fighting the fear I knew would overwhelm her, and I nodded.

"Yeah…he's fine…he's going to come over to talk to Carlisle tomorrow if you want to go somewhere. Or you can just stay up here. We're not going to make you talk to him." She nodded and I swallowed, which was completely unnecessary but seemed to help steady my nerves. "Bella…Charlie had a gun." I told her softly, taking her hand as her eyes widened. "He…he shot Jacob. Jacob's dead."

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